Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Tarte for True Blood Collection

tarte™ for True Blood™ limited-edition collection is available now on! Additionally, it will be available for retail on 6/29 at and; as well as in mid-July at Sephora Stores and Ulta/

Inspired by the edgy drama series, the collection includes three killer products: tarte™ for True Blood™ palette ($52.00 U.S./ $68.00 CDN), tarte™ for True Blood™ natural cheek stain in shimmering red ($30.00 U.S. / $39.00 CDN) and tarte™ for True Blood™ LipSurgence™ natural lip tint in shimmering red ($24.00 U.S./ $31.00 CDN). Emmy® award-winning makeup artist and True Blood makeup department head Brigette Myre-Ellis interpreted the color palette and helped develop the official tarte™ for True Blood™ beauty looks for the collection.

See more photos! 

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109 thoughts on “Tarte for True Blood Collection

  1. I am SO EXCITED for this! Not just because I LOVE True Blood, but because I’ve recently gotten into Tarte and I’ve been REALLY impressed with their products. Their lipstains are love for me!

    Thanks Christine! <3

  2. I’m not a fan of these vampire movies/shows and usually the products that are offshoots of it are bad quality and just all about the packaging (which I often find cheesy anyway). However, these colors all look surprisingly wearable and exactly what I would purchase anyway!

  3. Kenneth Alan

    I’m not familiar with Tarte or their products but I would have loved a more interesting True Blood collaboration. Maybe some actually vampy looking makeup or a striking red mascara.

    • Maureen

      Red mascara, now that you mention it, would be so hardcore. However, there’s something in red pigment that’s extremely unsafe for the eyes, so they never market it toward the general public. You can almost always get red in professional makeup, because they are the ones who understand the risks and/or wouldn’t wear it all the time anyway, but some punky teen who picks up red mascara wouldn’t know that it’s “just for occasional use” at all.

  4. Daisy

    I need this!

  5. Martine

    The cheek stain and the lip tint look really good.

  6. I NEED the cheek stain! I’m such a True Blood junkie and how much more “vampire” can you get.

  7. I just LOVE that palette!

  8. Kasey

    I just want the box… I really want the box, it would be dumb to spend $52 on a box wouldn’t it, especialy if there is not a single thing in it you want, oh but it’s pretty. *Le Sigh*

  9. Laura

    I’ll need to see swatches first, but it is my favorite show so they might sucker me in!

  10. Fey

    The palette is so hot for the packaging, but I prefer bolder colors. Wow…this is going to be a hard decision. That cheek stain looks interesting. Not just a red, but a shimmering red. Hmm.

  11. True Blood + Makeup = Love 😀

  12. I don’t know how often I would wear these products, but I’ll be purchasing for the sake of being a avid True Blood fan.

  13. lexi

    OMG…TB is my JAM! I’m so excited!

  14. Katie

    The palette looks pretty I might get that. What is it about the palette that makes it worth 16 dollars more though? For that kind of mark up I’d just as soon make the short trip to the states and buy it there lol.

  15. If I had not put myself on a no buy till november I would have got the palette. O__O

  16. Ash

    Sephora VIB’s can buy it now if they are signed in!

  17. Ooo! Nice! When I saw the name True Blood I honestly expected something outrageous and… Well… Strange, but these are all beautiful, very wearable colours. I could be seriously tempted to bust my makeup budget cap on this collection.

  18. Lauren

    I’m always intrigued by reds….but I don’t know if I need this or not. I’ve never used tarte

  19. Lauren

    I’m always intrigued by reds….but I don’t know if I need this or not. I’ve never used tarte products before. Will you be reviewing it?

  20. jennifer s

    Hi! Will you be reviewing these? Btw congrats on jealousy wakes being the first to sell out! Its like I blinked and missed it :(

  21. I just ordered the eye shadow palette. It scored me my 500 point beauty perk, woo hoo!

  22. Ashley

    Love Tarte’s AC Blush and Lipsurgences….not sold on the eyeshadows….

  23. Valerie Brower

    Already bought!! Lol I was one of the ones stalking sephora’s site for it’s launch a lil before 2 am on the 22nd :) I’m a makeup loving trubie

  24. Valerie Brower

    Already bought!! Lol I was one of the ones stalking sephora’s site for it’s launch a lil before 2 am on the 22nd :) I’m a makeup loving trubie Lol

  25. I’m ridiculously excited to see the swatches from this mini-collection, and not just because I love the show. I think the cheek stain and the lip tint look GORGEOUS.

  26. Lorraine ER

    I really do not want to want this but I love Tarte & True Blood, so I’m a goner! I reallly want the cheek stain and lip tint but the shadows included in the palette don’t look that interesting.

    • Amalthea

      IA!! I’m not a fan of the show, but tarte’s cheek & lip stains are da BOMB!! I’m sold! Besides, I don’t have a decent red(blush or lip color) in my stock, so…

  27. Melissa

    I wish Mac did this!!

  28. Andrea

    exciting colors like them more the cheek stain

  29. Leslie

    I ordered all 3 pieces last night. I can’t wait to get them! Though I love the show for me it wasn’t the deciding factor on whether to get them or not, but since I’ve been liking the few Tarte products I have recently tried I decided to go for it.

  30. Sara

    I want the lip and cheek stains. I’m still looking for the perfect red lip stain and tarte’s seem like they’d be moisturizing. While I generally disklike “gimmicky” products based off books, tv, or movies; they at least went with a decent brand and the products are appealing on their own without the backing of the tv show.

    The eye palette looks a little “blah” to me, but I already own a hundred bajillion eyeshadows anyway and don’t need more.

    You have to get and review these. Have to. My fingers are crossed they’ll send you some promo products soon! 😀

  31. Gina

    The colors in that palette don’t quite scream “vampire” to me. But then again, Tarte’s eyeshadows have also never screamed “quality” either for me.

  32. Lauren

    1 USD noon 0.9724 CAD 0.9726 CAD

    I’m starting to get really sick of inflated Canadian prices. We’ve had a stronger dollar for most of the year. Why is there a $16 dollar increase just to buy it in Canada? Even MAC pulls this stuff and they’re IN CANADA! I’m so over it. I would never pay 70 bucks for tarte.

    • Yes I feel your pain. They say it’s because of shipping to get it into Canada but that rubbish consider most of the time it comes from the US and we pay for shipping the item to Canada on top of the price.

    • Dana

      All beauty companies have higher Canadian retails. I think most consumer goods have higher Canadian retails.

      • It’s true. I don’t see the reason for it, though. Well, with smaller companies, I do. However, a number of stores (Coach is one example) has the same retail price for their Canadian and US stores and they’re still doing EXTREMELY well for profits here in the north. I just don’t believe the reasons some companies give…

    • AS

      I’m wondering if this has to do with your VAT. Each time “value” is added it is taxed a a substantial rate. In the US, only the end consumer is taxed. So in Canada there may be taxation on all kinds of intermediary steps. Even if something is manufactured in Canada, like MAC, there might be further “value added” in transportation, sales infrastructure, etc.

      • cakeshopgirl

        I do believe it has something like that to do with it. There are lots of hidden tarrifs and taxes and such when Canadian shipping and consumer products are involved. I recall hearing at one time the markup for the Canadian market was up to 40%.

  33. Amanda Dubs

    I really dont like true blood anymore but this is sooooo cool

  34. Katrice

    Well there went my no buy! Ordered! Thanks for the info Christine!<3

  35. Dana

    I love True Blood! But I’m not really a Tarte fan so I’ll be skipping this

  36. i’m a sucker for vampires, and a big sucker for True Blood, I just bought it last night! 😀 so excited!!!!

  37. Erin

    That has to be the cheesiest/tackiest packaging ever. Ugh, no desire to own any of this.

  38. Catherine

    I’m not exactly a fan of True Blood, but I really like the look of the palette. What I like is that it is pretty neutral, but yet isn’t because of some of the vibrant shades in it. I think I will have a closer look at the Cheek Stain, too, as the color is amazing.

  39. Julieanne

    I’m not impressed by the e/s, but that lipstain is lookin’ mighty fine…Hope it’s still available in early August (my birthday).

  40. Roberta111

    Why… Why Tarte can’t sell internationally!?! : (

  41. I wish Eric Northman came with the eyeshadow palette! :( But I’m still down for buying this!

  42. Oh man… I just came back from NYC on Saturday and spending a lot of my dosh in Sephora. I love True Blood, this is so not fair!

  43. Kathryn

    Passss…. The Canadian prices make me puke! Not worth it, sorry Tarte

  44. Sarah

    i dont even watch true blood but i think products inspired my shows and stuff are so cute, so i already picked up the lip and cheek stains.. tarte is great so who cares what the show or whatever is ? :)

  45. Alexandra Aimee

    This looks really cool, and they nailed the vampiry feel, but I wish someone would come out with a SOOKIE collection! I love all the soft pinks and fresh feeling makeup they use on her character. I would buy that whole collection in a heartbeat!

  46. Ash

    I’ve never tried tarte’s eyeshadows. Are they generally good quality? Are they comparable to say MAC or Urban Decay?

  47. Tigress

    Too bad a Buffy the Vampire Slayer collection was never made. That would have been sweet!

    • Chelsea J

      AHHH! I think I’d die if they came out with a Buffy collection or any other of Joss Whedon’s shows for that matter.

  48. I hate how much Tarte and Sephora are ripping Canadians off. It’s completely unfair since our money is worth exactly yhe same as the USA right now and yet we’re being charged $12 more for the palette, $9 more for the cheek stain and $7 more for the lipstick!

  49. Lindsey D

    I bought the lip tint and cheek stain, since I always love both of those products. But I’ve learned the hard way not to buy Tarte eyeshadow palettes without swatching them, or at least seeing a ton of swatches online. I have some palettes that are wonderful and some that are worse than WnW for 5x the price :(

  50. Fabienne

    The cheek stain and the lip tint look FAHbulous!!!!!! I love True Blood and I lovve Tarte’s mascaras, cheek tints, blushes and foundations. I think their eyeshadows look kind of boring, though. Especially for a True Blood inspired collection. I’m thinking: Would Lafayette rock any of those eyeshadows??? I think not……

    • Brooke

      Hahaha! That’s very true! Would have loved to see some fabulous falsies! He’d def. rock those (:

  51. Steff

    Will you be swatching and reviewing this palette Christine? I am excited to see the colors and looks like a great value, but I’ve never used Tarte’s eyeshadows. They have come up with some really nice products lately though (amazon clay blushes:)

  52. Maureen

    I think… that the palette looks cool, but I’m not wowed by the shadows. I hate the “True Blood” font, but that’s not really anyone’s fault or anything. I will not be purchasing this because I don’t like the packaging for any of Tarte’s “regular” items, and stuff like that matters to me. This is a good idea for a collection, though.

  53. Shalimar

    I want the eyeshadow palette. The cheek stain and lip stain I will pass. I have one of the cheek stain. Love the color but hate the texture. Too sticky for my oily skin.

  54. AnGeLwInGz

    Meh… I only watch the show to see Alexander Skarsgard (Eric).

  55. meme

    Nice pallet of eyeshadows. I am wondering if the shadows have the new TARTE Amazonian clay in them or not. Clearly the other items in this TB set do not have their Amazonian clay in them. TARTE is very clear to say on the label like on the cheek gel when they do have the clay in them, also they are making the older cheek gel product line without the clay in it at this time. I have yet to see any lip products from TARTE yet with the clay. But all the eyeshadows have been coming out from this company with the Amazonian clay in them of late. It would be odd if these did not have it – but possible. Despite the A clay content, I liked the old formulation for TARTE eyeshadows. I just find the new formulation with the clay in them last on me with a good primer 20 hours with no fade, no change in color.

  56. KittenMittons

    I want these so bad but the $ difference to Canadian is laughable. Our $ Is the same or close to and has been for a couple of years now! Growlsauce.

  57. I want to see SWATCHES and REVIEWS about this palette!!!!!! Somebody post them please!!

  58. Brooke

    I’m already addicted to true blood and I’d probably buy a rock if it was marketed as a “true blood” rock…so I was sold on this before the pictures…BUUUTTT now that I actually see the eyeshadow colors, I can tell I’d really get a lot of use out of it (:
    I’m overcome with joy!!! LOL

  59. Brittany

    I just ordered this palette last night as soon as I saw it! Say hello to my first Tarte purchase AND experience! 😀

  60. veronica

    I LOVE TRUE BLOOD!!! Might just have to by this. We’ll see what your detailed review of the products are 😉

  61. Alison

    love True Blood, but these products are too pricey. If they’d just knock $5 off the cheek stain I think I could budge..

  62. So cute!! ♥ the cheek stain 😀

  63. Sarah

    Palette is cute, but definitely skipping due to my recent Inglot overload of eyeshadows. Cheek stain looks gorgeous, as does the lip stain so I’ll probably pick up at least the lip stain. I really, really, really want a company to do their season 1 DVD box lip color, though.

  64. snm

    I guess I might be the ony person who has never watched True blood lol:D but the palette looks gorgeous,the colours are definetely right up my alley!

  65. Kirari

    While I’m not very impressed with the colors in the palette, I’m absolutely in love with the design of the palette itself.

    The color of the cheek stain looks pretty, but I wonder how wearable it really would be for me.

  66. Jennifer

    I just bought the palette & the lip/cheek stain about an hour ago. I am so excited!! I’m a True Blood fan + love the books, and I’ve enjoyed a couple of Tarte products so far. I love the packaging, and am happy that the eye shadows will be wearable. Cannot wait till my package arrives. : )

  67. OMG! I just logged in and ordered. I cannot wait to get my hot little hands on this!! I am a huge fan of the show and the book series! Not to mention I have been waiting for someone to do a make-up collab for the show. Ultimate Trubie and Sheriff of Area 7! Woot!!

  68. Robyn

    Just ordered the whole collection! Soooo Excited =)

  69. Lindsey

    just ordered!!! thanks for the headsup i wouldnt have known about it if it wasnt for you christine!! cant wait till it comes!!!

  70. Team Red Mascara… What we need is red falsie LASHES! 😀

  71. Krystal

    I went back and forth on this one! I also would not have known about it if I had not read about it here. The names on the shadow sold me! They are all references to the show, like the red shadow is called “V”. It is also limited edition… So yes, I got ALL three.

  72. christina

    I find the packaging for the palette to be tacky. Although, I’m extremely interested in the Lip and Cheek tints. I just purchased season 3 on blu ray and it came with a 20% of coupon for the hbo online store. I’ll probably use it on this.

  73. Do you know how long these will be available for? Thinking of it for a birthday gift later this year !

  74. I’m honestly disappointed! True Blood is dramatic, sexy, and mysterious. The lip stain and cheek stain are good, but the palette is completely dull.

    The packaging is nice and matches well, but those are some dull, dull, colors. Not even a single blood red? Really? I would have liked to have seen shades of red, gray, smokey black, and browns.

    I also wish the collection were a bit bigger. Maybe some nice falsies (dramatic black flair with red tips?), some lipsticks (deep violet, blood red), and some brushes (black with the edges looking like its been dipped in blood).

  75. Jennifer

    I bought the palette! Love the show, and really the colors are all amazing and ones I’d wear!
    My stylist friend just styled Anna Paquin and the girl who will play the new shapeshifter Luna a pair of shoes
    to be worn on True Blood.
    I also have a jewelry designer friend who makes jewelry for the show and her pieces will be seen in the premiere and appear a lot on the character Pam (Kristin Bauer).
    If I ask them would you be willing to post about my friends jewelry if you like it and feel it would work on your blog? We would send you a piece.

    Follow them on twitter:
    Marianna Harutunian :(Jewelry designer for True Blood, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Cher)!/Ilovemariannas

    LA Stylist who has styled Brit Morgan (Debbie Pelt on True Blood, Anna Paquin, Lil Mama)!/AntonioEsteban1

  76. Stephanie

    Ordered the palette last night! I’ll probably get the cheek stain and maybe the lip stain when I’m not so broke! I’ve never tried Tarte before, but I love True Blood and have been wanting a good basic eyeshadow palette and the colors in this look very versatile. Can’t wait to try it. 😀

  77. Liseth

    Christine are you gonna review and swatch this collection????? it looks quite interesting, the colors of the lipstick and the blush, those will be nice to see swatched

  78. Tasha

    I just put in an order for the True Blood Tarte collection! I couldn’t wait to see swatches of these products as I was sold on the name and packaging in the first place although I do like a lot of Tarte products in general!Thanks for sharing!

  79. Catherine

    just got mine in the mail great colors great blending only bad thing is some the really shimmery one TONS of fall out :) but Love the show and this palette

  80. Angela

    Just bought it from Sephora’s website! So excited!

  81. Soorplooms

    I have purchased the cheek stain and the palette but skipped the lip tint. I love tarte products (their cheek stains are excellent) but their lip tints, despite applying beautifully, all contain mint, which will irritate and dry out your lips if used regularly – chapped lips are not sexy. It sucks because they have such a great formula otherwise.

  82. maria

    anyone willing to do a shopping service for the palette for me? I’m located in luxembourg and cannot find a website that ships these internationally. thanks!

  83. Jayme

    I bought the palette today in stores and I am VERY satisfied. It comes with primer but the shadows are so good you don’t even need the primer! The eyeliner is TO DIE FOR. I didn’t use the mascara, I already had mascara on but the woman at sephora I bought this from said it’s one of the best she’s ever had. It also comes with a little booklet of four different techniques you can use and walks you step by step on how to do them. Included is “Vampy Vixen” “not your average waitress” “vamp glam” and “luminous fairy.” I am very impressed with this palette!

  84. Jen

    To be honest, this picture of the eyeshadows does NOT look like the real one. this picture makes them look dull. Google True Blood Tarte and the pics of it are wayyy better and the colors are quite pretty

  85. Mel

    I just bought the palette and I thought the colors were not interesting in the least but in store the colors really pop and I had to get it and I dig True Blood:)

  86. Joan

    Are you going to swatch these products?

  87. Becca

    yay!!! I got this today :))) haven’t used it yet, but it’s sooooo gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Robyn

    I just ran out of the eyeshadow called ” charmer” and I really need a dupe for that shade. Any suggestions? thanks!

  89. Star

    I have  not touched this collection but judging from the swatches online, I am guessing it may look like Laura Mercier Baroque.