Monday, June 13th, 2011

theBalm Betty Lou-Manizer
theBalm Betty Lou-Manizer

theBalm Betty Lou-Manizer Bronzer

It seems like every brand has put out a new and (for the most part) awesome bronzer this year, and theBalm is no different. theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer ($24.00 for 0.30 oz.) is described as “a silky smooth pressed powder that can be used as a bronzer, eye shadow, and all-over shimmer.” It’s supposed to diffuse light while providing subtle warmth to the skin.

Betty Lou-Manizer is a dirty bronze with a warm, golden shimmer-sheen. The shimmer is incredibly fine, while the sheen is glowy and reflective. If you’ve tried out theBalm’s other powder products, you’ll find the texture is consistent–silky smooth with rich color payoff. It has such a fine texture that it applies well to skin, because it practically melts onto the skin and looks natural and never powdery.

It’s packaged well, too. The compact is a nice size with a mirror on the inside, and the compact itself is sturdy and fits well in the hand. The ingredients are also listed on the back of the compact, which is a nice touch, because I know that I don’t keep the boxes around for long (straight to the recycling bin!).

I actually found the effect to be quite comparable to Guerlain’s Terracotta Mosaic Powder. theBalm’s has a more noticeable shimmer/brighter sheen, while Guerlain’s is a little softer, more orange with less brown, but on the cheeks, the differences are minimized.

The Glossover


Betty-Lou Manizer

I see this working best on warmer skin tones, and this is a bronzer that should work well for darker skin tones, too. The golden sheen will provide the warmth and glow, while the actual color will give that sunkissed effect.











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See more photos & swatches!

theBalm Betty Lou-Manizer
theBalm Betty Lou-Manizer

theBalm Betty Lou-Manizer
theBalm Betty Lou-Manizer

theBalm Betty Lou-Manizer
theBalm Betty Lou-Manizer

theBalm Betty Lou-Manizer
theBalm Betty Lou-Manizer

theBalm Betty Lou-Manizer
theBalm Betty Lou-Manizer

theBalm Betty Lou-Manizer
theBalm Betty Lou-Manizer

theBalm Betty Lou-Manizer
theBalm Betty Lou-Manizer

theBalm Betty Lou-Manizer
theBalm Betty Lou-Manizer

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Where can I purchase Betty Lou-Manizer? How much is it?

Sephora, $24 .

Is it limited edition?


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82 thoughts on “theBalm Betty Lou-Manizer Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Gina

    I guess it deserves an A+ if you want to be orange…..

  2. marta

    hey Christine! i’m coming to the US in november…i can’t wait to go shopping and try those fab brands that aren’t avilable here in italy…including theBalm!! :o)

  3. shontay

    I’m glad you like it, Christine. I went to Sephora Sunday, swatched it and knew I had to have it. I couldn’t wait for your review, LOL.

  4. Carrie Ann

    I just got this and I love it! It doesn’t look anything like the other bronzers I own and I love that it can be used as an eyeshadow because it’s such a lovely color. It’s perfect for a daytime smokey eye.

  5. Mariella

    Christine, the photos of the product aren’t working (the lovely photo of you is, though). I’m curious to see this product because while I have more bronzers than I’m likely ever to use (I’m not really a bronzer person), I so like TheBalm products (you’ve created a monster) and the Bahama Mama bronzer I have from them is probably the best of my bronzer bunch, so I’d love to see the product photos and swatches.

  6. Wow, an A+ really? I agree with Gina, I thought it looked a bit too much on the orange side (for my liking anyways)

    • I loved it – it’s one of my favorite bronzers of all time! I think the color works extremely well on warmer skin tones.

    • Carrie Ann

      I have this bronzer and it is not orange at all. The pictures just don’t do it justice. It’s one of the most unique bronzers I’ve ever seen.

  7. Gina

    Oooh, this looks lovely!

  8. Katie

    Definitely buying this!

  9. shontay

    Do some monitors need adjusting? There’s nothing orange about this bronzer.

    • Phew! It’s so glowy and warm to me, but not orange! I could see it could turn orange on pinker skin tones, but I’m always reaching for it myself!

    • Stephanie

      i guess my monitor is one of the messed up ones! looks really orange to me… maybe i just dont understand bronzer. ive never seen it look good or seem useful on any skin tone… to me it just looks like the orangy dirt common to NC.

      • AS

        Ha! Once you get sick of cleaning southern orange clay out of your shoes one too many times it turns you off any remotely similar colors altogether. I was fascinated by the bright orange soil and green grass the first time I went to NC!

        • Stephanie

          LOL this is a strange place! Been here all my life and its odd if i go any further north than VA! I just cant bare the thought of paying for something the color of that horrid dirt! Or putting something that looks like dirt on my face! I like the look of bright clean flushed skin.

  10. Mallory

    do you like this better than nars laguna? and if i have like olive skin which should i get nars or this?

    • I don’t have Laguna, sorry!

    • Roo

      This is a completely different colour and finish than Laguna. I think Laguna would be a better basic natural bronzer if you’re olive.

      This is a bronzer that’s actually bronzey. I won’t be able to wear it but it’s a good addition to theBalm’s range because their other bronzer is matte and a muted brown.

      theBalm really know how to make pressed powder products! All their textures are fantastic. I’m not a fan of the packaging though.

  11. karen

    hi Christine!i am wondering if i should get this! i am Asian with a darker skin tone would this work as a bronzer? i have never used one and am wondering if this will work!

  12. Not orange at all. I am a big fan of theBalm, definitely going to get this. Almost all their products are A+ in my opinion.

  13. It looks gorgeous, but I can’t see myself (being NW20) pulling it off.

  14. aradhana

    pretty…i will probably check this out sometime soon.
    interesting that it can be used as an eyeshadow — it initially made me think of amber lights (which i use to use on my cheeks for a ‘glow’) it would be interesting to see how it compares.

  15. Olivia

    Ah, you look so glowy! I’m still trying to decide between Guerlain Terra inca and Dior Aurora though…will you be reviewing Aurora? Thanks Christine!

  16. Dana

    This looks gorgeous! I am definitely going to give this a go. Thank goodness it’s permanent, I need to go through my current bronzer first (and I’m sort of going through a project “replace” pan!)

  17. jagoda

    super orange! and i would def not give this an a+ thats a little o.d

    • Have you tried the product? If you haven’t, then I’m not sure how you would be able to assess the quality of the product, which is where the rating stems from. If the color isn’t to your liking, that’s fine, but it doesn’t change the product’s quality – like the texture, color payoff, etc. If you want to see “super orange,” consider NARS Taj Mahal –

      • Melissa

        I’m actually going to go purchase it based on your review. You tell her Christine! I don’t think it’s too orange. I have an orangey bronzer (MAC Golden Lariat from Wonderwoman collection), and this is nothing like that!

  18. Pepper

    It’s interesting that people who hate bronzer take the time to comment to tell you how orange it is. It’s bronze, bronze not orange. Brown and orange are not the same thing. Why waste time commenting on a product you are biased against? Find something you like!

  19. Kathryn

    Looks beautiful, Christine! I would love to try this! I certainly love my bronzers! However, being an NC20 I think this might be a little dark for me? I’m loving my Dior Aurora healthy glow though!!! :)

    • It might be a lil’ dark on you – it’s pretty pigmented and has a much deeper bronze than some bronzers. With a light hand, it might work but I’d recommend testing it first :)

  20. Svetlana

    Really pretty bronzer. Sadly I think it might be a lil bit too dark for me (NC20), it looks great on you Christine!

  21. Chie

    I want this! Hope they sell this here in Manila soon. Been checking out the local beauty store that sells theBalm products. I love Mary Lou-manizer! I also use their other bronzer, Bahama Mama.

  22. Totally love it! And you can possibly use this as an warm honey colored eyeshadow.

  23. Victoria

    It’s beautiful! And I like a bit of orange in my bronzers :) It gives a much more natural looking tan. Will it show up on NC35 Olive skin though? I always find that bronzers seem to just disappear on me :[

  24. Jill

    It looks a little orange to me, but I’d still like to try it in person. I’m a big fan of bronzer. I don’t think it looked orange-y in the package pictures or on your arm/hand, but the face picture leans a little orange for me. I think I would like the texture and the feel of it, so I’d definitely like to at least try it for myself.

  25. Stephanie Hernandez

    I will be picking this up Friday! So excited, and guys it’s so not orange! ^_^ Thanks Christine!

  26. Sam

    on my computer it does lean a little orange but it looks amazing nonetheless! i may have to swing by sephora to check it out!

  27. Liz

    This looks beautiful! I’m not a huge bronzer person, but I have theBalm’s Mary Lou-Manizer highlighter and I adore it. I might have to give this one a try too, since it sounds like the texture is pretty similar. :)

  28. Puffnstuff

    I love it! Doesnt liok orange at all. Cant wait to try it at sephora

  29. Olivia

    I have been obsessing over bronzer lately and i’ll be going to sephora this thurday…. If I don’t buy this I deserve a slap in the face 😉 i’ll tweet it when I get it

  30. Joyce

    I wouldn’t call it orange it’s just very bronzy. Get your colors straight, since i’m very light skinned i don’t think this will work for me, still haven’t found a bronzer that will :) But this one bronzes like crazy! never seen anything like it. So i get the rating :)

    • Joani

      Try Trish MCovoys bronzer weekend. It works well on me,whereas most bronzers usually look like I put dirt on my face.

  31. shuz4ever

    Christine this looks so pretty on u. Am def going to buy it even tho i own way too many bronzers…thanks for the review.

  32. cait

    Actual reaction: “Hm! Pretty”
    I do not like bronzers at all and never had the urge to buy one until now. Very pretty – have yet to buy it and probably wont, but absolutely lovely <3

  33. rachh

    hello christine! thanks for the review :) do u think this could be used as contour color for fair-medium skin? :)

  34. Shavonne

    I think its pretty. I just got bahama mama and I love it, so I might have to get this too.

  35. Lauren

    Why would you want to be bronze anyway? Like a statue? Gross.

    • If you don’t like the color, that’s your prerogative, but some of us do enjoy it. It’s like someone who loves blue eyeshadow and one who doesn’t. There’s no need to be rude to those who do. If it’s not for you, don’t read about it or buy it. Better to focus on things you like than dwell on things you don’t! :)

      • mona

        hi everyone..
        I WENT TO SEPHORA TO GET A MAKEOVER AS A V.I.B. and the lady tried albatross on me as a highlighter and it didnt do much on my nc 40 skin tone.. n then we tried the balm BRONZER AND WOW.. I HAD TO BUY IT.. ITS’ THE PRETTIEST BRONZER AND SHEEN AND TEXTURE.. i also bought the casino nars bronzer.. but this one is just gorgeous!!!! GREAT REVIEW CHRISTINE.. :)

      • Hope

        I get really irritated whenever Christine posts a review of a bronzer and there are all of these troll posts about them looking orange, bronzer=Snooki, etc etc.

        I prefer a natural look and I actually really like bronzer. You only look “orange” if you’re wearing it incorrectly. I’m very fair and I’ve only found one bronzer so far that doesn’t make me look dirty (Too Faced Peach Leopard), but I know that the bronzers I swatched at Sephora that were way too dark/orange/whatever look good on other people with different skintones with different undertones.

        Also, you have to realize that it might be the way your computer produces color AND things look differently in natural light on real people. That’s why Christine gives a swatch and a face picture.

        Yeah, so don’t be a jerk. Christine knows her stuff.

  36. Holly

    The colour, condition, and undertones of your skin will affect how any product looks on your face. As would the type/amount of foundations and/or primers affect how colours appear.
    As such, something (like this product) which looks amazing on Christine will probably not look nearly as good on me since I am cooler toned and very pale.

    I’m not sure why so many people hate on others choosing to wear bronzers or critize products just ’cause they don’t like the colour. Just because I don’t like to wear purple lipstick or yellow eye shadows doesn’t mean all those products are garbage!

  37. Lucy

    It looks like a bronzey bronze to me (NOT orange). I think it looks good on you, Christine. I’m a little afraid to try it now because you said that you can see it turning orange on fair/pink skin tones. If only my local Sephora carried thebalm products in their store..

  38. Sue

    Hi Christine:
    I got one and I like it. But I also interested in Nars Luster,can you do a compare? Thanks!

  39. I need to check this out! Looks like it would be a pretty highlight shade on my NW47 skin :)

  40. i have been wanting to try this. i have been buying more thebalm products lately… but this is always out of stock here in my country! looks lovely!

  41. Valbona Pro

    Hello Christine!

    The bronzer does appear great, but I think the picture of you wearing the bronzer would help us better if you tilt your head to the side a bit. It would make a huge difference, I think.

  42. Farida

    I love it. This is what I call BRONZE. I think it looks great on you.

  43. Reading this, I had “Lumanizer, luma- luma- lumanizer, you’re a lumanizer, oh, lumanizer, oh, you’re a lumanizer, baby…” going through my head. I’m ashamed.

  44. Shavonne

    Ok I’ve decided I’m going to get this probably in the fall when my tan goes away. I’m darker than my normal NC 42 color and I think this will just blend in with my skin tone. But in the fall and winter seasons I think this will give me an excellent glow! :) Gotta love bronzers!! And if you don’t, then get off the blog lol!!

  45. Bee

    looks gorgeous on you!

  46. Shavonne

    This will be my last post for Betty-Lou Manizer LOL. I went to Sephora last weekend and bought this and Mary-Lou Manizer! Love them both!! Glow baby glow baby glow!! :)

  47. I love this bronzer. I feel like it’s a bronzer + a highlighter because it can be a bit shimmery. I have both pink/yellow undertones and I wear it on occasion. I think the photo definitely doesn’t do it justice.

  48. Cindy

    Oh WoW it looks so intense in the pan and swatched but it suits you so well!!

    Do you think I can pull this off? I’m BB 4 Natural

  49. Marie S.

    I know I’m kinda late but how would this look on a NW45 skin? would it even show up?

  50. Jayleen

    Im wondering if i should get this. I am a very fair skin tone (think nicole kidman fair) with pink undertones. Would this be to dark for me? Also what do you think of it as an eyeshadow? Does it have good color payoff as an eyeshadow? thanks Christine

  51. Rhiana

    Just to let you know guys know… they sell the Betty Lou Manizer and the Mary Lou Manizer at TJ Maxx in one pack for 20.00. I swatched Betty Lou in Sephora and they were sold out long story short I went TJ Maxx and found them there for more than half the price off! I love love love this bronzer though! LOVE it!

    • toni

      I can’t find it @ my Tjmaxx :0(

    • Grace

      @Rhiana – what part of the U.S. are you from? Whenever I’ve checked, the TJ Maxx stores here in Southern California don’t have any. Maybe it’s making it’s way out here (I hope soon) but I know that a lot of the East Coast and Midwest are getting a slew of The Balm products.

  52. toni

    IS the limited edition wet n wild bronzer TGA a dupe for Betty lou? lol I swatched my friends but I forgot to compare the two! Thanks!

  53. Kristi

    Not orange at all. I think some women are just used to very brown bronzers or they are anti-bronzer altogether. Bronzers that are too brown tend to look dirty by mid day. The Balm has some amazing products. I can’t believe people waste energy with such negative comments. Bronzer really helps some people feel more healthy looking year round.

  54. serene

    This is one so gorgeous bronzer! unfortunately, I don’t think it’s a match for my fair/pale Asian skin :(