Sunday, June 6th, 2010

La Prairie Rose Bronze Lipstick
La Prairie Rose Bronze Lipstick

The Summer Season: La Prairie Rose Bronze Lipstick

La Prairie Rose Bronze Lipstick ($55.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a beautiful, rosy red color base with shimmering gold and copper strewn through it with a slight sheen. It reminds me of MAC Thrills Lipstick when worn lightly (particularly over more pigmented lips!), which has the same rosy base but more copper-metallic flash. I like La Prairie’s lipsticks for the way the de-emphasize lip lines (takes about 10-15 minutes of wearing them to see the full effect–the swatch photo is of lipstick that’s been on only 1-2 minutes!) with rich color, and shades that I never quite can dupe. I also love that they wear very, very well–I get around five to six hours of solid wear.

Is this the right coral for you? Would you wear it?

The Summer Season is a series of posts featuring bright, vibrant shades of coral, orange, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for a summer of fun — that runs through July 2010.

See photos and swatches…

La Prairie Rose Bronze Lipstick

La Prairie Rose Bronze Lipstick

La Prairie Rose Bronze Lipstick

La Prairie Rose Bronze Lipstick

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36 thoughts on “The Summer Season: La Prairie Rose Bronze Lipstick

  1. Celia

    Hei, Christine.. this lipstick is loveable… LOVE it! I’m NC 37, do this lipstick suits my skin shade? do you know, another dupe of this lipstick? maybe in another color like brown (maybe like MAC brozilla?)

  2. Dawn

    What a gorgeous colour! Can’t say I’ve seen La Prairie round here, though

  3. Salvinia

    That is so pretty! If only it wasn’t $55…

  4. Alix

    It’s gorgeous! But at first I thought it said “Lancome”… then I saw “La Prairie” — and the price! Arrrrrgh!

  5. Fiaspice

    I love it, it’s a shame about the price tag thaugh….

  6. thats a beautiful colour! expensive though!

  7. Kate M.

    Ahh Christine what are you doing to me??  I picked up the Guerlain Rouge G (Berry) a 
    few months back due to your reviews and now I’m tempted by all these gorgeous
    expensive ones!!!  Btw you would LOVE Berry…not really a berry color at all =)

    • LOL!

      The one thing I notice in some of the higher-end seem to come out with really gorgeous colors that just have a certain nuance about them that not all lipsticks have.

      I think I have Berry… hmm…

      • Kate M.

        Oh you should review it!!  I loveeee the color and I’m sure it looks different on you.
        It’s like a bright corally pink on me and perfect for summer =)  And I do agree with 
        you on the nuances…I go from counter to counter trying them on and loving them =)

      • Suzanne

        I totally agree! When I bought Sisley L7 a few years ago for $35, I almost felt guilty about it, but it looks like a $35 lipstick quality wise. It would take layering at least 3 less expensive products to achieve the same color and finish. I think if you really like a color, go for it. Sometimes you spend more money trying to buy around the one you really want.

  8. Valerie

    I have never spent more than $30 for a lipstick before, but I MUST HAVE THAT COLOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. lunamaris

    ah so pretty!

  10. Sweeda88

    Very pretty, but waaaaaaay too expensive!

  11. Sari

    You need to stop posting these shimmery metallic sheen lipsticks or I ‘m going to go broke ! I ‘ve fallen in love with them since I bought Thrills !

  12. Mia

    that is gorgeous

  13. i would wear it, but probably wouldn’t buy it! i actually don’t buy lipstick!

  14. Abby

    That’s pretty on you! Kind of looks like Thrills and Bombshell’s love child

  15. chibu74

    Oh la, la!! what a gorg shade

  16. May

    I want that lipstick. I do have my Nordstrom Note. I was going to save it to apply it for the Nars Sheer Glow foundation. Now I don’t know.

  17. Joan

    This is lovely… but $55 is unthinkable (at least for me).

  18. Kate B

    Love the color; hate the price tag:(

  19. Katie

    this is gorgeous!!! for me, this is total LUST!!! but it’s so expensive! do you know of any other lipsticks that are similar to this shade but cost less?

  20. WoOw gorgeous colour “love it”.

  21. Sasha

    this is like the perfect color in my opinion… i really wish it wsnt so expensive

  22. Hilana

    Love, love, love, love love this colour. But heck. So expensive!!!! This is the most beautiful colour I have ever seen in a lipstick. And if it was available here in SA? I would have used my rent money to buy it and slept with the landlord. Seriously. Awesome.

  23. This made your lips look so full/fluffy and cute 😀

  24. Shal

    This is gorgeous, too bad I can’t justify spending $55 on a liptstick – eek!

  25. Scientific Housewife

    Beautiful, I just got Thrills so there is a reason I like that one so much! Also reminds me of Clinique’s Think Bronze lipstick.

  26. Michelle M

    To me this looks like Thrills and Funbathing had a love-child. It’s beautiful, but you’d have to reeeallly love it to pay $55!

  27. Ruth

    I’ve bought that color before and used the entire tube, it’s stunning, great quality, baaaaaaaad price, $70.00 Canadian !!!!!!!!!!! I will probably buy another in the future, when I have more disposable $$$$$$

  28. nmnikki

    i don’t think it looks quite as red as thrills, maybe more like fresh salmon?

  29. Riki

    Sooooooo pretty!!

  30. Cheyenne

    This is really beautiful, but I’d never pay $55 for this. Good thing I ordered Thrills from MAC last night!