Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

La Prairie Corail Lipstick
La Prairie Corail Lipstick

The Summer Season: La Prairie Corail Lipstick

La Prairie Corail Cellular Luxe Lip Colour ($55.00 for 0.12 oz.) is an intense, gold shimmered coral-red. La Prairie lipsticks are top-notch quality with a top-shelf price, too. To put it simply, the ingredient list in the Luxe Lip Colours include a line-filling complex an caviar extracts. I always do notice that my lip lines are de-emphasized after wearing the product for about fifteen minutes or so, but it’s definitely just a temporary affect from what I can tell. Granted, it’s impossible for me to wear the same color everyday for long!

The color itself is smooth, rich, and lasts a solid six hours on me. Yes, six hours! before it starts to fade a bit. Surprisingly, it’s not drying at all–the texture is silky and glides onto lips with ease, but it’s not overly creamy. It’s a stunning shade, and it certainly comes at a price. For those who can afford the indulgence, La Prairie lipsticks are excellent.

Is this the right coral lipstick for you? Would you wear it?

The Summer Season is a series of posts featuring bright, vibrant shades of coral, orange, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for a summer of fun — that runs through July 2010.

See photos and swatches…

La Prairie Corail Lipstick

La Prairie Corail Lipstick

La Prairie Corail Lipstick

La Prairie Corail Lipstick

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28 thoughts on “The Summer Season: La Prairie Corail Lipstick

  1. Jywoi

    Gorgeous but the pricetag is not anywhere near my budget…
    Looks beautiful on you though!

    • Totally understandable! Products at these price points are definitely very, very rare splurges for me. I’ve found that it can be worth it or “justified” (LOL!) if it’s that *one* perfect color.

  2. Crissy

    That price blows my mind!! And I’m a lipstick fiend, lol!

  3. alex

    beautiful, but i can not afford it…

  4. Rawrzellers

    Good lord that better have crushed diamonds in it D:

  5. Roslyn

    It’s pretty color-wise, but anything that is that absurdly priced is an absolute “leave it”.

  6. Joan

    holy moly, $55?!

  7. Kerri

    Holy crap that’s beautiful! Maybe since MAC is giving me a break in June I’ll be able to pick this up. Hopefully the Neiman by me has it. I hate ordering online.

  8. It’s very pretty, but judging by the colour in the the it would look much lighter on me, and i’m not sure that’s too good. It’s lovely on you though. Also $55? No way!

  9. Looks gorgeous, but well the price is not as beautiful.
    Does not make it less pretty though.

  10. Michelle M

    Any time I see a shade of lipstick on this blog that makes me literally gasp, I know it’s gonna be expensive, even before I look at the price! Too bad my budget so rarely agrees with my taste, LOL!

  11. Emily

    But yikes, $55 dollars for a lipstick. I don’t know if I can justify that, even for something this pretty.

  12. kristina

    I don’t know why “leave it” is checked for the price alone. Isn’t this all in fun here? I didn’t think we were obligated to purchase things if clicked “loved it”.. I could understand if you hate the colour, but solely hating on the price? You could click “love it” and still not be able to afford it, that’s ok.

    I can’t afford my dream camera ($23,000) but I don’t hate on it, I fantasize about it.

    • I kind of envisioned it as a LOVE the shade/product/whatever vs. LEAVE IT ’cause it’s ugly or sheer or whatever. But I never could quite figure out to fit all those instructions (which also seemed like it would suck the fun out of it, lol) in the little area!

  13. Nice colour, but not worth it for the price. And that’s USD, I’d hate to see what it is in CAD. I could get a fair amount of other stuff for that much money….

  14. Melody

    Soooo pretty! But it’s so expensive! :(

  15. nicci

    Beautiful color! Their lip glosses are really nice as well and smell good! Off topic – I saw and was able to swatch the new Tom Ford lipsticks, smells good and the colors were so pretty! I can’t wait to pick one up.

  16. Maeve

    This is such a beautiful color. I wish it would look good on my skin tone. :( On a random note. . . Christine, have you ever tried putting mascara on both “sides” of your eyelashes? I read that you just wriggle around the brush, but for me, putting it on the top and bottom and just going straight up works wonders!! I get so much more product that way.

  17. T

    Could afford it but just dont see the point. Theses makeup companies are ridiculous, half of hundred dollars just for a tube of lipstick? I dont think so. I could probably come up a similar formula in my kitchen for say 25 dollars!

  18. nicole

    Love the color :).

  19. Jennifer

    Love this color but just like the other comments, there is no way I can justify the price. Can you think of a MAC dupe that’s close to this color??

  20. Lauren

    Damnit! Can’t you like anything cheap? What about a cheap alternatives version to everything you do? $55 is severely overpriced, would you of bought it if it wasn’t given to you to swatch/market? And by cheap, I mean NYX, Revlon, Maybelline, Ulta. Something ordinary people can work with? Nothing on you Christine, I’m more frustrated I saw a coral I like and can’t have it. ROFL

    • Yes, I would have bought it, actually – I do like it that much. Guerlain Gems ($46) is one of my favorites, and I bought a back-up of that one. I also adore Cle de Peau’s #2 Lipgloss, which I believe I paid $50 for at the time. If it’s a color I like enough, yes, I’d pay a higher price for it – to me, if it’s a color you love, would wear, and would LOVE wearing, it’s worth it than buying three or four shades that you like but don’t love.

      It’s not really overpriced so much as it is a luxury brand – it’s priced exactly where it should be, given its position. You might want to look at the swatch gallery, as there are numerous corals there. I review brands of all price points, including NYX, Revlon, and Maybelline. I’ve never been to Ulta, sorry!

  21. divinem (Melissa)

    Coral looks so pretty with your skin tone. Summer colors are definitely for you!