Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Would you be interested in a Temptalia meet-up? I’ve been toying with the idea of having a meet-up of Temptalia readers (and me!) at the San Francisco PRO store sometime.ย  I’d love to see if anyone would be interested!ย  And really, it’s okay to say no, you won’t break my heart… much! :)

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90 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Would you be interested in a Temptalia meet-up?

  1. Jenny

    If it was at the Las Vegas Pro store, me and my good friend (whose also a reader) would definitely meet up!! I think it’s a great idea!

  2. Chica

    I wish! But the flights from England would cost me a pretty penny :o(
    Great idea for your stateside readers though!!

  3. Emmie

    If I could get there from Ireland I definitely would!

  4. Hmm, wonder how much flight tickets are from Australia to San Fran? Lol, great idea though!

  5. MoOn

    I would like to coz I feel you are such a sweet person hehe,but I’m at the second half of the world lol

  6. Anna Clara

    too bad I’m Italy.. :(

    hope you can arrange it though!


  7. Shefali

    OMG I would love to but I’m in LA :( I would still like to know if and when you do it because I go up north sometimes to visit friends and if the day you do it coincides with a visit, I would totally go!

  8. i would, but i’m in good old New Jersey :(

    we should have an east coast one too and put Christine on speakerphone LOL

  9. Sara

    im in pa :( otherwise id totally be there!

  10. victoria

    wow chhristine, you’re fans seems to be all over the world. i’m in l.a. and i go to the south coast pros store. i would love to meet you and go shopping.

    • I know, they are! I can’t believe it :) It’s so crazy, I used to live in Irvine, CA, but lol, I didn’t have fans back then, unfortunately!

      I’m sure I’ll get to SoCal in the future, so if I do, we’ll definitely meet up!

  11. Nell

    Iยดd love to come, but Iยดm in Austria. But one more really good reason to travel to the US again…;)

  12. n.fiona

    ok, there seems to be a lot of european fans. i’m a canadian fan. i’m sure you have a huge fanbase in toronto alone! if you can come up to toronto, that would be fantastic.

  13. bec

    sydney to san francisco..
    i’d go just to meet you if i had the money!

  14. dee

    ha. I’m in the DC area, but if I was in your neck of the woods I’d jump at the chance of going make-up shopping with you.

  15. Mandi

    I live in Palo Alto, so I would totally come! Great idea!

  16. Madeleine

    I would love to leave our Northern frickin’ cold Ontario and go somewhere warmer,but not until the tax season is over….Taxes first :(

    • LOL! Don’t worry, the meet-up will be planned still yet in the future, and if it goes well, which I’m sure it will, there will definitely be more!

  17. Peggy

    I work over by the Embarcadero. I would most definitely go.

  18. Fie

    Lol. D: I wish flight tickets would just fall from the sky. I would love to visit a PRO store as well as meeting you!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. Black Velveteen

    Holla from New Jersey!
    Christine, if I was in your neck of the woods, I would so be there! That’s a great idea! You SanFran ppl are so lucky! :)

  20. kat

    Great idea, but I’m from BC, Canada. But if it was the Van Pro store then I’d consider it haha ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. Milwaukee girl. Can’t make it. Me so sad. Specktra is meeting in Texas, Temptalia in Cali. Any upper midwesterners???

  22. Tekoa

    *gets on a dogsled and takes a trip from Alberta* Might take a while to get there.

  23. Lindsay

    Hey! Where in Alberta? Im in Edmonton!

  24. zoe

    Id absolutely love to but im in paris, a friend of mine is moving to san francisco in semptember so i may come over and visit at somepoint and if theres a meetup up then ill be there.

  25. I’d come! Love to meet you and the other SF beauty bloggers!

  26. Zsofi

    I live in Hungary,so pretty far away ๐Ÿ˜€ but good idea anyway, hope You do this meeting.

  27. Vera

    I live in SF, and I love going to the PRO store for my MAC fix. I would definitely be there. =)

  28. Ashlee

    That would be so nice. Id love to go but im in North Carolina and im scared to fly!

    I hope some of you work it out!

  29. tricia

    i would love to, but i live in los angeles.

  30. I would SO come! Set it up, girl!

  31. That’s a great idea, I think that would be a lot of fun to do! I live in Mountain View, so I am seriously not that far away! :) The only problem is I won’t be able to do it for some time.

  32. Vanessa

    I’m in Georgia so that would be hard! but i wish you the best of luck and i think it’s a really cool idea

  33. denise

    i would definatley come… i live in l.a so a little 6 hour drive would not hurt… (:

    there are alot of Aussies on this board… i’m so jealous ):

  34. If I still lived in the bay area, you know I’d hollar girl! Maybe in a couple years you can do a meet up in Hawaii? YAY! A good excuse to be here :) Great idea though. I think it’s great to interact in person with the great readers whose support is so amazing!! Even though I won’t be able to make it, I’m there in spirit for sure!

  35. If I was in the Bay area, I’d be all over it:)

  36. ally

    lol! there are so many people from all over the world! great community!

    im from outta the question at the mo :( I hope it works out with those that live close by!

  37. Tanya

    YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!! I would drive to SF in a heartbeat to play make-up :) 2-3 hour drive isn’t too bad and I can hit my fav vegan eatery…and maybe Lush too! Just don’t make it on a Monday, since I have class that day.

    *reader doing a little happy dance*

  38. Arina

    I’m so jealous! :'( I live in Toronto,Canada and right now I cannot afford flight ticket for a meet-up. So sad. But, if you’ll make it happen, share pictures with the rest of us! :) Maybe one day you’ll visit your fans in Canada too?

  39. Cristina

    If I was in San Francisco, I would love to :) But I live far, far away…

  40. Janis

    I’m fine with a San Francisco meet-up as long as it’s going to be in December lol! I will be spending the holidays there.

  41. Chrissy

    If I was in San Francisco, I’d be there in a heartbeat, but, I live up here in the U.S.’s icebox…Alaska. :(

  42. Annie

    Moved to Houston from LA when I was 4… If I was still there- I WOULD BE SO EXCITED TO MEET UP!!!!

  43. Renee

    im down!!! :] berkeley love!! <3

  44. Erin

    Too bad I’m in Utah. Hehe. I love the MAC store on Union though!

  45. ilovecheese

    Awwwww!! I wish I lived in the same continent, I’d love to meet you!:D I’m all the way over here in India!