Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

theBalm and the Beautiful Face Palette

theBalm and the Beautiful Face Palette

If you’re bummed about the limited edition nature of the theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette, if you’re more interested in the products than the Muppets’ theme, then never fear–the exact same shades are coming back for the holidays. The palette is exactly the same in size, weight, layout, and actual products–the packaging is just a different motif. Instead, it has a daytime-TV/soap opera theme. The shades are the same but have been renamed to fit the palette’s theme. It includes sixteen eyeshadows, two lip/cheek stains, and one lipgloss.

  • Tres Moi = The Oil Tycoon
  • Wocka, Wocka = The Estranged Mom
  • Meep Meep = The Supermodel
  • Mahna-Mahna = The Bad Boy
  • Sensational = The Southern Bell
  • Inspirational = The Mother-In-Law
  • Celebrational = The Guy Who Died But Didn’t Really Die
  • Muppetational = The Mistress
  • Woman, Woman = The Step Brother
  • Curtain Call = The Coma Patient
  • Great Gonzo = The Police Man
  • Kissy, Kissy = The Brain Surgeon
  • Wild Child = The Neighbor
  • Lab Coat = The Stock Broker
  • Hiii-Yaaa! = The Basketcase
  • Swedish Pancakes = The Older Woman
  • Rainbow Connection = The Drama Queen
  • Le Diva = The Perfect Man
  • Electric Mayhem = The Evil Twin

I don’t have detailed information about distribution, availability, etc. quite yet (it is still a bit early for holiday), but for those more excited about the innards of the palette, this will be a more readily available option I expect!

See more photos!

theBalm and the Beautiful Face Palette

theBalm and the Beautiful Face Palette

theBalm and the Beautiful Face Palette

theBalm and the Beautiful Face Palette

theBalm and the Beautiful Face Palette

theBalm and the Beautiful Face Palette

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117 thoughts on “theBalm and the Beautiful Face Palette = theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

  1. Eh…The Muppets packaging appealed to me more than the product. I was never into soap operas, so it’s Muppets or nothing for me.

  2. Becca

    wow- this reminds me so much of UD 15th Anniv palette.

  3. Eva

    Do you have a date for the release?! So excited.

  4. AlexisV.

    I’m so glad, since I don’t think I’ll be one of the lucky ones to get the Muppets Themed pallete. I really wanted it for the colors, and this packaging is more my style anyway; more grown-up girlie (muppets are cute, but to me too child-like).

  5. Shannon

    For whatever reason, this palette has popped up at a couple TJ Maxx and Marshalls stores along with a ton of other thebalm stuff. Sort of weird considering its still unreleased!

    • sonjiya

      you’re kidding! lol i’m on my way to tj maxx now 😛

      • I got the 3rd Shady Lady palette at TJ Maxx! There were a lot of skincare products by TheBalm, too… Now I’ll have to hunt this one down!

        • alicia

          I got the 3rd and 2nd – along with frat boy and down boy and 4 of the overshadows!

          • NeenaJ

            It’s true. I just bought Meet Matt(e) palette at TJs for $16.99. I’ll be scouting my local stores for this beauty, too! Thanks for the heads up!

            • I bought this palette two days ago from TjMaxx for $19.99. I dont know about nationwide availability but I live in SF/Bay Area.

            • Ana

              Just saw a bunch of single e/s, lou-minizer, Shady Lady Vol 2 & 3, Meet Matt(e) @ the TJ Maxx in downtown Chicago. I didn’t see this palette, but they only had one of the Meet Matt(e) and I was going to purchase it (had it in my hands) but the mirror was broken– I didn’t end up buying it because I freaked out (the idea of a broken mirror on the eye shadows that I’m going to be placing on my eye didn’t sit well with me- lol! No shards please!)

              I will be looking at other local stores to see if I get a second chance- ahh!

            • Christie

              I would keep checking back. They get different stuff in all the time. I just saw a bunch of these palettes come into my local TJ Maxx the other day. I had just bought the Muppet Palette the same day, or I would have picked it up.

    • Shannon, where do you live? I must obviously stalk my local TJ Maxx and Marshalls, but I hope you live REMOTELY close to me in Washington, D.C., so there’s a better chance of us having the same items in our stores!

      • Shannon

        Haha so sorry but I live in Oregon! I have heard of sightings on the east coast though!!

      • Sarah

        Roxana, I saw a few of these at the Marshall’s in Pentagon City, but they were opened and swatched, so I didn’t buy them. They also had a bunch of theBalm skincare, too.

      • Karina

        In Northern Virginia (specifically Bailey’s Crossroads location), I’ve spotted many theBalm products! Everything’s half off or more. Many skincare products, Balms Away, Big Mama Palette, Balm and the Beautiful palette, Balmshelter Tinted Moisturizer, Down Boy and Frat Boy blushes. On a trip to Roanoke, VA I’ve also spotted many of these same items (minus the palettes), plus Mary-lou, Betty-lou, Bahama Mama bronzer and Sexy Mama translucent powder. Hope this helps!

    • Lulee


      • Kristin

        Saw 2 at TJ Maxx INDY. But now there is only 1. Is it just me or do these look like they may have been rejects? Mine doesnt look like it has fingerprints or smudges but there is a small grease stain by one of the lip glosses and one of the eyeshadows looked like it had some excess that smeared throughout the palette’s container. Is TJ Maxx/Marshalls were the rejects normally go?

  6. telle

    OHHHHHHH! This looks a lot more exciting than the muppets palette and probably (hopefully, actually) easier to obtain than the muppets palette….:D

  7. Rach

    The balm is releasing the Muppets palette through their twitter page @thebalm, so I guess if you follow them you have more chances of getting it… That’s how I got mine 😉

  8. It’s all about the Muppets packaging for me. I managed to scoop up two in the pre-sale (one is for a blog giveaway, don’t worry…no price gauging here!). I can’t wait to get my order :). Thanks for the wonderful review Christine, I know I’m getting my moneys worth with an A+ Temptalia grade!

  9. Mariella

    Good to know that the colours will be available (a run of 1,000 seemed, well, rather odd, especially for a company that isn’t all that well known!). Anyway, I hope this will be available near me. I love the products I’ve purchased so far from TheBalm – which I discovered thanks to you, Christine! – and their Balmbini palette is SO compact, so well designed and so filled with great stuff in a small, practical package.

  10. Mariella

    Oh, and I’m getting such a kick from the “soapy” names of the shadows – The Brain Surgeon, the Evil Twin and The Guy Who Didn’t Really Die! All they need is “The Kid Who Was Sent To His Room At Age 8 and Didn’t Reappear Again Until He Was 25″.

  11. Rita

    Is this going to be available for a longer time?

  12. Ashley

    This looks nice…and you have to hand it to them for the quippy advertising / packaging. It’s cute. But why re-name the muppets palette? Why not just re-release the muppets? I can’t imagine that this new packaging would bring THAT much more sales into this product….

  13. Kerstan

    I Love this! I never liked the muppets so this is better for me – gotta get this AND the UD BOS 4 gosh my poor wallet :/ haha

  14. Roza

    Glad I got on the pre order list for the muppits palette!! It is much cuter:)) But for those who can’t get their hands on that palette, and this has the same colours?? Great idea!!

  15. alyssa

    The muppets palette packaging def also appealed to me more, but this way ill have a chance to get that palette with those same colors i am in love with since i saw your post on the muppet palette!! haa :) but im hoping ill get the muppet one!

  16. OMG!!! I hope this isn’t a LE like Cast Your Shadow…

  17. Yessssss… wishlisting this mutha for Christmas.

  18. Belen

    Are you gonna do a review of this palette? I think it would be interesting to see if the quality of the product is the same.

    • No, I’m not, because it’s exactly the same – there is nothing new to review other than to show you the different packaging.

      • Belen

        Well, if you’ve swatched it and the quality is exactly the same I guess the only thing left to do is to cry a little about missing the Muppets packaging! Thanks!

  19. Valerie Brower

    Was able to preorder two of the muppet’s palettes yesterday so can’t wait till they arrive next month! Not crazy about this new packaging.

  20. blahdee

    I was attracted to it more for the muppets to be honest =/

  21. Aleeya

    Yeah but the Muppets theme is so awesome! That is like the main reason why I wanted to buy it.The soap opera theme doesn’t do much for me. I’m still a kid at heart lol!

  22. Lianne

    I was excited when I read this on theBalm’s facebook page so it’s nice to see what it actually looks like! I really wanted the colors in the muppet’s palette but since there are only 1000 being made and I didn’t grow up with them I figured it was best to leave it to the die hard fans. I do think the muppets packaging is cuter though.

  23. kim

    yeah, i’m not into the cutesy packaging stuff. i think it detracts from the makeup itself.

  24. Carrie Ann

    This design is a great alternative–it’s really cute, but I’ll still try to get the Muppets version if I can. I was crazy about the Muppets as a kid and that palette is just too cute!

  25. Thank god! The muppets packaging was awful & I’ve never had an attachment to them. I’d be much more likely to ask for this palette for a birthday present, it’s got a lot of colors that I don’t have dupes for and the packaging is very cool, the names are clever, and it’s just really mature and appealing.

    • Anya

      it would appear that we are the only ones who feel this way, haha! when i saw the muppets packaging, i was honestly considering buying it and depotting so i wouldn’t have to look at them. this is much more up my alley!

  26. Stephanie Lucero

    Where can I buy this in Canada? Edmonton, Alberta.


  27. Jennifer

    haha i love the eyeshadow names, i think i’m gonna buy this palette!!

  28. I made it onto the preorder list for the Muppets one, but ultimately resisted buying it- I’m getting ready to move and can’t justify spending $44 on eyeshadows when I have so many already. It’s good to know that the palette will be available again when I’m able to buy one. :)

  29. Amber

    Probably this is in the “unknown at this time” category, but will the price be the same? I pre-ordered the Muppet one for myself. . .but I might buy this one for my mom as a gift.

  30. Kat

    Hey Christine, will this cost the same amount? Thanks!

  31. Alexis

    I think I like this one better than the muppets.

  32. CW

    Kind of mad. I love the Muppet theme but I felt rushed into getting it. The colors were to beautiful to pass up. Don’t tell my boyfriend about this…

  33. Eliana

    I saw this at my TJ Maxx too. I live in Las Vegas

  34. Solangel

    Yay! I’m way more into the shadows than the packaging, so this is awesome 😀 I would have never been able to get the Muppets one, so I’m glad theBalm has other options for people like me ^.^

  35. bxboricua

    are the lip glosses underneath where the credits (list of eyeshadows) are?

  36. Russel

    Honestly I didn’t grow up on the muppets so the product itself appealed to me I’m happy to see it will still be available!

  37. I was really interested in the Muppets palette for the product but I actually like this package, better. I am a long time fan (yeah, yeah, I know… Housewife. Soaps. Sooo Cliche!) of The Bold and the Beautiful so, this would be right up my alley. 😀

  38. I went to TJ Maxx in SF location. Saw one. There was a ‘water stain” on it. A blemish. The colors looked untouched. But I didnt get it. Dont like to buy stuff there.

  39. Leigh

    I still don’t understand why this, over more of the Muppets packaging. I was never in to soaps, so this really doesn’t appeal to me, I don’t get the names, etc. It’s not as fun. I guess the good thing is that it kind of proves I wasn’t as interested in the product anyway. I’ll probably try to get a hold of the Muppets palette, but if I can’t…I doubt I’ll pick this up.

  40. MORENA

    Why do i feel like this brand is trying to mimic urban decay????

  41. sara

    Yup! Couldn’t resist for $20 at my Tj Maxx…In perfect condition…Located in Elk Grove, Ca:) The palette is awesome!

  42. ashley

    Hey! I just got mine at TJ MAXX for $19.99 which is a steal!!! So happy and comparatively where I live is a pretty small place (Lafayette, IN) I found Sexy Mama, Bahama Mama and Cabanaboy BUT they were all swatched and they were $9.99. Go and grab yours :)

  43. Melissa

    I actually like this theme way better ! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Cori

    WOW. this just made me realize that i would pay 50 bucks for the muppets packaging instead of this one with the same exact shadows. too bad…. looks like ill be skipping this

  45. Quinctia

    Welp, that cinches it. Don’t know why exactly they’d waste the licensing, except I suppose to lure people in with some artificial demand from underproduction, but this explains why the colors of the Muppet palette didn’t look especially Muppet-y.

    Oh well, maybe since Disney finally managed to buy out the Muppets a few years back, they’ll be up for letting MAC or someone else give a themed makeup a shot. MAC seemed to do all right by both Hello Kitty and Disney villains.

    Though this little bit of marketing has made cynical ol’ me write off the Balm completely, and I’m disappointed a little bit in the Muppets. :/

  46. Jayleen

    oh my god i just looked at this and the muppet one side to side (your photos of the whole pallettes) and it is so funny because like you said- they are EXACTLY the same!!!!!!!!! yay im so excited hopefully i can get my hands on this one cause i know i cant get my hands on the muppet one seeing as i live in a small town and theres only a thousand i dont think they will even make it to my state! I really hope i can scoop this up at tjmaxx!

  47. Becca

    haha, while this isreally awesome, the main reason that I want the muppets palet is BECAUSE of the muppets, so ir’s probably weither that or nada :(

  48. Leah

    You guys are being ridiculous. You’re willing to pay $50 for PACKAGING? That’s just insane!
    About the palette itself, the colors are nice. Might be getting it! :)

  49. “The Guy Who Died But Didn’t Really Die…” I love it! Totally fits in with theBalm’s usual aesthetic.
    Releasing the exact same palette, but with a different motif, seems kind of genius…

  50. artemis

    i just love the names :))

  51. Naomi

    I like this palette way better than the muppets palette! If they had not decided to release this palette I would’ve just tried to purchase the muppets palette. I love the names of the shadows in this palette because I happen to love soap operas and foreign soaps as well. I also am not a “fan” of the muppets; I was nowhere near being born to be watching it (truth be told all I know is Kermit and Miss Piggy). Oh and random fact is that there is going to be a muppets movie coming out this year; so there goes my reasoning behind the exclusive packaging.

  52. Brittany

    I picked this up YESTERDAY at my local TJMaxx for 17.99! Woo hoo!

  53. Brittany

    I picked this up YESTERDAY at my local TJMaxx for 17.99! Woo

  54. lol I love this! I’ll probably be picking it up. 😀

  55. Stephanie S.

    This is probably good for people who don’t use their LE stuff. You can save the Muppets and use this one instead. It’s a good-looking palette either way.

  56. I just got one at T.J. Maxx too for $18 but it was missing the brush AND someone ruined it by swatching all the shades INCLUDING the lip/cheek stains! I’ll be returning it and am waiting to get mine in the mail (from a blogger friend.) But I also got Meet Matt(e) ($17) and I have high hopes for that! Also, I found a bunch of blushes and bronzers -bought 4 or 5 for only $10 each.

  57. Rosie

    My sister bought this at TJ MAX tonight for $19.99! I think I’m gonna go back and snag one too!

  58. Lena

    i would’ve like the muppets version, but this will have to do as it is just so nice and pretty, gotta have it.

  59. Add me to the list of beauty addicts who found this, the Mary and Betty Lou Manizer duo, and Meet Matt(e) palette at her Novi, MI TJ Maxx! This was $19.99 for me.

  60. Maureen

    This is so amusing! I might actually buy this… :O

  61. Maritza

    I found one today at my local TJ Maxx also I bought the meet matt(e) palette the balm and the beautiful was really good, it wasn’t swatched or anything, the brush was kinda different but I didn’t care since I use my own brushes the matte one was swatched (only one color) and I took the risk and since it was swatched they discounted $5.oo off so I got it for $12.00 and the balm and beautiful in $17.00
    I thought it was a great deal!

  62. Brandy

    i found this at tj maxx today for 19.99! It was so exciting haha. just to let ya know in case you have a tj maxx close to you. if you dont find it at the beauty section, look closer to the cash registers. thats where i found mine!

  63. I love the colours on the lower half (8 of them) of the palette only. The darker colours are rather meh to me.

  64. Mandy

    This is on hold for me at tj maxx! And the meet matt(e) cant wait to see what else they have :)

  65. Jessica

    I got the balm and beautiful palette from tj maxx for 20 bucks. The best 20 bucks I have ever spent. If anyone is close to a tj maxx you need to check for this palette. I couldnt believe i found it there.

  66. Megan

    OMG. I just bought this at TJ Maxx on Saturday thinking it was an old palette or something. I cannot believe it’s not even out yet! How on earth did I get it?!

  67. I totally just bought this for like $20 at the TJ Maxx in Livonia,MI and they had several in stock. That is so weird! I was freaking out about missing out on the Muppets palette. I just saved $24.50 over retail so I guess I’m gonna get over that real quick lol. I hope to find the Meet Matte palette soon at a discount too.

    • Jo

      I just bought my palette here in Flint, MI. They had a bunch of Meet Matte Palettes in stock as well for 16.99. They also had a whole bunch of the other sets and cheek products as well!

  68. I totally just bought this for like $20 at the TJ Maxx in Livonia,MI and they had several in stock. That is so weird! I was freaking out about possibly missing out on the Muppets palette since I didn’t get on the pre-order list. I just saved $24.50 over retail so I guess I’m gonna get over that real quick lol. I hope to find the Meet Matte palette soon at a discount too.

  69. malia

    one of my friends got this at TJ Maxx too for $19!! I saw hers and nothing is wrong with it at all but she said they leave them all out so anybody who wants to can stick their fingers in it :( She opened hers to check it before she left the store. It looks really nice and I like how they have the lip things totally separate.

  70. Andrea

    I’m visiting my friend in Las Vegas and I just picked up this palette today at TJ Maxx. They had about 6 of them all in good condition as well as Shady Lady Vol II. It’s the TJ Maxx on Craig Street.

  71. Megan

    I just bought this palette Saturday at TJMaxx for $19.99! Everyone should definitely check their local TJMaxx out!

  72. Rauha

    I got this at TJ Maxx for 19.99! i also got one of their blushes for 9.99! I also saw more skincare products at my TJ Maxx by theBalm too. I love this palette a lot and I think it is perfect for fall. I would have gladly paid full price for both this palette and the blush I got which is absolutely gorgeous!!! I want more products by this brand!

  73. Athena

    I, too purchased this at TJ MAXX, as well as Shady Lady vol.2 and vol. 3 palettes :)

  74. Riah

    Just purchased this at tj maxx in san diego for 19.99!!! They had a few of them plus some betty lou manzier and frat boy blush. I have always loved tj maxx, first I found a Nars palette and lip gloss, now this :)

    • Laura

      Hi Riah,

      I live in SD and I’m trying to track down the palette. Which TJ Maxx should I be looking at? I don’t know which one to go to. Thanks!

  75. mumtaza

    just bought this! now i must wait for it to be shipped to me. so excited to finally get to own something you gave an A+!! armani ETK and metier de beaute stacks are above my pay grade. i’m really thrilled to try these shadows/stains/gloss. they look sooo nice. i love palettes! i’m also nutter because i have enough of them to do everyone’s makeup until the year 2050. oh well, what can i say, the passion burns too hot to resist.

  76. Jennifer

    Yay!! I like this packaging much better. I loved the Muppets when I was a kid, but I’m 40 now so…. Plus the names on this palette are hilarious. Do you know if it’s going to be for the same price as the Muppet palette Christine??

  77. Jennifer

    Yay! I’m so happy!! I just got back from TJMAXX and they had two of these palettes! They both had been swatched, but I didn’t care, I can sanitize it so I got the least swatched one and got 10% off it. Yay! I got mine for $18.00. :)

  78. Hannah

    I bought the Balm and the Beautiful palette at Marshalls for $10. Can’t beat that price :) I’m sure it’ll cost a ton more when they release it during the holiday season. I’m not why this would be considered new and yet be available in TJ Max and Marshalls.

  79. Jayleen

    I don’t even like soap operas, but the quality of this pallette appears to speak for itself! I just got this at Marshalls today, as long as a set containing two blushes (down boy, and frat boy), and another set containing a highlighter and a bronzer (the “manizer” ones), all for only 20 bucks each! Plus there is a nailpolish set and a lipgloss set that I did not get. I got 135$ worth of product for only 60$ ! I AM THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Kristof Tanghe

    Dear Balm and Beautifull,

    My name is Kristof and my girlfriend is a huch fan of the muppets. I would like to buy here this make-up pallet for her B-day, but there is one problem, I live in Belgium. So I don’t know if overseas delivery are made. Is there somebody who can help me with this? She would be thrilled to have this for here B-day.

    Thx an lot


  81. smtiquia

    Is this still available at TJ Maxx in Michigan?  I can’t find them at the local store.

  82. smtiquia

    Is this still available at TJ Maxx in Michigan?