Friday, July 9th, 2010

The Foundation Matrix in all of its master copy glory is now available & permanently housed on! Check it out here!

Please enjoy and make sure to bookmark its new home for future reference!  Thank you to everyone for their contributions–it is phenomenal to see the beauty community come together to create such an amazing reference.  We will continue to modify and add to the Matrix as new foundations are released or as shade matches for existing foundations come in.

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45 thoughts on “The Foundation Matrix – Now Available!

  1. Kaylabella

    just an fyi, both the warm and cool matrix show just NW shades at the top.

  2. Karmen

    Nice ! Christine, what ever happened to that feature you use to have which had all the looks you ever did. Its kinda like the one you have under looks but it used to be in a page where had a black background and had all the looks together in squares which were classified by colors. It was pretty neat, where is it ?

  3. Tessa

    This is amazing!!!!!!!!!! I can only imagine how much work this was! Thank you so much for all your guys’ hard work!!

  4. loulouthi

    this is very cool! I just looked through the foundations I have tried and loved (NC 35-40) and it was right every time!! what a great idea.

  5. samantha

    I was just checking it out and I am NW20 with MAC but I am Ivory in Revlon Colorstay – how accurate is this supposed to be??

    • Hi Samantha,

      This is a community created resource, so many people have added their matches – like it says on the page, it should be used as a guide, and it is a good jumping off point, but it may not be 100% accurate.

      • samantha

        Thanks for answering – i guess I should have read more before asking – I didn’t realize it was community based. Sorry!!I

  6. Michelle


  7. tricia c

    Sorry Off topic but, I was wondering would you get the new chanel quad and the urban decay naked palette. Also how many of the shadows in the naked palette and alice in wonderland book of shadows are similar?

  8. Gisele

    I may have been mismatched at MAC as NW20, but I use Bobbi Brown Skin and the Compact Foundation in Cool Beige, 3.25. The other colors were too light and yellow from BB.

  9. MaryEllen

    Thank you so very much for compiling this! It’s an invaluable resource and I know I will return to it again and again.

  10. this is seriously flipping fantastic!!! i remember prowling the internet for a reference like this and everything i saw was horribly out of date. THANK YOU, christine, for putting all of this together. and thanks to everyone who contributed info. this is really very VERY helpful!

  11. Shavonne

    OMG! you have no idea how happy I am that you posted this. I’m NW55 in MAC and it is way hard trying to find foundations that match. So helpful. I’m going to head to Sephora tomorrow and get the Makeup Forever HD in 185 :-)

  12. Christi

    Christine- you are freaking ridiculous! I love your website and appreciate all the hard work you put into it. Thank you.

  13. Amber

    Thank you so much for this resource. This will def be a timesaver for online shopping. I really appreciate that you kept us women of color in mind since it is often hard to try other brands with their different variations and undertones. Preciate ya!

    • What made me want to start the sheet was really for those with the lightest and darkest skin tones, because it seems like people with those skin tones have the most difficulty finding what might work!

  14. Cole

    Wow what an amazing source! The time and effort that must have taken…makes me tired just looking at it haha.

  15. Jenniferrr

    aw shucks.. only warm and cool. will there eventually be a neutral column?

  16. Renate

    This is great! Thank you 😀

  17. Tanya

    Great work Cristine =) . However , im an NC41 , its a Middle East exclusive color , and i can never find my match in a brand other than Mac – Fail :(

  18. Sugarfree

    Thank you for putting this together! It’ll be tremendously helpful for many people. Awesome job!

  19. Its a fantastic effort…Thank you. I am trying to navigate…its a bit difficult as the name of the brand and my shade NC42 is not visible on one single page..I have to use the scroll bar below…getting used to it..

  20. Nicole

    WOW! that’s incredible – thank you for your hard work!

  21. JD

    Amazing!!! So happy with this. I’m so unfamiliar with a lot of stuff involving blush and foundation (one of my many reasons for considering makeup school…to actually learn!) that going to a MAC store, or any store, with the hopes of finding the right foundation seems daunting. Hence the reason why I’ve stuck with the same stuff for years but haven’t been overly impressed with it. But with this, my quest for good foundation is now that much easier! Thankyou so much guys!

  22. IndigoXX

    Wow! Thank you so much! This it what I have searched the internet for, millions of times. You’re a lifesaver! I must say that the color recs for NC44 are spot on. Fantastic Job!

  23. Jodi

    This is awesome Christine. Thank you for gathering the information for this!!

  24. Natalie

    Hey Christine,
    I wanted to thank you for creating something like this. This is helpful in many ways. I’m glad to see drugstore brands up also because I never try out the makeup because I s-u-c-k at color matching. What I DID notice was such a color fail from nearly all the cosmetic brands. The darker/deeper complexions don’t have a variety of products to choose from =[. I’m lucky to be able to find matches and still be of a darker complexion. But for the others I’m sure it can be really disappointing and frustrating. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ramble, alas thank you so much for this it’s great!

    • Yep, there is definitely a lacking in super light/darker foundations, particularly since darker skin tones often have more tones than simply pink/yellow.

  25. lizard

    could you add the Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation to the matrix its fairly new

  26. Hi Christine :)
    Is there any way y’all can create a PDF of the Foundation Matrix. I know it is not a static document, but I would like to be able to download the latest version. It would be nice to have a portable/printed version for shopping & color matching on clients.