Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

theBalm Meet Matt(e) Eyeshadow Palette

TheBalm proudly introduces Meet Matt(e), a shadow palette that will meet all of your matte needs! The nine shadows found in this compact palette (named after our favorite Matthews next door) can be combined to create a multitude of soft and wearable looks. In the daytime, choose more neutral shades to seamlessly blend together, enhance your eyes, and compliment your complexion. In the evening, create a sultry, smoky eye by concentrating the velvety, rich colors at the lash line and blend towards the crease. Meet Matt(e) offers the best in matte color, versatility, and convenience.

Meet Matt(e) is the perfect portable size. This palette can be easily tucked into a makeup bag for the gym, in the top drawer of your desk, or even the tiniest evening clutch. You can take him anywhere!

availability: theBalm, $34.50

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83 thoughts on “theBalm Meet Matt(e) Eyeshadow Palette

  1. Miranda

    i kinda want this because of “Matt Smith”. I loves me the Doctor Who :). also matt patel= matthew patel= scott pilgrim vs. the world :)

  2. Tessa

    I want to buy this thing just for the packaging and the names haha. The eyeshadows are also great. Love to see how they are swatched.

  3. Stephanie

    GORGEOUS!!! love the names,very creative!

  4. The first row of Matt’s and Matt Schilling look nice, but I need swatches or to see it myself.

  5. Seeing how my spousal equivalent’s name is Matt, I may have to get this just because! I love all matte palettes, I wish other brands would catch on.

  6. Karen

    I love this palette, found it for 17 dollars at TJMaxx, and it has quickly become my go to palette, such amazing colors!

    • thepaigest

      Aww man don’t tell me this for real 17 bucks!! Do they have more Thebalm stuff? <3

      • I got mine at TJMaxx too for $17! They also had some blushes for $9 and some misc. other things.

      • Jay

        They had some blushes, the highlighter/bronzer duo, the Shady Lady #2, and Shady Lady #3 at my TJMaxx. Check it before purchase. Some of the palettes and sets had broken mirrors and/or broken shadow.

    • Nancy

      I also got this at TJMaxx as well as the blush set with Down Boy and Frat Boy. I love great makeup deals!!! May go back for more.

  7. I love this! I love that it is all matte eyeshadows in one palette!

  8. I like matte shadows, so is something I would look into. The price is decent, for a change.

  9. katherine

    I need this one. I was looking through all of the palette’s that I do have an I have very few good mattes. Christine how does this brand usually apply with their matte shades? Thank you.

  10. Amanda Dubs

    This rocks, I want it

  11. amanda

    cute idea, but ill pass.. i rarely wear mattes, let alone deeper hues of matte

  12. Ms. Z

    Ah no Matt LeBlanc…no Matt Damon? What a cute idea; I am going to get one even if I don’t use it.

  13. Violet

    Mattes make my heart go THUD. <3

  14. Mel

    Cute idea but I’ll pass. The colors aren’t jumping out at me maybe it these Matt(e)s contained a few brights I’d bite…

  15. These look really nice, I can’t wait to see them swatched! I’ve been using mattes more and more lately.

  16. nitnot

    YES YES YES! Am I the only one tired with shimmer palettes? Matte needs to make a come back or something, because if you work corporate, shimmer has no place there. And I love they didn’t include a white shade as highlighter but a skin toned shade instead.

    Christine, do you have a recommendation for matte palettes? :)

  17. Monika

    The colors aren’t crazy exciting, but I love the general idea. There really needs to be more matte palettes (especially with bright, fun colors). I am crossing my fingers and hoping Urban Decay makes an awesome matte palette one day.

    • braveviet

      I don’t put too hope for that. especially when they just put all the matte eyeshadow singles on sale for super cheap. It might take a while then

  18. I posted a few days ago about theBalm Shady Lady II & III. This palette is also available at both TJ Maxx & Marshall’s in Michigan (as of Aug 10th, 2011). So check yours out…A great price – $16.99. I love the other palettes! Peace!

  19. Mariella

    I love TheBalm’s eyeshadows and wish more were available here (the Sephora near me doesn’t carry it at all and the drugstore near my school carries a limited collection – they had The Balmbini but have never had any of the Shady Lady palettes). I discovered the line thanks to you and this site, Christine. Such clever names and packaging, as always (when I just saw the titled, I thought it was going to be a mattifying powder!)

  20. Kirsten

    I work at Marshalls and occasionally we get theBalm products. It never sells though because people where I live have no idea what Sephora or theBalm is. We just got this in for $16.99, and I’m definitely going to pick it up.

  21. Sylvia

    I love the Balm for their packaging but I’ve never bought any of their products because I already had so many things that were similar… But honestly I LOVE the idea behind this palette! It’s really cute, and despite the fact they ditched the pinup/animal print packaging (which I’m usually a total sucker for), I absolutely love it. Matte eyeshadows look so nice on.

    • LM

      their shades look rather basic but they really aren’t. often I’ll have two shadows side by side and both look similar but when I swatch thebalm it looks 100x prettier. and the texture and pigmentation is better than UD, MAC, etc.

  22. Melissa

    Oh my god, it made my day to see this! I’ve been waiting for a new palette from TheBalm for such a long time!!!

  23. Michelle

    OMG! Not only do I love theBalm, but my bf is named Matt and he kinda looks like the guy on the front. Haha. Enough of a reason for me to purchase!

  24. This looks cool. I can’t wait to see swatches!

  25. Jess J

    I love mattes. But.. I kinda wish there was a nice rich matte black included :(

  26. Carrie Ann

    I think it’s hilarious that they’ve given each of the ‘Matt’ shadows a last name. The palette looks a bit boring, though.

  27. Quinctia

    Nice looking palette, but mattes aren’t my thing, so I’m going to pass on it.

  28. HappyLittleNinja

    A Matt(e) palette! The colours aren’t inspiring but I love mattes.
    I’m going to wait until I see the swatches. Christine, are you going to be able to do swatches for us?

  29. dee

    That’s hilarious. My ex is named Matt Smith.

  30. L

    Damn theBalm for taking advantage of Doctor Who fans…I now need this palette more than anything.

  31. I’m excited about these! My older eyes like Matt! :)

  32. Nicole

    I saw this set at Marshall’s for $16.99 along with the shadow boxes 2 and 3 plus a few blushes

  33. Andrea

    Does anybody know if I can buy this palette if I live outside the US? Thanks!

  34. Z

    Really hoping the color payoff is good and not dull & sheer – this would be a go-to palette


  35. Lady

    I’m more curious about this palette than the Urban Decay’s book of shadows vol IV.

    • LM

      me too!!! I would LOVE swatches!

      (pretty please with a cherry and sprinkles on top christine? theBalm is my HG eyeshadow brand)

  36. Shelby

    A full matte palette, wow! I really really want to get my hands on this. Will there be a review coming up?

  37. Jaime

    can’t wait to see the swatch for matt smith :)

  38. Kat

    I have the Shady Lady 2 palette and I love it, so I’m excited for this! Especially since I have so few matte eyeshadows.
    Will there be a review on this?

  39. Diane

    I might have to get this; I don’t have many mattes in my collection.

  40. matte shadows are not my cup of tea…..actually I look tired in flat colored shadows….that said….neither is a pic of a caricature of a male that epitomize something of the American ’50- ’60s on my makeup…I already own the Balm’s Cabana Boy for its pigmented blush…needs to stay gender neutral.

  41. Josette

    Christine, will there be a review on this palette?

  42. artemis

    i love how the matt smith is a nude :) like smith is a common name….and ramirez is olive, like their skintone, chung is pale and pink, like asians like their make-up :)) matt mcdonald is a bold american loool rant
    fun idea but that guy’s eyebrows are HUGE

  43. Suzanne

    What if they’d thought of putting a white/bone colour in there? Why, they’d have to call it Matt LeBlanc

  44. MMM

    I swore I just saw this at TJ Maxx for 16.99…

  45. When I read “Matthews next door,” I was thinking of Cory Matthews and his family who live next door to George Feeny. LOL. 90’s TV xP

  46. Marcela

    They have this palette at TJ Maxx for I believe 12-16 dollars, just saw it today, I didn’t know it was new, I thought it was a past collection, now I will go and buy it..LOL it sure beats paying full price, so ladies if there is a TJ Maxx close to you grab yours while you still can. =-)

  47. heidi

    Found this at tjmaxx today for $17 along with shady lady volumes 2 and 3 for that price as well, love them so far!

  48. No Matt Pritchard, Mat(t) Hoffman or Matt Lewis, I’ll pass. 😛

  49. I’ve never used theBalm products, but I’LL be buying this.

  50. Katrina

    i just bought mine from marshalla for $17. i hate buying any type of beauty product from marshalls and tj maxx because everyone rips it open and sticks their fingers in all of the products. i double checked mine before i bought it to make sure it wasn’t too abused and i was pretty lucky that it was in good condition. i noticed on the sephora website that a lot of thebalm products are not in stock. and now with thebalm being sold at discounted prices at marshalls and tj maxx i bet that sephora wont be carying thebalm in the future…..

  51. I just got this at TJ Maxx, but I’m not seeing it for sale anywhere.. is it out yet? If anyone wants it, check your local TJ Maxx!

  52. sammie

    I scored this for $16.99 at TJ Maxx. I’m stoked to try the colors out!

  53. Tana

    Is Sephora going to carry the balm meet matt eyeshadow palette?

  54. ActingGal

    this is such a creative concept!

  55. Ellie

    looks super duper close to my two faced matte palette but since i’ve been on a mattes kick lately, i will probably pick this up

  56. Amanda

    Just scored this, plus Shady Lady vol 2 & vol 3 at TJMaxx! Love it!

  57. Lydia

    What do you think about this palette?
    Would u recommend it?