Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

Will you be partaking in Sephora’s Friends & Family sale this year? What’s on your list?

Temptalia's Answer.

I haven’t decided yet. I’m sure I’ll find something to buy…


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78 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Will you be partaking in Sephora’s Friends & Family sale this year?

  1. Sixx

    Yep…Urban Decay Book of Shadows will make a great gift….

  2. milaxx

    I think so especially if I can use it to get the Carol’s Daughter Princess and the Frog set.

  3. Meta

    My list consists of the 3 NARS e/s duos and the new Luxor multiple.

  4. Kajsa

    No, they don’t ship internationally :(

  5. Joan

    I have a whole cart ready but I’m still undecided, lol.

  6. Paige

    Maybe because I want to get the sampler sets and maybe the new purple Kat Von D palette.

  7. Miss_M

    Unfortunately I’m in Europe, so we never get great deals like this !

  8. yes..i have a few things to try….they are not like “i have to have”…but sale are good tym to try new stuff…

  9. joolz2u

    YES!!! My list keeps getting longer. Can’t wait!

  10. casey

    Yes! why not take this opportunity to try some new products out!

  11. Brandi

    not sure, depends if us canadians can get the deal, cause if so… SWEET!

  12. R. Cooper

    Yeap…I have already loaded my shopping cart with skin care and makeup goodies!
    Just waiting to hit the “place order” button on Monday!

  13. MC

    The Sephora blockbuster palette (a gift for someone)
    UD 24/7 liner in honey
    Givenchy mascara
    Vera Wang princess perfume

    … not a lot. I know I also want some of the MAC lip gloss sets so I wasn’t going to buy lipgloss from the FF sale… that’d be lipgloss overload…

    • Rosie

      I love Honey! That was the first e/l I bought from UD and I wore it about two summers ago and the kids I work with loved it. “Your eyes are always gold”

  14. fiaspice

    If it work for Canada, I might best UD Book of Shadow since it’s not available in my Sephora store (dam language law)

  15. alicia

    Definitely not. I like to buy makeup for fun, when I need a break from work. Buying a bunch of products at once does not thrill me. I don’t have staples or must-haves, except for my 3 bottles of skincare, which I buy when I run out.

  16. scarlettholly

    oh yes! I’m getting nars orgasm blush, the urban decay book of shadows, and if sets are allowed the stila gloss set and the urban decay 24/7 pencil sets.

  17. kat

    Nothing-unless it’s available in Canada now? (probably not haha!)

  18. Christina


    Bliss Lid + Lash Makeup Remover
    Skyn Iceland Detox Kit and Glacial Cleansing Wipes
    Diorskin Nude foundation

    and then for gifts for others I wanted to buy:
    Philosophy Breakfast in Bed kit
    Stila Lip Glaze collection
    Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava Spray Perfume set

  19. Heather

    Yes! I’m getting both of the tarte palettes!

  20. Charlene Daalling

    I tried using the ff2009 online but it didnt work so I guess not. Especially since I didnt get the email. :(

  21. Andrea

    I won’t cause I’m in Canada :(

  22. Ive been wanting to splurge on Stila and Two-Faced for a while now. But still undecided on which products. Plus, I’ve been eye-balling their “tools” section.

  23. Heheh, I’m sure you’ll find something to get! 😉

    I hope to get the Clarisonic, the UD Super Stash and Korres Jasmine Body Butter. I tried the body butter last week, it smelled so good!

  24. lel

    yep, the pink clarisonic, that’s all

  25. Alexis

    I probably shouldn’t but I know I will. I really want to get a NARS blush I just haven’t decided which. =P

  26. Susan

    I think so! I want to get another tinted moisterizer from Smashbox. I fell in love with it this past spring. It a must have for me now!

    Does anybody know if the Urban Decay Holiday items are on the Sephora website now?? I know they are on UD online… just haven’t seen them on Sephora. Would like to get the 24/7 liners with the discount! =)

    • Rosie

      For the most part they are, check again. I’m a total UD nut, so I’m dying to get some of their new stuff.

  27. Yep… I’m buying…

    Mat Velvet+ in #35
    UB Book of Shadows II
    GHD Straighter

    Sooooo excited! My x-mas gifts to myself, haha

  28. Violet

    yessss, i want the lancome star bronzer, and the lancome comforting rehydrating toner.

    if you don’t know what to get and are looking for a good mascara you haveee to try the lancome l’extreme lengthening mascara, the rows of bristles are nicely seperated so it never clumps and makes your eyelashes longgg!

  29. Alice

    YES. i’ve been waiting for weeks! i want:

    Nars aqua gel hydrator
    Fresh Star Light ,Star Bright set
    Urban Decay Primer Potion
    Philosophy Microdelivery stuff

    Maybe Rouge volupte (but the website is out in Caress Pink, which is what I want!)
    Maybe Guerlain Rouge G in Georgia

    and combing through the site for more ideas :)

  30. Jennifer

    Yes, if I can get the discount on what I want, which is a christmas gift for my neurologist PA-C.

    Otherwise nothing for me. I’m in the red on Credit card bills right now, and well I’m just waiting for Baroque MAC to come out next month!

  31. Mischa

    Dior Nude foundation
    Dior Nude loose powder
    Dior shimmer star ( rose )
    Dior 2-colour eyeshadow ( nude look )
    Dior blush ( a touch of blusher )
    Clinique eyeliner ( black )
    Shu Umera lipstick ( i haven’t decided which shade yet >.<)

  32. Probably not. MAC Pro has spoiled me on discounts – If it’s not nearly half off I just can’t justify getting it (I did pick up ONE of the Chanel lip lacquers from Nordy’s though – Couldn’t help it! And I MAY need to get their Eye Definer in Demoniac too… Sigh.)

    Other than that, I’m looking forward to giving my wallet a break from cosmetics purchases until after Christmas :)

  33. daphne

    Yep, I’m excited! Been talking with my friend about it for weeks. Trying to be practical, though…

    I know I’m definitely getting the Korres Wild Rose Regimen Kit, as I’ve been experimenting with new kinds of skincare, and also Benefit CORALista, which I’ve just been stalling getting because it’s a bit expensive (but it’s perfect for me).

    I am thinking of getting the Stila Holiday Smudge Pot set (I love smudge pots, but not sure yet) and the Tarte Treasure Chest, which is just such a bargain and in particular comes with so many matte colors! I considered getting MUFE HD foundation but finally decided liquid foundation is not for me. I’m

  34. I always have stuff to buy, lol. but I just hope that this year, Canada will be included =(

  35. Lindsay

    MUFE foundation and setting powder, and DermaDoctor physical chemistry (face exfoliator)

  36. I agree with Brandi,

    If the sale is also in Canada, then definitely, we’ll have to see.

    • Kell

      How do we find out? I’d really like to know… Somehow, I doubt it though..! :(

      • Hanna

        God i would really like to know too! Does anyone outhere know…..?anyone?

        • Hanna

          The sale is in Canada too!!!!!!!
          I am so happy! i just called them and ask and YES! we get the discount as well!!!!!!!!!
          So start filling your carts!

          • Diana

            Dear Diana,

            Thank you for contacting

            The promotion that you are interested in, Friends and Family 2009, is not available to our Canadian clients. If you are subscribed to receive Beauty Insider email, we do send promotions available to our Canadian clients ordering online.

            • Ricquetta

              Its not available online but its in stores! I just got one discount card from one of the ma’s. Its like a postcard and they get to give it out to who ever they want, so if you can snatch one then I say go for it!

            • Hanna

              That is so so odd!
              I called and talked to a lady yesterday at the Sephora 1800 number and she said it will be available to Canadians online….guess we still don’t know then…..just have to try i guess…..

  37. Devin

    Yes definitely! I already have a cart ready for checkout :) I’d list everything but it’s too long, haha!

  38. Lexi

    Well im getting the benefit erase paste i think but if anyone has tried it,is it good for under eye circles?or should i choose another one?and if so which one do you think is good for under eye circles?hope you can help.

    • i use it for undereye and love it!

    • Lexi, I have an almost new one on my swaplist on MUA if you don’t want to spend that much on something you aren’t sure about. Just thought I would let you know. I have used it just a few times with a clean brush with at least 98% remaining. Medium brightness because the light is so incredibly light because of the brighteners in it and I am very fair skin. The light was like glow in the dark on my fair skin. It is a great product, but I have two and had this one in my travel kit that I purchased in September, but realized I won’t need it and hate for it to go bad. Take care Jennifer (macface2adore on YT)

  39. shontay

    Next week I will take advantage. I live in Jersey and it’s getting crazy cold so I have to get ready for that with coats, sweaters, etc.

  40. Rachel

    Of course I am. I am getting the Urban Decay 24/7 super stash and probably some OPI polishes.

  41. Lorna

    Most definitely! NARS just released three anniversary palettes online ( at least one of them is already sold out) and I have a whole list which I need to cut back on. They have so many amazing holiday palettes, I am going buck wild. So far my list includes:

    NARS brousse
    NARS eurydice
    NARS luxor (depending on how this swatches because I hope it is not too frosty)
    NARS multiple coffret (I am so happy it has mini multiples of orgasm, south beach, and copacabana)
    NARS day and night palette
    POSSIBLY one of the larger NARS anniversary palettes depending on how many colors I already have form them
    Juicy Couture travel fragrance
    MUFE Aqua eyes collection set (the one with four colors, not the $250 one with all the full size colors)
    MUFE best of MUFE set
    Sephora OPI nail color set (the one with 6 colors, not the 3)

    I was going to get some MAC items but when I saw the recent launch in the store, I wasn’t overly impressed and decided I would just go and get my NARS fix. So far I am intrigued by some of the MAC collections coming out but I am not eager in anticipation for any one of them. I think that’s why I might go overboard with my NARS stuff.

    Now I just need to go over my list and decide what I can cut out of it….

  42. Nicole

    Heck yea! Definitely the Urban Decay Super Stash 24/7 eyeliners set. I might add some more to that list before Monday though, we’ll see. 😀

  43. amy

    Of course there are things I want to buy, but I would only participating if it is available to non US residents. On the other hand, I would like to save some money to get my family and close friends a little Christmas present for each of them, I may just have to skip out on a few of the up coming MAC collections and see what happens budget wise.

  44. Rosie

    Yes! I’m dying to get Show Pony and the Platinum Air Brush #55. And the 24/7 Super Stash. And maybe some kind of oil control lotion.

  45. Nicci

    Yes, I totally forgot about this! I might get this Oxygen serum or mask…can’t decide yet. Get some Jack Black lotion for my boyfriend, and I can’t think of anything else…I am sure I will when I visit Sephora again.

  46. Erin

    Yeup! I’ve had my list for a while now! I can’t wait!

  47. Michele

    What’s the discount? I didn’t get an E-mail and I’m a VIP customer…grrr Is the code ff2009?

  48. Ruth

    I’m in Vancouver, Canada and the F&F sale is not valid opn line for us. We do however get the discount in store. I’ve placed a big order from Sephora nearly 2 weeks ago and I’m receiving it Tuesday. I don’t even attempt to log onto Sephora the first day of the F&F, it’s always crashing !!!!!!!!! I remember the fiasco last year !

  49. Justine

    nothing. I am in canada.

  50. Tattoo Girl

    MUFE e/s number 80, 310, and 311, and the Sephora brand Colorful Artist Palette for a gift for my friend. She is just starting a collection and I thought this would be a good way for her to have a range of colors to play with. Probably some nail polish for my mom also!

  51. Yes, it is the time of the year for me to get the palettes I have been wanting and I think some MUFE liners:) I have a hole in my wallet from this Sephora gift card burning a hole in it while waiting for the sale…lol. It will be great fun!

  52. Yes – I want the Urban Decay Book of Shadows II.

  53. Beck

    I’m planning a few items, but not a giant haul. I’m trying to rotate my stash more and it would be counterproductive to buy a lot of new makeup – especially eyeshadow, I just depotted a bunch of singles and I’ve got a full 15-pan palette of neutrals.

  54. I may partake in Sephora’s F&F Sale but I’m not sure yet. I’m lemming on some MUFE’s products and Dior’s products and Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner in Zero since I do need another one as well as Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

  55. Sass

    Ummm…yeah. I have only a few things I need…want…to pick up. :)

  56. DazzleGlam

    – Smashbox Lash DNA Mascara

    – Sephora Favorites Lip Service Deluxe Sampler

    – Sephora Favorites LashStash Mascara Deluxe Sampler

    – Urban Decay 24/7 Super Stash

    – Urban Decay Hi-Fi 24/7 Set

    – Aqua Eyes Collector Set (Value $425)

    – bareMinerals® Lustworthy Lips & Lashes

    – Buxom A Wink & A Kiss II

  57. Heidi

    I want the UD Super Stash of liners, but after the discount when you add shipping and tax back on I don’t save any money so… I’ll just buy them in the store another time.

  58. Kristin

    I’ve got a list for myself, and I’ve asked my mom for her Christmas list so that I can get her something on sale.

  59. jollie

    yes I am. I already have my items waiting on the shopping cart. :)

  60. Siledhel

    I have so many things that I want, and I’m just waiting for this years sale to stock up

  61. Megan

    3 Benefit lipsticks
    NARS Dolce Vita blush
    2 OPI by Sephora nail polishes

    Im so excited!

  62. Jannie

    YES I am so excited!!! Makeup Forever foundation here I come!!!

  63. Trying to right now!!!

  64. Karli

    I would.
    But unfortunately, I was in a bit of a rush to get my makeup (I had a big event coming up, what else was I supposed to do?) and got my haul a few weeks early.
    Now I have no money.