Sunday, December 30th, 2007

How do you feel about premade palettes or quads? Does it make you rejoice for having already put-together color combinations? Do you get frustrated because they’re altogether in one? Love ’em or hate ’em, tell me why!

P.S. – How is your weekend going?  I’m sure some of you are on a long, holiday weekend… lucky for you!

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30 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – How do you feel about premade palettes or quads?

  1. Kristen

    I always make sure to get the premade eyeshadow palettes each winter from MAC. I think it’s a nice way to get more colors for a cheaper price. MAC eyeshadows last so long that I still barely get a dent into the colors. There have been several colors included into my palettes that I wouldn’t normally buy, and I like being able to use them without paying a lot for them.

    • Premade palettes are definitely one way to score eyeshadows at slightly cheaper prices than as per usual. I find that MAC palettes are excellent for newer collectors – and there is usually one or two that’s great for even us addicts!

  2. Kristen

    Oh, and my Friday has been so busy with working and social events. I woke up this morning and it is raining, so after church, I’m getting back into my pajamas and watching movies all day. Hope your’s is great too!

  3. Sara

    i love palattes because i am VERY cheap so any sort of discount on good makeup is an instant winner!

  4. Thalia

    I’m not that big on pre-made quads or palettes, simply because I’ve been collecting long enough to recognize that there are colours I already have similar dupes of or colour that I know I’ll barely use.

  5. Kat

    As kristen mentioned, I agree that it gives me a chance to try new stuff for cheap. I would only buy a quad if it has colours that I want, though. For the quad itself I have to like at least 3 of the coloursto justify it; and I don’t know about the 6 (still called a quad?) one because I didn’t buy one yet!

  6. Gio

    I love palettes cos they are cheap and give you the chance to try something new without spending too much.

  7. Tanya

    I dislike quads, I am much too picky about the colors and have never seen a quad that I liked every color so I don’t see it as a savings if I won’t wear the colors. I would rather buy each pot and make sure I will wear each color.

    Working on my new years “goals” list this weekend. Also heading to Petroglyph for some fun crafting (ceramic painting) time with the family.

    • That’s very true. We think “discount, discount!” but then you’re right, it doesn’t matter if we don’t use the color anyway!

      Have you finished your New Year’s Goals list?

      • Tanya

        finishing up the goals list today, I have until midnight to finish it. LOL :) I made subcatagories and am organizing the goals into subject matters….yea, I also organize my closet by color, clothing type, and length.

  8. Premade palettes are good for me (cause i love a good deal!) if i will really use at least 90% of the shades. i typically go for single use palettes — eyes only or lips only, so that i don’t feel obligated to use the whole palette for one look (i’m weird, i know!).

    this weekend is the end of my vacation, just got up after the amazing Clutch show at Starland Ballroom last night. today is house cleaning and laundry, so gotta be productive. but i still can’t hear out of my left ear (that means it was a rockin’ show!)

    • Hey Courtney! I prefer eye palettes myself, because I never reach for lip palettes or blush ones!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the show, even if you are a bit deaf 😛

  9. I’m not a huge fan.. the only one I own is the black/silver one from Smoke Signals, and even still.. I own 2 of the 4 colours in it already. Prob not a wise purchase!

  10. lisa

    Not a big fan of them while i do like to save and buy them once in a blue moon i hate the fact that they usually bring like 2 or 3 gorgeous colors and then 2 or so ugly colors that i wouldn’t ever wear. It really is a rare find when i do find one where i love all the colors then i definietly buy them.

    • I think this is why I have a tendency to like MAC’s quads, because they put out only eyeshadows and there aren’t enough that you’ll find too many you hate – usually!

  11. cassondra

    i love them and dislike them.
    love the way that its cheaper to get more shadows. but, dislike how they’ll have some colors i know i’ll never use.

    anyways, my weekend is good. we spend our christmas money, and a lot of it on 75% off christmas stuff. we got a $200 christmas tree for only $30. white with glitters, hinged, pre lit. it was $50, but i had a $20 gift card left for target. so, go there for lots of christmas stuff for next year!! =]

  12. victoria

    it’s really great when you’re starting with mac e/s. esp. when you get toe try 6 for the prise of 2. i got two holiday palettes last year and the colors were wonderful. i purchased some more e/s over the year but this years holiday palettes didn’t really impress me, i had no intensions of buying any but the packaging was so beautiful so i got the metallic one because that was the only one that i found looked interesting. so i guess i love them but they have to work hard on next years’ packaging or i might not buy any.
    i went to the cosmetics outlet store and got more mac. i like to look for le stuff that i missed out.

  13. claudia

    If I get a premade palette, I get colors that I wouldn’t buy on their own (and sometimes I end up loving them!). The downside is that sometimes I already own some of the exact shades in the palettes, so I think that is kind of a waste.

    However, I do like the premade ones because I tend to pick out the same types of colors; or pick colors that I like, but don’t really go together.

    My weekend was great–went shopping with holiday money and got a new set of pans and some bedding! Also, I tried to go to Sephora to pick up the Urban Decay Deluxe e/s palette, and they were sold out. Figures. =/

  14. Skyler

    I LOVE pre-made eye quads/palettes (or at least MAC ones). They are convenient, great for travel, and I personally think MAC always puts shades that work well together. :) There are various combinations you can get out of the same colours, and I think we can all use that kind of inspiration and versatility. I do not depot my shadows and sometimes, it is nice to be able to open up just ONE compact instead of three or four. So that is a personal upside for me. 😛 My favourite quads/palettes have definitely been the ones from Smoke Signals and Antiquitease (especially Metallic Eyes).

    • I like MAC ones, too! I prefer my palettes to be kind of small – like the Sephora Blockbuster one is tooo much for me.

      I love Metallic Eyes, too :)