Monday, January 4th, 2010

Benefit Lady's Choice Lipstick
Benefit Lady’s Choice Lipstick

The Spring Season: Benefit Lady’s Choice Lipstick

Benefit Lady’s Choice Full-Finish Lipstick ($18.00) is an ultra creamy pinky-nude with a glossy sheen and no shimmer. It’s pink enough to be almost like a very light and pale pink, but it’s still more of a nude. I love the full coverage of the formula, and it is such a moisturizing lipstick formula. It feels like you’re putting butter on your lips at first, and then it just melts into your lips beautifully. This is the kind of shade that pairs exceptionally well with smoky eyes.

Is this pale pink-nude the one for you? Would you wear it?

The Spring Season is a series of posts featuring my favorite soft beige, coral, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for the first blossom of spring — that runs through March 2010.

See photos and swatches…

Benefit Lady's Choice Lipstick

Benefit Lady's Choice Lipstick

Benefit Lady's Choice Lipstick

Benefit Lady's Choice Lipstick

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96 thoughts on “The Spring Season: Benefit Lady’s Choice Lipstick

  1. Absolutly love this colour!

  2. Kelly

    OMG! soo pretty!! ~
    I would totally wear that lipstick! What do you think would be a good dupe for this lipstick?

  3. Valene

    Wow, that looks gorgeous. I just might have to pick this one up. I like that it has no shimmer, but still a pretty sheen.

  4. Ally

    Pretty color, I was thinking about picking up some benefit lipsticks. Do they last a decent amount of time on the lips?

  5. Val

    This is sooo pretty! It’s going on the list : )

  6. AYHM

    OMG, I love this. Do you think this would be good for NC45 tone? What are some nudes that would work for NC45?

  7. Faye

    This looks really nice on you, Christine! I wish it had looked like that on me . . . it was pure beige-brown on my non-pigmented lips (I have very fair, cool skin, don’t know if that makes a difference).

    • Thanks a lot, Faye! I don’t have ultra pigmented lips, but I do have a lil’ rosiness I suppose. You could try layering a lightly tinted lip balm or mixing it with a pink gloss to get you there :)

  8. Darrien

    This is really pretty, definitely going to pick this one up.

  9. Sixx

    Love it. Pinkish nudes are my FAVORITE kind of nudes.

  10. Maria

    So excited that you reviewed Lady’s Choice!! It’s my absolute favorite!! I love it more than any lipstick I own (including all my mac)! I’ve gone through 3 tubes of it. More woman should know about this lipstick!! Haha πŸ˜‰

  11. WOW, I really like that. Maybe I’ll get this instead of a YSL Rouge Volupte.

  12. Kajsa

    I NEED that color! *sob*

  13. Marcia

    This is so cute, I also like that it has no shimmer!~

  14. Wow, that looks like the perfect pink nude on you!
    Looks gorgeous :)

  15. rhondavancouver

    Gorgeous! Am I right when I say that it looks like and opague version of Nude Rose (dsquared2)?

  16. This lipstick looks a little nude for my taste, but I can totally tell why it’s such a favorite. I haven’t tried any of Benefits lipsticks yet but the texture on this one looks absolutely fab!

  17. Oh wow. I think I REALLY want this!

  18. Lis

    Thanks, just bought this lipstick. Love it, looks great with coralista blush. I am a NC35-42.

  19. Nicole

    Wow, this is such a lovely color. I wish my project 3 lips would be over very soon.

  20. Marissa B

    Totally my kinda color! Must pick that up asap :)

  21. mkdallas

    I own this color and love it, although it looks utterly different on me than it does in your swatches…pulls a much deeper mauve-ish color. Nicest things about it are the wonderful creamy formula and the intense pigmentation. I wish they’d make a few lighter colors in the “Full Finish” line of lipsticks, though…almost all of them are quite dark.

    • Courtney

      I totally agree. I don’t understand why they mostly have dark colors in their range. I love their creamy formula but I like milky pink lips, this lipstick looks right up my alley. As long it looks like the swatches I should like it.

  22. Ophelia

    this is so gorgeous!

  23. Kate

    Christine – how similar is this to MAC’s Freckletone?

  24. daphne

    It’s *really* interesting to me to see your lip swatches. I always think we have very similar coloring – same hair color and I match as an NC25 in MAC, which I think is what you said you are these days, right? But lip colors look SO different on me! Lady’s Choice is much beiger and less pink on me. It’s still pretty, but not nearly this wearable on its own. In fact, it’s almost a dupe for Brave New Bronze but a shade deeper and pinker. So funny! I do like it, though – very versatile, wearble, neutral color.

  25. I got a sample of this a little while ago with a swap, and I really like it. I’ve very fair and nudes sometimes pale me out too much, but this one was just right. And it doesn’t sink into lines, which is nice!

  26. Tiffany

    OH CHRISTINE!! You are totally making my wallet hurt with all of these GORGEOUS Spring Season colors! I must get them all!

  27. I’m usually not a fan of nude lipsticks (I feel they end up looking the same) but for some reason this one actually stands out to me and it looks very pretty. I think I’ll check out this lipstick next time I’m at Sephora :)

  28. JillyB

    I have a Benefit Silky Finish l/s. It goes on really smooth and glossy but doesn’t last long and when it wears off, it wears off in the middle but leaves a ring around the outside. Have you noticed that with the Full Finish l/s? My shade’s a little darker, maybe that makes a difference? How was the wear with this one that you reviewed? Thanks!

  29. Sylvia

    this is gorgeous! i just might have to pick this up on my next visit to sephora. i looove benefit!

  30. Vicki

    Wow Christine this color looks so great on you! I love this color too, I wish I could wear Mac Creme D nude and those kind of color but it makes me look dead….but Ladys choice from benefit actually look s very nice on me as well….I love it.

  31. Cherie

    GORG!!!!! Oh man… the Spring Season round up has only just begun and already I have four l/s on my wish list!!! hahaha

  32. Such a gorgeous color :) I’m lemming

  33. Lan

    Hi Christine, I’ve been loving all your Spring lip color posts and was wondering what skin tone you are? More specifically in MAC foundation shade? I just want to gauge if the color will look the same on me.

  34. Sher

    I’ve been looking for a color like this! It looks gorgeous.

  35. idakz

    this colour is so me! love ittt

  36. I just bought this lipstick. The color & texture are simply amazing! πŸ˜€ Love it!

  37. This was one of the 100 point deluxe samples that I got from Sephora! I really like the texture and the color. Great nude lipstick, in my opinion.

  38. another nice shade to add to my nude collection! love the description about the lipstick, has yet own any lipstick from benefits though.

  39. I love this color! I am loving the spring season feature, I’ve bought almost every color you’ve recommended so far :)

  40. amy

    It is pretty and I have never tried Benefit lipsticks before. This one might be a good one to try!

    • Courtney

      They are amazing! Def my favorite brand! I also love YSL but not crazy about paying $30 for a tube of lipstick their formulations are very similar to me!

  41. Gorgeous, I’d likely wear it with my usual smokey. I LOVE this type of color and it’d be perfect on me. :)

    You say it’s a moisturizing formula… However, how does it compare to the other Benefit lipsticks? I own Benefit’s lipstick in “Guilt Free (Betty) ” (basically a dupe of MAC “O”) and it’s gorgeous in the tube but I never wear it because it dries up my lips horribly (and they get tiny like grandma lips at the end of the day, yuck). Does this one feel different from other Benefit lipsticks? I love it but wouldn’t want to throw away 18€…

    • When did you get it? Benefit completely reformulated their lipsticks last year or late 2008, I believe. I’ve loved every single shade (I think I have like 10 or so?) in terms of the formula/feel…

  42. Meagan

    I really liked this color but it was too light on me so I gave it to my mom lol.

    • Brenda

      This lipstick is part of Benefit’s Celebutanta kit that I have. It’s a very pretty color, but really does show up more mauve on me as well. I’m still on the search for the perfect nude!

  43. kit

    I forgot all about this lipstick until I saw your post. I’m tempted to run to Sephora to see it for myself. I love the concept of the Spring Season series. I have a soft spot for coral and pink lippies.

  44. Courtney

    OMG! SO excited I looooove Benefit lipsticks but they had barely or actually no Nudey Pinks!!! Their formulation is AMAZING butt their color selection to me was not so good. Jing-a-ling was the lightest color they had and to me it was to Pink, I’m a Creme de’ Nude kinda girl though! This is a must get for me!!!

  45. Kate B

    Very pretty!

  46. Jean

    Hey beautiful, love this shade. How long does the moisture last? Is it more moisturizing than the lancome one?

  47. neet

    i have this lipstick and i love it. its so creamy and shiny.

  48. irene

    I was shopping the other day and was set on buying a new l/s. I wanted to try something other than Mac, so I headed to Benefit and purchased this. In the store this was super creamy and the salesgirl was so complimenting that I caved in. But when I tried it on again in the car it looks more like an opaque, brown/pink than a pink/nude shade. I am enjoying the ‘creamyness’ though, but I’m not sure that I can wear this for a ‘work look’. It may have to go back to Benefit….

  49. blair

    this looks like my fave “cheapy” lipstick! check out baby pink color comfort lipstick by sally hansen natural beauty

  50. Vivi

    I think this is a pretty nude on ya! Particularly, it covers spot on your lips flawlessly. I really should check this out, thanksfor mentioning it!

  51. Gao

    ohmygosh! SO BEAUTIFUL! <33! I WANT WANT WANT! So pretty!

  52. Diane

    Benefit makes the creamiest lipsticks! They’re like butter!

    I got a sample of this color from Sephora (100 pt perk). Just ended up looking more brown than pink on me. Looks great on you though!

  53. lvh75

    ooh, nice color! I wonder if it is too much like MAC’s 2N lipstick from the LE collection a long time ago… Do you think it is a dupe for that, before I go out and run to Sephora and buy it?

  54. Zoe

    this is my favorite lipstick from the spring season thing so far

  55. Nathalie

    I got this color from Sephora as a gift (Beauty insider gift) and I absolutely love it. Thanks to that sample I’ve discovered my favorite lipstick formular, which is Benefit. I also bought “Dessert First” from Benefit and it’s a gorgeous color with the same wonderful glide-on ease.

  56. melody

    pretty color! how similar do you think it’s close with Mac 3N lipstick? That color is my HG

  57. bella

    wow this color looks so pretty and pinky nudey on you! on me it looked soooo dark..loved the swatch on my hand and on other people but once i bought it and tried it on at home it was really pink brown on me..but my lips are naturally not so pigmented and I’m pretty pale so I guess thats why :(

  58. Hend

    Christine, I want to ask you how does it compare with YSL’s Rouge volupte in #1 Nude Beige (colour wise) , since my local Benefit counter is out of this colour :(