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Temptalia’s Collection – June 2010

For my 100th video, YouTube user kanadian00797 asked if I would do a special video — my makeup collection. I asked on Twitter if it was of interest, and by the post title, I think you know what the response was! :) The video is LONG. In previous years, I’ve split up the videos into MAC and non-MAC, but it’s all in one big video this time around. I also talk in more detail about blogging, the size of my stash, and what I do with products I don’t want or why I keep certain products. Since the video is pretty lengthy, I want to recap some of that in this post, too! :)

The Why & How:  Video Summary

  • I’ve been collecting makeup for 6 years. My collection wasn’t built overnight!
  • I am a *collector*! I may use what I buy and receive, but I am a collector at heart. Makeup is not purely utility for me, and this is why I consider it a hobby that I am passionate about.
  • I have been blogging for nearly 4 years. Brands and PR do send me product to consider reviewing. I don’t get paid to review products, no one gets to edit or preview my posts, and I’ve never lost a relationship because of a negative review, even the Ds and Fs.
  • I donate products to to local organizations like battered women’s shelters. I’m currently trying to work with a local veterans organization to find a way to send products to service men and women overseas.
  • The bathroom all my makeup is stored in is only used for makeup!  I wish it didn’t have a shower and instead a giant closet…
  • I consider this also an archive of the makeup past — it allows me to go back to previous launches for comparison.

My Storage System

Fun Facts

  • The Boy was the videographer for most of the video!
  • I still have the first brush I ever owned — Benefit’s Eyeshadow Blending Brush, which has long been discontinued.
  • I don’t know how many of each item I have, and it would probably make me cringe even a little if I did.  So don’t count!
  • I keep a lot of products for comparison purposes–e.g. how does X shadow compare to Y shadow from 4 years ago?  My memory is faulty, and though the improvement in my photographing skills over the years help me to photo-document everything, I like having it in real life to compare, too.
  • In looks, I try to keep older limited edition/discontinued products out of them.  I try to use new products (to show how they look applied) or permanent products.
  • I have the Scarlet/Spring/Summer seasons to thank for finally getting some permanent lipsticks in my stash!
  • My dream is to have California Closets come over and design me the ultimate makeup storage system.

See more photos!

The Trinity of Carts

Counter-top with brushes, makeup remover, etc.

Translucent Drawers with Concealers, Mascara, etc. (also jewelry)

MAC Palettes (permanent shades only)

Face/foundation products I use regularly

Lipglasses, Pro Longwears, Cremesheen Glass

Cart 1, Drawer 1: MAC Limited Edition Lipsticks

Cart 1, Drawer 2: MAC Dazzleglass, Superglass, Mattenes/Slimshines, Lip Stain Markers

Cart 1, Drawer 3: MAC Mineralize Eyeshadows, Holiday Palettes, etc.

Cart 1, Drawer 4: MAC Blushes

Cart 1, Drawer 5: MAC Mineralize & Cream Blushes

Cart 1, Drawer 6: MAC Pigments

Cart 1, Drawer 6: MAC Pigments

Cart 1, Drawer 7: More MAC Pigments, Loose Beauty Powders

** Note, Drawer 8 is empty — it is reserved for the newly repackaged MAC pigments

Cart 1, Drawer 9: Misc. High-End Lipgloss, Laura Mercier, Estee Lauder

Cart 1, Drawer 10: False Lashes

Mid to High-end Lipsticks, MAC Permanent Lipsticks & Quads

Cart 2, Drawer 1: MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes, Beauty Powders, Bronzers

Cart 2, Drawer 2: Benefit

Cart 2, Drawer 3: Bobbi Brown

Cart 2, Drawer 4: Lancome

Cart 2, Drawer 5: Make Up For Ever & Sugarpill

Cart 2, Drawer 6: NARS & Illamasqua

** Note, Drawer 7 is empty but slated to fill with Rock & Republic shadows I bought ten billion years ago.

Cart 2, Drawer 8: Stila

Cart 2, Drawer 9: Urban Decay

Cart 2, Drawer 10: Misc. High-end brands (Smashbox, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Shu, etc.)

Designer/luxury lipsticks

** Note, Drawer 1 is empty currently, because it accomodates MAC lipsticks/beauty powders (both of which I’m nearly full-on), so it’s on reserve for more of those!

Cart 3, Drawer 2: Eyeliners

Cart 3, Drawer 3: Cream, Gel, & Liquid Liners; Brow/Mascara

Cart 3, Drawer 4: Chanel

Cart 3, Drawer 5: Dior

Cart 3, Drawer 6: Dolce & Gabbana

Cart 3, Drawer 7: Givenchy

Cart 3, Drawer 8: Guerlain Eye/Face Products

Cart 3, Drawer 9: Guerlain Lipsticks & Lipglosses

Cart 3, Drawer 10: Misc. Luxury/Designer Brands (Le Metier de Beaute, Cle de Peau, YSL, etc.)

Though I am not intentionally endorsing any products in this video, I know that I said, “Love this!” a few times. Some of the products in my collection were provided by PR for original review purposes. If it’s here, I probably reviewed it on the blog. However, there are just as many, if not more, products I have purchased myself over the years also in my collection. Just to be clear!

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

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286 thoughts on “Temptalia’s Collection – June 2010

  1. Kerry

    wow. like seriously, wow. haha

  2. Not gonna lie — I’m excited to watch this LOL. I’m gonna go grab me some Lucky Charms and THEN click play, hahaha.

  3. Michelle

    OMG! every girl’s dream! love itttt!

  4. Amber

    OMG. just glorious!!!!!!!

  5. Pam

    amazing collection!! i felt like i was in heaven watching this… my bank account would be in hell LOL

  6. Kerri

    Yay! I love makeup porn! FYI, I would do unspeakable things to have the drawer full of MUFE and Sugarpill.

  7. kim l

    Christine, that took my breath away.

  8. Joy

    why don’t you sell some of it over your site? do you get to use all of this stuff? but it looks nice

    • Hi Joy,

      I don’t sell makeup products — I don’t really believe it is ethical for me to do so. I receive some products for free from brands/PR, and it would be in poor taste to try and sell those. I donate any excess product to local organizations like shelters, if and when I can.

  9. Nicole

    Wow….I dare to dream.

    You have so much stuff. I can’t imagine how much that cost. I mean I might have maybe 1/5 or 1/6 of what you have and I know how much that cost which was quite a bit. So wow. But I appreciate that you do spend the money, because you help me weed out what I know I will use and love and what I thought I wanted but just wasn’t what I expected. So thankyou.

  10. Angie

    That makes me so proud.

  11. Holly

    Do you keep it that neat all the time?! Please say no, you’d have to be inhuman!

    • My bathroom counter top is rarely that neat, but the carts themselves stay pretty neat.

      I find the more homes products have… the easier it is to keep everybody in their place!

  12. Kitty

    Wow ! That s quite a collection 😉

  13. Easily…hands down…the biggest makeup collection I’ve seen to date! WOW.

  14. Tina

    Holy cow!! Im an SO jealous!

  15. Jennifer

    if you ever need a home for lonely makeup, there’s plennnty of girls on this site that can’t afford this! i would love to try those higher end lipsticks. maybe one day i’ll buy one :/

    the lipglosses you had made my mouth drop lol. teen girls dream right there.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I donate any excess makeup to battered women’s shelters, and I’m hoping to be able to get some to overseas service men & women in the future!

      • Jazz

        btw I love the fact that you dont keep this for yourself, that you choose to donate it. Have you thought about giving some to the organization Dress for success?

        • I try to do local ones, just because the shipping costs would be astronomical! I’m not sure if Dress for Success is local — I will definitely look into it!

          This year, I really want to work with veterans, though, but we will see. We’re trying to find the right project/organization still, because a lot of them prefer or only accept travel-sized products (understandable!).

          • daphne

            It looks like there are a few Dress for Success locations in CA, though I’m not sure what you’re closest to (San Francisco, San Jose?) – but I’d look into them just because I imagine these are the women who would get the most use out of the cosmetics! They need stuff for job interviews and professional work, for which certain cosmetics can be really essential (in some fields anyway).

          • Janette

            Hi Christine!

            I follow your blog for about a year now and I think that that is a great idea and very generous for you to think of service members and Veterans overseas. I’m a Marine and I know that being deployed has not stopped me from wearing makeup and it actually helps me remember to use sunblock :)

            Whether its a letter or a care package anyone always appreciates the fact that there are others thinking of them so Good on you and again Thank you! 😀

      • Jennifer

        yeah that’s nice and i had read that but i was just making a joke because those upper end lipsticks are so pricey! but they look so creamy and pretty that i think i need one 😉

  16. amazing collection!

  17. Amazing! You must sit there and just look at it all. lol I would ;p

  18. Ann

    That’s just….wow….

    I always get down on myself for buying more make-up than I use and I look at your pics with relief/envy haha. This is amazing Christine!

  19. LNU

    This is so makeup porn, I’m glad I have people who understand me! LOL.
    Wow you have a great collection! For me, makeup is pretty much a hobby as well, but its not in my budget to be collector, although that’d be awesome! I try to buy things I know I’ll use often! The hardest thing for me to resist is when something I know I don’t need, but would love to have, goes on sale! I’ve acquired much of my recent eyeshadows that way. I think two weeks ago Stila had 20 percent off and free shipping, so I grabbed up three palettes including the Barbie Loves Stila and shortly after, that palette was taken off the site and I was SO glad I got my hands on it, ON SALE, even though I don’t need it! XP

    • WOOO! But the Barbie palette is really amazing, so I’m very happy you nabbed it!!

    • Petra

      Oh I know what You mean!!
      I recently saw the Chanel gold highlighting loose powder on sale, from a previous holiday collection… It would’ve been SUCH a bargain, but I’m just not a fan of really glittery shimmer on my faces… I could’ve used it as an eyeshadow, but in the end I talked myself out of it… I still feel a bit bad. :)
      Christine, amazing collection, and I really admire Your ethics. A lot of people would sell the items, I think. (Not that that would be the worst thing someone could do, but I appreciate that You don’t. :))

  20. So much makeup! I soooo envy you. x)
    You’re such a lucky girl!

  21. Becky

    Oh. My. God. I thought that I liked your blog before, but now I’m obsessed.

    I know that you said you’re a collector at heart, but do you ever get overwhelmed by the products you don’t use regularly?

    And last, I just wanted to let you know that since I found your blog, I won’t buy a stitch of make-up til I’ve found the swatches/reviews on your site – they really are so helpful! :)

    • Hey Becky,

      I think I get more overwhelmed with how to organize/store it all! I only do a major re-organization every 4-6 months and keep anything new in storage boxes until then, and I’m like, “If I have to buy one more cart….” and yet I think I will soon, but I have no place to put it!

      Thank you so much, Becky! It really means a lot that you find so much use out of the swatches and reviews :)

  22. DJ

    Awesome collection! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Jazz

    now that is a collection video. Havent watched it yet , but I will. You probably have enough there to pay for a year of law school lol.

  24. The look you are wearing is gorgeous. Love the lipstick very beautiful. Wow this collection is insane. I truly love it.

  25. Ellery Allison

    I really want to take one of these pictures and put it as the background on my laptop for inspiration.
    Your collection makes me drool…

  26. random: do you know if UD’s vegan palette is perm.? If it is I can hold out until a F&F sale.

  27. Sharron

    Whoa. That is some serious makeup porn…

  28. Angela Carreon

    OMG! you have makeup heaven! I bet you have a lot of fun playing in there. You have an AMAZING collection! And very neat, I must say.

  29. kirsty

    That video made me a little dizzy! You really made me smile when you said you donate products whenever possible :)

  30. elise

    Christine, YOU RULE!! You just made my crummy week better with one video…maybe if all of us petition Cal Closets they’ll come over and do a freebie for you–it’ll be good for advertising! Oh, and it’s zhee-von-shee (Givenchy)–my grandmother was a big fan of anything Givenchy and she made sure I could say it properly, too :)

    • Aww! I’m happy to be able to make your week better, Elise! :)

      LOL! Wouldn’t that be nice! I just want a pretty system that works and everything is the same, haha.

      Thanks for the pronunciation help, too! I always look it up and then totally blank when I *need* to say it.

  31. Beth

    All i can say wow.

  32. NeenaJ

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful collection!

    I love that you said you were a “collector”. I have some products that I never wear out of the house, but I love to look at them. It’s almost like meditation for me. I have a feeling I’m not alone 😉

  33. nicci

    Is that an Ellis Faas holder I see on the countertop?! If so, are you ever going to do a review? if you have not already :)

  34. Almus

    Hey Christine,

    I consider myself as a super-newbie in makeup stuff. I have always come to your blog looking for inspiration and fair reviews. You cannot imagine how nice it is for me to discover with this video (as I said I am pretty new so I’ve just been visiting your blog for a few months now) that you love so much makeup and beauty products! I mean, imho just with this kind of “devotion” into sth you can be really good at it.

    You are my reference in this field. Thank you very much for this video =D

  35. That was amazing! Do you think you do some posts on your Dolce & Gabbana makeup, especially the lipsticks and lip glosses. They’re so hard to find and you almost have to buy them online!

  36. Fun video!!! I want to finish watching it but I have to go to a massage appointment! LOL! I’ll be back to finish this in an hour or so! I love this! (Maybe this isn’t a surprise but I’m actually more interested in how you’re storing your makeup and less interested in what makeup you actually have! LOL!)

  37. So many lovley things!

  38. angelicbb

    Thanks for sharing your AMAZING collection 😀
    That was seriously breathtakingly gorgeous haha && I’m sure a lot of us are thankful you can try out so many products and review them before we decide to go and splurge :)

    Just a random question: Do you ever hitpan on anything like eyeshadow or blush since you have so many products? I’m just curious ^^

  39. Kate

    Thanks for sharing your fabulous collection with us, Christine. Love your makeup you’re wearing in the video.

  40. Your collection is my dream and my boyfriends worst nightmare. Ha. He thinks I’m crazy. “You only have one face!” he says. A girl needs options!!!

    Do you ever spend time just looking at your makeup? I do it all the time. I just love colors.

    • Sometimes! I always like the way it looks when everything has been put away!

      My mom says that all the time. “How many nails do you have?” “How many eyes?”

  41. OMG!!! It’s like every girl’s dream to have this much makeup!! or at least my dream haha

  42. weng

    OMG!!!!OMG!!!!….i thought i already have a huge makeup stash/collection..but after seeing yours, i think im only halfway!!!you are an inspiration Christine….and like you, i also collect because im really passionate about makeup and its really a relaxing hobby for me….

  43. Ariane

    It’s so well organized! I love your collection :)

  44. Wow Christine, what a great video and photos! Really wish I had the space to organise my collection as well as you, unfortunately I don’t have a second bathroom to myself (when you have 3 children it’s not so easy anymore, lol) and our bedroom is full with clothes wardrobes/drawers already. So I’m really envious. :) And of course not just the storage but your collection too. Not that I don’t have plenty of make up myself, but I loved looking through your stash, it’s wonderful! xxx

  45. serene

    Thank you for this! I’ve got the translucent drawers. For people reading from Singapore or UK, they can be found at Muji. I’ve just bought a bunch of stuff and am quite vexed as how to keep them neatly. Your video is very timely.

  46. traci

    OMG this is so disgusting to look at lol I realize now that I don’t have makeup lolol :) but if you have Chanel Hydrabase in Sirene please donate it to me ;)!!!

  47. Ohmygosh, you must have a million dollars in that bathroom. That is NUTS. And AWESOME.

    Also, don’t tell me I’m the only one who always thought it was pronounced “Temp–TAY–lia”?

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  49. Roxanne

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  50. Kat

    Holy freaking cow, that is spectacular. I’m curious, what of the makeup that is years old and thus expired?

  51. Laurz

    That was really fun..thank you. My collection is nowhere near yours, but it is constantly growing out of its home so I like the ideas!!

    • I remember when I outgrew my traincase, and I was like, “What am I going to do???” Trying to find ways to store it all is overwhelming sometimes!

      • Melissa (divinem)

        Where did you get those plastic trays that fit your MAC blushes, shadows & skin finishes? My collection is a cluster #*@& because the spacial relations place in my head is fried (or never existed).

  52. Melissa (divinem)

    At the rate I’m going (started collecting less than a year ago), I’ll surpass your collection in six months. I feel like a crazed lunatic. At least much of your product is given for review purposes!

  53. I wish I had even half of the collection that you have. Also, you’re eyeshadow looks great in that video. No surprise there. :)

  54. Wow, this is an impressive collection. I can’t even imagine how much you have spent on all of that (including what you use for storage) over the last 6 years. It’s probably a lot, haha. :)

    One thing that I was curious about though: aren’t a lot of your products probably expired, or smelling funky, or not good anymore? Wouldn’t you likely have to throw a lot of that away if you went through ALL of your stuff? Or do you regularly give a lot of the old stuff away? That just came to mind when you said you’ve been collecting for 6 years, especially if you still have some of the things that you first bought.

    Besides that, great collection, and I love how it’s set up, so organized!

    • Hey Kayla,

      Most of the really old stuff is just eyeshadows/pigments, actually. I didn’t get into lipstick/gloss for a couple of years! If I come across something that smells off or looks different, I toss/recycle it (depends what it is). I don’t give anything that seems expired away, though, lol! But a lot of the older lipglosses, since I don’t use them (trying to only use recent LEs or permanents), I keep mostly for color comparisons later on down the road.

  55. Jonah

    Awesome collection, Christine! I’m wondering, though, where do you keep your drugstore make up products?

  56. Mirna

    I think one day this is going to lead to a makeup museum. I am in awe of your collection. I can’t wait to organize mine to your calibur.
    I have a question for you Christine:
    How do you rationalize not becoming a makeup artist? I mean, I see this is your passion and yet you have chosen a career path that is awesome as well. I ask this because I am in a sort-of dilema on whether I want to pursue cosmetology or continue my career choice in health information. I feel like if I pursue my passion for makeup, I might get burnt out and come to the point where I dislike makeup because it will end up being just a job. I see this dilema in my own boyfriend (funny you mentioned fixing up cars in this video) because he has a collection of muscle/old cars that he fixes up. Once he went to work as a mechanic, I saw the passion to work on his own cars slowly dying. That’s the predicament I am afraid that I will find myself in. Please let me know what your take is on this.
    Thank you so much!
    Devout Fan

    • I think being a makeup artist and doing what I do–beauty blogging–are two very different things. What I love is interacting with all of you on a daily basis. I love being able to talk shop – whether it’s beauty tips, what we last bought, or showing you a new product. To me, my passion is in helping readers in that way, not so much applying makeup to others. This is really why I couldn’t pursue being a makeup artist (although some terrorizing brides made me want to crawl into a hole and never come out, LOL).

      Have you tried simply freelancing on the side? Many makeup artists were never formally trained and have amazing careers nonetheless. Perhaps you can continue to pursue your career in health information (assuming you at least enjoy it — wouldn’t want to push you into something you hated!) and see how you like the atmosphere and pace of being a makeup artist.

      Does your husband own his own shop/work for himself? Sometimes being independent comes along with a lot of other not-so-fun tasks.

  57. Nicolette

    where did you say you bought all the urban decay pigments from?

  58. Christine, I just watched the video for your collection and like always, I’m so inspired! I love how you’re a true collector at heart and you don’t take make-up/beauty too seriously. I think when people start to take things too seriously, it becomes less fun! Thank you for always blogging and sharing!! Your opinions do influence what I try out and what I buy!

  59. LH

    Thank you for your Blog thank you for all of your knowledge and thanks for sharing your passion with us. It is always nice to see someone who is so passionate and excited about what they do. I hope you eventually get that walk in makeup room of your dreams and I hope you continue to do what you love. I only recently discovered your blog but know as long as you keep doing it, my laptop keeps working and my kids give me five minutes I will continue to consult and view it.

  60. Jessica

    Thank you for sharing your collection! I must admit just a little jealous 😛 I love your comment about your dream makeup storage design.

  61. Erin

    Can I just borrow the pigment drawers? Please? 😉

    As an Army Wife, I love that you’re looking in to donating to our troops! I hope you’re able to make headway with that endeavor!

  62. Mia

    omg i can’t wait to watch the video! i LOVE makeup collections!
    do you go through your makeup fast? like finish lipglosses, lipsticks, etc.
    also do you Back 2 MAC often?

    • No, not at all, LOL. Let’s be real! I am in no way trying to delude myself into thinking that I don’t have enough makeup, that I will use it all, etc. which is why I’m a hobbyist/collector :)

      I Back 2 MAC for depotted empties and makeup remover wipes! I think I have about 80 empties right now.

  63. Cherokee

    I LOVE YOUR COLLECTION. I love watching collection videos because in some way it is very relaxing for me. I was just looking at my collection thinking I have way too much. Especially since I don’t wear makeup daily. But your collection makes me look as if I don’t own any makeup. I have those translucent draws from Container Store. I love them.

  64. Ginger

    Did you hear that noise Christine? That was my jaw hitting the floor!

  65. Kharina

    Dude!!!! I’m surprised Mellan doesn’t have his own makeup stash too!!! But seriously, how do you manage to keep peace with your boyfriend about all the makeup you have? I suppose its different once married…and reason I ask is b/c I’m married & addicted as well…and I have to hide the evidence in my car’s trunk or else he’ll be dissapointed at me (again) since we’re saving for a car…(SIGH). He tells me “every dollar counts” and while its true…I can’t help it. (LOL…I mean *SOBBING*)

    • Well, my boyfriend does all of the behind-the-scenes technical support for Temptalia, so he knows what goes into the making thereof, so he has no problems with it :)

      But I can understand if you’re saving up for something why you’d have to be a little more conscious of your buys!

  66. Megan

    So I would kill to have your collection!

  67. Marian

    I had to show my husband. He thinks I have too much makeup…..lol.

  68. Your amazon link to your 10 drawer carts doesn’t work. I was curious to see that. Hope I can soon. Awesome video!

  69. Cynthia

    wow! i was just thinking. i know it’s a long shot but i work for a non-profit and have been trying to get a Looking Good, Feeling Good group started for my client who used to do makeup. do you donate any makeup?

  70. Waiting for the vid to load (My BB is so slow this week)and was wondering if you have all the items catalogued? I have got a file for each company on the laptop and lists of everything I own so when I go shopping online I don’t get duplicates as i have a poor memory (Fibrofog) and shop online all the time as I am housebound. At first I thought it was a bit anal now I am glad I have done it as it saves me making mistakes lol :0) xxxJoolsxxx

    • I wish! I always wanted to, but I just never could manage to keep it updated, so I don’t. But it’s AWESOME that you do! I LOVE that you do, actually!

      What do you list on it? Just brand, product name?

  71. Karina

    wow.. how exciting just to look at.. but doesn’t some of thiese item expire.. and what if they expire before u get to use them up.. damnn you expiration dates.. 😉

  72. JessicaM

    Christine, It’s as if you own an entire Mac store! Keep it up! :>

  73. Nicole

    This is so glorious, Christine!! It’s like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, but with MAKEUP!! LOL. And I’m just talking about the pictures. I haven’t even watched the video yet!

    Thank you as always for being so open and real! The internet seems to be a greedy, crazy place sometimes. Your website is the best makeup resource out there, not only because it’s thorough and amazingly organized, but because of how genuine you are! 😀

  74. Nikki

    I wondered if you could get a little more indepth! I wish you could do a video on your eyeshadow palettes! I’d like to hear what you think about the shadows, which ones you like best. Awesome collection!!

  75. meowshirl

    How wished that I could have your whole makeup collection in my own room!!

    But then, my poor mother would be screaming at me!!!


  76. If you don’t mind, I embedded your video in my blog! Your collection is amazing!!!

  77. Mel

    oh my gosh beautiful! I am literally close to drooling!! 😛

  78. xMissxAndristx

    OMG Twinsies! lol. i’ll be 24 in sept too! on the 21st. are you a virgo too? if so, that’s why you’re able to stay so organized, haha. i’m addicted to organizational things.

  79. Ludwig

    Hey Christine!! I just wanted to let you know that I check your site daily and your reviews/recommendations are so helpful, especially to someone like myself who is a student with a limited makeup budget. Anyways, I have a couple of questions: Which method do you use to depot your eyeshadows (candle, pliers, etc)? Also, in your MAC compact drawer, I noticed some teal/blue coloured compacts. Which collection is that from? Thanks so much!!

    • I use the oven for most, but I use the lighter method for matte shades (they crack SO easy).

      Teal/blue – I believe that was Lure!

  80. rashmi

    wow christine ur house is like heaven for us … i mean for all of us makeup junkie …
    loved the post n m just all head over heels now to see all this …
    hats of to u christine for all ur passion for makeup …

    u know my comments are not being updated pls tell me the reason n m sorry if i hurt u in any way i always says this but pls i do check time n again for the replies… :(:(:(

  81. ale

    wowwwwwwww you’re lucky girl!!!!!!!!

  82. Major makeup pron :))

  83. SiaM

    Yes!!!Temptalia’s (Christine’s) makeup archives are so awesome!!!! You are great organizing your makeup, everything looks so pretty, colorful and shiny! Because of your wonderful collection I am always informed and learn new eyeshadow combinations, your stash really deserves even more makeup!!! I can’t wait to see it updated with all the MAC collections coming out this year!!!!

    BTW: The blue look really suits you, looks great =)

  84. KY

    HOLY…(Foaming at the mouth)…want….

  85. claudia

    C, I really enjoyed watching this video thanks for sharing with us :) it was so cute when you said “no actually I don’t have eyebrows in there” lol!

    I also wanted to thank you for mentioning at the end us girls that like to mod their cars, you wouldn’t believe how many people at shows come up to my bf and compliment him on my car because it’s hard for them to phantom that a girl would choose non-aesthetics mods and even harder for them to believe I work on my car.

    Lately, much to the bf’s disappointment, I’ve been moving my hobby interest from car pieces to make-up pieces LOOOOL! He sometimes says “why don’t you come on the scion forum anymore? stop looking at temptalia!” cos he knows I visit your site daily.

    And thanks also to your bf for the camera work!

  86. Janet

    WOW. Oh. My. Gosh. That is so amazing! I am so jealous… :) Wanna share? :)

  87. OMG Can I dump out all you makeup into a plastic kiddy pool and swim around it it? If I promise to put it all back! * Gets down on knees begging* PPPPLLLEEEAAAASSSEE LOL

  88. Allison

    you have an amazing collection christine! Besides working on your blog do you also work as a makeup artist?

  89. HOMG!! Amazing! Are you in the Guinness World Records?? :)Hearting this post. :)

  90. Kayla

    I LOOVEE makeup collections!
    and i absolutely love how organized you are!

  91. nekosan

    I love how you call it a collection, because that, i totally get. =)

  92. Hannah

    Wow, you’re so organized but I guess one must be to keep track of that huge collection

    …also, sorry if I’m enabling (lol! but I do think it’s nice that you take reader comments into consideration when you update your stash and look for products to test), have you gotten a hold on any of the Tom Ford lipsticks? I’d love to see swatches and reviews of those!

  93. Azaza

    Wow what an amazing collection. I dont think I would be able to build up my collection to that much ^_^

    Ah I just love watching collection videos

  94. cmferret

    yahh! ive been waiting for this video from u for a year now. i love watching makeup videos! =)

  95. Nanda Chaves

    WOW CHRISTINE! You`ve made us going crazy right now!!!!!!!

  96. Taunya

    I was pretty calm and collected until the Nars and MUFE drawer, then I perked up. But when you got to the luxury cart, I started to drool and cry! (In a good way). Funny how we all have our own triggers. I wish I could get into the less expensive brands, but the packaging is just not pretty enough for me. I like the shinies :)

  97. amelia

    because this is best beauty blog for review purposes and new mac launches EVER, the more makup u have christine the better! i only go to Temptalia whenever i want to read a review on a amc product or launch, so its definitely ESSENTIAL that you have this much makeup, IMO.

    • amelia

      oh, and while everyone is saying which of this collection they want, i want all the dazzleglasses, dazzleglass cremes and the chanel drawer 😉

  98. Wow! I love this! My friends call me crazy, because I have 400+ eyeshadows, and 120+ lipsticks/glosses. I should show them this! Like you, I am also a collector, and makeup is my main hobby. I should point out to my friends how much they spend on their hobbies, eh 😉

    • So many of us have our hobbies or loves and many of us invest in those. I see makeup the same way. But I also believe that everyone is entitled to buy what they want with their money! Not my business. If you’re able to afford it, power to you and enjoy it :) I’m a firm believer in not having or carrying credit card debt (except in limited circumstances, e.g. shelter, rent, food, etc.), and I actually only have two or three department store cards myself which I always pay off as soon as I use them, LOL! Training courtesy of my parents, I suppose.

      But anyway, all that is to say, as long as you’re not going into debt for it and it makes you happy, go for it 😀