Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Tom Ford Beauty for Fall 2012

Lip Color ($48.00)

  • Aphrodisiac Plum
  • Black Orchid Dark purple

Ultra Shine Lip Gloss ($45.00)

  • Naivete Dark plum

Cheek Color ($55.00)

  • Narcissist Pink

Eye Creme Color ($35.00)

  • Plum Absolute Plum

Lip & Cheek Stain ($48.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Tainted Love Red

Eye Defining Pencil ($35.00)

  • Exotic Teal Teal

Nail Lacquer ($30.00)

  • Dominatrix Smoky purple
  • Minx Smoky brown

Eye Color Quad ($75.00)

  • Emerald Lust Teals
  • Enchanted Neutrals

Availability: Now @ Saks, will also be at Neiman Marcus

See more photos!

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25 thoughts on “Tom Ford Beauty for Fall 2012

  1. Sasha

    Would have to be a really special nail polish for me to shell out $30. Same as with Chanel, which is why I only have 4 of their polishes.

  2. Zulaikha

    Everything looks so delicious! Plz do a review.

  3. Seagulls

    I like almost everything, but I can’t get over those prices!

  4. Interesting that these products are made by Estee Lauder, because the colour palette reminds me of the very glam 80s look they’ve done with their Fall collection. We’ve only ever gotten the lipsticks up here in Canada and nothing outside of the release (and re-release) of the core colours, so I doubt we’ll see anything from this. The colours look fun, though.

  5. I’ve been looking at the collection on Saks and I love the neutral eye palette in Enchanted, but suspect I already have cheaper dupes. The blues are super gorgeous, but just not me. I’m very curious about the cream eye colour as this is one of my favourite TF products. I also love the blush, but a little ‘afeared’ of the intensity.. perhaps with a really light hand? The lip colour, Aphrodisiac looks yummy, but I wouldn’t purchase without seeing reviews. Definitely a number of products I am interested in, but at this price point, I always want to see a positive review first.

  6. Joanna

    The photo looks like something from a Robert Palmer video!

  7. Julia

    Christine- do you know if the eye creme color in Plum is a cream eyeshadow or cream liner?

    • That’s what they called it, and I don’t own it, so I don’t have more info!

    • kat

      I just got it. It is not like the cream eyeshadow (i have Illicit). I appears to be similar to the Noir Absolu eyeliner only in Plum. I think it should be called ‘eyeliner’.

  8. i love the tom ford packaging! this collection looks promising

  9. Dominique

    Well, it’s classy !

  10. Both eye shadow quads look amazing, I’m not sure I can justify the price on even one though!

  11. It’s so hard finding Tom Ford’s make up here in Italy!

  12. Kafka

    I think it’s a lovely collection but I have so many similar products. The blush looks just like one of my favorite NARS blushes, Mounia. I have an YSL sea blue, teal-ish eye set that is almost IDENTICAL, and the other eyeshadow quad is replicated in 2 very over-lapping quads that I have from Chanel. (Thank you, Mummy. LOL) The Dominatrix nail varnish is gorgeous though and, if you review it, I’ll be interested to see if you note any dupes. I just can’t swallow Tom Ford prices. Since I’m not practicing any more, I’m less willing to squash down my cheapskate side and pay huge amounts for make-up *unless* it’s really exceptionally different.

  13. Tom Ford is my new-found cosmetic love. Yes, it is expensive. But it is very luxurious. I plan to get that new blusher Narcissist and the Lip/Cheek Stain…and if the shadows look good, possibly….What I really want is all the brush set for I only have two of them…..Really cant wait until next week….Tom Ford cosmetics photos and collection reminds me of YSL when it first came out in the 80’s thirty years ago.

  14. I love the teal eye in the advert :)

  15. Vitória

    Eh, except for the blushes, I’m overall quite unimpressed by Tom Ford’s line. Lipsticks are ok, but colors aren’t particularly unique and the eyeshadow quads I’ve tried had lackluster pigmentation.

    Hey, at least dude is refraining from using scandalously tacky pictures to promote his makeup line – who can forget the oiled-up asshole used in his Tom Ford For Men ad?

    (Link NSFW, obviously:

  16. Judith

    Why do ads insist on doing the whole “oh lets pretend they are lesbians so we can attract the consume” bit. I thought that died out in the late 90’s early 2000’s. When I see that kind of ad it really turns me off the brand. It’s like they are trying so hard to get people’s attention because their product will not stand alone. Sad.

    • Oh, really? I dont even see this picture projected this way at all. That(sexual connotation)thought didnt even pop into my mind. BTW, I grew up in S.F.. All I see are two models heavily made-up (as they were heavily made-up in the 80’s) to advertise the color scheme for that season. I am so so waiting and looking forward for this Thursday when Neiman Marcus will have the event this weekend. I want that blush in Narcissist and possibly the lip and cheek stain. And I will definitely swatch the shadows. That is why I keep coming back to this blog…to swoon over the colors. I already own Wicked, but I want that blush. Besides, the staff at Neiman Marcus is always nice to me, unlike Sephora.