Monday, September 8th, 2008

Everybody should try Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils. Seriously, these are amazing eye liners, because they are highly pigmented, deliciously smooth, and last all freakin’ day long. Let’s face it, finding an eye liner that sticks around until lunch time is already worth checking out, but one that really keeps on workin’ past dinner?

Keep reading to find out which ones are my favorites…

I’m sure you’ve seen me using Stash regularly, and I loved the texture so much I just had to get my hands on more of these fabulous liners! There are fifteen colors currently available, and you never know when Urban Decay might come out with a new one. Let me just say… the holiday offerings from UD are looking tempting, and it just might have something to do with these babies!

I’m missing four (Baked, Deviant, Dime, and Gunmetal), but you can be sure it will only be a matter of time before those make their way into my stash. :) But if I had to pick five must-haves, they would be: Honey, Lucky, Lust, Covet, and Electric. Honey is jsut such a vibrant shade of metallic gold, and Lucky is the perfect lucky-penny-copper. Both look amazing alone on an easy day, or to add some pop to a neutral look. Lust, Covet, and Electric are fun, bold colors.

Official descriptions:

  • 1999: plum with teeny gold glitter
  • Baked: bold bronze
  • Bourbon: brown withteeny gold glitter
  • Covet: peacock green
  • Deviant: bold blue
  • Dime: very metallic silver
  • Electric: bright aquamarine
  • Gunmetal: gunmetalwith teeny silver glitter
  • Honey: 24K gold
  • Lucky: brilliant deep copper
  • Lust: plush purple
  • Rockstar: dark purple
  • Stash: dark green/gold
  • Yeyo: metallic white
  • Zero : zealous black

Find these at or Sephora,

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91 thoughts on “The Goddesses of Liners: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils

  1. Sandy

    I love these liners, they’re my HG. My favourites are Bourbonne and 1999. I also have Stash and Deviant. I’m looking to collect more soon :)

  2. Zoe

    I /hate/ the fact I can’t get these here. I’m all about liners, and 1999, Lust and Stash at the VERY least look like they ought to be mine.
    I make do with the Gosh liners, which come in an amazing variety of colours, but lack in longevity.

  3. viv

    oh my gosh. i love Honey and Covet!
    but i don’t live in the US. so i can’t get my hands on them :(
    i don’t like how i can’t get anything (unless they’re huge, expensive brands which i can’t afford) haha oh well.. :)

    • UD isn’t available outside of the US?!!!

      • kat

        I’ve never seen them anywhere in Canada… but maybe I’m wrong?

      • viv

        I live in Hong Kong! no where near the us or canada or a sephora 😛

        • Wendy

          u are so lucky u live in HK!! i live in Malaysia.. and believe or not.. Macau is the nearest place i could ever get my hands on UD! When i saw the word URBAN DECAY in the duty free shop at the lobby in Venetian Macau.. i almost screamed my head off! That was where i got my Stash eyeliner (i was disappointed they didn’t have honey though) and Eye Primer Potion (loves this!!!) The eyeliner and the primer potion are at the same price 116 MOP.
          anyway….. Mongkok has Sephora!! you are soooo lucky! The nearest Sephora to me is the one in Singapore but.. i already checked, they don’t carry Urban Decay!

  4. abi

    i love these liners, i’ve got Zero, Stash, and Lucky…Stash just makes green/hazel eyes pop. Any word on what colors will be out for the holidays? 😀

  5. Karen

    I was thinking of ordering a few of these and wondered how they compare to MAC’s Fluidline? Do they have better staying power or are they comparable?

  6. DJ

    If you live in the UK, some Boots stores carry Urban Decay (the Brighton one does, for sure) and a few department stores, Debenhams (I believe) on Oxford Circus, for instance. You could probably order items from the department stores and have them sent.

    Sephora in France carries Urban Decay.

    Don’t know about other countries :(

    love Stash, Lucky & Honey most–have found that the textures on other colours vary. My ‘dime’ was impossible to get creamy. I think I gave it away.

  7. victoria

    i just got the travel size 5 piece set in the colorful one from ulta. my first time trying these out at a great deal and in so many colors. so far i’m loving them considering that i hate using pencil liners. i love that they’re bright enough like mac’s liquidlast but not too much of a pain to remove. my favorite, covet and electric, they are beautiful.

  8. Zsofi

    thx for this amazingly informative post Christine!!!!! i want those babies You named as faves!!!!
    i want them,
    i need them,
    i have to have them,
    NOW 😀

  9. Melissa

    Now i’m certain i’m going to order zero…. thanks so much for this post!!!!!

  10. Monique

    Ulta has the set on sale this week.

  11. SnickerDoodle

    NEEDING Honey, Yeyo..and Electric..badly.

  12. Sounf Of Vision



  13. I LOVE these. I have Zero and Bourbon. They are awesome. I’m thinking I might need to try Rockstar now. It looks gorge.

  14. Nancy

    On the advice of Temptalia went out & bought this liner & I LOVE IT!! If you live in the northern Cali area I know that Ulta has a limited set it’s only $29 for 5 smaller size pencils but great deal for those who want a verity of colors without having to buy them individually. Don’t waste your money trying to experiment with other liners like I have in the past, just go & pick the 24/7 by Urban Decay.

  15. Erin/slipnslide

    Honey is a lot like MAC Goldmine, and there’s a tealish green MAC pencil that’s very similar to covet, but I don’t own it or remember the name.
    Why doesn’t MAC make a shimmer white? Fascinating from FAFI was way too chalky matte, and I can’t use it as often as I would a shimmer like Yeyo. Gotta get me that one.

  16. danielle

    ooooh i want honey, lucky, and covet!
    they are all soooo pretty!

  17. Omg can’t wait til the Holidays! My god! You rock! And I want Honey! Didn’t care much for Lust actually…

    • Lust is just this very interesting combo of purple and blue… more purple than blue, but still a hint of it.

      But apparently the holiday sets are VIP and Velvet Rope, both of which are available now (I didn’t know that!), so 😉

  18. As soon as I saw this pic I knew it had to be the UD pencils!
    I first discovered UD by browsing through the Boots site and I came across the set of 5.. Oh how much I love them!! I wear Zero on the daily and even though there were travel size pencils, 9 months later and there’s about an inch left.. Seriously it’s amazing and it lasts sooo long! I spent £16 I think on the 5 mini’s but boy are they worth every penny!
    I can’t wait to get my hands on more of these one day..

    & before I forget, in my set of 5 I got Zero, Covet, Lust, Baked & Electric! Love them all equally! =D x

  19. Christine B

    These are my favorite pencil liners ever. I don’t even bother with anything. It took me forever to learn how to line my eyes, particularly because of hwo a lot of pencils tug at your eyes and skip as you’re trying to use them. But then I got Zero and it went on so smoothly, I picked up on how to do it so fast. Now I have a whole drawer of them. I love to use them on my waterline for a pop of color in an otherwise neutral look.

  20. K

    I tried Bourbon after hearing your reviews on how great these were, and I absolutely love it! It’s almost my new HG. My collection has grown to Bourbon, Stash and Rockstar. I think I’m going to have to pick up Covet now, too!

  21. OMG I am just DYING to own Covet!!!

  22. Ooo lust looks so awesome!

  23. Jen

    I also love these, but I have such a hard time getting them off. Which eye makeup remover would you recommend?

  24. Theresa

    Oh dear!!!
    Covet, Honey, Electric, Lust are just so up my alley!!!
    In fact, ALL the colours are beautiful. I can already create looks with them in my head!!!
    But sadly :( Urban Decay is not available in Singapore.

  25. Vera

    I really like these liners. Gorgeous colors and staying power. I bought the VIP set last holiday season. This year I think I’ll be getting Velvet Rope. My only issue is that they don’t go on really well on my waterline, but then again I haven’t found any liner that stays put on my waterline. I have yet to try fluidlines on the waterline though. Any other suggestions?

    • They don’t stay all day on my waterline, but they do give me a few hours, unlike most liners! I haven’t found any liner that really stays on throughout the day for the waterline.

  26. It is really sucky UD is not available in Singapore! But I got my UDPP when I went to Paris last fall, and I bought 2 to stock up. They are really way more expensive compared to US prices though.
    I am gg to Paris again this fall, and I hope to get my hands on more UD stuff.
    I went to HK, but couldnt find any UD products on sale anywhere! :(

  27. these are also my favorite liners! i have zero, covet, 1999, stash, lucky and gunmetal. all are AMAZING and sooo longwearing. love them!

  28. I need to get some of those! The colours looks just so GORGEOUS.

  29. Rachel

    Hey Christine, I live in Singapore and managed to get my hands on Urban Decay products at their recent Friends and Family Sale with the help of a friend in Manhattan!

    I really regret not getting more of these gorgeous liners!!!! The parcel arrived this morning and I managed to try on Deviant (the only pencil I ordered) and it’s sooooo beautiful.

    Have you tried their lipsticks yet? They smell great and the texture is a dream. Unfortunately I ordered only one for myself! Augh. :(

    I so want to get Honey and Covet now.

  30. Oh my, those are soo pretty! After I read this entry I vacuumed the net for the travel size 5-pack, but didn’t find it for a reasonalbe prize anywhere that would ship to Sweden :( Bohoo! So instead I went and bought MAC Orpheus, I think it kinda looks a lot like Stash? :)

  31. kachelle

    ok you sold me on them i went out and got yeyo, zero, electric, honey, and deviant yesterday… and im still looking for covet. i got them at sephora so i guess i should’ve went to ulta too…

  32. kachelle

    ok i went to ulta today and got the v.i.p. mini with five… im exited i wore yeyo yesterday and it stayed on all day and night.

  33. Vanessa

    I live in Canada and I just recentley went to Edmonton, AB, and they had a Sephora at the mall! I was soo excited… hehe. Anyway I bought a UD liner in Gunmetal, and it’s perfect for lining under the eye to brighten up the area (the tiny sparkles do wonders) :) Now I think I’ll definitley order a few more online, even though it costs an arm and a leg.

  34. Wendy

    One silly question, i just bought mine the 24/7 travel set. i have never used their products before, i assume i need a sharpener for these eye pencils? :)

  35. Wendy

    OK cheers thanks Christine! I have a christmas dinner tomorrow and just got a purple dress so i was thinking of trying out a purple make up wonder if i could use the purple eyeliner?

  36. Rachael

    I just bought my first one today, ther are excellent!

  37. Rachael

    When I read your rave about these liners, I of course had to try them. I now have 8 different colors and they are lovely and glide on so easily!

  38. Love Electric!!! My absolute fav! Rockstar looks very nice too.

  39. Claire

    I used to buy Urban decay at Ulta in the USA ..its been discontinued and dont know where to find the creamy eye shadow that I love..I called their toll free 800 number and they never called me back…..O want to know what stores in the USA carry it…