Thursday, July 8th, 2010

NARS Funny Face Lipstick
NARS Funny Face Lipstick

The Summer Season: NARS Funny Face Lipstick

NARS Funny Face Lipstick ($24.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a brightened cherry-fuchsia with an iridescent fuchsia sheen.  It’s an opaque, rich color that’s bright and pink and red and fuchsia all at the same time.  It wears well and leaves behind a stain after two to three hours as it begins to fade, because it is so pigmented.  It’s scent- and taste-free, though there was a slight waxy scent (but I don’t attribute that as fragrance).  Not ultra moisturizing but not drying either–smooth application and no bleeding.

Is this the right pink for you? Would you wear it?

The Summer Season is a series of posts featuring bright, vibrant shades of coral, orange, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for a summer of fun — that runs through July 2010.

See photos and swatches…

NARS Funny Face Lipstick

NARS Funny Face Lipstick

NARS Funny Face Lipstick

NARS Funny Face Lipstick

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46 thoughts on “The Summer Season: NARS Funny Face Lipstick

  1. Casey

    It’s bold! But somehow, I see it as being pretty wearable (maybe not at work), if you had the confidence to show it off.

  2. livnzoe

    for me this colour is definitly too bright!

  3. Corinne

    Wow that is bright! I like it and would wear it.

  4. Desirae

    Is this available now? I want it!

  5. Sabrina

    Oooh, I like it! I’ve just discovered the bright lipsticks (when in the red or pink range) actually look really good on me. Yay!
    Is thee anything from MAC close to it?

  6. lameka

    how would you compare this to mac show orchid

  7. baby in a corner

    thank you for reviewing this! i’ve been thinking about buying this for a while but never had the chance to try it on cause the counter has always been busy! this would also suit a pale skinned person I think. also love the name!

  8. Maeve

    I LOVE this. Christine, when is the next ask temptalia session? I forgot to ask my question last time. :(

  9. Q

    It looks incredible on you. On my pale self, though, it’d look like I’d just kissed the KoolAid man.

  10. Azaza

    Oh wow thats a really beautiful color

  11. Deb

    I would wear the heck out of that color! What a gorgeous hot pink! It looks fabulous on you, and it definitely makes a statement by itself!

  12. Faith

    Hmm… I like the base color but the purple sheen looks very dated to me.

  13. Paula

    I have this but I haven’t worn it in ages. This post has inspired me to pull it out of my stash and put it to use though.
    It is definitely bright, but you can tone down the color by just dabbing on a light layer of it.

  14. Alexxx

    PRETTY !!! I think I want it, I’m a sucker for bright pinks/fushia/reds

  15. lynda

    hmm the shimmer in it makes it look cheap, like something i could get at the drugstore

  16. Coral

    um wow. loves it!

  17. Jenn

    Ugh, this kind of reminds me of the 99-cent WetnWild lipsticks I would wear in junior high in the 90s. No thanks!

  18. Kelly

    Wow: hot lipstick! I like it!

  19. oh my GOD! this has my name written ALL OVER IT! *poplocks*

  20. Tamara

    so rich color
    i think it suits you very well

  21. Sounds like people either love it or hate it from the comments. I kinda like it but if I owned it my mother would be sure to find someway to steal it from me. She thinks this color looks good on her but she had too much yellow in her skin to pull it off. Looks good on your Christine.

  22. Sharon M

    It’s definitely too bright for me… I’d feel self-conscious wearing it, LOL!

  23. Selena

    In the summer, I wear a really light neutral eye and a bright lip. I think I would love this one. Do you know if this is anything like my beloved MAC Made With Love or Lustering?

  24. Suzanna

    I have this one. It looks very artificial and “painted” on me (full strength). I think I’d prefer it in a sheerer concentration, like my fave Nars Fast Ride. Very pretty on you, though.

  25. regina

    It’s a very pretty color, but would not be flattering to my skin tone…it’s waaaay too blue for me! : (

  26. Helena

    Never been crazy about purples/pinks with blue flashes. When I see something extremely often, I start to dislike it. Ha ha. I do like the name, though! xD

  27. Hend

    pretty color,
    I wish i could wear bright lipsticks :(

  28. wow..this is beautiful and makes you face and teeth shine
    what a lovely fresh look ^_^

  29. Hilana

    I really like this colour. I had a similar colour a few years ago and it looked awesome. Especially when paired with very understated eyes.

  30. This is a very pretty color,sadly NARS isn’t available in my country,do have any idea of a MAC dupe for it? Thanks for your answer:D

  31. Ailee

    This lipstick was featured in JCREW’s fall preview catalog. The fashion editor for the collection singled it out as one of her favorite things to accent a neutral palette. I agree completely.

  32. Jennifer

    I really like this color!! Very pretty :)

  33. A

    I LOVE this lipstick… I wear it with a little MAC Magnetique l/g… this is a great color for dark skinned women!

  34. Jennifer

    looks hot! definitely would wear

  35. Sarah

    Hi Christine, i was wondering if you could tell me a blush colour that would go this lipstick so that it wouldn’t look “too much”, any example is fine!

  36. Heire55

    What colour lipliner would you suggest would go with funny face lipstick?

  37. Trudy

    I would like to know that too.  Nars had a lip liner with the same name in the past, but I don’t think they make it anymore :(