Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you use just a few blushes or do you alternate them often from a wide variety? Just how many blushes do you have? How many of them do you use?

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19 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you use just a few blushes or do you alternate them often from a wide variety?

  1. I have so many blushes and I want to use them all so I try to use a different one everyday (all depending on my mood). It’s fun! =)

  2. Morgan

    Honestly, I’d be able to cover all situations with just a colourless highlighterand two blushes: one mid-toned pink one and a salmon-peach one. Now, I /have/ a few more, but I’ve noticed I tend to gravitate to those two anyway. I suppose I just need to find the two I like both colour and consistency of and stick with them.

  3. Chica

    I have about 10/11 blushes and use them all, kinda in rotation lol :) I love blush but i’ve only discovered that I can use it and i don’t look like a clown in the last 6 months or so, so it still holds some excitement for me 😀

  4. Inky

    I have four blushes and it’s probably two too many. I tend to use one particular one from Besame called Sun Kissed, though I do like the Sweet Pink too. The other two are a brighter coral pink and a plum shade, both from Smashbox. I rarely use those (they came in a kit)

  5. Katherine

    I probably have over 100 blushes (lost count)! But most of them are powder and I’ve been collecting for a while. I use a lot of them – like to change my look from day to day, but will admit I forget which ones I have and have a tendency to use the newer ones the most. I try to go through my stash at least twice a year and throw out anything I haven’t used or really don’t like and will always see one I forgot I had. Makeup message boards help to remind me – “oh, I have that one – I should use it tomorrow” :)

  6. i alternate among all my blushes:

    1. MAC Pink Swoon (Manish Aora)
    2. MAC Alpha Girl (Heatherette)
    3. MAC Plum Foolery
    4. MAC Peachy Keen
    5. NARS Orgasm
    6. Smashbox Dolce Vita
    7. MAC Pleasantry
    8. MAC Nuance

    of late my fave is Stila’s convertible colour in Lillium, applied with my 187 brush.

  7. DevilishDoll

    Only blush I’ve been using is Crushed Bougainvillea CCB. I wanna get Maidenchant Blush Creme and Stark Naked Beauty Powder though.

  8. i probably have about 15 blushes of various formulas and shades, but i tend to stick to the same few on a regular basis, rotating in the less used ones as much as i can LOL i try to use all my products evenly, but i do play favorites (i admit it!)

  9. SnickerDoodle

    I only have about 3 that I reallly love right now, my current fave being MAC’s Posey Blushcreme. It’s the perfect pinched-cheeks color for my skin. But blush is what I am currently looking to expand on within my collection :)

  10. Kellie

    I alternate between 8 different blushes. I <3 BLUSH!

  11. I have ONE that I love right now and 2 others. Blush is not something that I switch up that much. I prefer more variety in the eye makeup department.

  12. Brooke

    I have a handful, probably more than I realized before this made me think about it. I have a pink from MAC (I’m not sure what it’s called, it came in the LE collection with the pearl white shimmery packaging), Orgasm from Nars, Benefit’s Georgia, Benetint, some mini Tarte gels, the bronzey BP from Barbie Loves MAC, and a pinkish coral in a palette I got as a gift.

    I usually bounce back and forth between the MAC pink and Orgasm (I try to not wear pink eyes + pink cheeks, etc.), use Georgia on minimal-makeup days when I just want a little color, and the BP in the summer when I want a bronzey look (I’m too pale for serious bronzer).

    I should start using my Tarte things again, those are very nice.

  13. Kella

    I’ve never counted my blushes, but it’s got to be around 30. I love blush, and I use them all (maybe not as often, but I do). I’ve got super light skin, so I love playing with different colours of blush.

  14. Burlesque Doll

    What is this blush thing u talk about? Even after i use foundation i still have pink/red cheeks so unless it is skin tone i dont use it

  15. Julia.

    Hmmm.. I have (all MAC):
    Trace Gold
    True Romantic
    Harmony (I use this as my contour)
    Petticoat (this is a blush for me)
    Soft & Gentle (highlight)

    So really all in all, I don’t have that many. I choose which one I’m going to wear based on what my eye makeup is, which I always do first.

  16. Rachel

    I just own six blushes I rotate. MAC’s Dainty and BP in Stark Naked, NARS’ Orgasm and Silvana, Benetint and NYX’s Pinky.

    I like Pinky least of all – in fact, I bought Stark Naked to replace it as my go-to pink shade.

    Silvana is my highlighter shade for whenever I use Dainty and Orgasm. In fact, I can’t really tell the difference in effect between the two – or am I not looking hard enough?

  17. Selene

    i have several blushes, but i tend to mostly use Chanel Narcisse JC (the JCs are AMAZING btw), NARS orgasm and sometimes MAC blushbaby.

  18. Karen

    just 3.
    stark naked
    i love blush n use it everyday but i just dont get why i need 10+
    i usually just use dainty on a daily basis
    i wouldnt say my skin is pale, im more tanned. so colours wont look as nice as it does on fair skin

  19. viv

    I only have 3 blushes. :] so there isn’t much of a variety for me haha… but I like what I have!
    MAC Enough Said, MAC Blossoming and Maybelline Blush Studio Mousse :)