Monday, January 4th, 2010

NARS Orgasm Lipgloss

The Spring Season: NARS Orgasm Lip Gloss

NARS Orgasm Lip Gloss ($24.00) is a sheer peachy-pink with gold shimmer. I really like this lipgloss worn over nudes and light pinks for added glossiness and shimmer, because it doesn’t effect color very much (if at all!) – just adds a little more pop. One of the reasons that NARS Lip Glosses are popular is they’re non-sticky without being drying, and they last a particularly long time–at least for a gloss. I personally see wear time around four hours, whereupon the glossiness does tend to fade, but the shimmer sticks around for a little longer after that.

The gloss formula is fairly thin, and the doe-footed applicator doesn’t get too much out per application, which may or may not be what you’d like–you just can’t glob it on, so you’re neither wasteful and it forces you to be a little more precise in your application. I guess those are good things! :)  I do wish they’d improve the smell a bit; some seem almost scent-free, but other times, it’s more of a chemical/plastic-y scent that’s harder to ignore.

Is this glossy peach-pink the one for you? Would you wear it?

The Spring Season is a series of posts featuring my favorite soft beige, coral, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for the first blossom of spring — that runs through March 2010.

See photos and swatches…

NARS Orgasm Lipgloss

NARS Orgasm Lipgloss

NARS Orgasm Lipgloss
NARS Orgasm Lipgloss

NARS Orgasm Lipgloss

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58 thoughts on “The Spring Season: NARS Orgasm Lip Gloss

  1. Hannah

    this looks absolutely gorgeous!!

    I have a thing for pink lipsticks/glosses!

  2. Jennifer

    I bought this for the first time for xmas. I really love it a lot. It is so gorgeous even alone!
    I love how it feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all.

  3. Rowan

    I must have bought a bottle of the barrel Nars gloss from sephora, because it was soooo sticky! Orgasm is such a nice color but I’ve stayed away since then. Maybe it’s time to try it again

    • Crazy! NARS’ glosses are definitely known for their non-sticky-ness!

      • Nathalie

        Agreed. I have two of their glosses and LOVE how non-sticky they are. I LOVE my Love Nectar from MAC but have that sticky issue. Will have to check out this one. And the name is awesome lol.

  4. I am really loving this one! I adore lip glosses that go well with nude lipstick… and that’s exactly what this one looks like.

  5. kristina

    This is perfect. I never thought this would be able to work for me, but I can see how this can easily warm up a cool lipstick without affecting the base the lipstick. The shimmer is very well balanced, NARS deserves a Nobel prize in cosmetics for his fabulousity, lol.

    Christine, how do you think this would look over YSL RV no7 (Lingerie Pink)? i lOVE no7 but it is slightly too cool for my colouring.

  6. Sarah

    :( i loved my orgasm lip gloss. my car got broken into the other night, and whoever the scumbag was took my purse. my wallet wasn’t in there, but i lost my orgasm lip gloss, creme d’nude, queen’s sin, red romp AND bonus beat. i’m more upset about those losses than the purse itself!

  7. Anitacska

    Had one, swapped it, didn’t do anything for me.

  8. suheda

    It looks so nice on you:)

  9. Deidre

    Looks great on your lips! On mine, it turns a little too frosty.

  10. I’ve never really been a fan of Nar’s Orgasm products. I just don’t really like the glitter in this shade, even if it is flattering. For blushes,though, I prefer Deep Throat. It’s like Orgasm, but a bit darker and I think a bit less glittery. Wow, this comment sounds soooo weird, lol!

  11. Pontip

    I want to give this a try! Since I have the blush and the nail polish already..

    • Anitacska

      The colour is nothing like the blush. If it was, I would have kept it instead of swapping it away. 😉

  12. Brittany

    I like the color, but not the shimmer. I don’t like wearing shimmer on my lips. That’s why I love Turkish Delight.

  13. xoBellaCullenxo

    id love to try this!!!!! :) thanks for the review!!!!!

  14. I love Nars Orgasm blush so I may have to try out the lipgloss. However, I am not a huge lipgloss fan in general so I don’t think I will end up buying it.

  15. leven92

    Looks yummy! Im really excited you are continuing the “season” posts! cant wait for fall.

    I was wondering, even though it says that the Spring Season features your fav. lipsticks and glosses, why not do a post or two about a favorite lipliner? Its might be good because you just did that poll abotu whether or not your readers ever wear lipliner. Just an idea :)

    • I always mean to include some lip liners, but I end up with so many lipsticks/glosses to feature that I run out of time/energy to get to lip liners! :( I have 135 lipsticks/glosses to go through for the Spring Season, lol.

  16. natasha

    looks like MAC’s nymphette? is it a dupe?

  17. yajaira

    i just remembered that i have this gloss on a double ended special edition with sunset strip on the other end! looks much better on you though!!

  18. Julia C

    Fyi, i think you need to post this to the Spring Season thread?! :-)

  19. Amy

    I absolutely love this gloss. The coverage is buildable which I love… it has the most pigmented coverage of any gloss I own, as well. One night I ordered pizza and after eating, I still had a good amount of gloss left on my lips. I really recommend this one, it’s great!

  20. Jen

    I love Orgasm! Although it comes out A LOT more pigmented on me. It reminds me a lot of Prr by MAC.

  21. Nicci

    I have only had one NARS lipgloss. For me it wasn’t long lasting & I didn’t like the feeling it left on my lips even though it is so light & non-sticky. I rather pay a few dollars more for a glossimer :)

  22. kirsten

    I have this and it’s nice but NEVER shows up in photos (I know, it’s a gloss) however my two faves are Greek Holiday and Moon Fleet, they are beautiful nude shades and photograph beautifully!

  23. Chrissy

    You just reminded me to look for this gloss, thanks!

  24. Sher

    Thanks for the review! :)

  25. amy

    I love Orgasm lipgloss and I usually glob on a few layers go get more colour on my lips.

  26. Evelyn

    It looks so nice on you! :) On me it looks orange. hideous!

  27. Lorna

    i love the consistency of the formula and the color but i agree with you on the scent. i wish they would just add a scent or a flavor to cover the plastic/ clay-like smell from the product. it can be very off-putting. some of the glosses have it while others don’t.

  28. Alyssa

    Ive had this lipgloss forever & just don’t see the hype. It’s too gold for my liking. In your pics it looks nice, but I don’t think it looks the same on me.

  29. Gal, I HATE it. All the glosses and lipsticks that you swatch on are so pretty.. i’m expecting big damage in my wallet once i hit the mall!

  30. Vivi

    I am glad I’m not the only one having problems with their application. this texture is very thin and the applicator does nothing better. So, I normally had to dip 3-5 times in order to getthe coverage I desire…

    personally, I could do with a cheap tube of clear gloss and mix it with Benefit gilded pencil, which yields a better result.. haha

  31. Melissa

    soooooo pretty! but i really can’t justify $24 for lipgloss.

  32. adriana

    i loved this one!
    but… in my country we don’t have NARS :( SO SAD

  33. Kristen

    do you prefer nymphette or orgasm? I wanna purchase one but they are so similiar…whats the difference? is the quality and pigment better in one over the other?

  34. Lindy

    I love this one. I’m a total MAC junkie, but their lipglasses are too sticky. this was pricy, but i couldn’t resist and the name was just another thing that called my name! I love the blush as well. Is the orgasm nail polish worth getting at all?

    • It’s very similar to the rest of the Orgasm product line… so if you like the color, yes :) I don’t have any problems with NARS’ lacquer formula, though I don’t own Orgasm!

  35. Kianna

    It kind of looks like MAC Nymphette lipglass . xP