Saturday, September 28th, 2013

theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette
theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette

theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette is new for holidays, and I’ll have a review up shortly, but here are the official details and some photos I’ve taken of it to tease you for now :) The palette is available through theBalm right now for $42.50.

Take a peak at this season’s passport to instant glamour- introducing Balm Voyage, a travel-friendly palette from theBalm cosmetics. Balm Voyage contains 16 jet setting shadows paired with 3 lip and cheek creams that stow away conveniently in your carry on. These luxuriously pigmented, triple-milled shadows have high visibility and can be used wet for an extended stay. With this first class collection, you’ll never fly red-eye, but a red-lip is always complimentary! All of these choices allow you to take your look in whichever direction you desire.

See more photos!

theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette
theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette

theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette
theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette

theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette
theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette

theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette

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39 thoughts on “theBalm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette for Holiday 2013

  1. Tina

    Looks appealing so far:) Can’t wait for your review!

  2. Mimi Maldonado

    I LOVE their eyeshadows and blushes. But this packaging is too big. I’m probably going to end up depotting and putting them all in one condensed palette (like a Z palette). I do think their palettes as well as UD’s are good investments in terms of quality though. Looking forward to the review!

  3. Denise

    That’s so cute! Here’s hoping it hits HauteLook for half price as quickly as Meet Matt(e) Nude did.

  4. I have their Nude Tude palette and it’s amazing with every single shadow in it! The Balm never goes wrong with shadows, so I’m a hundred percent sure this will be another amazing palette! And I’ll RUN to get it!

  5. MakeupTray

    Too many colors that everyone already has.
    I am sure they have excellent products but the way they handled their 1/2 off sale with the re launching of their site was ridiculous and shady. I will never buy anything from them based on that.


      What do you mean? I know the website was down for that whole hour but I went back a couple hours later and they honored the 50% off and I was able to place my order. Did you have a different experience?

      • ARIASJN

        Actually i think I you are talking about a different sale. Sorry, I was referring to the one they had this past wednesday

    • Cat G

      Kind of curious to hear what you mean? I’ve had great experiences with their 50% off sales!

    • I like those two teal matte colors, and they arent something I have seen.
      Also, when I lost my order during their half off sale, I emailed them directly and they honored the prices. I have only had great experiences with TheBalm.
      They make amazing shadows and they are highly underrated.

    • Yeah, this palette has too many neutral colors in it. Sick of palettes doing that.

    • I thankfully got to place an order on this sale as i had trouble getting past the bad gateway message. They had to keep shutting off the server so the site did not crash from the huge amount of traffic it was getting due to the sale. Because of this, they did extend the sale longer, it went until 3pm pst, which was 6 pm where I live. I do think better servers would be best to be able to handle lots of traffic, but nonetheless it was great customer service to extend the sale.

  6. Such a gorgeous Palette.. I love theBalm packaging.. the shade selection is unique too.. <3 <3

  7. This palette looks awesome (: perfect for the fall

  8. Daisy

    i love the colour A1! “have an A1 day” hahaha breaking bad

  9. patsyann

    Christine, how many of these shadows are shimmer and how many are matte?

  10. Jen

    Wow, the Balm is charming me more and more lately. This looks like such a fun, but wearable palette! xo

  11. I’m really glad I just snagged the Balm Jovi palette during theBalm’s 50% off sale (which was crazy!), because this palette doesn’t interest me at all.

  12. Loving that most of the shades seem to be almost matte! That alone would make this worth it for me.

  13. ProperIntro

    The colors I only like are A2, B2, C2 because I already have dupes of those colors or something similar enough. I have to many palettes to purchase this -_- =]

  14. Mariella

    TheBalm really does these palette up well. I’ll be eager to see how it rates in your books, Christine.

  15. Cat G

    Can’t wait for this to be reviewed! I love this brand. I wish there were more unique or bright colors in this palette though!

  16. I LOVE this, but it doesn’t look like there would be much here that would add to my collection since I have both UD Naked pallets.

  17. Looks awesome, love theBalm!

  18. Carrie

    Cute, if fairly basic. It’ll probably be a pass for me. I bought all three Shady Lady trios when they were on sale 3-for-1 and found myself disappointed. They didn’t seem as pigmented as I thought they would be, and they seemed to fade quickly on me too. :(

  19. The vacation/flight theme is cute. ^^
    Just from the photo, I’m liking the eyeshadows.

    I don’t really like palettes that include both lip+eye products.
    But I’m interested in your review on this.

  20. Glory

    As a former flight attendant and a newbie to the brand, this palette speaks to me on a spiritual level.

  21. doroffee

    I’d rather companies would not turn to teal and turquoise all the time if they want to bring a bright color to their palettes… it’s really not sutiable for everybody. Other than that, it seems a nice palette. I would buy the cheek and lip stains in their own little palette, though.

  22. I was really excited when I saw this intially, but something about the shade combinations leave me flat. Still looking forward to swatches though :)

  23. I want your review!! If it’s an excellent palette, I will sure buy it online! I love the colors, and I don’t think I have a dupe for most (except, maybe, B4, C4, D3 and B1). This would also be awesome to try their lip/cheek creams :)

  24. I love all the D shades – very pretty! Xx

  25. I love the “names” they gave the seats/shadows! And the cover for the creams! Besides the size, this palette just looks so functional.

  26. The packaging is really cute. Looks great to bring along for holidays too. But I also like to know how many shimmer and matte colors are they in the palette. Thanks.

  27. Um. SO PRETTY!! I can see myself wearing all of the lipcolors, and even all of the eyshadows (depending on what I’m creating). I have blue eyes and fair neutral skin and see this palette as very flattering for myself. The price is a bit ouchies but I think I have a coupon code!

  28. Their packaging gets me every time!

  29. Sonia

    Hi Christine, is this palette going to be limited edition? thanks.

  30. This looks really nice!