Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Too Faced for Spring 2010 Eyeshadows
Too Faced Teddy Bear & Heaven Eyeshadow Duo

Spring Makeup:  Neutrals from Too Faced

For spring, Too Faced introduces four eyeshadow duos ($17.00 each) all in shiny black packaging with clear lids that snap shut.

  • Teddy Bear & Heaven is a duo a dark, cool-toned grayish brown and a silky smooth pale beige-nude. They’re both matte in texture and have good pigmentation.
  • Cocoa Puff & Honey Pot is a beautiful duo of a dark, rich chocolate brown with bronze brown undertones and golden shimmer and a metallic copper bronze with a high level of metallic-frost in its finish. I really loved the deep shade (I presume Cocoa Puff) — very intense, lovely, and easy to work with. Honey Pot is very flashy and has a great deal of metallic sheen.
  • Erotica & Silk Teddy is like a cool-toned version of Cocoa Puff & Honey Pot, actually. It’s a cool-toned taupe chocolate brown with gold and green shimmer paired with a champagne pink with a bright metallic sheen. Like Honey Pot, Silk Teddy is very, very high in sheen.
  • Sexpresso & Peach Fuzz has a dark, cool-toned espresso brown with a matte finish and a light peachy orange with gold flecks (but the base color felt rather matte with more of the glitter/shimmer as an overlay).

According to Too Faced, the eyeshadow duos were their way of giving you the ability to repurchase your favorite shades from their Natural Eye Palette. I actually reviewed the Natural Eye Palette back in August when it first debuted. The shades they didn’t put into duo form were Velvet Revolver, Push-up, and Nude Beach (and by the way? Nude Beach is no loss, seriously!).

I think it’s cool that Too Faced–at least it seems that way–listened to their fans and made sure they wouldn’t run out of their new favorite shades. I personally prefer the eyeshadow duo packaging — more durable, less messy, and I like being able to tote just one or two around, rather than entire palette. The palette was cute, though. This is also a nice way to maybe grab one duo instead of the entire palette if you were looking for a particular shade. The palette retailed for $34 and contained three larger sized shadows (0.07 oz. each) and six smaller sized shadows (0.03 oz. each), and the duos are a good size — 0.08 oz. for each duo (I imagine it’s split pretty evenly down the middle). You get a better bang for your buck with the palette, but you might prefer the set-up and convenience of the duos (or maybe only want one!).

Bottom Line

Smooth, buttery, and pigmented — these eyeshadows are particularly lovely, high quality, and they’re all easy to use neutrals. I actually much prefer these over the Fun in the Dark Palette and would put my money towards these instead!

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  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation: If you like Too Faced eyeshadows, and you’re looking for neutrals… those are these!

Availability: Sephora

See more photos + swatches!

Too Faced for Spring 2010 Eyeshadows
Too Faced Cocoa Puff & Honey Pot Eyeshadow Duo

Too Faced for Spring 2010 Eyeshadows
Too Faced Erotica & Silk Teddy Eyeshadow Duo

Too Faced for Spring 2010 Eyeshadows
Too Faced Sexpresso & Peach Fuzz Eyeshadow Duo

Too Faced for Spring 2010 Eyeshadows
Too Faced Teddy Bear & Heaven Eyeshadow Duo

Too Faced for Spring 2010 Eyeshadows
Too Faced Cocoa Puff & Honey Pot Eyeshadow Duo

Too Faced for Spring 2010 Eyeshadows
Too Faced Erotica & Silk Teddy Eyeshadow Duo

Too Faced for Spring 2010 Eyeshadows
Too Faced Sexpresso & Peach Fuzz Eyeshadow Duo

Too Faced for Spring 2010 Eyeshadows
Teddy Bear & Heaven, Cocoa Puff & Honey Pot

Too Faced for Spring 2010 Eyeshadows
Erotica & Silk Teddy, Sexpresso & Peach Fuzz

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56 thoughts on “Too Faced Spring 2010 Eyeshadow Duos Reviews, Photos, Swatches

  1. Steffi

    I definitely like Too Faced Erotica & Silk Teddy Eyeshadow Duo best but i don’t think I will get any of these :)

  2. Lolly

    I also love Honey Pot and Cocoa Puff! Will probably get that duo.

    BTW, Teddy Bear looks a lot like Velvet Revolver don’t you think?

  3. Too Faced?? Really? I have a few box sets that contain Too Faced shadows and they were really chunky and did not apply well at all. I may have to test these to see if there are any differences between the boxed set shadow quality and these shown. Thanks!

  4. Rowan

    beautiful! I reeeaalyy wanted the palette and now I can still get the colors! 😀

  5. evangelia

    wow..i like all of these! will you do a look with at least one duo, pretty please???

  6. shontay

    I’m loving Peach Fuzz. I’m adding it to my Sephora wish list.

  7. evangelia

    also, do you have a photo of the closed packaging?

    • I don’t – I just couldn’t get it to look good (fingerprints, reflection) – but the promotional images on Sephora/Too Faced’s website show it.

  8. selva

    Teddy Bear & Heaven duo is soo pretty

  9. Anitacska

    I like the middle too because of the shimmery shadows. :) The first one I find too dull, the last one a bit meh.

  10. Faith

    I wish these were available individually! I don’t find duo shadows to be particularly useful or of good value. I reallllly like Silk Teddy, but I already have something like Erotica! I always feel like one half will end up going to waste. 😛

  11. HC

    They remind me of Loreal’s HIP duos

  12. Alexis

    The only Two Faced product I own is the Eyeshadow Insurance Primer and I love it. I am liking the erotica/silk teddy combo!

  13. Arianna

    when will they be available in sephora?

  14. Erotica and Silk Teddy look an awful lot like my Hard Candy duo in ‘peace’. The brown in the HC duo doesn’t have the green glitter though. I really like Cocoa Puff and Honey Pot:)

  15. fiaspice

    those are great eyeshadow. You tepted me a bit there!

  16. MMMMMM Cocoa Puff and Honey Pot has my name written all over it. :)

  17. amy

    My favourites are Erotica & Silk Teddy Eyeshadow Duo and Cocoa Puff & Honey Pot Eyeshadow Duo.

  18. Tami

    Do you know if these are limited edition? I own the Natural Eye palette and it would be nice to know that I would be able to repurchase some of the shades once I run out.

  19. Lorna

    i love the sexpresso and the peachfuzz. it’s not too shimmery as to be a glitterball and not too matte as to be completely flat.

  20. Tatiana

    Coco puff and honey pot are what the gilded hip duo was supposed to look like

  21. Vijaya

    Cocoa Puff, Honey Pot, and Silk Teddy are absolutely gorgeous. The rest are nice, too, but they didn’t jump out at me. Is Sexpresso as matte in person as it looks in the swatch?

  22. Kacie

    teddy bear & heaven = I NEED, thanks. :)

  23. Kerry

    hey christine :) i like the look of cocoa puff and honey pot. this might be a ridiculous comparison but how similar are they to half baked and twice baked from urban decay? because i already have them lol xx

  24. I love the sexpresso and peach fuzz duo

  25. Torie

    erotica and silk teddy i must have! So all of these were in the natural eye pallette? I’m glad I didn’t buy that but I could buy this duo. Oh yeah dang it i’m on a ‘no buy’! :(

  26. lauraaaaaaaa

    did these already come out at Ulta?

  27. Ooooh I’m liking these, I love neutrals :)

  28. Ellie

    Cocoa Puff/ Honey Pot reminds me of the Urban Decay Baked shadows. Erotica/Silk Teddy and Sexpresso/Peach Fuzz are both calling my name!!

  29. karen

    I only like Silk Teddy. I wonder if it’ll be released as a single.

    • Carlis

      Hi Karen,

      FYI: MAC Naked Lunch is identical to Too Faced Silk Teddy.
      I have them both and I’ve swatched them on the back of my hand twice out during daylight.
      I have olive skin.


    • Carlis

      Hi Karen,

      FYI: MAC Naked Lunch is identical to Too Faced Silk Teddy.
      I have them both and I’ve swatched them on the back of my hand twice during daylight.
      I have olive skin.


  30. vanessa

    is silk teddy similar to the light color in totally toasted eyeshadow??

  31. I actually like these colors, they seem very brown girl friendly!

    -sexpresso’s name is so cute! i wanna buy it just because of that!

    -cocoa puff/honey pot is ridiculously goregous!

    -i wish there was a dupe for peach fuzz because i’d reather not own sexpresso.

    -silk teddy is beautauful also!

  32. Anna

    I got the teddy bear & heaven duo… LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE it! They are soooo creamy and blend AMAZINGLY. Great pigmentation too. Everything I ever want in a shadow! I think I wanna get the sexpresso and peach fuzz next, once I scramble up the $$$ (hard times, hard times!)

  33. JENN

    Are you crazy? Nude beach is one of my favorite eye shadows. I love the sparkles in it. It prevents me from having to had sparkles. It is a loss and I wish Too faced would of included it in there spring colors.

  34. Kalee

    Erotica & Silk Teddy look niiiiice

    and lids that SNAP shut? thankgod. they should do that to all of their shadows.

  35. I was wondering the the “Silk Teddy” and “Honey Pot” shadows had the same color and formulation as Silk Teddy and Honey Pot from the Too Faced “Natural Eye Kit” you reviewed awhile back. For some reason, the shades from the duos look more pigmented and have more of a sheen. Also, Silk Teddy from this review looks peachier while in the kit review, it looks whiter. Just wondering if they’re the same because I’d rather get a whole kit then just 2 duos. The swatches look gorgeous. Thanks!

  36. Gabrielle

    I love all the shades in the original Natural Eye palette! I even like nude beach although I wish they would take those chunks of glitter out of the shadow formula. The glitters don’t really stay well and often fall off everywhere.
    I was happy to hear that Too Faced came out with these duos, because I definitely needed to restock all the shades as they ran out. However, I am disappointed that Too Faced chose to leave 3 shades out from the duo packaging. Push-up and Velvet Revolver are in fact the 2 shades I use most often.
    I find the darker shade of the “Totally Toasted” original Too Faced shadow duo somewhat similar to Push-Up. However, I couldn’t find an equivalent Too Faced shade for Velvet Revolver, so I had to replace it with MAC Omega instead.

  37. Sandi

    Luv the look of Honey Pot/Cocoa Puff..gorgeous colors! I’ve been hooked on the one called Woodland Fairy from Mattify Cosmetics. It’s like a combo of the cocoa/honey rolled into one, but is a mineral powder. Have been looking for a pressed shadow with the same hues, hopefully this will be similar!

  38. sable

    Oh crap… I like them all