Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you give beauty advice to others? Do you try and give advice to your mom, or sister, or friends? Do you let them know when their foundation isn’t matching? Or teach them how to treat their skin better?

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17 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you give beauty advice to others?

  1. shangrila

    Yes! I’m an esthetician, and alot of my friends and family (even my boyfriend!lol) ask me for skin advice, and I am more than happy to give it! hee! I always stress keeping their skin clean, moisturized, and protected from the sun. Sometimes i give my bf’s cousin a hard time about tanning too much (she looks green sometimes!), but not in an annoying

  2. Catherine

    One of my friends had this foundation that was way too much dark and pink so i told her and she was happy about it. She used to do her make-up in a bad lighting so she never noticed. In daylight it was really bad! My mom always ask me for advice and shes loves it when i do her make-up and change her weird makeup she has sometimes. (green liner with pink eyeshadow!)

  3. If someone asks me for advice, or asks my opinion I’ll give it. I rarely give unsolicted advice to anyone. For friends or family, I’d probably be more likely to say something though.

    • Heather

      Yeah, I have to agree – I usually only give my advice when asked. I’ve learned the hard way that other people’s opinions are not always welcome…even when you’re trying to help them out.

  4. Cat

    Yes. I am the only one out of my friends that is really into makeup. So every time they want to experiment they come to me. yay.

  5. Tina

    I’m also the only one out of my friends and family who is really into make up, so when they want a new look done they come to me :) I felt so flattered the other day when a new friend of mine asked me which blush she should buy, and even more flattered when she actually took my advice and bought it!

  6. I post weekly Makeup Tutorial in my blog. :)

  7. Nicky

    Yes i do! my mom, some friends, etc… they don’t know that much about makeup and stuff. And i am -again- the only one who is really into makeup. That happens a lot!

  8. snickerdoodle

    Only if someone asks!! Except my mom, who has horrible skin care habits (she washes her face with DIAL SOAP) so I am always giving her creams and cleansers and harassing her to take better care of her skin.

  9. nikki

    they come to me for advice and i love it :)

  10. Silk

    I am an MUA so I am always giving advise to my clients regarding skincare and beauty products in general.

  11. dee

    Occasionally to my mother. Normally, I kinda keep to myself with the make-up, but I had to intervene when I found out she applies eyeliner with BOTH of her eyes closed.

  12. I always do it.I am the only one who knows eyeshadow base in my school =)

  13. Erin/slipnslide

    Always. In fact, even today I brought a little kit and I plan to do a coworker’s makeup on lunch break. She asked, I answered.

  14. viv

    Definitely! I’ve learned so much this past year or so when I really got into make up (watching YT vids, visiting blogs and other MU related websites!). Now I always have something to say about how someone can improve their make up or skin care 😀

  15. I always give out advice to my mum and my older cousin (who’s a bit clueless when it comes to makeup but she’s very beautiful naturally!).
    As for my friends (who I know won’t mind if I am being honest and are thankful) I let them know when their foundation isn’t matching or of they haven’t blended it in properly. As for some people I feel like pointing it out but I know they will take it the wrong way so I just leave it..
    And if anyone asks for my opinion I give it to them straight, in a nice way of course and they are thankful for that so it makes me and them happy =] x

  16. only 4 my closed friend when they asked