Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

How many brushes do you need to do an eye look? What brushes?

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26 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – How many brushes do you need to do an eye look?

  1. Nicole

    I need three bushes. 249 for applying Paint Pot, 219 for the unter eye area and inner and outa V and 217 for the eyelid up to the brows.

  2. Mari

    I LOVE my 222! I barely have a lid so it’s great to windshield wipe with! 224 and 227(227 also for brow highligt) to blend, 217 is AWESOME for paint pots, 239 or the “faithful” Lowe Cornell to pack on the color, 266 for my eyebrows, 219 for eyeliner smudging and lower lid
    At the very least 8! (2-239’s!) I know, I know way too many brushes- sorry! :)

  3. classic

    only 2 brushes

  4. dee

    Just 2. A regular size round one for paint pots/paints and a fluffy one for the eyeshadow itself. Maybe an angle brush to fill in brows, but that’s it.

  5. Vee


    Primer brush
    Lid & crease brush
    Blending & highlight brush
    Liner brush

  6. Sandy

    on a simple day only two: 239 and 217
    for more detailed looks I add the 209 and 219

  7. Brooke

    Although I have a few different ones, I tend to use just one – I’m tired in the morning, I don’t really use my brain and just go on “auto”. :) If I put on eyeliner, then 2.

  8. Heather

    Normally 1, but if I’m feeling sassy, I’ll use 2

  9. Erin/slipnslide

    I usually use my fingers for paint pots, except Blackground. For that I use a thin, flat brush (forget the number right now, it’s still early!). Otherwise I’ll use a 242 or 239 to put the color on and a 217 to blend. So, up to three brushes.

  10. Ziya

    217 or finger for paintpot
    *quo all over shadow brush (my love)
    quo flat shader brush (if I have lots of time/complicated eyemakeup)
    224 crease brush
    *210 for lining
    sometimes the 219 to smudge eyeliner
    *angled brush for eyebrows
    the star ones are my MUSTs lol 😀 sigh..oh makeup, how I love thee.. haha

  11. slick

    On a daily basis I use 6 eye brushes:

    208 – Brows
    242 – Paint Pots
    239 – Pack on Shadow
    217 – Blendy blend blend
    212 – Lower shadow liner
    263 – Fluidlines

  12. Chica

    2 normally – one flat to pack the colour on and a fluffy brush to blend with. I’ll also use an angled brush if i’m using liner

  13. Dawn

    Usually 3, no more than 4. 239 for shadows, 249 similar for bases, small angle brush for brows and a blending brush for the crease and browbone. Sometimes if i don’t use pencil liner I’ll use a flat brush for waterline or lashline color.

  14. Rio

    I just use one.

  15. Carrie

    I always wear some smokey eye variation:
    – One fluffy brush for the highlight & mid-tone shadow (crease area) & blending
    – One regular not-so-fluffy brush for the darkest color (on lid)
    – One little-bit-stiff brush to smudge my eyeliner

  16. mars

    252 for primer
    217 for concealer
    239 for brow highlight & lid
    224/217 for soft color above crease
    219/222 for crease and outer corner of lid
    212 for shadow along lash line and hard crease
    210/266 for fluidline
    208 brows
    Chanel lash comb/brow brush

  17. Amy

    Usually 4, sometimes 6.
    All over shadow
    Eyeshadow base brush (if I use a paint pot instead of Two Faced Shadow Insurance)
    Blending brush (if I start adding more than two eyeshadow colors)

  18. Hillary


    base brush (normally frostlite fluidline)
    eyeliner on entire lid brush to blend it (try it, eyeliner over frostlite has lasted 11+hours)
    and at least two for shadow.
    but normally alot more.

  19. Sara

    i can definitely get away with one brush- two if i decide to use liner. i use my loew cornell version of a 239 which i can use for my entire eye. and then a sonia kushik pointed liner brush. i use my fingers for any bases i use!

  20. 3 brushes.
    First one is a Shu Uemura brush like the MAC239, and MAC217 for blending and outer V, and a Sephora large all over shadow brush for highlight/browbone. Whatever else, I managed with a Q tip.

  21. Candice

    Large, Medium, & Smudge


  22. Karen

    4 ~
    highlight brow bone,
    tear duct highlight

  23. viv

    i think it depends on my look. if i’m only working with one colour as an overall wash then just one. but if i’m working with three different colours on different parts of my eye then on average at least three brushes. the MAC 239, 217 and 219 are key! :]

  24. When Im in a hurry I can do everything with just one brush from a line that dont sell in the USA, just in Brazil, I think. But there are better brushes in the market, Im sure.