Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What is the one hair tool you could not live without? Flat iron, blow dryer?

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21 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What is the one hair tool you could not live without?

  1. inuchan

    Considering mine is quite long, hairbrush !!! 😉

  2. Jessica

    Definitely my Solia hair straightener!

  3. Chica

    My Remington hair straighteners, I love them. I leave my hair curly quite often , about 5 out of 6 washes, so I don’t wreck my hair but these straighteners are the best I’ve ever tried, it takes under an hour to straighten my hair (I have really long hair!!) which even the magical GHDs it takes longer with.

  4. Cat

    My pony tail holder. Always my go to when i’m too lazy to do my hair. That and my chi flat iron.

  5. Anitacska

    Hair dryer. If I don’t blow dry my hair it looks awful (hate going on beach holidays because of this, I always look hideous in the pictures, bit like Monica in Friends when they went on the conference with Ross in the caribbean.

    • sej

      Hahaha….I love Friends and I totally know what you mean! My hair would look like that all the time if I did not flat iron it, so my tool would be my flat iron.

  6. I would have to go with hair dryer as well. If I don’t blow dry I have to keep running a brush or comb through it so it won’t look like half of a wave (which is not cool at all).

  7. Andrea

    My flat iron for sure!!!!

  8. Hmm, i would have to say a hair tie.
    Only because i wont leave home without one EVEN if my hair is done (either natural or straightened). Seriously, if i were stranded or something, i would have to know i could at least bring a hair tie with me!

    Other than a hair tie, i would have to say Aussie Mousse + Leave in conditioner. I LOVE this product because it doesnt make my hair hard or crunchy AT ALL.

  9. jess

    Hair Ties or barrettes. I have long, thick, crazy hair, and if I couldn’t pull it back, I’d be insane.

    I also would have a difficult time w/o my blowdryer, since I have so much hair it takes 9283029832 years to let it air dry. I don’t blow dry every day, but it’s helpful when I need it.

  10. SnickerDoodle

    Hands down, flat iron. I’d die.

  11. Tanya

    I agree, I would look like an 80s bad perm reject if I didnt hit my hair with a flat iron. Even if I am going to wear my hair wavy or curly, I have to flat iron it and then add the curls….the natural curls I have are hidious!!!!!

  12. Heather

    Good old hair elastic.

  13. Sandy

    I don’t use any tools. I have fine and wavy hair medium that’s medium length. I just wash, put some moose in my hair and go

  14. Ariele

    My T3 flatiron!

  15. A brush and a hairtie or clip of some sort – my hair falls to my waist and is pretty straight, so I don’t (can’t, really) style it, just occasionally tie it back or clip it up so it’s out of my face.

  16. Josie

    A medium sized, round hair brush, and a high quality hair dryer.

  17. Tracy T.

    My T3 flatirons! I also use them to iron things like sashes on dresses, butt pocket flaps, buttondowns that have folded under at the buttons… Oh yeah I also use them on my hair.

  18. Burlesque Doll

    My beautiful GHD love love love

  19. Water! I have naturally wavy hair and if it really doesn’t look too good and my waves aren’t separated and are kind of frizzy, I’ll either mist some water on them and tossel a bit, or I’ll turn on the shower and stand in the back, letting the steam and mist make my hair curl up 😉 i just bring my toothbrush in with me and i’ll brush my teeth while i’m in there or shave lol.