Saturday, November 10th, 2007

Do you think retailers are pushing the holidays too soon? Does it feel like they come earlier every year?

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24 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you think retailers are pushing the holidays too soon?

  1. The earlier the better for us make-up junkies…:P

  2. allison

    I hate it….You are barely out of one before the stuff for the next is out…Sometime it seems as I can’t catch my breath

  3. Lindsay

    It hurts my bank account!

  4. Skyler

    Quite simply, YES. It is not only inconvenient and unnecessary, but it turns us into ridiculously greedy consumers. Instead of buying like crazy through December, we buy like crazy throughout November and December now, sometimes even starting in October. Personally, I do not have the money to conform to the industry’s hopes of more money-spending, but I do feel sorry for those who do participate in this and end up broke or feeling like they cannot possibly keep up. I certainly feel this way about MAC holiday collections. This year they went way overboard.

  5. tanya

    first I have to ask whats a IAWTC?

    Secondly, I sooooooooooo agree with Skyler!! Which is one of the reasons I took the route of making my xmas gifts this year….F corporate america and its never ending marketing. Start November I try and avoid any and all stores that cater to the xmas mass consumerism crowd. Which is kinda irritating because I need to hit the mall, IKEA or Target once in a while for various items and for the months of Nov, Dec and Jan its just a nightmare to get out and about with all the xmas madness.

  6. Tekoa

    I like the products they release, but its a bit unsettling to have Christmas things promoted before Halloween. This year I got my presents from the World Vision website. No sore feet, and someone is getting a Christmas goat!

    • Awesome! I do a lot of online shopping, too, for the holidays to avoid the chaos of the mall!

    • tanya

      I googled World Vision, but all I found was a “sponsor poor african kids” kinda website and nothing about goats :( Can you post a link or something, I was really interested in checking it out.

  7. Jen

    Haha, definetly. I think it’d be better to show the collections, but not release them so early. Then people can see what they like, and save up/write it on their list. Cuz I mean, October =/= Christmas. December = Christmas.

  8. Cristina

    Yes, but it’s something I’m used to.

    As early as September, retailers start “selling the holiday spirit”

  9. Tekoa

    In Canada the World Vision gift catalog link is

    In America the link is

    I’m sure the official link is shorter, but that’ll take you right to the gift catalog. You can find the link on the main site by looking for the section called ‘gift catalog’. In Canada its under the Ways to Give section.

  10. ariele

    Ugh, yes! Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE the holiday season & everything that comes with it – the decor, the music, the charm. But it seems to come earlier every year. I was at the mall last week and every single store was ALREADY playing Christmas music! I swear they used to start the day after Thanksgiving. Now, its the day after HALLOWEEN!! I think I’m going to be burnt out by the time Christmas actually gets here.