Thursday, April 8th, 2010

The Hit List

What’s the Best Nail Polish Remover…?

What brand/product wins this category? Any particular reason it wins?

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39 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Nail Polish Remover

  1. ilona

    the ones from the beauty supply stores!

  2. Christina

    Zoya Remove+!

  3. Charlene

    Sallys beauty supply beauty secrets is the best!

  4. AV

    I love Essie’s Naturally Clean purifying nail polish remover. It really removes glitter polish and dark polish in a matter of seconds, and the smell of the product is not very strong!

  5. Ramlah

    A nail technician told me to saturate the cotton pad/ball with the remover and hold it onto the nail, making sure the nail is fully covered, and if you do that and leave it on for maybe 20seconds, then wipe it all off, it all comes off in one go. I use Equate brand from Walmart, and i use that method and it works great for me, so I think it’s about the technique and using a moisturising nail polish remover so your nails don’t get dry.

    • Ashley

      How many cotton balls do you wind up using with this method? Do you use one ball for each nail, or use one for a few nails, or use the same one for one hand and a new one for another? I find that removing nail polish is SUCH a waste of the remover AND of paper towel.

      • Marina

        I use this method but with cotton pads. I split a pad in half and then cut the halves in 4 parts. I leave a saturated piece on the nail for a while and wipe with another piece. This way one pad’s enough for 4 nails.

        • Ashley

          Hm, sounds interesting! I will have to try that out. But wouldn’t the pieces be really small? My nails are longer than they are wide, so I don’t know if that would really make much of a difference or not.

  6. Christina C

    Definitely Zoya’s remover. I’m not sure why it’s so much better than plain acetone but it removes even glitters quickly and easily!

  7. amy

    I like the OPI nailpolish remover because everything comes off cleanly, including glitters, shimmers and metallics. Especially, glitters!

  8. Ashley

    Definitely the Essie ones!

  9. make_up_maven

    100% Pure Acetone!

  10. Leila

    Don’t use any of the cheap stuff. It makes your nails brittle and yellow. I’ve suffered with that far too long. I have been forced to snip my nails so short because they’re disgusting to look at lol. I can’t afford the expensive nail polish removers, so I’ve chosen to grow my nails and never wear nail polish again…sad choice, but I want long healthy nails…

  11. Ashley

    I never really notice a difference in my removers. As long as they are acetone-free, that’s all I need. I usually go for one that is labeled to be designed for moisturizing and strengthening nails though. Right now I have one from Sally Hansen, but most Sally Hansen products mess with my nails in a negative way.. So I’m going to be switching soon.

  12. ocelot1

    Zoya Remove hands down!!! ive used the store brands, sally hansen, the sallys bs remover, onyx from walmart…and Zoya removes the quickest and i use less felt or cotton pads than when i used other brands. i currently have th 32 oz bottle.

  13. zoya remove+ gets my vote.

  14. Dorie

    Sally Hansen Moisturizing nail polish remover wins hands DOWN. I never peel, crack, and I love the aloe scent. It’s also cheap and green just happens to be my favorite color.

  15. Siledhel

    I use Sally Hansen and I’ve never complained… but somehow I have the feeling that there may be something better outthere

  16. Definitely Zoya Remove +
    used about 1500 ml already

  17. Jennie

    Priti soy polish remover – no acetone! No offensive smells, and the remover is infused with coconut oil so your nails get an added moisturizer too.

  18. definitely zoya remove+. epic.

  19. Sass

    Cutex with acetone.

  20. AnGeLwInGz

    Store brand $1.99 nail polish remover works just fine for me. That’s a beauty product I’ve never put any thought into. Big fluffy cotton balls work better than small ones.

  21. Amelie

    I tried the Target one with acetone and it’s really bad it made my nails super dry. I don’t know if it’s the Acetone (I always used a regular remover) or the brand, but I think I will go get another kind.

  22. Violet

    You can’t beat 100% acetone. They sell it cheap at my grocery store and there’s nothing more effective.

  23. mlou

    Zoya Remove +

  24. Zoya Remove+!!!!! It does not dry out my cuticles and it makes polish melt off!! And its the best defense in removing glitters!!!

  25. VT

    Hands down…Zoya Remove+

  26. thedogismine

    The jar types with the 3 hole sponges. Any left over polish the sponge doesn’t get, I use the bottled remover with a few cotton balls. Must have acetone. As long as you wash your hands immediately and use a nail brush, the acetone is not a problem. Brand is irrelevant.

  27. Zoya Remove+. Keeps my nails from drying out and peeling!

  28. Jannette

    I love my Skinfood Nail Remover Jelly. It has little beads suspended in the gel, and isn’t drying on the hands at all! the best bit is that it doesn’t smell the least bit like nail polish remover, but of oranges!!!

  29. queenmarie

    I love the nail polish remover by ProStrong. It is absolutely the best I”ve used !

  30. Kathy

    I’ve always used the really cheap stuff. Right now, I’m using the Rite Aid brand for “strengthening” nails.

    It’s been working just fine for me!

  31. Sara Lorine

    I just go with the Walgreens brand and the flat cotton rounds or squares – cotton balls always end up leaving cotton in my polish!

  32. Shayna

    i love zoya remove + and orly extra strength remover.

  33. Carol

    The Stripper by The Lippmann Collection. It is not cheap but it WORKS–even on the glitter polishes. And it has lavender in it.

  34. pinapple juice and warm tea is what my singing teacher used to get me to have to clear the throat before a performances

  35. alexxxxxxxxxx

    for me, i use like $2 removers. i like when they have color! i’ve had pink, blue, purple and other colors of remover! haha, weird i know