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theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette Review, Photos, Swatches (Part 1)

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette ($44.50) includes 16 eyeshadows (1.0 oz. total), two lip/cheek stains (0.14 oz. total), and one lip gloss (0.07 oz.) and is a palette designed with The Muppets in mind. It is a limited edition palette to-be-related (late September/early October) and only 1,000 will be available (each one is numbered). The approximate value of this palette is $160.00 worth of eyeshadows, $17.00 worth of lip/cheek stains (I didn’t see a really comparable product, so I went with the value of lipsticks, since these can be used as lip stains!), and $7.00 worth of lipgloss–at the very least, this palette is worth $170+ with some uncertainty as to total value because of the lip/cheek stains (totally different formula compared to Stainiac).

I am splitting this review into two parts because of how photo-heavy it is. I will speak on the cheek/lip stains and gloss in the second part, along with the other eight eyeshadows.

Overall, the quality of the eyeshadows is fantastic. They are rich and buttery in texture, so they apply beautifully and smoothly across the skin, and the pigmentation is intense and true-to-pan. I only had issues with two of the sixteen shades: Curtain Call (slightly sheer in places, not as smooth) and Swedish Pancakes (slightly sheer, a bit rough)–but admittedly, I’m being nitpicky. Both shades are still good–just not excellent like the other fourteen. If you’ve had experience with theBalm’s Shady Lady palettes, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll find the same quality and textures in this palette as well. I really do appreciate consistency–I can write one paragraph rather than having to describe each individual shade and how it varies!

  • Tres Moi is just-barely warmed over bronzed brown with subtle red undertones. It is similar to MAC Twinks but the finish gives Tres Moi a more frosted appearance.
  • Wocka, Wocka is an olive green with a soft, golden sheen. The sheen is almost metallic. It is very similar to Bare Escentuals Spectacular. MAC Sumptuous Olive is browner and less green, while Inglot #419 is darker. theBalm Makeout Mary is a brighter green with yellowy gold sheen.
  • Meep Meep is a slightly played-down copper–it is not quite as intense as most coppery shades are–with a frosted finish. It’s similar to Urban Decay Baked, MAC Amber Lights, and Inglot #405, but it’s not quite as intense.
  • Mahna-Mahna is a deep, dark brown with subtle burgundy undertones and a satiny finish. It’s not quite as burgundy as MAC Sketch, but it is similar in color to Inglot #423 though the finishes are different enough to make the two less comparable, so Inglot #326 may be a better match.
  • Sensational is a muted, medium blue with a silvery sheen. It is similar to Urban Decay Mary Jane but slightly less cool-toned. It is darker and grayer compared to MAC Moon’s Reflection.
  • Inspirational is a dark gray with a frosted finish. It is similar to Urban Decay Gunmetal, though slightly warmer. It’s not quite as dark (and has a frostier finish) compared to theBalm Sexy Stacey. Inglot #451 is much darker.
  • Celebrational is a softened gray-tinged brown–it’s not quite what I’d call a taupe, but it’s somewhere near it. It has a satiny sheen for a finish. It’s cooler-toned than Bare Escentuals Magnetism and MAC Era. MAC Caviar Dreams is closer but Celebrational is less brown. theBalm Insane Jane is a touch warmer.
  • Muppetational is a soft gray shot through with silver. It’s right there on the border of gray and silver–there is enough metallic sheen to make it lean more silver, but it’s not the full-on metal finish you’d expect from a true silver. Inglot #339 is a bit darker and bluer-based, but MAC Swell Baby is very similar.

The palette is packaged in firm cardboard with an outer cover that slips off the revaeal the actual palette, though both have the exact same design (and both the sleeve and the palette are numbered). To open the palette, it actually splits towards the bottom fourth of the front. Most of the palette opens and reveals all of the eyeshadows along with a mirror, but the smaller bottom flap stays closed. When you flip open the smaller bottom flap, it reveals the two lip/cheek stains and lipgloss. I thought it was a rather clever way to prevent cross-contamination of the powder eyeshadows into the creamier lip/cheek products. Both flaps stay closed with magnets.  There is also a dual-ended bristle-based brush that is usable (not my first choice, but it is soft and not at all scratchy).

The quality of this palette is absolutely fantastic.  Even the two shades I had minor issues with couldn’t bring down the average scores for pigmentation/texture of the palette itself.  I had good luck working with the lip/cheek stains and gloss as well (more in the next post).  theBalm knocked this one out of the park–the shade includes neutrals as well as pops of color, while the finishes are mostly soft frosts and shimmers, there are a couple that are more semi-matte.

Depending on the size of your stash, the palette may be more dupable than original–I do see there are several shades that are similar to previous theBalm shadows from palettes as well as the permanent range.

The Glossover


theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette Review, Photos, Swatches (Part 1)

theBalm knocked this one out of the park--the shade includes neutrals as well as pops of color, while the finishes are mostly soft frosts and shimmers, there are a couple that are more semi-matte.











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theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Tres Moi Eyeshadow

theBalm Tres Moi Eyeshadow

theBalm Wocka, Wocka Eyeshadow

theBalm Wocka, Wocka Eyeshadow

theBalm Meep Meep Eyeshadow

theBalm Meep Meep Eyeshadow

theBalm Mahna-Mahna Eyeshadow

theBalm Mahna-Mahna Eyeshadow

theBalm Sensational Eyeshadow

theBalm Sensational Eyeshadow

theBalm Inspirational Eyeshadow

theBalm Inspirational Eyeshadow

theBalm Celebrational Eyeshadow

theBalm Celebrational Eyeshadow

theBalm Muppetational Eyeshadow

theBalm Muppetational Eyeshadow

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86 thoughts on “theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette Review, Photos, Swatches (Part 1)

  1. Meep meep and wocka wocka are GOREGOUS!

  2. This needs to come out now! Only 1000 for an A+ palette? Ah, gotta get this as soon as it goes live!

    • Christie

      The Balm and The Beautiful is the same palette but with different packaging. I saw at TJ Maxx for $19.99!!

  3. alyssa

    Ive never purchased anything from the balm but i really like this haa, mainly because i loved the muppets (& still do) but also i love all the colors!

  4. Ellie

    I have so many dupes for these colours, otherwise I’d be lining up to buy this palette. It looks amazing.

  5. WOW only 1,000!! That’s crazy!!

  6. Kat

    Freaking out here! I absolutely LOVE their palettes! So glad they teamed up with The Muppets! Childhood favorite of mine! :))))

  7. Karyn


    I must must must must MUST own this.

  8. kat

    WOW! I really hope this will be available to purchase from Canada…

    Only 1,000 available? :/

  9. i need this in my life SO BADLY!

  10. I liek the facet the lip product are cover by a flap.

  11. Shannon

    Smoley Hokes!

    I’m getting this and I’m wearing out the refresh button to make sure that I get it and I get it early! Wow Christine, I don’t know if you realize it or not, but you got the first one and with there only being 999 left…*sigh*…you are one lucky ducky! This is one of those packaging things you shouldn’t throw away! lol

    I grew up on the Muppets, they are truly a beloved part of my childhood. <3

    • I did, and I hesitated swatching it – it was like, OH NO! but you know, in all that is blogging :) I am definitely keeping this packaging! I normally toss the sleeves, since the palettes by theBalm are exactly the same design, but I will be keeping both here.

      • LM

        I store my sleeves flattened, they’re helpful if I want to transport and they take no space. I totally agree though– must have been HARD to swatch that #1 palette. Now it’s sacred LOL

  12. Cori Bradshaw

    why only 1,000? :(

  13. Adrianna

    I need this. The muppets were my favorite thing as a kid. I can not WAIT.

  14. Gladys

    Oh…the Muppets!!! I want it badly.

  15. listenlikethieves

    The packaging is adorable, but I’d never use this. If, however, I could get a single tube of Electric Mayhem gloss… :)

  16. omg… i’ll be waiting for this… I gotta check the shipping to canada!

  17. Christina

    What a cute palette! The shades aren’t totally unique, but this has the pops of colours that most can wear (purple, blue, green, pink/lavender) paired with neutrals, so it’d be a great palette to travel with. Looks like they’re less frosty than UD’s 15th anniversary palette. Thanks for posting!

  18. Becca

    Christine, where do you think I could buy this? because I’ve been wanting to try thebalm for a while, but the’re not at my sephora, I live in Canada, and I never shop online. I NEED this palette (haha) because I admit, the dork inside me is a little obsessed with things such as harry potter, whinnie the pooh, the muppets etc. but if there are only 1000 available, I’m somehow doubtful that I’ll be able to get my hands on this. any advice?

    • As far as I know, for right now – I was just talking with the lovely Muse ( and she was telling me how several Sephoras have removed theBalm’s displayers, so I’m not sure if their distribution is changing. I think theBalm is making it limited to, though!

    • Liz

      Hi Becca! I’m in Canada as well, and I’ve seen theBalm products in store at Rexall (also called… Pharmaplus or something? depending on where you are) and London Drugs. Of course, I’m not sure if they’ll actually have this palette in-store, but can’t hurt to check!

  19. Alyssa

    AAAHHHH!!!!! I love this palette but only 1000?! that’ll be sold out in the first 15 minutes! Well, I’ll just be the psycho lady stalking the site near the release date so I can grab this

  20. Oh man, I am loving this! Yay Muppets!

  21. Polarbelle

    I predict sell out on cute factor and nostalgia alone. That and it looks like a fantastic palette too

  22. On it like a kid on a candy bar. Yep, Mama gonna wear her some Muppet makeup. Between this and the other fall collections, I’m gonna need a bigger makeup shrine ;-P!

  23. Josefina

    I LOVE this one! I’ll be on the watch to get it!

  24. Deb

    Oh, I am drooling! But only 1000? I’ll never be able to get 1 for my sister, let alone a second for myself!!!

  25. Roza

    Oh this is a must have!! I hope I can get my hands on it…

  26. Sarah

    omg.. this is so cute! i really really want to buy it , so i hope i’ll be able to. but if not, its okay.

  27. Lisa

    OMG!!! So glad I skipped UD Anniversary palette! I am going to buy this instead!

    • Lisa

      Oops, got a little excited at the swatches before reading the whole review. 1000? No problem. I just won’t eat or sleep around September/October and live at thebalm website.

  28. DYING OMG. I need this times one million. I love it.

  29. i really want to get this but wow only 1000, that makes me nervous!

  30. Leona

    Is there any way to pre-order this? Where is it going to be sold?

  31. Need it, it just succeeded in making me dream, unlike UD BOS4!
    It’s really not easy to get the brand in France though…

  32. Sedasa

    So on theBalm’s Facebook page, they’ve posted:
    “We’re making only 1000 of the Muppets Palettes, but don’t worry, we’ll be doing another Palette for the holidays with same gorgeous colors called The Balm and The Beautiful!”

    Ugh…why not just make more of the Muppet Palettes? That’s what everyone wants anyway. (I would not purchase the second XMAS palette if I couldn’t get the Muppet one.)

  33. Nazih

    AHH! Must buy!! Such a great value and the swatches are amazing. SO glad I didn’t get the 15th anniversary UD palette.

  34. amy

    I love The Balm eyeshadows they are all so buttery and soft and easy to blend. Although most of their shadows are shimmery, I like how subtle they are.

  35. Tigress

    I would love to be able to say to someone that complimented my eyesahdow that I was wearing Meep Meep or Wocka Wocka! Too bad they aren’t making more of these palettes, I think that’s kind of a dumb move on their part since oodles of people will want one, including me. The Muppets hold a special place in my heart.

  36. These swatches came out so pretty! Even though I like them, I probably won’t pick this up, freeing one up for someone who really, really, wants it lol

    Question: How are these numbered? In the photos, you (?) just wrote in 1 of 1000. I was thinking they would have a nice embossed number, so these aren’t number after all?

    • They’re hand numbered.

      • Oh ok, thanks for answering! :) I just thought it was odd because in the 4th photo of the back, it’s not there but it’s in there afterwards.

        I don’t like the idea of handwritten numbers. It seems to downgrade the value of the palette. I actually like the idea of items coming in specific quantities and then numbered, but only when they’re professionally numbered.

  37. shani

    what am i missing here? how do i preorder one or know when its in stock? where? christine please add links to where to buy these things. I had to google it and even then i didn’t find anything on their direct website. i’m gonna miss the boat on this one i can tell already.

    • Hi Shani,

      As stated in the post, it has not launched yet – it will not launch until September/October 2011 and at that time, it will be available at

  38. Jilliterate

    Awww, bummer about the limited run, this looks awesome. The only thing I don’t understand is why they didn’t call it the “Rainbow Collection.”

  39. MissMercurial

    *grabby hands*

  40. Chrissy

    OMG I love the Muppets!! And I can’t believe how many colors I love in the palette. I love Wocka, Wocka, Meep, Meep, Mahna, Mahna, Celebrational, Muppetational and Woman, Woman. Wow! I definitely have to get this.

  41. Ashley

    This is adorable (both part 1 and 2). Sounds like it’s really good quality too.
    Love the Muppets! <3 If it were up to me, The Muppet Show would still be on tv, with new episodes. lol

  42. Sunny

    Although the palette is lovely I agree with Sedasa I would not purchase the Christmas edition of this. The whole point of this is the Muppets! They should just make more Muppets palettes. Any idea how or where I could get this palette in London/UK?


    Only 1000? Uggh that irritates me so much. I understand limited edition, but only 1000 pretty much means none of us “regular folk” will get our hands on it. Such a bummer.

  44. the colors look amazing!!!!!

  45. Michelle

    I would love to see a youtube review!

  46. Nicole

    When there is a set release date will you be given that information?

  47. Deneuve

    Hello Christine! Is there any reason why theBalm limited this palette to only a thousand sets? Can’t this number be increased to… ten thousand? :) After all, people won’t be as interested in buying it if the Muppets were not on the cover. I’ve been reading your posts for quite some time now, and guess what? This palette got me out of my lurking mode! 😀

    • I don’t really know – it could just as likely be that they didn’t expect demand to be much more. I don’t think theBalm is a huge brand or anything so they may have been forecasting. There are probably licensing fees involved, too, and I don’t know much about the structure of those – perhaps the costs of licensing started to outweigh making additional palettes that wouldn’t sell. Or perhaps they are trying to use the limited edition marketing strategy, which has worked well for brands like MAC/UD.

  48. Irene

    great palette but I’m disappointed it is a real LE item! It’ll end up in re-sellers hands so Balm, this would have been my first purchase but for 1000 produced looks like I won’t be getting one

  49. Love this palette!!! SO NICE!!!!!!!

  50. Avril

    So jealous. Getting

  51. Tabi

    So apparently this is also being released as “The Balm and the Beautiful” palette. It looks like the exact same colors, though I don’t know when it will be released (holidays maybe?) or if it will be permanent. Looks like there’s an option for us who love the palette but aren’t huge fans of the Muppets!

  52. Chelle

    Cannot wait to get my hands on this!! The absolute perfect palette. UD needs to take notes.

  53. Briar

    Hi Christine!
    I’m in Australia and was wondering if you could do a giveaway with this palette?

  54. tori c

    I don’t believe these shadows could be anymore perfect! they are so gorgeous and offer such a large variety! I have my eye on this, but sadly most likely will not be able to pick this up, I do hope resellers don’t get the chance to get their hand of these!

  55. Sophia

    where would this palette be sold at?

    • Christie

      Become friends with The Balm on Facebook. That’s the only way that anyone has been able to purchase them.

  56. Michelle

    When is the release?

  57. Richelle

    I don’t know when or if you’re even going to see this, but do you know when/if theBlam came out with The Balm and The Beautiful yet? That would be nice to have the nice palette…even if it’s a different theme.

  58. Jaa Maurer

    I bought the beauty and the balm palette from Marshall’s, it looks similar to this palette. I ‘m not sure if I didn’t use it with the right brushes, the colors didn’t show good when i put it on my lid -_-‘

  59. I wanted this palette sooooooo bad! :(

  60. Megan

    OMG! How did u get the 1st one of of 1000??

  61. so cute and the colors very pigment

  62. Leah

    anymore of this where I can get one , I know it’s been out for a long time , but I was wondering if ur selling or something….thank u :)