Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you use lip liner regularly? Is it a must-have or do you use it very rarely? Why so?

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37 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you use lip liner regularly?

  1. lisa

    Nope i don’t. I rarely use it.

  2. Never used lip liner in my life 😀 But I’m still young so maybe in say, five years, I’ll probably use it.

  3. Clover

    I’m just starting to experiment with lip color because I have very full lips and I usually stick with playing up the eyes. Since I’ve been using lips color I am enjoying that I can change the way a lipstick or lipgloss looks using different lip liners underneath.

  4. bec

    I’ve tried to use it regularly. Key word, tried. I never use it now.
    I’ve heard how lip liner can prevent bleeding and keep your lipstick on for a longer period of time, but I just find it so unnecessary. The times I did apply lip liner, I found that it had no beneficial impact.

    • Lip liner does indeed do both, but if you’re young or just blessed, your lips don’t bleed. Like mine don’t bleed, so I don’t really need one. If you apply lip liner all over your lids, you would definitely notice better wearing time!

  5. Nicole

    Wow, I’m surprised by these answers so far. I actually use lip liner everyday, even when I just wear lipglass. I always wear MAC Subculture lip liner because it’s the closest one to my lipcolor. I have full lips but I don’t think that alone they have mush definition so I’ve always used lip liner.

  6. i always try to, but i never remember. my lips are fairly pigmented naturally and evenly shaped, so i really only need it to hold the lipstick on and add color. but i always forget :(

  7. Tonee

    I only use a lipliner when I use beige or nude lipstick. I like The Body Shop Beech, Smashbox Pixel, MAC Whirl and Spice. A liner is a must because if I use a nude lipstick (or even gloss) over my natural lips, the color doesn’t turn out well. My lips are dark pink and defined, so I don’t need to use a liner when applying brown or red lipstick.


    I very rarely use it – usually for a special occassion when I know I won’t have time to reapply lip color.

  9. dee

    I wear it, just because it really can change what your lips look like. If you use it as a base or if you use to actually line your lips, it can give the gloss a new look.

  10. Barbie

    I seem to buy them and lose them. However, I try to wear lip liner when I remember or can find it.

  11. No way…I don’t like lip liner…and it IRKS me when women who do don’t blend!!! It’s like VPL of the lips!!! “VLL” Visible Lip Liner!

  12. Erin

    I like using liner. Of course, not JUST liner, I’ll always use lipstick or gloss over it… My favorites are Spice (a cinnamon pink) and Whirl (a pinkish mauve).

  13. yvette

    yes i do its not realy a must have but just something to make it look better

  14. Liliana

    I always use liner when applying lip gloss and lip stick. You pretty much have to in order to achieve a certain look. You MAC girls know what I’m talking about. It really makes the color last longer and you can use it in so many ways. I love Spice, Beurre and Whirl but also Hover at certain times can be one of my favorites, along with Pink Treat and Sublime Culture. It depends upon what color lip stick I have. For a mauve look, Quartz is awesome and so is Dervish. I love pinks, mauves and nudes! Lip liner really is a must! MAC even had lip gloss liners for a short time which are cool too! I’m a MAC lover obviously!

  15. yvette

    i read the quetions wrong but no i dont use lip liner ever

  16. I use it *most* of the time. I tend to stick with a semi-neutral pink shade & fill in the whole lip with it to prolong the staying power of my lipstick. I have very un-pigmented lips so this helps me out a bit. My fave is Gingerroot cremestick liner.

  17. Nope but I will try one of these days…

  18. victoria

    i don’t use lipliner. the only time i got one was way when mac was still new and spice lipliner was getting famous. i liked it as a lipstick and gloss over it. but that was the only time i had a lipliner. i don’t have a problem with my lipstick bleeding, lipliners don’t really do anything for me. i end up eating my lipstick and it fades with or without a liner.

  19. Chica

    I’ve never bothered with it as I find that my lipstick looks fine and doesn’t bleed without it, so it seems like a needless expense that could go towards another lipstick!

  20. Shefali

    I use lipliner every single day because it defines my lips and stops lipstick from bleeding. I’ve tried to go without it and feel that my lipstick/lipgloss looks messy and undefined. The liner that I use is Cream O’Spice, the cremestick liner. I use it so much that I recently turned in 3 empty tubes of it as part of the Back to MAC program. When I use red lipstick I use Brick, and I have a couple of other liners that I use sometimes with other lip colors when Cream O’Spice doesn’t cut it. And I agree with somebody’s comment about blending – I’m strongly against lipliners that are darker than the lipstick color.

  21. Tekoa

    I wear lipliner sometimes. Usually when its a very bold red/berry or a noticible nude (Myth). It helps the lipstick stay put or cancels out my natural lip colour.

  22. MoOn

    I wear it sometimes and when I use lipliner the lipstick stay on and for a long time

  23. Tanya

    I really only wear lipliner when I have red lips. I line with Brick because my lips stick bleeds if I put gloss on top. No gloss, no bleeding. With liner I can wear gloss over my red and still look good.

  24. lala

    once in a while(because my lips already has volume lol) I use one of my fav. finds “tiramisu” by rimmel…a good nudie.

  25. Tanya

    Question – what is the best/favorite lipliner in a nude’ish color from MAC?

  26. zoe

    i use it everyday, my favorite it pink treat cremestick liner but i go through sbout one a month and have broken a feew so i think i need to find an alternative

  27. JackA

    Only in the past few months have a been. It’s usually a neautral shade just to help define them. It’s a must though if I’ve got lipstick on.

  28. sara

    i usually dont use lipliner unless im doing a bold lip, just for safety. most days i just put on some lipgloss and i’m out the door lol

  29. Nicole

    I definitely use lipliner everyday. I use it to define my lips and allover (kind of like a base) for my lipstick.

  30. Never ever, except when I am wearing Dubonnet(red)

  31. Erin

    Sometimes if it’s just a chapstick kind of day, I’ll use some liner to make it feel less blah.