Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Giorgio Armani #14 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow
Giorgio Armani #14 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow

The One that Got Away: Giorgio Armani #14 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow

With Giorgio Armani #14 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow (€36.50 for 0.14 oz.) in my hot hands, my collection of Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadows is now complete. Major thanks to Amira for offering to ship me one from Sephora France. FRANCE. If you haven’t bought anything in Euros lately, let me say I just shelled out $64 for a product that costs $32 here in the states. Talk about you snooze, you lose! This shade came out last holiday season, which was before I discovered the awesomeness in a pot that is Eyes to Kill Intense. I took one look at photos online, and I knew I had to have it. It’s ANTIQUE GOLD. It’s so me!

It looks more like gold in the pot, sprinkled over black, but the black gives it this beautiful antique gold hue, and when it’s used dry, it almost has a slight green tint. It’s super, super sparkly. I spent all day yesterday continually admiring it over and over again, because it really dazzles. Kind of like Chanel Glossimer or MAC Dazzleglass… but on eyes. The best part about this is there’s no residual fall out during the day like more glittery products often are, because this doesn’t feel like a glitter (it’s very soft and smooth) but has that look. It’s pretty opaque when applied dry, but when it’s applied damp, it takes on a much more metallic characteristic with a deeper color.

Out of all these gold eyeshadows, the closest one is actually Giorgio Armani #6, which is darker and much warmer (they’re not dupes). Urban Decay Maui Wowie is much lighter. Bare Escentuals Spectacular is warmer, more olive green. Β I think it actually would compare well with MAC Rye, which I have three or four of, because it was so myΒ shade when it came out (it was limited edition, of course).

I’ve reviewed this formula several times (sixteen, to be exact!), and I’m continually impressed by its claims. I’ve worn it up to twenty-four hours with no fading, fall out, or creasing–and that is without a base. Yes, really, twenty-four hours. I had to do it eventually, you know, test their really ridiculous twenty-four hour claim even though I was so, so loathe to wear makeup to bed. I felt like I was going against all that was good in beauty.

What lengths (or prices) have you gone to for that one product you just had to have? Share your stories in the comments! :)

The Glossover



If you can get your hands on it, #14 was definitely worth the money, but hopefully this helps some of you who still have access to this particular shade! And if I'm really lucky, Giorgio Armani will repromote it someday. The quality of the Eyes to Kill Intense line is phenomenal, and c'mon, twenty-four hour wear? That is bananas!.











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Giorgio Armani #14 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow
Giorgio Armani #14 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow

Giorgio Armani #14 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow
Giorgio Armani #14 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow

Giorgio Armani #14 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow
Giorgio Armani #14 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow

Giorgio Armani #14 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow
Giorgio Armani #14 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow

Giorgio Armani #14 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow
Giorgio Armani #14 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

Sephora France, €36.50.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Out of all these gold eyeshadows, the closest one is actually Giorgio Armani #6, which is darker and much warmer (they're not dupes). Urban Decay Maui Wowie is much lighter. Bare Escentuals Spectacular is warmer, more olive green.

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141 thoughts on “The One that Got Away: Giorgio Armani #14 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow

  1. Karlie Tipton

    Love it, but not for $64 XD

  2. Christina

    You are so lucky, Christine! I totally wanted that colour. It’s so me as well. I have #6, and I absolutely love it! Thanks for posting this!

  3. grace

    WOW the look you did with with #14 is breathtakingly gorgeous! No wonder you had to have it! $64 is a lot of money, I think I’ll just stick with my #6..I really wish hourglass would come out with a gold shade, I have a feeling that would turn out phenomenal. Happy thanksigivng christine! Hope you have a great long weekend :)

  4. I’m totally headed downtown to stalk my Armani counter and see if they have this one leftover.

  5. Halifax

    I tweeted you about the 3 new holiday Eyes to Kill shades on Armani site. Did you have a chance to swatch them yet? Thanks

  6. Wow, it looks like it was totally worth the effort you went to, what a gorgeous colour!

  7. Julia

    This is so beautiful!! I once spent $20 on an OPI polish off of ebay… that’s probably the most I’ve spent on a product (compared to its actual selling price).

  8. My pleasure Christine!
    I’m glad to see you like the eyeshadow.
    Oh concerning the price, now you can feel our pain! It’s even crazier given we have lower purchasing power.

  9. M.

    What a stunning and unique color, especially with your eyes! $64 well-spent, mademoiselle!

  10. Flyavsted

    Super gorgeous!!!

  11. We europeans are totally fucked up, when it comes to the price.
    it’s ridiculous how much we pay for cosmetic and makeup products (and for sure also other products).

    As an example: when you buy a 10-color palette from nyx, you pay in the states like 8 or 9$. Nyx tried to sell these in europe for about 50 euros, which is more than 60$. this is totally ridiculous, especially because many bloggers wrote about that in europe.

    • I know there is a ton of import/customs kind of stuff – like every brand I’ve talked to says the same thing – additional testing, regulations, rules, etc. I don’t know how much truth there is to it (I imagine some), but I don’t know how far it goes for the additional price tag.

      • Lilac

        I totally agree on the price increase for Europeans. If you ever have too much time on your hands, go to the German MAC site ( for example and check out the prices (in Euros, too), or to (there is a brand-drop-down-menu on the top).

        It are definitely not just customs and import issues.. even Essence (drug store brand) which is from Germany, does cost less_in the US ^_^
        Now Inglot opens some new stores in Europe, and the prices are much higher than in Poland, where it originates from. Some people have added to the discussion that also their location (expensive malls) and cost of the staff is a lot higher than in Poland, though, but for example there are not any import taxes or stuff since most European Countries, including Poland, are in the European Union. So it seems rather that brands ask for the prices they think they can get away with.

        However, I do think that in the past ten years,make-up prices have skyrocketed and way higher than just the usual inflation-rate, rather tripled and quadrupled (so I`m talking 300% XD). At least in Euros, prices are outrageous, also compared to the US. The only ones worse off than Europeans are beauties in Australia and NZ, for them everything is even more expensive.

        btw, recently Revlon left the market in Germany, probably due to low sales. That is not surprising seeing as a Quad cost $22 and foundation $25 ^_^

        • I agree to everything you said. It’s getting really ridiculous.
          For example, Christine, you wrote in your holiday gift guide for lips that MAC lipsticks don’t break the bank at some $14. But they do when you’re in Germany. Lipsticks are €18,50, and even more when it’s LE-special packaging. That’s $25.00 for a lipstick in the regular line, and more than $10 more than the same product costs in the States.

          • Unfortunately, I am a U.S. blogger so I can only speak from that perspective! I’m not responsible for price increases in other countries, and I don’t know why they are that way – I’m sorry!

            • Lilac

              I don’t think Chester meant it “accusingly” and rather commenting how lucky the US-shoppers are in that respect :) Some Europeans are just really frustrated about the prices.. :)

            • Barbara

              My husband & I travel to Europe quite often due to business & it’s true; cosmetics are expensive there. Not only due to the Euro rate but their taxes are 17-19%-can you imagine that? Everything is more expensive & we should count our blessings here! In Spain I paid $46 for a Lancome $29 US lipstick-ouch!-but it’s not a color we have here in the US so I was told here at a big dept store, it’s only in Europe. It is very common that many products aren’t available even in the same colors/styles between the US & Europe & you don’t get the GWP either but they will let you buy them! My husband cringes when I buy things like this over there but then clothes we import here are more affordable there & 2x the price here but they are still slightly different, they’re made for the American market-totally different than the Europeans-can’t win! In the UK, you pay $8/gal of gas which makes it well over $100 for a full tank/week for a tiny car. Small wonder everyone comes to the US to shop for things. Every time I start to complain about whatever, I make myself remember these things-we are indeed very lucky here even with the economy the way it is, it is 2x as bad over there where unemployment is 15%-23% or more. Sorry so long, my 1st post ever!

        • It’s even worse in Australia sadly. Everything is at LEAST double the price here, it’s insane. It would make a tiny bit more sense when Australian dollar is valued less than US dollars.

          I’ve been told that it’s because they charge luxury taxes on top of shipping, import duties, embedded sales tax (remember that in the US sales tax isn’t added until after checkout), and who knows what else.

    • Kim

      That is why you should bond with a US friend and make a list of products you want to buy set a budget and have her by the products and send them to you. You can create a paypal she can send you the invoice with the cost of the products and delivery and then you pay through paypal and get you products for way cheaper.

  12. Christine, have you tried the Bobbi Brown Metallic Long Wear Cream shadows? Are they similar to the Armani ones? Because they look the same when pictured.

  13. This looks a-mazing on you! Luckily antiqued golds look a little wonky on me because I would definitely feel like I needed to buy this if my skin/eyes/hair were more like yours.

  14. Dawn

    Such a gorgeous colour, but out of my price range, sadly

  15. Aida

    It’s really nice, looks great on you :)

    I’m a little confused about the price though, I mean I went to Selfridges the other day (and I just looked on the website too) and they have #14 for Β£24.50 which is $38.03 USD….

  16. Kimmie T

    I TOTALLY WANT THIS!! I can see why you shelled out $64. I love it and I want it!

  17. Nadia

    Stunning colour! I wonder if it’s available in Canada, I’ll have to check. Or actually maybe I won’t since I’m a no buy. Hmmm, I can tell this is going to be rough on me lol.

    I would pay $64 for it too :) I have either number 6 or 15 (I’m blanking on which) and I love it!

  18. Kylee Swanson

    is this similar to mac golden glaze mineralize eyeshadow?

  19. Woah, this is gorgeous! I love this shade!

  20. nitnot

    Christine you should NOT have posted this. NOW I WANT IT. You cruel, cruel wench!!

    We don’t have GA in Indonesia. We don’t have Nars. We don’t have Urban Decay. Benefit. BareMinerals. Smashbox. Sephora (even thought *2* closest neighboring country opened Sephora). And many other brands, brands you guys take for granted. Even our drugstore brands does not carry products you get in the US or even Malaysia! And NYX’s price got jacked up so high it beats the point of the brand.

    So everytime I get any of these products, I go out of my way and pay through my nose >.<

    • Oh no!! :( That sounds like torture!

      • Actually, that is MUCH better than having spent decades in Indonesia drooling at those brands then moving to Australia where those brands you’ve been dreaming about are around… Just impossible to afford due to them doubling, sometimes tripling the price. >.<

  21. t_zwiggy

    Would you say the color is similar to MAC Henna or MAC Mink & Sable? It looks gorgeous on you btw :)

  22. Chelsea

    oh my goodness that is gorgeous

  23. baby in a corner

    These are only €30 in Ireland which equates to $39. Rarely do European countries price goods like these differently!

  24. Della

    Congrats Christine! I think sometimes it’s worth shelling out for something that you’ll love. I did it with Chanel’s Feu du Russie nail polish. I know people have said there are dupes out there, but I wanted it and it was sold out everywhere. I paid double for it via ebay, but well, it was love at first sight, and second, and third, well, every time I wear it. Totally worth it. :) Enjoy your very pretty splurge ( I am so getting the gold and gold-silver from this year’s collection.)

  25. Anne

    I was debating which ETK shadow to get, #1 or #6, but I think this one has got them beat! I’m sad they don’t sell it here in the States! (Especially Nordstrom)

  26. That colour is gorgeous, and especially pretty on you, Christine. I can see why it was worth the $64!!

    I have to ask, in the photo with the lid, is there an eyeshadow pan sitting inside the lid? I’ve been staring at the photo, trying to figure out what’s going on there. It looks too dark/thick to be an imprint of the shadow.

  27. Anna

    It looks beautiful! I think I saw this one when I was in London but passed on it. That was mainly because I bought 4 of the Armani eyeshadows and also I have a Shiseido cream eyeshadow that I thought looked similar and I was like “How many gold do I need…” but seeing this I know I need more golds!

  28. Sosatran

    Hi Christine,
    Thanks for this post. I didn’t know about this colour. Now i have to buy it, it’s amazing. Could you tell us how did you do your eye make-up in this post? Many thanks!
    P/S: i’m in France, and i’m going to buy it at the same ridiculous price as you. But it’s worth it. My last ridiculous purchase is a Shu Uemura nail polish at 32 euros πŸ˜€

  29. I think it’s worth it for you because it ought to be your Chanel Dragon for your eyes, Christine!

  30. Chrissy

    OMG I need this!!! I’m going to cry!!! :(

  31. Oh. God… this is beautiful. Almost hard to resist. >_<

  32. annie

    I was thinking about you when I got it too but the price kinda blocked me from offering to get it for you.

    If you like gold ,you will definitely love the holiday ones πŸ˜€ I love the gold & the gold silver!!!

    Definitely thumb up for this look you created! What blush & lipstick would you pair with this look? πŸ˜‰

  33. Mandi

    Christine. Can you tell me how it compares to #15? They look very similar. Thank you. :)

  34. Aysh

    Totally support the purchase and totally understand when you are just wanting something SO BADLY. I had a crush on Chanel’s Topkapi palette and finally gave in and paid the $110 price tag here in Australia (inc delivery). Only 100 came to Australia, and I think they still have a few left…people are crazy they should run and purchase one. Although I am still patting it and haven’t worn it yet…yes sad.

    I do get frustrated with price differences but that is the environment we live in. My two frustrations here in Australia are – (1) a poor return policy. You just can’t return something simply because it didn’t look good when you got home…even a foundation where the MUA chose incorrectly (2) Quality A recent Chanel Prelude purchase. Not only was the formulation different to your review, the colour was too. Amazingly I was able to return it.

    • Aww, you gotta use it, Aysh!! :)

      It is a shame for the high prices you can’t even return!

      • Aysh

        I am determined to break the seal on the weekend lol.

        Yep our return policy is the most frustrating – I got over the price difference a long time ago. I just close my eyes and pass over my card, lol.

        • Price varies all the time, and unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about it :( Not on beauty, since those are nationally priced, but a lot of household items vary tremendously from location to location, which tends to be dependent on how much people make in a particular area. I mean, I don’t think I’d bother buying MAC most of the time if I lived in some other countries — the price is too close to higher end brands.

  35. Maya

    Trust me, I feel you on the Euro thing. I’m studying abroad in Italy right now and I was SHOCKED at the prices here. Revlon foundations hover around 20-25 euros. EUROS. REALLY! I nearly died! Not all drugstore brands are that inflated, but everything is definitely much more expensive than it is back home.
    My Christmas wishlist is a list of products I’ve run out of and desperately want my family to send me because I can’t afford them here!

    • It’s pretty crazy! What have you run out of?

    • Jimena

      If you are in Italy you must try KIKO makeup,their eyeshadows and lipsticks are around 6 Euros. I bought some in my vacations and I’m happy with them :)

      • Maya

        Kiko is amazing! Definitely saved me when I ran out of eye makeup remover and wanted a cheap one! I love their nail polishes too!
        As for things I’ve run out of… MUFE HD foundation which is 39 Euros here, and a few skin care things. They don’t sell Josie Maran here and her argan cleansing oil is my most favorite product in the world. Ah, as much as I love being abroad, I wish I could still have all of my cheap(er) beauty products readily available!

  36. linda

    This is beautiful. It looks somewhat like Chanel’s Epatant. How does it compare to it? It looks a deeper green, more Khaki which I think I totally prefer!!!

  37. Renata

    Such a beautiful color!<3
    Wish it was available on the US :( I'm searching so hard for flattering colors to my eyes! I have almost the exact color of yours, but my skin is lot lighter and full of freckles though.. I prefer cream formulas, is there any particular product that you think that would work for me?? (I tend to prefer golds, browns, taupes and colors like those..)

  38. Adele

    This breaks my heart even more πŸ˜€ I actually emailed Armani about this, and they told me it was never released in the US. BOO. It should be. I want it SO BAD.

  39. dom

    oh my. i would love to have this one in my collection. in my currency i’d be paying almost 200 bucks. considering that i can get a lunch (food + drink) for about 8 bucks, or two months’ worth of public transport spending…i think it’s still worth the money.

  40. Fffffffffuuuuuuuuuu they better bring it back or I’ll cry… Either that or I’ll bite the bullet and get someone to haul it for me in Euro price. T_T

  41. Nic

    So beautiful! I thought it was sort of pretty in the swatch pic, but it really looks amazing on the eye. Not in my budget right now, but maybe if they repromote it in the future. :)

  42. Lile

    Love, love, love this eyeshadow! Please post when you find dupes! πŸ˜‰

  43. Z

    Ahh! Gives it to me!! Antique gold is not only my one true weakness, but it actually does look awesome on my eyes! Must be a brown-eyed girl thing.


  44. divinem (Melissa)

    This reminds me of Illamasqua Ore pigment — much more affordable! O_o

  45. Doll

    It is quite similar to Khaki Pulse, isn’t it?

  46. Have you done a video tutorial for how to use these? I love the shades but can never get them to apply properly. Help! Thanks :)

  47. Karina

    Just beautiful… The price isn’t though. :(

  48. Lisa K.

    I have one that looks like this from last holiday season but it’s marked #15. I also have a silver/black #16 that I got at the same time from the Armani website. Is it the same one or is #14 different than #15?

  49. K

    Wow, Christine, that colour REALLY suits you! It’s gorgeous on you!

  50. Jessica

    I am in love with Eyes to Kill!!! I have 1-3 and they hold up during a 11 hour day at work and through house cleaning. Magic!! I have been trying to find the elusive #14 for quite sometime and to no avail. I tried ordering through the Self Ridges link and they don’t do online orders to the US. Anyone have any ideas?

  51. Brooke

    Christine! I’m so excited that you’ve posted this. I could not find this shade anywhere … Then a reader posted the UK site in comments. I called their customer service number and they were happy to not only reserve, but ship this to the US. Thank you soooo much for your hand work put into your site. Without it I’d never have found so many amazing products!

  52. I got this shade from Nordstrom and it was labeled #15, are they the same? Gorgeous none the less.

  53. Jackie

    Hi Christine!
    If you get the chance, could you do a review/comparison of the L’oreal Infalliable 24H Hold Eyeshadow? Eyes to Kill intense Eyeshadow seems to be what they’re going for… and perhaps there is even a dupe for #14? I was totally ready to splurge but they were sold out :(

  54. kiwikeely

    heyy christine, next time when you’re looking for anything, try asking your HK contributors first! i just got armani ETK #14 at the local armani counter for hkd 260, which is about 33 usd. much better deal than sephora in france lol

  55. lulu

    Hey Christine, this color looks great on you. I’m sure you already know but GA ETK now has colors 15 and 16.15 is similar to 14 but a little deeper and more copper.;)

  56. MichelleChefNYC

    OMG, it is truly a shame that you paid that much to get this from Europe! I was just at my local Saks and they had this color, but the sales girl talked me out of it because she said she thought it looked “dirty” on the eye. After seeing it here though, I might have to pick one up.