Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • Your skin tone/coloring:
  • Favorite bright lipstick?
  • Favorite bold blush?
  • Favorite colored eyeliner?

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45 thoughts on “Survey Says… July 30th, 2014

  1. Coloring: Snow White (character)
    Fav Bright Lipstick: Lipstick Queen Scarlet Red Sinner.
    Fav Bold Blush: Darling Girl To Love A Beast.
    Favorite Colored Eyeliner: Sephora Collection Girls Night Out

  2. san

    Nars Cadiz/Mac nc44..warm undertone.
    Fav bold lippie:Givenchy Fuschia irresistible
    Fav bold blush:Nars Exhibit A
    Fav colored eyeliner: UD Covet/ Lust.

  3. Veronica

    Your skin tone/coloring: NW10/15
    Favorite bright lipstick? Hmm…probably Revlon Fire and Ice or Covergirl Spellbound.
    Favorite bold blush? NARS Angelika
    Favorite colored eyeliner? Tarina Tarantino Spark of Envy

  4. Your skin tone/coloring: Deep-Dark/NW47
    Favorite bright lipstick? MAC Kelly Yum Yum (bright pink)
    Favorite bold blush? Milani Baked Blush Bella Rose (bright pink)
    Favorite colored eyeliner? Milani Liquif’eye Liner in Aqua (teal)

  5. Ashley M

    ■Your skin tone/coloring: — Natural Redhead. NC15 — More of a neutral coloring but leans to warm.
    ■Favorite bright lipstick? MAC- Lady Danger
    ■Favorite bold blush? Not really BOLD– NARS Orgasm
    ■Favorite colored eyeliner? I like Browns, purples, and eggplants. Urban Decay 24/7 liquid liner is my fav.

  6. ■Your skin tone/coloring: NC20…ish.
    ■Favorite bright lipstick? Stila Liquid Lipstick in Beso, MAC Kelly Yum Yum, or Maybelline Vivids Pink Pop
    ■Favorite bold blush? NARS Desire
    ■Favorite colored eyeliner? Stila Mint Julep or NYX Slide On Pencil in Jewel.

  7. Skin tone- MAC NC 20, MUFE 117
    Favorite bright lipstick- Nars Luxembourg
    Favorite bold blush- Nars Desire
    Favorite colored eyeliner- BB Indigo Ink gel liner

  8. Lee

    Your skin tone/coloring: Very fair, slight yellow to neutral undertones

    Favorite bright lipstick? Gosh, I have so many, I always wear bright pinks. I have been wearing a lot of MAC Quick Sizzle lately tho’

    Favorite bold blush? MAC Peaches & Cream from the Osborne collection, does that count as bold?

    Favorite colored eyeliner? I wear MAC Rich Ground fluidline every day. It’s copper so I guess it’s considered colored but it looks like a neutral on me. I do have a great chartreuse technakohl liner from on old LE collection that looks nice on.

  9. Amber C.

    skin tone/coloring – NW 5-10, red hair, blue eyes
    favorite bright lipstick – so many! Too Faced Melted Fuschia, Too Faced Melted Violet, Maybelline Shocking Coral, Vivid Rose, Fuschia Flash, NARS Luxembourg Satin lip pencil, Revlon Wild Watermelon, Jordana TwistnShine balm in Candied Coral, Urban Decay Anarchy…..i have more lol.
    I don’t wear bold blush, I can’t pull it off.
    Fave colored eyeliner – Urban Decay Invasion

  10. Ginny

    Snow White.
    Lady Danger.
    Flushed by Sleek.
    I don’t really use eyeliner. I think the only colored one I have is NYX Sapphire, dark blue with shimmer. Nice color.

  11. Joyce

    Your skin tone/coloring: light to medium with yellow undertones
    Favorite bright lipstick? Revlon Vivacious as of late
    Favorite bold blush? I actually don’t care for a bold blush 😛
    Favorite colored eyeliner? Urban Decay Rockstar

  12. Joy

    Your skin tone/coloring: warm, olive
    Favorite bright lipstick?: NARS Schiap
    Favorite bold blush?: haven’t tried one yet
    Favorite colored eyeliner?: NARS saint rue honore

  13. Your skin tone/coloring: Fair/light NC15
    Favorite bright lipstick? Bite beauty high pigment pencil in Corvina
    Favorite bold blush? Tarte Amazonian clay blush in Tipsy
    Favorite colored eyeliner? Mac Pearlglide inUndercurrent, or Industrial. MUFE Aqua liner #5 is also great. depends on the occasion and whether precision is needed or not.

  14. Colouring: NARS Siberia(ish)

    Bright Lipstick: NARS Lodhi, MAC Up the Amp (it’s practically a bright purple on me), Maybelline Shocking Coral

    Bold Blush: I don’t own any.

    Coloured Liner: Prestige Total Intensity e/l pencil in Powerful Purple

  15. Joanne D.

    Your skin tone/coloring: Nars Syracuse/Tahoe, MAC NC45 [caramel w/yellow undertones]
    Favorite bright lipstick? MAC Silly
    Favorite bold blush? Nars Desire
    Favorite colored eyeliner? Urban Decay Deep End

  16. Your skin tone/coloring: light to medium (I guess) warm

    Favorite bright lipstick? Lollipops Jolie Poupée (a bright raspberry pink)

    Favorite bold blush? Clinique Cheek Pop in Berry Pop

    Favorite colored eyeliner? Smashbox Always Sharp eyeliner in Cabana (teal)

  17. Oooh – I can’t wait to read everyone else’s replies. Love this topic.

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair, cool
    Favorite bright lipstick? Guerlain Champs Elysees
    Favorite bold blush? MAC Her Blooming Cheek or Frankly Scarlet (it doesn’t get much bolder than those 2 beauties)
    Favorite colored eyeliner? Probably one of Sephora’s – either Surfer Babe or Tango Night. I also like MAC’s (discontinued) Rosemary and Thyme and though it’s coloured, it’s not especially bright.

  18. Georgina

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair, cool toned. NW15 in winter and NW20 in the summer
    Favorite bright lipstick? MAC Lickable
    Favorite bold blush? Nars Mata Hari is as bold as I get
    Favorite colored eyeliner? MAC Black Line or Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperliner in Ammunition

  19. Your skin tone/coloring: Porcelain
    Favorite bright lipstick? UD Anarchy, Ka’oir Pool Party
    Favorite bold blush? UD Quickie
    Favorite colored eyeliner? MUFE #12L, UD Mars
    Alice Recently Posted: Damselfly / Dragonfly

  20. Your skin tone/coloring: NC20ish
    Favorite bright lipstick? Right now Bite Matte Creme Lip Pencil in Framboise
    Favorite bold blush? Tom Ford Flush or Makeup Geek Love Affair
    Favorite colored eyeliner? Marc Jacobs (Luna)Tic and N(Ice)

  21. Your skin tone/coloring: Cool-Neutral Vampire
    Favorite bright lipstick? I have too many, so let’s go with the first bright lipstick I ever wore: Revlon Fire and Ice!
    Favorite bold blush? Chanel Affinite, no question!
    Favorite colored eyeliner? Where to start? I think the first one that hooked me on coloured eyeliner was UD Junkie, so we’ll go with that 😉
    Sylirael Recently Posted: A Catacomb Filled With Guerlain Rouge Automatiques? Nahema, Champs Élysées and Roselip Await!

  22. Your skin tone/coloring: NC15 / NARS Gobi
    Favorite bright lipstick? Maybelline SuperStay 14 Hr Lipstick in Continuous Cranberry
    Favorite bold blush? YSL Kiss & Blush in #6 Rouge Libertine
    Favorite colored eyeliner? Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Pencil in 006 Deep Blue

  23. Renee

    Skin tone/coloring: Mac NW25-30
    Favorite bright lipstick: Mac Vegas Volt
    Favorite bright blush: Mac Modern Mandarin
    Favorite bright eyeliner: I love anything teal

  24. KaseyCannuck

    Your skin tone/coloring: NW20

    Favorite bright lipstick? Lavender Whip. A total shock that this works on me, too!!

    Favorite bold blush? MAC See Me, Hear Me

    Favorite colored eyeliner? TT Spark of Envy

  25. shortie

    skin: light medium NC20-25
    favorite bright lipstick: mac pink nouveau
    fav bold blush: another one for Nars Desire. Just love it
    fav colored eyeliner: UD stash or mildew

  26. CeeBee

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light medium, yellow toned

    Favorite bright lipstick? Guerlain Rouge G in Geneva or OCC Lip Tar in Queen

    Favorite bold blush? La Femme Framboesia!

    Favorite colored eyeliner? Milani Perfect Purple.

  27. Cat

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light with yellow undertones
    Favorite bright lipstick? Buxom Exhibitionist (right this moment at least)
    Favorite bold blush? Don’t own any but Nars Taj Mahal looks awesome
    Favorite colored eyeliner? Tarina Tarantino Spark of Envy eyeliner

  28. Sharonda

    Skintone/Coloring: Deep, Revlon Colorstay in Caramel
    Favorite Bright Lipstick: Urban Decay Anarchy, Revlon Really Red, N.Y.C. Blue Rose, all Maybelline the Vivids Collection & Mac Flat Out Fabulous (Couldn’t choose one)
    Favorite Bold Blush: NYX Mocha
    Favorite Colored Eyeliner: All Urban Decay 24/7 Colored liners

  29. Donna

    Coloring: Caramel/Yellow undertones – Dior Flash #400/True Match N7
    Favorite Bright Lipstick: Lady Danger
    Favorite Bold Blush: Nars Exhibit A
    Favorite Colored Eyeliner: UDs Covet/MAC Sassy Moss

  30. Skin tone:medium, yellow undertone
    Favorite bright lipstick: Chanel incandescente
    Favorite bold blush: NARS Taj Mahal
    Favorite colored eyeliner: Lancôme jade crush

  31. Your skin tone/coloring: NC45, Nars Macao, UD 9.0
    Favorite bright lipstick? Revlon Lip Butters Raspberry Pie!
    Favorite bold blush? I’m not really a bold blush fan. Maybe Nars 413BLKR?
    Favorite colored eyeliner? Does brown count as “coloured”? Wow, I’m super boring. xD MAC Teddy.
    Amanda Recently Posted: Glow-ly Cow!

  32. Your skin tone/coloring: light med/yellow undertone
    Favorite bright lipstick?: MAC in Neon Orange
    Favorite bold blush?: NARS Exhibit A (bright orange)
    Favorite colored eyeliner?: not black? UD 24/7 Glid-on in Whiskey(matte medium brown) or Electric(bright teal),Chaos(cobalt blue)

  33. Amber

    Coloring: super pale
    Favorite bright lipstick: Urban Decay Anarchy
    Favorite bold blush: Tarte Natural Beauty
    Favorite colored eyeliner: Urban Decay chaos

    Does anyone have a favorite lavender eyeliner?

    • I have a L’oréal one although I’m currently away from home so I’m not 100% on the name of that particular range of eyeliners. However, the shade is called Breezy Lavender. It’s not the softest eyeliner in the world but I feel that it’s a pretty unique colour. I like to use it on my lower lash line for a bit of colour. It’s subtler than my usual teal or bright purple so it makes a nice change. It’s inexpensive and definitely worth trying I think. :)

  34. Your skin tone/coloring: Medium with yellow undertones?MAC NC30
    Favorite bright lipstick? Kat Von D Bauhau5
    Favorite bold blush? MAC Mineralize in Stratus (LE)
    Favorite colored eyeliner? Purple Dash Technakohl Eyeliner

  35. Coloring: Light neutral, medium brown hair, ice blue eyes.
    Fav Bright Lipstick: NARS Lodhi Satin lip pencil.
    Fav Bold Blush: MAC Salsa rose
    Favorite Colored Eyeliner: Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Electric

  36. KJH

    probably NW 25-30
    NARS HeatWave, old Chanel Infrarouge, Bite Clementine I guess bold = hot to me.
    Taj Mahal, Taos, old Chanel Vamp
    UD mainline, mars, ultraviolet, Stila mint julep

    but certainly not altogether!

  37. Nancy Dav

    Your skin tone/coloring: tan, neutral, NC35
    ◾Favorite bright lipstick? MAC Impassioned
    ◾Favorite bold blush? Nars Exhibit A
    ◾Favorite colored eyeliner? Prestige denim pencil

  38. Nikki J.

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC50
    Favorite bright lipstick? MUFE N28
    Favorite bold blush? La Femme Grape
    Favorite colored eyeliner? I only own black and brown eyeliner.

  39. Helene

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light warm-neutral, NC 15-20, 17 would be optimal :)
    Favorite bright lipstick? MAC Lady Danger, MAC Pink Poodle, Maybelline Hot Plum, Vivid Rose, Shocking Coral, Electric Orange. I love bright lipsticks, so there are many, many more.
    Favorite bold blush? MAC Frankly Scarlet
    Favorite colored eyeliner? All MAC, Forever Green and Navy Stain, both Powerpoint Eye Pencils, Prunella Eye Kohl and finally Black Line Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner. Not really colourful coloured eye liners apart from Forever Green.

  40. ■Your skin tone/coloring: — NC15-ish neutral/warm undertones, currently brunette
    ■Favorite bright lipstick? Right now its my new L’Ecole Des Femmes (Kat Von D Studded)
    ■Favorite bold blush? Fyrinnae Greek Goddess
    ■Favorite colored eyeliner? MUFE Aqua Eyes 11L (purple)

  41. Angela

    ■Your skin tone/coloring: — NC50
    ■Favorite bright lipstick- Tom Ford Aphrodisiac
    ■Favorite bold blush- Rock and Republic Immortal
    ■Favorite colored eyeliner- Laura Mercier Turquoise Caviar Stick

  42. Your skin tone/coloring: Bareminerals N10
    Favorite bright lipstick? MAC Speed Dial (Barbie pink)
    Favorite bold blush? Tarte Natural Beauty (Strawberry)
    Favorite colored eyeliner? Brown

  43. Your skin tone/colouring: Fairest neutral with a hint of yellow.

    Favourite bright lipstick: Guerlain Rouge G Girly (bright pink) and Garçonne (bright, true red), Dior Fluid Stick Wonderland (bright pink) and Chanel Rouge Allure Genial (bright pinky-coral).

    Favourite bold blush: Dior Diorblush Redissimo (orangey-red with a touch of coral) Face Stockholm Crème blush New York (bright, cool pink) and MAC Dollymix (bright pink with shimmer).

    Favourite coloured eyeliner: Urban Decay 24/7 Electric (bright turquoise) and Rockstar (deep, warm-toned purple), L’Oréal Le Kohl Breezy Lavender and Maybelline Master Drama Chromatic liner in Mighty Magenta (bright magenta).

    It’s difficult to choose favourites so I just put down the first things that came into my head. :)