Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Blue Flame

Some product photos of Cool Heat eyeshadows!ย  Thanks to Debbie aka Lushious Babe!!

Check out six more…

Climate Blue

Cool Heat

Gulf Stream

Solar White

Warm Chill

Warming Trend

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70 thoughts on “Swatches – Cool Heat Product Photos

  1. meg

    The colors are beautiful!
    BUT I am going to be passing on this collection.
    Thank god! : D I think I am able to live with out these.
    but on the other hand…. Colour Forms will be breaking my bank!

  2. *drool*
    WANT THEM ALL…. *.*

    It’s good I didn’t spend any $$ on Neo SciFi…

  3. jesstooimpress

    I agree color forums will kill me & these look like dupes of like freshwater and some others

  4. Kharina

    That confirms it! BLUE FLAME is my baby… and mama’s coming! :)

  5. Susanne

    Awesome! I want all five blue-green e/s!

  6. Jennifer

    Omigod I want all over the shadows…eek. Gorgeous. I didn’t buy anything from Neo Sci-Fi or NN so I must get some of these

  7. B

    Everything looks rather dupe-able. Which is good…time to save some money!

    • From first impression, I would say that most seem to have existing dupes, but we shall see… sometimes better texture/payoff beats the old version.

  8. I think the only colour I really want is Warm Chill. I might get gulf stream…but don’t think I will be getting Cool Heat now as I expected it to look more green than blue. Gotta see more pics/swatches though before I make up my mind!

  9. lala

    gulf stream ..and maybe warm trend

  10. Sandy

    Warming Trend, Gulf Stream and Warm Chill are mine…the rest I can pass on…

  11. Kristy

    Warming trend for SURE…and most likely all of the others as well! I’m a sucker for blues and teals…

  12. Brooke

    are these all lustres???? please say no :( they look like it lol

    • Solar White Frosty muted white-gold (frost)
      Climate Blue Midtone violet-blue with pink pearlized pigments (velvet)
      Warming Trend Frosty light taupe (veluxe pearl)
      Blue Flame Metallic navy-blue (veluxe pearl)
      Warm Chill Frosty seafoam green with gold pearlized pigments (frost)
      Cool Heat Frosty teal with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments (frost)
      Gulf Stream Frosty mid-tone blue-green with green pearlized pigments (frost)

  13. jesstooimpress

    if I get something from cool heat warming trend will def be it..

  14. jesstooimpress

    chris I saw alittle folie online and it looks like embark, is it?

  15. Ashlee

    Ohh they are beautiful! I’m going home in june then on the way back to nc we are stopping at the store. I can’t wait. I just wish they had these to put into palettes.

  16. SOPHIA

    I am lemming Warming Trend, but like some others, I agree they are pretty much dupe-able. I am amazed at how often MAC comes up with new stuff every month! Like shopping for clothes! Gosh. And the array of colours is awesome. I live in Singapore, so even the Neo Sci Fi and Earth Bits/Solar Bits collection isnt even here yet, and I am already finding out waaaaaay too much in advance about future stuff. And I want them all! I like Neo Sci Fi simply because of the orange boxes and I am also liking Black Ore, and now I am so swayed by these blues!

  17. viv

    If I could I would be getting every single e/s.. but I have no money… so I’m probably either going for Blue Flame or Climate Blue… this shall be decided by swatches! :)

  18. Jennifer

    They are lovely, but I am going to have to pass. These just don’t call to me much. I am going to save my money for the fall cherry collection, which I love!

  19. Nell

    Solar White and Warming Trend are so mine…
    The greens are so beautiful too, but I know Iยดd never wear them :(

  20. claudine

    climate blue and gulf stream are calling my name i wont get any slimshines to much stuff i want from other collections

  21. Erin

    I would like all of the shadows but according to a review on Specktra, the texture of Climate Blue is much left to be desired. I had a feeling about that. But I LOVE the other colors. I am going to have fun with these colors.

  22. cloudburst

    Luscious Beauty reminds me of Clone.

  23. Oooooooo these look pretty. I like Gulf Stream <3

  24. Pquanda

    Warming Trend, that’s about it. :)
    I love different colours like blue and green so much, but I never wear them.. A MAC MA said it best about me..
    “you just like to use makeup to enhance the features you’ve got!” True stories! Neutrals, golds, bronzes it is!

  25. missjewell

    So are Femme Fi and Solar White pretty comparable then?

  26. Zu_

    Heyhey, I’ve seen them on Specktra!
    I know what i will exactly buy from this collection..

    Solar white, Cool heat,Warm chill,Gulf stream, Turquatic fragance, and Gentle Simmer and Tropic glow slimshines ! I can’t wait for them ๐Ÿ˜€
    Imagine, in France, Neo sci fi & co are not released yet lol.. And i’m thinking about cool heat now :p

  27. Mmmmm looks like I am going to need to get all of them, lol

  28. I got a sneak peek at cool heat and climate blue and they are soooo pretty! You really have to wait to see them in person before you compare them to freshwater. I have freshwater and they look exactly like it on my screen. After looking at them, I can’t wait til the 12th. :)