Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Guerlain Giuliana Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Giuliana Rouge G Lipstick

The Summer Season: Guerlain Giuliana Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Giuliana (#42) Rouge G Lipstick ($45.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a brilliant shade of orange-coral. It’s almost all orange, but it’s not quite a full-blown orange. This was definitely a love-at-first-swatch kind of shade. I saw it in the tube, and I wasn’t too excited, but on the lips? Oh, it’s gorgeous! It has such a beautiful subtle golden shimmer topped with this vibrant shade of orange that doesn’t pull too orange. The Rouge G formula is just icing on the cake, because the color itself is so spectacular.

I’m not typically a big fan of orange-based shades on my lips, but this could easily be my favorite–let’s not be hasty, this is only the kick-off of the Summer Season!

P.S. – For whatever reason, it’s not spelled correctly at a lot of retailers – it’s called “Guliana,” but the name on my lipstick case is “Giuliana.”

Is this the right coral lipstick for you? Would you wear it?

The Summer Season is a series of posts featuring bright, vibrant shades of coral, orange, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for a summer of fun — that runs through July 2010.

See photos and swatches…

Guerlain Giuliana Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Giuliana Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Giuliana Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Giuliana Rouge G Lipstick

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57 thoughts on “The Summer Season: Guerlain Giuliana Rouge G Lipstick

  1. Rosie

    The summer season, woo hoo! I like how you put a full face picture so we can see it w/your skin tone, good addition :).

  2. Siledhel

    This is great!!!
    I’m looking for a nice coral hue =D

  3. alex

    These are my types of colors. I’m excited abou this series!!! The first is already a-mazing!

  4. Tiffany

    With a NC 45 skintone can I wear this?

  5. I don’t think I could pull that color off but I kind of want to try anyways….

    That looks like such a fun color to wear!

  6. lazeny

    Wow! It’s very beautiful on you. I love orange lipsticks, I think I’m gonna head out and try this one. Guerlain’s Rogue G is the leader of the pack, too bad it’s very expensive. I only own one shade of it and I have to stop myself from getting many because it’s going to hurt my pocket.

  7. I love this shade. Sort of soft but bright but opaque. Would look fantasic on both super pale skins and dark/olive skins.

  8. Hiromi

    hi christine, have you ever done a post about how you apply your lipstick? do you do it straight from the tube or use a lip brush (and if so which one?)? i envy your clean cut lines – it’s amazing!

  9. Frances

    Ooohh, LOVE! I think I’ll have to bite the lipstick bullet (HA! See what I just did there?)and get some Rouge Gs.

    BTW, Christine, what is the purpose of the Love it/Leave it function? I know it’s so silly and involved of me but I get SO annoyed when I see that people have rated a post as ‘Leave it’! I just feel that you’ve done such an ay-may-zing job and for free, I’m so grateful for all the time and effort you put in. Maybe you should change it to ‘Love it/Piss off if you don’t’. :-)

    • LOL!

      No, no, the idea of Love it/Leave it is more like, “Do you like this product?” or “Would you buy this product?” It’s not so much about my review, I don’t think, LOL! Of course… maybe some are like that, but no, not our intention, haha!

      • Frances

        Ohhhhhh! Oops. Well, that makes sense. Whenever I saw a post with an overall ‘Leave it’ rating, I kept thinking ‘What rude piglets! I’m going to vote up on EVERYTHING so Christine doesn’t feel bad’. Whaddaya mean I have too much free time on my hands?

        • LOL, Frances! Too sweet πŸ˜‰

          Nah, it’s intended to be more about the product, not necessarily what I write about it. And I’ll think of it that way, too, otherwise I might get depressed, ha!

  10. LRW

    beautiful on you,but I could never wear that color,unfortunately..

  11. DallasBrownEyes

    Gotta check this one out!!!

  12. kristina

    I love the face pic, it really helps to put the colour into perspective. I have been crossing my fingers, hpoing you would add this feature πŸ˜€

    i have been loving all the new features and upgrades on the site lately. I take it the boyfriend has been quite busy?

  13. Kathryn

    Such a beautiful colour! I love the Rouge Gs. The full face pictures help a lot!

  14. Dang orange looks good on you. That would look soooo bad on me. Very pretty!

  15. Hend

    Oh that is soo summery lol ..
    Guerlain has some really great corals..
    thanks for swatches

  16. Looks good on the full face photo, but it’s not for me. :)

    Summer season already? It’s blooming cold here in England! Was freezing at 3 am this morning, had to put the heating on. :(

  17. Lisa

    I love the full face shot and this color is amazing! Do you know of any less expensive lipsticks that might compare to this shade? I’ve been looking for the perfect orange/coral for awhile, I might just have to splurge.

  18. Tiffany

    Hey Christine, is there a dupe for this because I’m not really feelin the $45 price But it is a great color.

  19. Wilcoa

    So beautiful! I am honestly very scared to wear any shade of orange lippie, but this one is just soooo nice.

  20. Karen

    Yea! Great way to start the summer season!!! With a rouge G πŸ˜› Beautiful, fun color! Very unique!!

  21. GretalovesMAC

    will this look good on NW 45 skintone?

  22. GretalovesMAC

    opps i’m a dork! I meant to type NW35 skin tone…NOT NW45. sorry!

  23. I really like the new lipswatch photo, it’s great to see how a lipstick looks with the whole face

  24. Amber

    O.M.G simply gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it – Guerlain can do no wrong with this beautiful color! Thank you Christine!

  25. Kim L

    Did you apply with a lip brush? IT IS SO PERFECTLY APPLIED!

  26. angie

    I loved the Spring Season, and now I can’t wait to see what’s coming up in the Summer Season! I bookmarked the page and it became part of my daily routine to check what new lipsticks have been added haha.

    I also really like how you added a picture of your whole face, in addition to pictures of just the lips. It helps me visualize the colour on myself better.

    Thanks Christine! Great job!

  27. BAP

    I’m not a fan of orange, so this definitely would not be one I would even try.

  28. Yipeeeee!!!!!
    I can’t wait for the hot pinks and purples :)

  29. Nic

    I’m so not ready for summer, but I’m always happy to see bright lip colors!

    By the way, I love that you put a full face pic next to the swatch. It makes it a lot easier to get an idea of the how the color looks when worn. :)

  30. Seriously, You’ve gotta stop telling us how awesome the Rouge G’s are! XD

    My poor wallet!

  31. Jenna

    I love the summer season and the spring season, these series are awesome, even though corals look terrible on me. Thanks Christine!

  32. I love these seasonal lip series!

  33. Ashley

    I LOVE that colour!
    But, I hate the price tag.

    Any cheaper (at least by half) dupes?

  34. Jennifer S.

    Although I do not love this color for myself, I know you love the coral family and it looks great on you. Keep the Rouge G reviews coming please, I have bought two based on your reviews and I love them!

  35. I love that your including a full pic of how the lipstick looks on you. πŸ˜‰

  36. aquarianrabbit

    That lipstick looks fabulous on you! Too bad it’s way too warm for me. Skip!

  37. Whitney

    Looks so amazing on you!

  38. Lili

    I like the fact that you know put a picture of your face when doing lip swatches.

    Nice color on you.

  39. jaspreet

    i am looking for a nice coral

  40. Myna

    I have 3 Guerlain lipsticks to buy now and thanks to you. I had never owned a guerlain lipstick.

    • If you do, I hope you love ’em!

      • Ursula

        I really love this color as well. This is definitely my hue, I do not like orange but have recently discovered that coral is really nice on me. At one of my local perfumeries they have recently discounted certain Rouge G shades, among them Giuliana. I have put both this and Geisha on hold, that is an awesome red on me BTW.I agree with you Christine that the darker shades perform better as far as longevity goes. Rouge Gs have also recently gone up in price in Hungary, most stores are now selling them for around 60 USD, yikes! I am getting this for about 35 and Geisha for about 32,Rouge Gs are definitely HG material so this is a great way to expand my current collection of them, my very fave lipsticks.Really nice shade for you BTW.