Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

NARS Hot Wired Lip Lacquer
NARS Hot Wired Lip Lacquer

The Summer Season: NARS Hot Wired Lip Lacquer

NARS Hot Wired Lip Lacquer ($24.00 for 0.14 oz.) is a jelly textured raspberry pink with bright, iridescent fuchsia micro-shimmer.  NARS’ Lip Lacquers are incredibly moisturizing and feel very slick–but not sticky–on lips.  The color pay off yields a nice semi-opaque look.  It works well on its own or layered over a lipstick, too.  The only thing I have to note is that the scent was like crayons/wax–a scent that has plagued more NARS’ lip products than I’d like.  It doesn’t linger, but it was quite potent in the jar.

Is this the right pink for you? Would you wear it?

The Summer Season is a series of posts featuring bright, vibrant shades of coral, orange, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for a summer of fun — that runs through July 2010.

See photos and swatches…

NARS Hot Wired Lip Lacquer

NARS Hot Wired Lip Lacquer

NARS Hot Wired Lip Lacquer

NARS Hot Wired Lip Lacquer

NARS Hot Wired Lip Lacquer

NARS Hot Wired Lip Lacquer

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41 thoughts on “The Summer Season: NARS Hot Wired Lip Lacquer

  1. Hilana

    Love the colour and love the little pot it comes in. It’s just so cute. I would seriously buy it just because I like the container so much! Shallow… I know. I know. :)

  2. Arantzazu

    Ooh! Very very bueatiful colour!! =)
    One question… How long does it stay on the lips?

  3. this looks fantastic on you!!

  4. hiromi

    i have a question christine – do these come with a lip brush or not?

  5. Liron

    Love it!!

  6. Evelyn

    I really wonder though that Nars doesn’t add some kind of mild scent, it would be a lot better than that waxy plastic-like smell that comes out every time you open a lipgloss or the lacquer.

  7. Wendy M.

    It looks so pretty and bright! :)

  8. 53

    That was from a jar? Amazing!

  9. Naz

    This was always one of my favorite summer standby NARS glosses. That slight blue lavender sheen creates such a dimensional lip and it’s flattering to brown eyes 😉

  10. Lauren

    Holy moly that’s a beautiful color! Too bad it’s in a pot, not a fan of those :(

  11. ace

    thats really intense… i like it better on that swatched!! its really beautiful on!!

  12. fiaspice

    I love the color, it’s really pretty.

  13. Alexis

    I use to own a few of the lip laquers. I just thought it was inconvenient to carry around and use a separate lip brush. It’s a great product just excuse my laziness. HAHA – that said, I’m going to check this one out and also purchase a drugstore brand lip brush to go with it!

  14. Vanessa

    I must say, it looks very lovely and I’d love to buy it myself. However, the one thing stopping me is the jar packaging. Jars and pots and anything I have to dip a finger or a brush into really irk me.

  15. Alex

    This is beautiful ON YOU and unexpected!! I was wondering about these and this confirms it…I love it!! I would thank you but my wallet hates you Christine (and my husband too now that I think about it) 😛 Just one question though how does this compare to just add color lipglass from that mac collection earlier this year. They seem similar to me…perhaps I dont need them both?

    • LOL!!

      Thank you!

      Just Add Color is more of a fuchsia, pinker – this is a little different. Not polar opposites, but noticeably different.

  16. I actually have this one since last year and for some odd reason i haven’t worn it much, although i keep meaning to… i love this color so much!

  17. Very beautiful, love it!!

  18. Jess

    I had a question for you. I was wondering why most times NARS ratings get a B on here. Most things get rated A, is it because of the price? I was wondering because NARS is probably my favorite makeup lines with it’s rich colors, pigments and textures. And I learned on here that it is cheaper per oz than mac. I was just curious, I feel bad even asking! I love your site, it’s wonderful.

    • I would say most things get rated in the Bs, not the As… Personally, I find NARS to be hit or miss – some products are great, others are just so so. Every review has specific reasons for the resulting grade, so there’s no way for me to generalize why NARS, overall, gets such and such grades.

  19. sofia

    Love the shade of pink!!!!

  20. Tika

    Yayyy!!!! This has me so excited I want one!!! Hope to see more swatches of the other colors as well in the future.

  21. Marian

    really pretty!

  22. Isabella Rabello


  23. Dia

    I always pick this one up to buy, but always end up putting it back before I get to the register. The gloss seeps into the lines on my hand when I swatch it and the color fades very, very quickly. Those of you who have it- how does it wear on you?

  24. Rebecca

    I love the color but I am not a fan of the container. If this was in a wand type container I would definitely need it!

  25. Abby

    This looks really good layered over show orchid by mac…but a clothes pin accessory is almost a must for me!

  26. Katie

    Christine, I think the freckle on your lip is precious but I was wondering what you think of it. I know a lot of girls don’t like little things like that but I think thy make people unique!

    Also this lipgloss is gorgeous! I’m going to get that!

    • Hey Katie,

      I was never bothered my the freckle or spot on my lip. I actually never noticed it until I started blogging and others pointed it out to me. But for blogging, it’s great, because it’s always very easy for me to measure how opaque a product is! I never have to worry about writing it down/remembering if it was opaque or how sheer it was. 😉

      In my early teen years, I struggled with whether to remove or keep my beauty mark (the larger one, by my nose). I photoshopped it out and tried to compare with and without – and I really couldn’t decide. When I was 18 or 19, I made a final decision (though, of course, I can certainly always change my mind) — I wanted it, because it’s part of me and makes me me. In fact, I like it now! I had a few people tease me and call me ugly for it when I was younger, but it doesn’t matter now, because I see it as beautiful and not as a flaw. But I remember my mom always calling it a beauty mark and never a mole – and I think that contributed a lot to my decision.

      • Amanda

        Christine – I wanted to let you know that you should probably let your doctor know about the freckle on your lip if you already haven’t. I have something very similar – sometimes it can just be hyperpigmentation, but it can also be a sign of skin cancer or other more serious problems. Mine will eventually require surgery – I hope that isn’t the case for you, but I thought I’d let you know.


  27. Valerie

    I was in Sephora today, and I had to buy this! It really is because of the review and the gorgeous pics. It’s even prettier in person!

  28. Luisafer


  29. Duchess

    I have this particular shade, and I love it. The texture, opaqueness, color everything but the scent I really love. I want ‘Baby Doll’ and ‘Diablo’ too.
    Its been quite a while since I’ve worn it, thanks for reminding me what a beautiful color it is! I’ll wear it this upcoming weekend for a party 😀

  30. Jakara

    This is a must have for me. I saw this on an AA model and it was really bright. I love it.

  31. I love this color on you and I actually went to Nars site and ordered it just because of you! I hope your getting all this makeup for free! Or maybe your just filthy rich lol
    I love your blog! Love it! thank you! thank you! thank you!!!!! PS I don’t know why anyone would bring up your freckle/beauty mark, so silly, don’t do anything to it. Your beautiful just the way you are. In fact I have a mark right in between my eyes but doesn’t bother me, guys still hit on me lol