Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What’s on your nails right now? Nothing? New shade of polish?

Temptalia's Answer.

Nothing for me!


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156 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What’s on your nails right now?

  1. On my nails right now is Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color in Black Diamond.

  2. Shower Together by China Glaze on all of my fingernails but my ring fingers. My ring fingers have Solar Power by China Glaze, with little orange and black butterflies outlined in gold. :]

  3. China Glaze Avalanche. It looks like a metal vesion of Mac Satin Taupe! I love it!

  4. french acrylic… thats my fav these days. Classic and simple!

  5. Natalie

    Russian Navy by OPI. Love the dark color! :)

  6. elysia



  8. Sophia

    China Glaze Thunderbird

  9. Torie

    I have UD Grunge and Sephora by OPI How Many Carats? on top of that. I just received my UD Apocolyptic Nail Polish last wk and I love all the colors. This was the first one I tried though.

  10. A rather elaborate mani that I did yesterday, actually:
    1 coat Orly Bonder
    1 coat Essie Fill the Gap!
    2 coats Zoya Zara (light purple with gold shimmer)
    1 thick french tip in Zoya Ginessa (shimmery white)
    1 thin coat Zoya Zara
    1 coat pa A125 (multi-size holographic glitter)
    white & gold cherry blossom nail stickers
    multisize and colored rhinestones
    1 coat SH Miracle Cure for Severe Problem Nails
    1 coat Seche Vite

  11. kitty

    a sparkly, wintery silver-white with a chunky silver glitter gel overlay. after a dark, matte fall i am slowly slipping into snow queen mode ^^

  12. Sarah M

    Nothing at the moment :-( but I just bought the two nail polishes from the Dior holiday collection, which I love! It’s my birthday on Sunday so I’m going to be applying the purple one. Can’t wait.

  13. kirsty

    China Glaze Emerald Sparkle

    I am loving all over glitters this winter :)

  14. MAC’s Cool Reserve

  15. xiulan

    A pearl like nail polish from OPI. I need to change to a fall pearl color. I really do not wear the dark colors.

  16. Luna

    OPI – No Spain No Gain :o)

  17. Donna

    OPI’s All Lacquered Up

  18. I have nothing on right now :) I’m trying to decide on some green shades :)

  19. MAC Violet Fire (Style Warriors) with china glaze’s matte top coat (lots of compliments!)

  20. Joanne

    Just a clear coat!

  21. Jen

    Nothing here, but I’m waiting for a shipment of China Glaze 😀

  22. Amal

    Nothing for me either! :)

  23. Tracy

    China Glaze IDK. I tried a zoya matte (Loredana) yesterday with a shiny tip, and although it was a nice idea, I didn’t do it well, so it had to come off.

  24. Proximity

    metallic neutral taupe, with white tips, and then a milky very light pink over the top, making it all opalescent instead of metallic.
    The taupe’s a very old OPI, and I have no idea what the name was. The sticker fell off ages ago.

  25. jollie

    essie “mint green apple”. It looks too brigth for this time of the year, so I applied Sephora by OPI gold glitter on top to warm it up.

  26. auroragyps

    3 coats of ChG Ruby Pumps, 1 coat of Orly Prisma Gloss Gold, 2 coats of Orly Love Each Other, and 1 coat of ChG Techno. They’re totally bling-tastic.

  27. Ophelia

    sephora by opi’s absinthe makes the heart. it’s really nice!

  28. Nicole13

    Turned up Turquoise…

  29. Me

    I’m wearing Beauty Junkie from Opi for Sephora!

  30. Chiara

    Nothing .. yet. I had to cut them, since they all went yellowy and fragile ( I’ve been a nailbiter for over 7 years! Ofcourse i was thrilled when i FINALLY had some long nails to show of). Atleast, they look healthy now.

    PS : I’m totally lemming that Chanel Holiday nail polish.

  31. MissDeeCanada

    I always have nailpolish on. My new favorite colour is a Red by Nicole called DEEPLY IN LOVE!

  32. Diana

    Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat
    Chanel Le Vernis Imperial

  33. Nicole

    Nothing right now.
    But, I will do my nails tonight and then I will apply OPI Over the Taupe.

  34. Anitacska

    Nothing. Nail polish always peels off my nails within days, so I can’t be bothered to paint them very often. I had the new Mac nail polish (Lucky Number) on my nails for a few days when I bought it, but it just looked terrible within a day or so. I have rubbish bendy nails, that’s the problem.

  35. j533j

    Nothing right now, but I’m looking for the perfect red/plum/burgundy color for fall :)

  36. Sharon

    I’m wearing Sephora OPI nail color in “Mermaid to Order”. It’s a pretty green/blue shift kind of color.

  37. iron maiden

    OPI – all a-bordeaux the sled

  38. Nails Inc. Berkeley Square – dark gray creme with blue undertones. I’m in love!

  39. Sairah

    LOL, nothing. Am waiting for my OPI polishes to arrive..

  40. ann

    China Glaze Channelesque! 😀

  41. sandra

    Opi’s Canbarra’t without you 😉

  42. Fatima

    One coat of Chanel’s Vendetta.

  43. Tina

    White and pink acrylics…need a wrap to keep them from ripping….

  44. Sarah

    Mine are painted my favorite color right now – OPI’s Bogota Blackberry, a deep shade of red with a very slight shimmer. I was actually just about to remove the polish, though. It’s been almost a week since I painted them, so the edges are looking a little ragged.

  45. Brittany

    Shim-Merry Chic by OPI!!! Love this color!

  46. Nadine

    CG Ruby Red Slippers (I think that’s what it’s called). It’s sooooo pretty! I just got the gold holo that it was promo’d with and I think I may put that on top. Maybe try black polish under ruby red!

  47. Vanessa

    Essie Midnight Cami. A bit too dark for everyone else’s taste here in Miami but I like it. My boss thinks I’ve gone goth on her.

  48. Heatherette

    China Glaze Fifth Avenue!

  49. Joanna

    “Done out in deco” by OPI—it’s a pale purple, no shimmer, no glitter….i’ve gotten the most compliments on this color. I work at a nail salon so I change my nail color every week and whenever I wear this color I’m always guaranteed to be asked “what is that color?” or “i love that color!” =) btw love your website, keep up the good work!

    • Debbie

      India mood for love by opi…..I needed a cheerful fushia shade, a nice change from my parked vous opi! Love that shade too!

  50. Bella

    Essie “Lovey Dovey” It’s the perfect Barbie pink!

  51. China Glaze’s For Audrey and Colour Workshop’s French White. My Tiffany & Co.’s look!

  52. Jennifer

    Right now, Diamond Cosmetics “Chainmail Charm” – a gorgeous black/charcoal holographic polish sort of like Color Club’s Revvvolution. However, I will change my manicure later to be more Thanksgiving-ish and festive, and I plan to do Zoya Angelina with China Glaze 2030 Konad-ed in a pattern on top! :)

  53. Lauren Williams

    I currently have the minx black and white houndstooth design on my nails… I’m really loving the minx nail concept…

  54. Essie Mink Muffs — and I’ll probably add black french tips today!

  55. Zana

    OPI decked out in deco

  56. Saira

    I am wearing Nails Inc in Belgrave Place. It’s a gorgeous, deep blueish-purple colour. I’ve been eyeing it up for ages and finally got it at the weekend :o) .

  57. Janet

    OPI Smitten With Mittens, but I’m going to change it to OPI Shim-Merry Chic tonight!

  58. Alice

    OPI’s Merry Midnight with Essie’s Matte About You over them!

  59. Sonja

    Just painted this very second with Chanels ‘Dragon’. Got it today,pricy as hell for a nail polish, but it’s red and looks like rouge allure laque in dragon sooo…

  60. LA Girl Rock Star Nail Polish in Supernova! Which I should have put over a dark base, but it’s pretty nifty all on its own.

  61. Aeman

    I have OPI “Done out in deco” shade on right now. Its an opaque milky lilac and I love it.

  62. I have Butter London “Brittish racing green”.

  63. jacqui

    Blazing Blue from Sally Hansen

  64. Kristin

    Two coats of Sephora by OPI Metro Chic, with a top coat of my 7 year old’s Glimmer Gloss. Haha. It adds no color, but a nice blue sparkle.

  65. Siledhel

    Mermaid to Order nail polish of Sephora by OPI
    Not loving it really, specially for the office.
    I was trying to get a half-moon manicure yesterday but ran out of time and couldn’t apply the black coat -_-

  66. Cathy

    i have the on the prowl hello kitty grey polish on my toes and fingers and i painted black zebra stripes on top…my nails are stained pink right now though cause i colored my hair with semipermanent dye so it rubs off on everything :(

  67. yvette

    I’ve been changing my nails every day or so lately! Right now it’s just the new CG glitters in Disco Ball (clear base with micro silver glitter and big holo glitter hexagons).

  68. Landa

    China Glaze Chocodisiac

  69. Erica

    Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud. I found the last one hiding behind something else on the display!

  70. Amber

    Merry Midnight from OPI’s Holiday Collection! Gorgeous purple jelly base with holographic flakies and glitter!

  71. Bridgette

    For Audrey nail polish from China Glaze.

  72. black cherry chutney by OPI
    (I put it on yesterday and it’s already starting to chip :( It’s the only OPI shade I have that does that…)

  73. amy

    Chanel Kaleidoscope layered with Sephora OPI in Untarnished.

  74. Jess0501

    i got OPI “party in my cabana” with “black onyx” at the tip ^^ they are starting to chip though

  75. Sara

    China Glaze ‘Awaken’

  76. Christy T

    China Glaze Carnival Lights. Love the crazy sparkles!

  77. coco72

    A Deliplus (spanish brand) nail polish in navy blue, very similar to MAC Naughty Nautical (LE)

  78. TT

    Nothing right now, waiting for my recent Nubar polish purchase called, “Eiffel Tower Sparkle” to arrive. Hopefully I can do something Christma-sy with my new Konad plates!!

  79. Orly Glitz, a beautiful warm gold. Slightly deeper than the China Glaze winter collection version. Topped off with Orly top coat. Am loving the glitters this season. Can hardly wait to pick up nearly ALL the colours of China Glaze relaunch of Wizard of Ooz Ahzz.

  80. Gwen

    a neon yellow with essie’s matte about you t/c 😀

  81. Karin

    China Glaze – Ruby Pumps!

  82. tremorviolet

    OPI’s La Paz-itively Hot. It’s the perfect hot pink shade. It sounds boring but I’ve been wearing it for years and it’s pretty much my trademark.

  83. Charlene

    Avon color trend in Topaz

  84. China Glaze Ruby Pumps

  85. Samantha

    OPI “Linkin park after dark” matte

  86. Donna

    Nohting and about to take my arcylics off this weekend. over them already

  87. Katya

    i have Ruby Pumps – by China Glaze!!!

  88. Megan

    Nothing for me but tomorrow I plan on putting on Sephora by OPI in Screen Test!

  89. lunamaris

    Chanel Red Dream (with Sally Hansen age correct no chip base+topcoat)
    …a beautiful dark red with glitter

  90. Jess

    OPI-Chapel of love :)

  91. RIMMEL in ‘CHOLCOLATE FACTORY’> you can see the colour of it on the latest video tutorial on my site..

  92. clearly i can’t type! LOL I meant ‘Chocolate Factory’!! x

  93. Zoe

    yoga-to get this blue by OPI

  94. Sans

    nail tek intensive therapy

  95. Bianca

    Nothing except for one coat of nail tek foundation II. I am planning on putting some CG later but haven’t decided on a color yet.

  96. Viktoria

    China Glaze coconut kiss :)

  97. reesa

    A deep pumpkin brown color by Avalon. No name was on the bottle. I really like it.

  98. liana

    wearing OPI Russian Navy MATTE Collection
    p.s the Matte colours do not last! mine start to chip after 2 days, if u want it to last u need the top gloss coat, but it defeats the purpose of being matte!

    too bad b/c the matte looks cool

  99. mattese elite in solid silver. It’s my $6 version of minx!