Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • Your skin tone/coloring:
  • Best eyeshadow primer?
  • Best fast-drying top coat?
  • Best nail polish remover?

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57 thoughts on “Survey Says… June 6th, 2012

  1. jeneyg

    1. Fair skin/cool toned (I think?)
    2. I’ve only tried one but I love it! Urban Decay’s Primer Potion
    3. I’ve tried a few, and right now I’m liking Out The Door’s top coat. Seche Vite got too thick way too fast, and i wasn’t too keen on the shrinkage.
    4. I use Beauty Secrets Acetone polish remover. It’s cheap and works pretty well. The smell isn’t too bad either.

  2. Your skin tone/coloring: Mac NC15
    Best eyeshadow primer? Too Faced Shadow Insurance Best fast-drying top coat? Mavala Quick FixBest nail polish remover? Acetone (I know, I know, it’s a sin…)

  3. KateAshlen

    Your skin tone/coloring: – Pale skin/warm toned
    Best eyeshadow primer? – Too Faced Shadow Insurance (urban decay would crease on me!)
    Best fast-drying top coat? – Seche Vite 
    Best nail polish remover? – Zoya 

  4. Your skin tone/coloring: Fair – cool undertones (NW20 / Ivory)
    Best eyeshadow primer? Urban Decay Primer Potion or Coastal Scents Eye Primer
    Best fast-drying top coat? Seche Vite
    Best nail polish remover? Sally’s Beauty Secrets Acetone Remover

  5. Your skin tone/coloring: Light to medium with yellow undertones
    Best eyeshadow primer? UDPP
    Best fast-drying top coat? Seche Vite
    Best nail polish remover? Zoya Remove+

  6. Erika

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair w/ neutral undertones
    Best eyeshadow primer?: Urban Decay Primer Potion
    Best fast-drying top coat?: Seche Vite
    Best nail polish remover?: Acetone 

  7. Your skin tone/coloring: Olive fair (paler then Mac NC15)
    Best eyeshadow primer: Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper then Too Faced Shadow Insurance.
    Best fast-drying top coat: Not sure…. Best nail polish remover: Acetone but anything with acetone in it works the fasts.

  8. MarioInvincible

    1) Neutral/Warm Medium Skin2) TFPP/UDPP… I can’t really tell the difference and I have both so3) Essie Good To Go4) Zoya+!
    Best nail polish color atm: Zoya Happi!

  9. Screamer77

    1. fair skin/ warm tone on body and both warm and cool tone on face (yep, I’m weird)
    2. nars
    3. seche vite
    4. zoya

    • maureenmojen

       @Screamer77 ha I’m weird too. My face definitely leans warm, my hands definitely lean cool, and the rest of me seems to be somewhere between.

  10. cindy

    ■Your skin tone/coloring: medium-dark. warm undertones
    ■Best eyeshadow primer? cargo eye base
    ■Best fast-drying top coat? sally hansen insta-dry
    ■Best nail polish remover?i don’t really have any preference. i use cheap ones from walmart

  11. sonnyc

    1. pale yellow, still warm, I wear MakeUp Forever’s 115 Ivory
    2. Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray
    3. Revlon Top Speed
    4. I suppose any remover will do

  12. Your skin tone/coloring: light with yellow undertones
    Best eyeshadow primer? haven’t tried many so I have to say Urban Decay Primer Potion
    Best fast-drying top coat? Gosh Top Coat
    Best nail polish remover? Bourjois Magic Nail Polish remover, that stuff is amazing!

  13. Lett

    1. Tan/medium-tan
    2. Too Faced Shadow Insurance
    3. Revlon’s Top Speed
    4. No preference as long as it contains acetone

  14. Your skin tone/coloring: …I’ll tell ya’ll in MAC code…NC50 in Pro Longwear….warm and deep.
    Best eyeshadow primer? UDPP
    Best fast-drying top coat? Seche Vite
    Best nail polish remover? Pure Acetone

  15. BrookeHuber

    1. fair, neutral/cool-leaning
    2. UDPP + a Mac paint pot
    3. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri… the best I’ve tried. 5 minutes to dry, 30 minutes to smudgeproof
    4. Nailtiques… I l-o-v-e this stuff.

  16. Holly B

    1. light-medium with cool undertones
    2. Too Faced Shadow Insurance or Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study
    3. Poshe
    4. Pure Acetone

  17. t_zwiggy

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light-medium (NW20-25)
    Best eyeshadow primer? NARS Smudgeproof
    Best fast-drying top coat? Poshe. It basically works the same way Seche Vite does on me. Dries almost as fast, with the same shine, but without that awful shrinkage.
    Best nail polish remover? I like the acetone free one from OPI. For hard to remove stuff like glitters I mostly use pure acetone.

  18. by

    1. Fair-medium with very very strong  yellow undertone
    2. Nars pro prime
    3. Posche
    4. Anything

  19. Kafka

    Your skin tone/coloring:  I’m starting to think I have no idea. This morning, I discovered I’m Punjab in NARS Sheer but Santa Fe in Nars Matte, while Laura Mercier thinks I’m Vanilla and I’ve been wearing the wrong MUFE shade.  LOL.
    Best eyeshadow primer?  NARS.
    Best fast-drying top coat? No clue.
    Best nail polish remover? Acetone.

  20. simone lymbery

    Your skin tone/coloring: i am medium/olive skin tones
    Best eyeshadow primer? don’t use one yet. But will soon
    Best fast-drying top coat? Seche Vite
    Best nail polish remover: Cutex acetone free  (as i from time to time wear acryilc/gel nails)

  21. Your skin tone/coloring: Pale Neutral (NARS Siberia)
    Best eyeshadow primer? Too Faced Shadow Insurance
    Best fast-drying top coat? Out the Door
    Best nail polish remover? Up & Up Nail Polish Remover Jars

  22. ebbyzone

    Dark Tan (MUFE 170)
    Urban Decay all the way!
    OPI Rapid Dry

  23. Greenbergl

    Your skin tone/coloring: fairly light with yellow undertones

    Best eyeshadow primer? TFSI or UDPP

    Best fast-drying top coat? Not sure, I just use regular top coat.

    Best nail polish remover? Cutex

  24. Your skin tone/coloring:Tanned with yellow tones/ NC42.
    Best eyeshadow primer?: UD Original Primer Potion & UD Eden Primer Potion
    Best fast-drying top coat?: I just use Sally Hansen Top Coat. I don’t care about fast drying.
    Best nail polish remover?: Zoya Remove+

  25. EnchantedDaisy

    Fair skinUrban Decay Primer PotionOrly Sec ‘n Dry100% Acetone from the auto parts store

  26. EnchantedDaisy

    I have fair skin, use Urban Decay Primer Potion, Orly Sec ‘n Dry, and 100% Acetone from the auto parts store.

  27. 1. Fair, with cool tones.
    2. NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base
    3. I use Poshe right now, but I’m looking for one that doesn’t pull my polish away from my nail tips! 
    4. Zoya Remove+

  28. EvilPinkRobot

    1. Fair/Warm
    2. Too Faced Shadow Insurance
    3. Seche Vite
    4. Zoya Remove+

  29. Dominique33

    1) : medium fair
    2)  Urban decay potion
    3)  Revlon
    4) The best is Chanel ( very smooth, delicate perfume, not agressive for the nails ) BUT the most effective is a budget one Gemey

  30. Marian57

    Your skin tone/coloring: fair/warm
    Best eyeshadow primer? BE Prime Time Sunlight                                                                                                                                                                            Best fast-drying top coat? Seche Vite
    Best nail polish remover? Any gentle non-acetone

  31. misscheriamor

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light Olive with pink and yellow tones… pretty pale
    Best eyeshadow primer? NYX (all 3)
    Best fast-drying top coat? Seche Vite
    Best nail polish remover? I use Sally Hansen or basic pure acetone

  32. madeange

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC40

    Best eyeshadow primer? UD Eden primer (I have overly oily skin so this wrks like a charm for me)

    Best fast-drying top coat? Rush top coat. Dries QUICK.

    Best nail polish remover? SEPHORA COLLECTION Express Nail Polish Remover. BEST nail polish remover I’ve ever tried, gentle, disolves nail polish quick and smells lovely afterwards.

  33. Lidalgirl

    Your skin tone/coloring: Very pale (less than NC10), neutral yellow beige undertone.
    Best eyeshadow primer? UD Primer potion Original and Eden
    Best fast-drying top coat? still have to find one!
    Best nail polish remover? any gentle.

  34. Kimmie T

    Your skin tone/coloring: Medium Dark. NC 43/ MUFE 170, Neutrogena Healthy SkinsTan
    Best eyeshadow primer: Surprisingly Stila Prime Pot. I hate pot like containers but it works very very well.
    Best fast-drying top coat: Revon Color Stay! No Joke.
    Best nail polish remover: Its all the same really.

  35. SLS320

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light/Medium NW25
    Best eyeshadow primer? UDPP
    Best fast-drying top coat? Haven’t found one yet.
    Best nail polish remover? Cutex

  36. MiMi

    Your skin tone/coloring: Medium/light African American…. So I’m Caramel-ly? I don’t wear foundation but I’m most like Revlon Colorstay in Caramel
    Best eyeshadow primer: UDPP
    Best fast-drying top coat: Out the Door from Sally Beauty Supply
    Best nail polish remover: Beauty Secrets from Sally Beauty Supply

  37. Sin tone/coloring : Medium Fair, HD 115
    Best Shadow Primer : I’ve used many, and so far bareMinerals Prime Time is the only one that works for my crazy oily eyelids!
    Best fast drying top coat : Has to be Seche Vite!!
    Best nail polish remover : Pretty much any work well for me, but I prefer 100% acetone for getting off glittery nail polishes.

  38. MarissaLozano

    Your skin tone/coloring: Medium/light with pink undertones
    Best eyeshadow primer? Urban Decay Primer Potion
    Best fast-drying top coat? Essie Good to Go Top Coat
    Best nail polish remover? I love the ones in the little jar containers :) I honestly think they all work the same though 😛

  39. Adelita

    • Your skin tone/coloring:
    »Tan, NC42-43, golden-caramel with a hint of olive undertones.
    • Best eyeshadow primer?
    » NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy for those eyeshadow that require more sticky base (glittery eyeshadow, etc) and UDPP Sin if I don’t want to use any eyeshadow, I just use it all over my lids to make it glow.
    • Best fast-drying top coat?
    » INM Out The Door! It’s not thick, shrinking and peel-off right away (yes peel-off, not chipping, PEEL-OFF!) like Seche Vite on me. The fact that it is cheaper than Seche Vite is a HUGE plus.
    • Best nail polish remover?
    » Even though I have very sensitive facial skin, thankfully It doesn’t apply to the rest of my body. I can use practically almost every nail polish removers on the market, both with or without acetone.

  40. _BTV

    Your skin tone/coloring: NW 45
    Best eyeshadow primer?: MAC Prep + Prime Skin ( Use it on my eyes as a eye primer, works for me)
    Best fast-drying top coat?: Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails Strengthening Top Coat
    Best nail polish remover?: Cutex

  41. army_wife_in_alaska

    Honey-Beige skin tone / NC 35
    Urban Decay Primer Potion, although since they are going into China I’m in the market for a new eye primer.
    Sally Hansen
    All nail polish remover is the same to me. :) 

  42. JackieG24

    Skin tone/ coloring: Light to Medium depending on the season
    Best Eyeshadow Primer: Nars smudge-proof is amazing!
    Best Fast-drying Topcoat: Seche Vite
    Best Nail Polish Remover: I absolutely love Pure Acetone! I just buy a huge bottle from Sallys Beuty Supply for like $3 and it lasts forever!

  43. CESIA

    olive-golden brown
    salley hanson x hard as nails
    salley hanson

  44. maureenmojen

    Your Skin Tone/Coloring: very fair with neutral undertones, blue eyes, dark copper red hair.
    Best Eyeshadow Primer: I like UDPP but I haven’t tried Too Faced or Nars so I don’t feel I can declare it the best.
    Best fast-drying top coat: still searching
    Best remover: ZOYA. SO much gentler on my nails than anything else I’ve tried.

  45. casey23

    Your skin tone/coloring: In Dior terms 030 
    BEst eyeshadow primer: NARS pro prime smudge proof eyeshadow base
    Best fast drying top coat: Essie Good to go
    Best nail polish remover: Sephora remover

  46. bettynova

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC20-25 (Winter) NC45 (Summer)
    Best eyeshadow primer? Elf mineral, Artdeco
    Best fast-drying top coat? Still havent found the Best.
    Best nail polish remover? Whatever is on sale, Im not picky.

  47. JoanneD

    1-Caramel/Tan with olive undertones (NC44)
    2-MAC’s paintpots
    3-Seche Vite
    4-Zoya’s Remove+

  48. paneradfisk

    • Your skin tone/coloring:
    » Pale, NC10, slight yellow undertones.
    • Best eyeshadow primer?
    » Urban Decay Primer Potion, haven’t tried any other though.
    • Best fast-drying top coat?
    » I have never tried one.
    • Best nail polish remover?
    » OPI Nail polish remover.

  49. makeupintheory

    Your skin tone/coloring: Medium/Tan
    Best eyeshadow primer? UDPP (But I am trying the Bare Minerals one and think it’s pretty good)
    Best fast-drying top coat? Seche Vite
    Best nail polish remover? Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover (It’s amazing)

  50. TheresaKlijn

    Skin tone: Fair / Pink undertones (NW15)Best E/S Primer – Too Faced Shadow Insurance OR Benefit stay don’t strayTop Coat – Seche ViteNail Polish Remover – Any of the sally Hansen ones 

  51. jess

    Your skin tone/coloring: porcelain to light with golden undertone
    Best eyeshadow primer? urban decay
    Best fast-drying top coat? sally hansen speed dry
    Best nail polish remover? don’t have one they are all the same

  52. Nikki

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC50
    Best eyeshadow primer? I only used base so I don’t have anything to compare.  I don’t wear much eyeshadow.
    Best fast-drying top coat? China Glaze No-Chip Top Coat
    Best nail polish remover? No particular brand preference. I just prefer pure acetone because it removes polish quickly and easily.

  53. Daisy

    Skin Coloring-
    Eyeshadow Primer-
    Either Shadow Insurance from Too Faced.
    Best Top Coat-
    Seche Vite
    I just use acetone. 

  54. Jenn042081

    Your skin tone/coloring: light to medium
    Best eyeshadow primer: urban decay primer potion w/ a matte primer as well since I have oily lids
    Best fast-drying top coat: Seche Vite Quick Dry
    Best nail polish remover: I make my own using natural ingredients 

  55. Diane

    Your skin tone/coloring:        Light olive (MAC NW20 in Studio Fix Fluid is a perfect match for me)
    Best eyeshadow primer?      bareminerals  Primetime eyelid primer
    Best fast-drying top coat?    Poshe
    Best nail polish remover?    I like Zoya (don’t know the name, it’s a light purple color)

  56. Brizee

    Skin tone/coloring: Mac NC 15
    Best eyeshadow primer: urban decay original
    Best fast drying topcoat: Essie topcoat
    Best nail polish remover: ????