Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

This tutorial is designed to walk you through, step-by-step, a very easy and subtle neutral eye that’s perfect for any occasion.

Skill Level: Beginner

Eyes: Gold Dusk pigment (lighter gold), Goldmine eyeshadow (true gold), Rye eyeshadow (antique gold), Goin’ Bananas eyeshadow (shimmery yellow), Rose Blanc eyeshadow (golden neutral), Carbon eyeshadow (matte black), Casablanca eyeshadow (highlight), Graphblack technakohl (black kohl liner), and black mascara. Also will use water based mixing medium.
Face: If you’d like to compliment the eyes, use Margin blush (rich coral) on apples of cheeks with Taupe blush to contour.
Lips: For matching lips, try Mari-sheeno lipstick with Apex 3D glass.
Tools: MAC 249 firm shadow brush, 239 shadow brush, 219 detailed crease brush

Here are the products that you will be using.

Start with a naked/bare eye.

Using a firm brush, dampen with a droplet of water-based mixing medium, and pick up and apply Gold Dusk pigment to entire lid.

Make sure to bring the color all the way across the lid, including just over the crease.

Like so.

Using the 239 brush, pick up a generous amount of Goin’ Bananas eyeshadow and apply to the inner third of your lid.

This is how it appears.

Again, with the 239 brush apply Goldmine eyeshadow to the middle portion of the lid.

You should have a very shimmer gold eye at this point.

Pick up a small amount of Carbon eyeshadow with your second 239 (or similar) brush and apply the shadow to the outer portion of your lid.

Gently bring the color into your crease once you’ve deposited it on your outer lid (so it is just the excess you are blending/brushing upwards).

This is what you should have right now.

With the 239 brush, pick up some Rye eyeshadow and apply slightly over the Carbon eyeshadow and slightly over the Goldmine eyeshadow.

Slant your brush and brush gently towards the outer lid.

Rye eyeshadow helps to soften the harshness of the black, and also turn it more antique-gold than green-gold.

Using the 239 brush, pick up a generous amount of Rose Blanc eyeshadow and apply directly underneath the inner portion of the brow and sweep outwards, following the curve of the brow.

Repeat the same step, only drop a touch lower so that you begin to blend away the harsh line of the lid colors with the softness of the highlight color.

Ensure you bring your brush outwards to the edge of your eye.

Apply a touch of Casablanca eyeshadow with the 239 brush to the very top of your brow bone.

Sweep and brush outwards to cover the area.

This is what the look should resemble.

With the 219 brush, pick up some Goldmine eyeshadow and apply all along the lower lash line.

The color on the lower lash line helps to soften the look.

Apply Graphblack technakohl or your choice in black eyeliner to the lower lash line.

Your fnished product will be a dramatic golden smokey eye.


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46 thoughts on “Tutorial – Smokey Black Gold, Dramatic, using Goin’ Bananas, Goldmine, Carbon,

  1. Shelli

    I Love this look, you look gorgeous

  2. Janis

    Love it! Cute shirt too :) What can I use instead if Gold Dusk pigment? And do you know any lisptick shades similar to Marisheeno?

    • Thanks, Janis! Hmm, do you have Rose Blanc or Magic Dust by any chance? Those are similar. You could try Nylon and adding a touch of Goldmine to yellow it.

      No dupes on Mari-sheeno that I know of :(

  3. Joy

    Thank you! Love your site and this tutorial! Are you a makeup artist as well? Keep in touch and all the best!

  4. Theresa Sullivan

    First and foremost, you look gorgeous. Somehow, ALL colours and looks seem to suit you very well.

    Pls elaborate what is water-based mixing medium?

    • Thanks, Theresa! I’m glad you like it :)

      Water-based mixing medium helps pigments adhere and become a base for any look and last all day without fading or creasing.

  5. Tiffany

    Beautiful!!! I’m going to try this one as well. Love your tutorials!!!

  6. Chloe

    I absolutely love this look! What can the mixing medium be used with? Do you recommend it with the paints? Thanks!!

    • Thanks, Chloe! It can be used with shadows, pigments, glitters – anything really… but I find it works best with loose products vs. cream products like paints. Paints already adhere to the skin and don’t need help, which is what the mixing medium really does.

  7. Going bananas scared the bejeebus out of me when I saw it the other day…who knew it could be so wearable! And cute shirt!

    I like coral blushes and lips so I’ll have to put Margin on my list along with Mari-sheeno. I’m gonna go broke reading your blog!

    • See, not so bad 😉

      Margin is AWESOME. Mari-sheeno is supposedly unavailable, but seriously, I bought it less than a year ago at random (MA recommended it to me), so I don’t know, I guess it depends on the store.

      I keep meaning to do a Gone But Not Forgotten for it and get like, 20. People always ask about it, try to get it, and then they come back to me, “WTF IT’S NOT AROUND ANYMORE!”

  8. You are my lipstick/lipgloss pusher, ha ha ha!

    It’s really very cruel when they discontinue products…I’d probably cry a river if they ever got rid of Lychee Luxe.

    • Ha! And to think I used to avoid lipstick/lipgloss altogether.

      Ooh, Lychee Luxe is lovely. I have Tartlette, which is so close to Lychee Luxe, though I owned that one at some point.

  9. Niki

    WOW!! I love this!

  10. raymond

    saw you from eyeshadowsluts! i love this look. i’m gonna share it w/ my frendzzz

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  12. hannika

    hi christine! im back with questions. LOVE what you do. i just did your smoky look (with constructivist,bronze,woodwinked,carbon,shroom,etc) and its great!!!! my boyfriend hates the caked on makeup but he actually likes it hahhaha…. AND I LOVE YOU FOR IT!

    question, about this look (my next project to copy), can you use bare canvas paintpot instead of the pigment you use as the first step! please let me know
    thank you

    • Hey Hannika! I definitely think you could use Bare Study paint pot instead (or Bare Canvas paint) as a substitute :)

      I’m glad your boyfriend liked it! Mine loves the super black smokey eye (he wasn’t a big fan of makeup either) now.

  13. Crystal

    you look so gorgeous in this picture! i think this should be your everyday look ! :)

  14. Amanda

    I want to buy the stuff to try this look, but discovered Gold Dusk pigment and Goin bananas eyeshadow are no longer available. Can you make any recommendations for similar colors, whether it be MAC or otherwise? Thanks!

    • Gold Dusk is similar to Nylon eyeshadow if I had to pick one… Goin’ Bananas is similar to Chrome Yellow. I would suggest using Golden Lemon pigment on the lid, then layering Chrome Yellow eyeshadow on the inner lid with Goldmine on the middle instead.

  15. I just love this! I love ALL of your tuts! Thanks for posting!

  16. kat

    what kind of mixing medium do you use? this look is gorgeous, by the way : )

  17. Heather

    What do you suggest using as opposed to Rye since it is no longer offered?

  18. misty

    i see you on lj all the time. i love every post you make!

  19. Chaneese

    Hello Christine,

    I’m a MAC make-up artist, LOL and I have a question for you. You do your make-up so well, have you had any formal training? Also, how do you know what colors work so well with each other? Also I saw something on one of your other posts I had a question about, lol and as soon as I remember that question I’ll ask.

  20. Mariella

    You are so beautiful! Thank you so much for this and all of your tutorials. You are brilliant!

  21. Marie

    So I pretty much LOVE this.

  22. Bettina

    what’s a good dupe for rye?

  23. Checking out looks you did with Going Bananas, you look breathtaking in this photo.