Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • Worst eyeliner?
  • Best gel eyeliner?
  • Eyeliner you’re wearing right now?

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133 thoughts on “Survey Says… March 2nd, 2011

  1. Alyssa

    Worst eyeliner – MAC Feline (love how black it is, but it runs really bad on me for some reason)
    Best gel liner – MAC Fluidline
    Eyeliner I’m wearing right now – Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Whiskey

    • Dianna*

      Same here! Feline is so beautiful but it sucks on my waterline.

      Best gel liner – MAC Fluidline
      Eyeliner I’m wearing right now – Covergirl Brown Blaze

  2. Iren

    Worst eyeliner?
    Avon, at least for me. It wasn’t bad in itself, but I guess it’s not meant for sensitive eyes. Made my eyelids swell up.

    Best gel eyeliner?
    Come to think of it, I’ve yet to try gel eyeliner. It seems to me like too much of a fuss.

    Eyeliner you’re wearing right now?
    None, my eyes needed a break. I normally wear UD 24/7, though.

  3. Amber

    Worst eyeliner – some of my Clinique Kohl Shapers are dry and drag when i try to use them.
    Best Gel liner – Bobbi Brown gel liners
    Eyeliner I’m wearing now – an LE Lancome liner not sure of the name. Its a shimmery grey color.

  4. sunny bunny

    Worst eyeliner? wet n wild
    Best gel eyeliner? mac fluidline
    Eyeliner you’re wearing right now?loreal carbon blk intense liner

  5. natalia

    Worst eyeliner? I tried an eyeliner forever ago from UD called smoke out I think? TERRRIBLE. It was hard, hurt to use, and had no color payoff.

    Best gel eyeliner? I love love love everything about the Wet n’ Wild gel liner, except that the low quality of the jar dries out the product far too quickly. So for me, it would have to be MAC Fluidline.

    Eyeliner you’re wearing right now? None today! I have been very minimalist w/ my makeup lately, just mascara on my lashes.

  6. Andréanne

    Worst eyeliner: Tough one! Urban Decay 24/7, just because I don’t understand all the hype about them and I think they are too expensive !
    Best gel liner: I only used one, so the one by Clinique
    Eye liner I’m wearing right now: None! No make-up on my face yet!

  7. Gretchen

    Worst eyeliner title definitely goes to NYC’s Automatic Eye Pencil. Horribly stratchy, drags across the skin, and you have to press down very hard to get any color to show.
    I don’t have any gel liner yet.
    I’m not wearing any liner as I just woke up, but I’ve been wearing the UD 24/7 liner in Zero a lot.

  8. * Worst eyeliner? Bonne Belle pencils!!!
    * Best gel eyeliner? I’m partial to MAC Fluidline
    * Eyeliner you’re wearing right now? MAC Blitz & Glitz

    (Formerly commented as JayJay)

  9. monika-luiza

    Worst eyeliner? the classic chanel pencils, they’re so soft that when you smudge them , they’re gone
    Best gel eyeliner? mac fluidline thogh I’m not sooo impressed with it either (stil liquid-liner last longer on my lids)
    Eyeliner you’re wearing right now? none, as I had a terrible headache and didn’t leave the house today

  10. * Worst eyeliner? – Maybelline
    * Best gel eyeliner? – MAC Fluidline
    * Eyeliner you’re wearing right now? – L’oreal Felt Tip SuperLiner (AKA super lineur intense)

  11. Courtney

    Worst: E.L.F. Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil
    Best? I don’t tend to use gel liners b/c I don’t like them. I love U.D. 24/7 and MUFE pencils. ELF also makes a liquid liner pen in midnight blue that I love
    Eyeliner I’m wearing right now: UD 24/7 in zero

  12. Jen

    Worst eyeliner – MUFE Aqua Eyes, it goes on great but only lasts about an hour!
    Best gel liner – All gel liners are great, but Maybelline makes gel liner that’s just as good as fluid line but half the price!
    Eyeliner I’m wearing now – I get no kick eye pencil by MAC

  13. Worse:: Stila Smudge Pots
    Best:: Still looking!!
    Right now:: Any UD 24/7 liners!!

  14. Alexis

    Worst: Maybelline Liquidline, its a pencil and I swear it just melts off the eyes. Waste of money.
    Best: yet to find.

  15. Worst eyeliner? Sephora brand’s nano pencil thingy-mah-jigs. They’re hard and they pull at your eyes and hurt to put on!
    Best gel eyeliner? MAC’s Blacktrack fluidline!
    Eyeliner you’re wearing right now? Eyeshadow used as liner on the upper lashline (black with purple and red shimmer) and Urban Decay’s Zero on the lower lashline and waterline.

  16. Kate

    Worst eyeliner – Wet n Wild
    Best gel liner – I haven’t tried any yet, but I want to!
    Eyeliner I’m wearing – Stila Smudgestick in Blue Ribbon, the color works really well with my blue eyes i love it!

  17. Kate

    Worst eyeliner? Any of Clinique’s I’ve tried don’t stay put.

    Best gel eyeliner? Bobbi Brown and M.A.C. Fluidline

    Eyeliner you’re wearing right now? Bobbi Brown Black Mauve gel eyeliner

  18. Anni

    Worst eyeliner: Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Eye Pencil
    (too hard, no color)
    Best gel liner : MAC Fluidline Blacktrack and Waveline
    Eyeliner I’m wearing right now: MAC Fluidline Blitz and Glitz

    Greets from Germany

  19. Kris

    Worst eyeliner: Bourjeois Paillettes (ow ow ow for application!) and Rimmel Kohl liner (I think) in white. So little pigmentation, and so coarse!
    Best gel liner: have only ever tried MAC fluidline
    Eyeliner I’m wearing right now: Lancome artliner on top lashline and UD 24/7 in Baked on lower lashline

  20. Lindsey

    Worst Eyeliner- E.L.F. liquid…too watery!
    Best Gel Liner- L’Oreal HiP Gel Liner in black
    Eyeliner I’m wearing right now- LA Splash Liquid Eyeliner in Black

  21. Lilly

    worst eyeliner – maybelline liquid liner
    best gel eyeliner – mac fluidline
    wearing right now – mac teddy

  22. Christina

    Worst eyeliner – MAC technakohls

    Best gel eyeliner – Bobbi Brown or MAC – like both equally.

    Eyeliner I’m wearing right now: Tarina Tarantino Hyperliner in Puppeteer – LOVE IT! Fantastic eyeliner.

  23. Sarah

    Worst eyeliner? maybelinne

    Best gel eyeliner? mac fluidline

    Eyeliner you’re wearing right now? none, but i usually wear UD whiskey

  24. Rei

    Worst eyeliner? Jane cream eyeliner
    Best gel eyeliner? MAC Carbon eyeshadow
    Eyeliner you’re wearing right now? UD 24/7 Zero

  25. Natalie

    Worst eyeliner – Too Faced, I think it was called Lava Liner? I don’t know if they still make it, but it was a great creamy intense black. Unfortunately it lasted all of one second on!
    Best gel liner – MAC Fluidline
    Eyeliner I’m wearing right now – Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Bourbon

  26. Heather

    Worst eyeliner? MAC Smolder – it gets all over my eyelids.
    Best gel eyeliner? Clinique and Bobbi Brown (I like them both pretty equally).
    Eyeliner you’re wearing right now? None.

  27. Nicole

    Worst eyeliner? When I try to use eyeshadow as eyeliner, because it messes up my contacts and makes my eyes hurt if I get it in my eyes.
    Best gel eyeliner? I’ve only tried Bobbi Brown, and I love it! I thought it would be more trouble than using pencil eyeliner, but it’s actually easier. I used to only use UD 24/7 liners, but I much prefer the gel now.
    Eyeliner you’re wearing right now? Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in Chocolate Shimmer

  28. Lisa

    Worst – sephora pencils…dragged on my eyes and didn’t last at all.

    gel – not sure i’ve used

    wearing right now – super skinny line of kat von d tattoo liner in trooper with UD 24/7 in Ransom a little thicker stacked on top.

  29. Krista

    Worst eyeliner- NYX Jumbo. Will not stay in one place no matter what you do, it’s a mess lol. I don’t like it as a base either, creases a lot.
    Best gel eyeliner- Maybelline. I really wasn’t expecting it to be so great, but it is- stays on forever and super pigmented- even better than my old go-to Stila Smudge Stick.
    Eyeliner I have on now- A little of the black Maybelline on my inner rims, and a mix of Urban Decay Gunmetal and Creep around my eyes instead of liner.

  30. Niki

    WORST- Smashbox Cream Eyeliner
    BEST GEL- Bobbi Brown Long Wear
    RIGHT NOW- Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in 2L

  31. Worst Eyeliner — Golden Rose High-Shine Black Metallic liner. Don’t know how many people know of/use Golden Rose, but they’re a European brand with very affordable products, sort of comparable to Nyx. One of their kiosks opened in my mall, and I like a lot of their products — their glitter liners and baked bronzers in particular are cute, and the price is right for what I would consider just a fun novelty product. NOT so with this liner. Yes, it’s super-pigmented and as black as sin, and really glossy, but it’s also very runny and IMPOSSIBLE to remove if you make a mistake. The brush attached to the cap is crap, and the bottle is sort of elongated so you couldn’t stick your own brush in there. When I try to take it off, it smears into giant black raccoon eyes, to the point where I’d have to take a shower just to get it all off. I gave up on trying to work with it and just tossed it.

    Best gel liner — I don’t use gels, so no comment.

    Liner I’m wearing right now — Milani Infinite Eyeliner in Endless, the purple metallic color.

  32. Worst eyeliner? the BonneBell Eye Definers. really hard, so they tug and pull on your eyes. if you warm them up, they work okay for eye bases.
    Best gel eyeliner? I love the Stila Smudge Pots. I got the little set of 4 from Sephora and I love them.
    Eyeliner you’re wearing right now? Urban Decay Creep eyeshadow from the Naked Palette because I was too lazy to sharpen my Zero pencil.

  33. Annie

    NARS pencil is definitely worst for me. I’ve also tried MAC Feline and it was smudgy too :(
    I only own two gel liners: MAC’s blacktrack fluidline which is a solid liner, and Bobbi Brown’s Cobalt Ink (which I purchased yesterday and currently wearing/testing).

  34. Işıl

    Worst eyeliner- none that I own. Only, Nars pencils and Chanel waterproof pencils are hard, so difficult to line lower eyelid with them.
    Best gel liner- I only have Bobbi Brown cobalt ink and a dark green one which I am satisfied with.
    Eyeliner I wore today(just cleaned my make up)was Givenchy blue lagoon liquid eyeliner.

  35. P

    Worst eyeliner? Wet n Wild
    Best gel eyeliner? I don’t own any yet
    Eyeliner you’re wearing right now? ArtDeco Soft Eye Liner Waterproof in Dark Indigo

  36. Gisele

    Worst eyeliner – Urban Decay liquid liner. Ugh, a mess; it smeared, ran, and looked awful.
    Best gel liner – Bobbi Brown; love Denim Ink
    Eyeliner I’m wearing right now – None; it’s a no-makeup day! But I used MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy yesterday.

  37. Katherine

    worst eyeliner… I still have to find one… none of them are that bad on my eyes…
    best gel liner: MAC fluidline!
    eyeliner I’m wearing now: MAC Technakohl Liner

  38. kristina

    worst: any wet and wild pencils. so rough. they tug.
    best: mac fluidline. ive tried stilas smudgepot and smashbox’s jetset and none compare to mac.
    eyeliner im wearing right now: im taking a day off.

  39. Worst eyeliner: I’d have to say Clnique’s twisty ones. They dry so fast.
    Best gel liner: MAC Fluidlines
    Eyeliner that i’m wearing right now: nothing, but if i were, it would be MAC smolder.

  40. le

    worst eyeliner – l’oreal pencil black
    best gel liner – bobbi brown black
    eyeliner I am wearing right now – urban decay 24/7 black

  41. Soley

    Worst Eyeliner- Idk yet, hope I never have to experience a dreadful one! :)
    Best gel liner- Idk either! haha ive never used gel liner!
    Liner im wearing now- NYX studio professional liquid liner in extreme black

  42. Mariella

    Worst – Smashbox Cream Liner – tried it years ago and what a mess
    Best gel – I’ve only tried one – Clinique – and it’s okay but I think I’m just not a fan…
    Wearing right now – not actually eyeliner, but MAC’s Birds & Berries applied like liner…pretty with dark eyes

  43. Amanda Enn

    Best Gel Liner: Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear gel Liner.
    (It’s also what I’m currently wearing.)

  44. Chez

    Worst eyeliner?
    Max factor Kohl liner – smudge like no one’s business

    Best gel eyeliner?
    I don’t use gel liner, not anymore, too much hassle of getting a brush!

    Eyeliner you’re wearing right now?
    Urban decay 24/7. Best liner so far. Even better than MAC’s powerpoint in my opinion!

  45. Worst eyeliner – Pretty much any pencil by CoverGirl has been crappy for me.
    Best gel liner – “True Black” by Coastal Scents. I’ve heard lots of poor reviews about this, and I don’t understand why, because it’s my holy grail of eyeliners. Sooo black, and it doesn’t budge!
    Eyeliner I’m wearing now – See above. :)

  46. Anna

    Worst – Max factor khol
    Best gel – Shiseido
    Now I’m wearing Sisley Phyto Khol Star in Silver

  47. Henry

    Worst Eyeliner: Probably Hard Candy Liquid Liners. Too streaky and messy.

    Best Gel Eyeliner: Either the MAC Fluidline or the MAC Chromaline.

    Currently Wearing: MAC Chromoline 😀

  48. Sabina

    Worst Eyeliner- Revlon ColorStay (Runny, smudgy, made my eyes look like a raccoon)
    Best Gel Eyeliner- Mac Blacktrack
    Eyeliner I’m wearing right now- MAC Technakohl Eyeliner in Photogravure (stays put all day, no smudging. Better than MUFE’s and Urban Decays!)

  49. Jina

    Worst: Maybelline Define a Line. It required far too much pressure to apply so I just did my homework with it… heh.
    Best gel: MAC Fluidlines are good but I like Bobbi Brown more for the colors.
    Now: UD El Dorado on the lower lashline.

  50. Lee

    * Worst eyeliner? The drugstore cheapies like Wet’nWild. So hard.
    * Best gel eyeliner? MAC Fluidline
    * Eyeliner you’re wearing right now? Mac Fluidline Rich Ground, my everyday go to liner

  51. Marcy

    worst: Urban Decay Zero, it’s super dry and i have to “warm it up” on the back of my hand so it glides on without pulling on my skin

    best gel: i don’t use gel eyeliner but i do have L’Oreal HIP in eggplant and it’s a beautiful color, super pigmented, and goes on smoothly. there’s also something pretty and luxurious about it coming in a little glass jar with a liner brush.

    right now: MAC Feline. I love the richness of the black and it goes on wonderfully smooth and doesn’t run at all on me.

    • MAChostage

      I’d be tempted to exchange that UD Zero liner for another. I’ve *never* heard of any UD liner being hard or tugging. Super weird.

  52. inge

    Worst eyeliner – L’oreal liner intense
    Best gel liner – Never tried
    Eyeliner I’m wearing right now – Sephora black liquid eyeliner. I love it and have been using it for years. Great formula!

  53. Hanna

    Worst eyeliner – elf they sucks

    Best gel – wet and wild I have used the high end one and really I think this one is just about the same but a lot cheaper

    eyeliner I am using now – urbann decay 24/7

  54. ilmy

    * Worst eyeliner? Sephora eye liner it’s so hard onmy eyes, I didn’t buy, it was just a gift for birthday
    * Best gel eyeliner? Bobbi brown gel eye liner
    * Eyeliner you’re wearing right now? Milani, liquif’eye metallic eye liner pencil in brown

  55. catherine

    worst eyeliner – UD 24/7
    Best gel eyeliner? BB gel e/l – worn it for many yrs. Have in 6 shades
    Eyeliner you’re wearing right now? LM cake eyeliner in Emerald Green (this was dc’d shade – Forest Green is one of the three new shades just released)

  56. Hannah

    Worst Eyeliner – Clinique Kohl pencil does not stay put. While not awful, I can’t understand the hype behind UD’s 24/7 liners.
    Best Gel Liner – MAC Fluidline
    Eyeliner I’m Wearing Right Now – Mac Fluidline – Blacktrack

  57. Katie k

    Worst eyeliner? MAC Teddy and Feline smudge EVERYWHERE!
    Best gel eyeliner? Clinique- MAC Fluidline and Bobbi Brown dry out too quickly but Clinique stays nice and fluid forever.
    Eyeliner you’re wearing right now? Clinique and UD 24/7 on waterline

  58. ak

    Worst eyeliner – I can’t remember now! But my eyelids are all so oily that without any kind of eyeshadow base like a MAC paint pot or the Nars eyeshadow base, ANY eyeliner would become the worst eyeliner on me! LOL It’s just the way it is.

    Best gel liner – MAC Fluidline

    Eyeliner I’m wearing right now – Just the MAC Mega Metal eyeshadow in Unflappable. I smoked it out a bit as usual.

  59. Hannah

    Worst eyeliner – Clinique Kohl Pencil – does not stay put. I also do not understand the hype surrounding UD 24/7 Liners, but they are not the worst.
    Best gel liner – MAC Fluidline
    Eyeliner I’m wearing right now – MAC Fluidline Blacktrack

  60. Adria

    Worst eyeliner: I don’t know if they are the worst, but any MAC pencil or Technakohl eyeliner. They smudge on me like crazy!
    Best gel liner: Mac Fluidline.
    Eyeliner I’m wearing right now: Urban Decay 24/7 in Bourbon on upper lash line and in Baked on lower lash line.

  61. Kelli

    Worst eyeliner?- I don’t have one yet
    Best Gel Eyeliner?- Wet N’ Wild Gel Eyeliner
    Eyeliner I’m wearing right now?- Revlon Colorstay pencil eyeliner in Black

  62. Sydney

    Worst eyeliner: Revlon Colorstay
    Best gel eyeliner: MAC Fluidline
    Eyeliner I’m wearing right now: Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero

  63. bxboricua

    Worst eyeliner – NARS – the one I tried melted onto my face 30 minutes after I put it on

    Best Gel Eyeliner – MAC Fluidline

    Eyeliner I’m wearing right now- UD 24/7 pencil in Perversion on the upper lashline, MUFE Aqua Eyes in 1L on the waterline and lower lashline

  64. Quinctia

    Worst eyeliner – Aside from not being a big pencil liner fan in general, it’d have to be a cheapie gray liquid liner that just smelled from the second I opened it up. It wasn’t a spoiled smell, it was like a horrible paint smell, so I just threw it away. I don’t even remember the brand, except it wasn’t Wet and Wild–I’ve had some success with their metallic liquid liners.

    Best gel liner – Those Physician’s Formula shimmer strips ones! L’Oreal HIPs are pretty much the same quality-wise, but you only get one huge pot of color (that I’m sure will dry out before I use it all), compared to the three with PF.

    Eyeliner I’m wearing – I actually took the black w/glitter shade from my Wet and Wild 6-pan Lust palette and used my wedge-eyeliner brush. Can’t get a fine gel line with it for some reason, but it’s crazy good to do a fine powder line for some odd reason.

  65. Dayna

    Worst Eyeliner: Sephora ‘Pure’ eyeliner pencils. Those were terrible! Hard, little color pay-off, and pulled at my lids. Ugh
    Best Gel liner: I’ve been wanting to try MAC fluidline but haven’t had the chance. The best I’ve come across so far is tarte’s gel liner. Mines a bit dried out now but it’s still easy to use and stays on well.
    Eyeliner I’m wearing: Either Urban Decay 24/7 in zero or my Sephora liner in black (I think they’re called flashy liners?) it works just as good as urban decay.

  66. Svetlana

    Worst eyeliner- MAC Feline
    Best gel eyeliner- I’m yet to try a gel eyeliner.
    Eyeliner I’m wearing right now Loreal Intense liner in black

  67. MACcutie08

    Worst eyeliner?Don’t really know…
    Best gel eyeliner?
    Eyeliner you’re wearing right now?

  68. MACcutie08

    Worst eyeliner?Don’t really know…
    Best gel eyeliner? Bobbi Brown
    Eyeliner you’re wearing right now? MAC Smolder

  69. MAChostage

    Worst: MAC Feline
    Best Gel: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Inks
    Eyeliner I’m wearing now: UD 24/7 in Zero

  70. Alexis

    Worst eyeliner: I have come across many bad ones such as the really long eyeliners from wet n wild, some cover girl and maybelline eyeliners
    Best gel liner: Black Radiance Creme Liner
    Eye liner I’m wearing right now: None, but I love Milani’s Liquif’eye

  71. Ashley D.

    Worst eyeliner? Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer. It fades, smudges like crazy and somehow flaked and smeared all the way to my under eyes.

    Best gel eyeliner? Tried a lot and I don’t like gel liners.

    Eyeliner you’re wearing right now? Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Stash

  72. stephanie

    Worst Eyeliner: I don’t really have one, I try to research alot before I buy
    Best Eyeliner: MUFE AquaEyes Pencils, Loreal Hip
    Eyeliner Wearing Right Now: MUFE AuqaEyes Pencil in 3L

  73. Alyssa

    Worst?- Jordana Easy Liner (smudge/transfer city)
    Best?- Stila Smudge Pot (so far)
    Now?- Nada (I had a bad reaction to the Maybelline cooling effects shadow)

  74. ledonatella

    * Worst eyeliner? MAC Khol instantly smudges all over my face
    * Best gel eyeliner? MAC Fluidline = love
    * Eyeliner you’re wearing right now? MAC Grey Utility PPoint

  75. Tangylove

    Worst eyeliner: too many to list!
    Best gel liner: Inglot Gel Liners
    Eyeliner I’m wearing right now: milani liquif’eye & revlon colorstay both in Black

  76. crlsweetie912

    Worst Eyeliner?
    Best Gel Eyeliner- Wet n Wild Gel Eyeliner
    Eyeliner I’m Wearing right now- Physicians formula eye define eye marker

  77. Ms. Jimmi

    Worst? Feline–and I hate to say it because it is a black to die for!!
    Best gel–MAC Fluidline.
    Wearing now–Wolf, a gold/black Pearlglide from few years ago by MAC.

  78. Madeleine

    Worst Eyeliner- Clinique Kohl Shapers—SOOOO dry.
    Best gel liner- Bobbi Brown
    Eyeliner I’m wearing right now- UD 24/7 in Revolver

  79. Taylor

    Worst eyeliner- anything by wet & wild; they are 99 cents for a reason.
    Best gel liner- Smashbox Eyeliner Palatte
    Eyeliner I’m wearing right now- Prestige Total Intensity in black. It is honestly the BEST eyeliner I have ever come across. I’ve tried anything from wet & wild and cover girl to MAC and Lancome

  80. Worst eyeliner? The “liner side” of Covergirl smoky shadow blast – HORRIBLE. And Sephora brand, I never understood the concept of “traveling”, smudgy eyeliner until I tested theirs out.
    Best gel eyeliner? I’m partial to Urban Decay – but Wet N Wild also has a great little jet black gel liner for less than $3, and it works almost as well as UD Ink for Eyes
    Eyeliner you’re wearing right now? UD 24/7 in Perversion blended with a little Midnight Cowboy, from the UD15 kit.

  81. Nancy

    * Worst eyeliner? Used to love Revlon Colorstay Eyeliners but the formula changed and it is now too creamy and it runs.

    * Best gel eyeliner? I really like Clinique’s

    * Eyeliner you’re wearing right now? Milani Pencil Liquifeye love it!!!

  82. * Worst eyeliner?
    When you put together price, ease of use, and colour payoff… Urban Decay 24/7. Not worth the coin.

    * Eyeliner you’re wearing right now?
    It’s my day off, haha. Usually Rimmel Pro Liquid Liner. Gets the job done and stays there.

  83. Sam

    Worst Eyeliner: The worst I’ve experienced is the eyeliners from The Body Shop.
    Best gel liner: I’m not a big gel liner person, so I don’t really now.
    Eyeliner I’m wearing right now: Stila Kajal in Onyx. Favorite eyeliner eeever!!

  84. Marian

    Worst eyeliner? I haven’t had a bad eyeliner in a long time.
    Best gel eyeliner? MAC and Bobbi Brown
    Eyeliner you’re wearing right now? Bobbi Brown Black Plum gel liner

  85. Heidi S.

    Worst: Avon eyeliner. Splotchy. ‘Nuff said.
    Best: Urban Decay’s 24/7 Liner
    Eyeliner I’m wearing Now…At the moment none, but I have been using Sephora’s new shadows in place of a stick liner. Other than that, usually Sephora Nano liners or UB’s 24/7 liners.

  86. Rayna

    Worst Eye Liner – Tarte Emphaseyes AquaGel Liner Pencil – smears like no ones business
    Best Gel Liner – Technically cream but Stila Smudge Pot
    Liner Im Wearing now – Laura Mercier Kohl in Stormy Grey

  87. Jillian

    worst eyeliner- victoria’s secret beauty rush glitter liner. everyone that has tried them has loved them but whenever I put it on, it stings my eyelids!
    best gel liner- mac fluidline
    eyeliner i’m wearing right now- mac fluidline in blacktrack on upper lashline, and physician’s formula eye definer pencil on my lower lashline (also a great eyeliner, IMO)

  88. Pinksoda

    Worst: any elf liner!!!!! It doesn’t draw on the skin at all!!!! Esecially eyes!
    Best: Mac fluidline or wet n wild cream liner!!!
    Right now: maybelline gel liner

  89. Mec

    Worst eyeliner: Maybelline Ultra Liner Liquid Liner
    Best gel liner: Any Mac Fluidline
    Eyeliner I’m wearing right now: Mac Siahi Fluidline

  90. Krista

    Worst eyeliner: Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes
    Best gel eyeliner: Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner or MAC Fluidline
    Eyeliner I’m wearing right now: MAC Eye Kohl in Phone Number & I Get No Kick

  91. * Worst eyeliner? elf liguid liner marker
    * Best gel eyeliner? stila smudge pots
    * Eyeliner you’re wearing right now? covergirl perfect pointe plus

  92. Worst: ELF liquid liner. It smells.

    Best Gel liner: Its the creme HIP eyeliner. MAC Fluidline is ok but I find it to be a bit tough to work with. The HIP eyeliner is very pigmented and creamy and easy to work with.

    NOW: I am wearing my Smashbox Limitless eyeliner in Onyx. The creamiest pencil liner I’ve ever tried.

  93. PJ

    Worst: covergirl
    Best gel: Bobbi brown:They have great colors and long wear!
    What Im wearing now: Laura mercier They taught me the “tightline” technique with their cake liner , and with some practice– a lot actually, I am finally good at it- and cant think of doing it any other way, It stays on and doesnt smudge and most importantly, looks natural. Its really THAT good!

    • Rayna

      My Laura rep tight lined me the one day at work and I couldn’t imagine not doing it now. The cake liner is awesome.

  94. Tara

    Worst eyeliner- Covergirl! Makes my eyes burn and water like crazy
    Best getl liner- Stila Smudge pots
    Eyeliner Im wearing right now- Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Corrupt

  95. Lindy

    Worst eyeliner-Mufe-it was always breaking and wore off within an hour or wo. On the bright side it was soft.
    Best gel eyeliner-I have only tried the maybeline gel eyeliner and I like it, eventually I’ll get my hands on a MAC fluidline, I have heard so many wonderful things about it.
    Currently wearing-none however if I am short on time, I wear the Cover Girl black pencil. The gel one is my go-to eyeliner though!

  96. Worst eyeliner: Loreal Natural Kohl Liner…ugh
    Best gel liner: Dalton Eyeliner…amazing liner, packaging, mirror, everything…I am doing a review this week on my channel. I was shocked!
    Eyeliner I am wearing right now: Mac Fluidline…Peep something…discontinued:)

  97. Kat

    Worst eyeliner? NYC pencil eyeliner
    Best gel eyeliner? Wet’n’Wild Creme Liner
    Eyeliner you’re wearing right now? Nothing, I didn’t have time for that much makeup today.

  98. Worst: I haven’t encountered one I don’t like!
    Best: L’oreal HIP Liner
    Wearing Now: NYX Studio Effects liquid liner

  99. Nikki

    Worst eyeliner – Elf in ash… It doesn’t show up on me for some reason
    Best eyeliner – Tarte Emphaseyes (each form of pencil and the gel are excellent in every color)
    Current eyeliner – L’oreal Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner in gray

  100. Sarah O

    Worst Eyeliner: Rimmel London Full Color Eye Definer Eyeliner in Sable
    Best Gel Liner: Clinique True Black Brush On Creme Liner
    Eyeliner I’m Wearing Now: Essence Retractable Eye Pencil in Black Fever