Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Would you want to get a beauty makeover? What would you want them to do? Why would/wouldn’t you want one?

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47 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Would you want to get a beauty makeover?

  1. nunu

    I would love to get a beauty make over! I would want them to play up with the eyes and show me how to recreate the look! I want one so that i learn how to put make up that suits the shape of my eyes.

  2. Raven Fire

    I, would love a makeover. I like to learn how to acheive a beautiful and awesome look for a casual evening out.

    I know dramatic looks for my performances, but somehow that just doesn’t work for an everyday look. =(

  3. Nell

    I´m always too shy to have a make-over. I´m a grown woman, but those girls at counters totally intimidate me, I always know ahead of the time what I want and I´m in and out very fast. I never take advantage of what they know about products or that they could show me a new technique or colors that suit me. It´s probably because deep down I think I know it better anyway and I wouldn´t want to end up looking ridiculous when I leave myself at their mercy during a make-over. It´s all about control with me, lol!
    But I secretly would love a make-over. The best would be to have one from you, Christine! That would turn out great for sure!

    • lol, Nell! I totally get what you mean, though! I’ve had a few makeovers from counters, where I left going, “WHAT?” and had to fix a ton of things.

      Aww :) I am flattered!

  4. meg

    I think it would be fun!
    See a different look on myself that I normally wouldn’t wear.
    But I am pretty picky about my makeup, that would be the only hard part : )

  5. Kristen Elisabeth

    Sure, why not? I love to see what other people would use on me. It gives me new ideas. Worst comes to worst, I just take it off.

  6. AmyLou

    LOL, this is a total hobby of mine! I love to go to the counters and get totally made over! I’m always in search of a HG foundation and a great lipstick (I have lipstick issues!).

    Right now, I’d love to try out a cat eye or a green eye look or red lips with a neutral eye. The only thing I wouldn’t want done is a brownish or purple eye, as those are the two I usually do, so it’d be a bit of a waste. But other than that, they can do whatever they want–after all, it washes off! :)

  7. Absolutely not!!,Coz i myself am EXPERT!!


  8. Mae

    heck yes! I love to see what other peoples talents are and what they would do with my features. Even if I cant mimic it later, I love to see the artistic creativity they could do. Same goes for people who can do photoshop I tell em to grab my pics and go to town!

  9. I would love to get a makeover.

    I would like the new look to be -me-, though, not like something else (that would cause an identity crisis haha) Tips to a prettier me are always welcome xD

  10. I think it would be fun maybe to just try out a look I haven’t tried before. :)

  11. Lindsay

    Omg! I would love a makeover with Carmindy and Nick Arrojo from WNTW! The beauty makeover is my fave part of the show. I would gladly schlep around town in sweats for a month, so somebody would nominate me just for the hair and makeup (lol!)Especially my brows, because I’m obsessing a tad over them right now. . .

    • Haha!! I watch that show sometimes :) I couldn’t take a hair cut…

      • Lindsay

        Really? I guess I’m kind of a hair chameleon. My motto is, “It will grow back.” But, then, my hair grows really fast. If it took you forever to grow out, I could see not wanting to cut it.

        • I think it’s because when I was in the first grade, my mom chopped off my hair, and ever since then, I’m too scared to cut it short. Even though I am hair stupid, so a shorter hairstyle that’s almost naturally styled would fit my lifestyle, probably, LOL.

  12. dee

    Absolutely. I do it all the time now. Getting makeovers is how I find out about different combinations of eyeshadows, it’s where I found out blush actually looks good on me. It’s where I realized how different people(and hence, different products) can give my eyebrows a completely different look.

  13. Jennifer

    I do crazy looks on myself all the time just for the heck of it, so I wouldn’t mind terribly if someone else did it! My only stipulations would be, of course, no cutting or coloring the hair – I’ve put too much work into it for someone to just chop it off or bleach it into a pile of straw! But makeup-wise, anything goes.

  14. Chloe

    Hey Lindsay!! I didn’t know there was another person out there totally obsessed with WNTW like myself! DVR is full of their shows!! Back to your question Christine, I would love something really trendy using some bold lashes that I could actually wear out. Even though I feel like I know a lot about makeup I’m always eager to learn more! You can never know enough! 😉

    • Lindsay

      Oh yeah! I watch the show just for Nick and Carmindy. Stacy annoys me quite a bit, so I find myself just skipping over her and poor Clinton then going straight to the beauty part. Thank heavens for DVRs, right? That’s usually how I spend my Sunday afternoons (lol!)

    • Haha! WNTW is a good show to watch when nothing else is on (well, for me). If I TiVo’d it, it’d be way better, lol.

  15. cloudburst

    I used to get them, I had a great one done at MAC ages ago…but I stopped because I found the MA’s would always put too much on me. I have big features and it seems to bring out the crazy in every MA! That being said I would die to be made over by Francois Nars.

    • lol!! I’ve always asked for “what you think is best” because I’d love to figure out more ways to enhance my “natural beauty,” you know?

  16. Rubi

    I get one done about once a year. I am in Vegas and I decide that I want to look like someone (that I know a makeover will not make me look like). I like to stay current and not look dated so I think it is necessary. When I saw “Shoot ’em up” I decided I HAD to have bangs like the prostitute in the movie (I shoulda known better). And of course, after the cut, I go by MAC Pro at Cesar’s and get the matching make-up. Did I mention I wasn’t drinking?

  17. Skyler

    In terms of a real pipe dream… fix my teeth. You know those teeth makeovers they do in 24 hours when they’d normally take years of braces or whatever else? I would die to get that done.

    In terms of a more realistic make-over… I’d love a new hair colour and cut, something completely different because I’ve had the same style for at least eight or nine years now. It’s not dated (it’s a layered, piecey sort of style that flips out), I just can’t think of anything else that would suit me. My brows! Jesus. I hate them and want them polished and awesomely shaped for me. And more than anything, I’d love a make-up artist to show me how to make my skin look amazing. Without too many products because then I’ll just break out. It’s the cause of many woes and it brings my self-esteem down a few notches on a daily basis. :(

    Nell kind of echoed my own thoughts. I should just go to a MAC counter and freaking ask about my skin but I’m so ashamed of it that I don’t have the gall to let them look at it close enough (or go out with nothing on it!). It’s pathetic. But seriously, if a big make-over was offered to me, I’d totally take it. For sure, despite my own insecurities.

    • Zsofi

      go to the MAC counter Skyler!!!
      Dont e afraid.
      i used to be afraid of what others think of my skin,than my Mom advised to go out wizhout makeup…
      at first i felt horrible,naked and like everybody is looking at my blemishes,then my skin started to get a suntan and the blemishes healed,and i felt sooooooooooooo much better.
      now i dont wear makeup in the summer,to the beach or so…
      but i used to….
      if u are confident,your skin will be better….
      believe me…
      only the first step is hard….
      hope you get lots and lots of confidence soon..

    • Aww!! Braces do suck if you have to wear them for years upon years :( I hope you’re able to get your teeth fixed someday, somehow!

      I would LOVE to get a sweet hair cut and style and all that by someone who’s gifted and just KNOWS what style would be best for your face, too!

  18. Monica

    I would love, LOVE, LOVE to get a makeover! I end up doing always the same type of make up and hair and a good advise would be great to refresh my look and feel like a new me!

  19. Zsofi

    no way :-)
    they would cut some of my hair,which i dont want….
    my skin is super sensitive,only a few things dont make it red… they would put many masks on,which would make me break out…
    no way :-)

  20. crystalicoxygen

    i once had to make a horrible experience with makeovers….

    i was heading for my math course, and still had extra time which i didnt know what to spend on. so as usuall i went inside our biggest perfumery when a clinique retailer spoke up to me, and asked me if i want a makeover, after asking her about the price: she offered to do it for free because she was “bored”


    so i sat down, and let her do all the stuff… well. as i looked inside the mirror i was shocked to death. she caked layers of makeup on my skin (although its really clean and nice) and real strange looking eyeshadow and everything. she thought i looked really pretty!!! Oo

    i just left and had to sweep it all off with my hands as hard as i could till i reached the course. i hope she got fired *lol*

    ugh… horrible horrible. since then im scared of stuff like that. 😉