Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • Favorite green nail polish?
  • Favorite fuchsia lipstick?
  • Favorite bold blush?

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60 thoughts on “Survey Says… February 22nd, 2012

  1. Francesca

    Favorite green nail polish? Sorry, I don’t like it…
    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? Mac Lustering
    Favorite bold blush? Mac Dollymix

  2. Fitrah

    favorite blush, bold or otherwise: illasmasqua libido

  3. Kristabelle

    Favorite green nail polish? I can’t remember the nail, but it’s a super dark green from Sinful Colors.
    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? Lime Crime centrifuchia. hate the company but they have two lipsticks I can’t live without.
    Favorite bold blush? Too pale for that.

    • Madison

      i feel like i’m too pale for bold blushes too!they never go with my skin tone even in the slightest unless they’re a light pink =P

  4. Dominique


    Green nail polish : I don’t have any
    Favorite fuschia lipstick : Full fuschia from M.A.C
    Favorite bold blush : Frankly scarlet from M.A.C

  5. Favorite green nail polish?: China Glaze Emerald Sparkle.

    Favorite fuchsia lipstick?: NYX Chloe.

    Favorite bold blush?: NARS Crazed.

  6. Favorite green nail polish? Chanel Peridot. Does that count as green? I think so.
    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? So many! Mac Show Orchid or Gulabi, Nars Funny Face, Guerlain Shalimar… I can’t pick just one!
    Favorite bold blush? Mac Salsarose

  7. Favorite green nail polish? Zoya Apple

    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? Revlon Lollipop

    Favorite bold blush? NARS Desire

  8. Kate

    Green polish: Revlon’s Minted
    Fuchsia lipstick: Revlon’s Cherries in the Snow
    Bold Blush: Clique’s Smoldering Plum

  9. Maud

    Butter London Bossy Boots
    MAC Show Orchid
    NARS Desire even though it is very easy to make wearable.

  10. Krista

    Favorite green nail polish? — I have to be taken seriously @ work so green polish is a definite no- no!
    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? MAC Pink Pigeon
    Favorite bold blush? NARS- Torrid

  11. Laura

    Favourite green nail polish: Butter London Wallis (though, to be fair, I really don’t own a lot of nail polish)
    Favourite fuchsia lipstick: I would say MAC Girl About Town, although I never really can tell if something is “fuchsia” or “magenta” or “hot pink” :)
    Favourite bold blush: MAC Bite Of An Apple

  12. Adrienne

    Green nail polish: Essie Mint Candy Apple

    Fuchsia lipstick: MAC Girl about town

    Bold blush: NARS Exhibit A

  13. Kristen

    Favorite green: Essie’s Refresh Mint, but honestly, any mint green will do.

    Fuchsia lipstick: MUFE Rouge Artist Intense #36. I love that it’s a satin finish and is so soft yet bold at the same time.

    Bold blush: Any bright coral or candy pink. One I have is Bonnie Bell Blush ‘n go in Petal Pink and Sheer Raspberry.

  14. Jenn

    Favorite Green Nail Polish – China Glaze’s Peace On Earth
    Favorite Fuchsia Lipstick – NARS Schiap
    Favorite Bold Blush – MAC Feeling Flushed

  15. Dee

    Favorite green nail polish? The one from the OPI Shreck collection, I absolutely adore that color. I forget what it’s called though, I have the mini one that doesn’t have a name :(
    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop. I consider the Lip Butters lipsticks, I honestly don’t see the difference.
    Favorite bold blush? Without a doubt, NARS Taj Mahal. I rarely wear it but I can’t stop looking at it, soooo pretty! 😀

  16. Martyisblue

    Favorite green nail polish? Chanel Peridot
    Favorite fuchsia lipstick?Mac Insanely it
    Favorite bold blush?Mac Frankly Scarlet

  17. Bertha

    1. Favorite green polish: Butter London Dosh
    2. Favorite fuchsia lipstick: NARS Funny Face
    3. Favorite bold blush: Tarte Flush (it’s bold for me on my fair skin!)

  18. Heather

    green nail laquer – I am wearing an awsome one that I mixed up from sally hanson lightening (bright yellow cream) and gosh swimming pool (medium blue cream). The colour turned out beautiful! The yellow was a little streaky but brand new so I wanted to make it work and came up with this! I love mixing up new nail colours!

    fuchsia lips – Hard to pick one! The one I wear most often is a disc. MAC mattene… not sure of the name though!

    Blush – MAC Florida creme blush!

  19. Kimberly

    Favorite green polish: revlon minted
    Favorite fushia lipstick: Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in fifth avenue fushia
    Favorite bold blush: Nars Dolce Vita

  20. Stephanie

    Fav green nail polish is mint candy apple by essie
    Fav Fuschia lipstick is MUFE #36
    Fav Bold Blush is the Amazonian Clay blush is Amused by Tarte

  21. Becca

    Favorite green nail polish? don’t have one
    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? revlon lip butter in Lollipop
    Favorite bold blush? Mac My Paradise

  22. Melinda Mahan

    Fav Green Polish: Butter London – British Racing Green
    Fav Fuchsia lipstick: Smashbox Be Legendary lipstick – Fuchsia Flash
    Fav Bold Blush: Lancome Blush Subtil – Cosmopolitan Pink

  23. Mariella

    Green nail polish – I only have one and it’s OPI’s Yodel Me On My Cell
    Fuchsia lipstick – the closest I have to fuchsia is MAC Impassioned
    Bold Blush – MAC Her Blooming Cheek (LE)

  24. Nat

    Favorite green nail polish? Illamasqua MILF
    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? MAC Quick Sizzle
    Favorite bold blush? NARS Sin

  25. Megan

    Green Nail Polish- Ulta Nail Laquer, The Jungle Look
    Fuchsia Lipstick- Shiseido Shimmering Lipstick
    Bold Blush- Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Coral Candy

  26. GUSnail

    Am I a boring person bc I can only answer one of these questions? :)

    Favorite fushia lipstick: Fuschia by Revlon

  27. Sally

    Favorite green nail polish? Illamasqua’s Rampage (dark forest green creme)
    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? MAC’s Violetta
    Favorite bold blush? Tarina Tarantino’s Carved Rose

  28. nikkia

    Essie’s mint candy apple
    Mac Show Orchid
    Nars Taj Mahal

  29. Favorite Green Nail Polish: Butter London British Racing Green
    Favorite Fuschia Lipstick: MAC Girl about town
    Favorite Bold blush: NARS Desire

  30. Courtney

    Green Polish: Rescue Beauty Lounge in No More War. Perfect shade of olive green and applies like a dream!

    Fuchsia Lipstick: MAC Gimmie That!

    Bold Blush: MAC Stereo Rose, but I really only use it for theater because it’s soooooo bright.

  31. Miss J

    Favorite green nail polish? – I’m not really a fan. I don’t think I own any; the closest color to green I have is teal.

    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? – I love fuchsia lippies, so I can’t pick a favorite off the top of my head.

    Favorite bold blush? – NARS Taj Mahal. I’m light-medium, and while orange looks good on me, it’s still a bold choice.

  32. kristin

    favorite green nail polish: Wallis & Bossy Boots – Butter London

  33. Michelle

    Favorite bold blush: Nars Amour.

  34. Violet912

    Green polish: Rescue Beauty Lounge “No More War”

    Fuchsia lipstick: MAC “Show Orchid”

    Bright blush: NARS “Exhibit A”

  35. Emily

    Favorite green nail polish? China Glaze Glittering Garland
    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? Maybelline Fuchsia Fever

  36. frances

    Favorite green nail polish? a-england Saint George
    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? Illamasqua Atomic
    Favorite bold blush? I don’t tend to wear bold blush

  37. Joan

    Favorite green nail polish? MAC Hyperion

    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? MAC Quick Sizzle

    Favorite bold blush? MAC Feeling Flush

  38. Jennifer

    Favorite green nail polish? Illamasqua Milf
    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? Urban Decay Adrenaline
    Favorite bold blush? Nars Amour

  39. Madison

    i don’t have a favorite green nail polish yet…maybe my priti nail polish in baby tears…

    again i don’t have an actual fuschia lip color but i do have a favorite hot pink and it’s by MUFE

    i don’t like bold blush. the boldest blush i have is sunday afternoon from mac’s vera collection.

  40. Ali

    Dior Waterlily
    Mac Girl-About-Town
    Nars dolce vita (Not bright bold, just deep bold)

  41. Favorite green nail polish: Ew, I’ll pass
    Favorite fuchsia lipstick: Oh man. I am the fuchsia lipstick queen. My absolute favorite is YSL Rouge Pur Couture 7. I also love NARS Carthage, MUFE 36, YSL Rouge Pur Couture 27.
    Favorite bold blush: Don’t have one, I hate the look of bold blush.

  42. Melissa

    Favorite green nail polish? Chanel Peridot OR Essie Turquoise and Caicos
    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? MAC Big Bow or MAC New York Apple (I don’t know if either of those truly qualify as Fuchsia but that’s the closest I get)
    Favorite bold blush? Nars Angelika

  43. Taryn

    Favorite green nail polish? Sephora by OPI Leaf Him At The Altar. I’m in love love love

    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? I’m not into bright, bold lipsticks like that. But I think probably the closest that I come to that would be Rimmel’s Pink Chic.

    Favorite bold blush? Again, I don’t do bright and crazy like that. But I think the boldest one I have is Pin Up by Hard Candy. It’s got kind of a mauvey/bronze look to it, but what makes it really stand out is the crazy shimmer. It’s almost metallic, it’s so shiny and it looks amazing with a really natural overall look

  44. Deb

    Green polish: China Glaze It’s Alive
    Fuchsia lipstick: MAC Girl About Town is as close as I have
    Bold blush: I am too scared to wear bold blush! Don’t know how to work it with pale skin.

  45. Tuna Lala

    Favorite green nail polish? – Zoya Yara
    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? – MAC Petals & Peacocks (from Liberty of London)
    Favorite bold blush? – NARS Angelika – is this bold enough?

  46. Chiara

    Favourite green nail polish: Butter London British Racing Green
    Favourite fuchsia lipstick: NARS Carthage
    Favourite bold blush: MAC Frankly Scarlet (I’m super pale…like NW5-10, and a little bit of this is just so natural looking on me. I love playing it up though!)

  47. Veronica

    Green nail polish? Can’t wear it too often, but I like Revlon’s Emerald City (with a clear coat over it to bring out the glimmer).

    Favorite fuschia lipstick? It’s my second favorite color after red, so I own about a million of them that are in regular rotation…I guess Covergirl Lip Perfection in Spellbound is the one I toss most often into my purse.

    Favorite bold blush? I always feel like I’m too pale for bold blushes, but I do own a Victoria Jackson one that is a very bright pink coral, which I use very occasionally when I only want my cheeks to stand out.

  48. Ana

    Favorite green nail polish? CG watermelon rind
    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? MAC Girl About Town
    Favorite bold blush? NARS Desire

  49. Favorite green nail polish?
    Don’t have one, yet
    Favorite fuchsia lipstick?
    MAC Girl About Town
    Favorite bold blush?
    MAC Dollymix

  50. wendyh

    Favorite green nail polish? Kink from Illamasqua although I don’t own it.
    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? YSL rouge pur couture #7 + Illamasqua Tantrum
    Favorite bold blush? Mac fever / NARS Taj Mahal

  51. Vania

    Favorite green nail polish? Dior Waterlily
    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Champs Elysées <3
    Favorite bold blush? Chanel Tweed Fuchsia

  52. Ines

    green nail polish: sorry, i hate green on the nails. especially those lighter shades – looks like fungus.

    fuchsia lipstick: NARS satin funny face, clinique LLSS ginger flower, channel RA insolente (I have a thing for bold red & fuchsia lipsticks)

    bold blush: NARS cactus flower, NARS desire, NARS taj mahal (i also love blush, haha)

  53. Angie

    Favorite Green Nail Polish: Butter London’s Wallis
    Favorite Fuschia Lipstick: Don’t have one :(
    Favorite Bold Blush: Milani’s Mai Tai

  54. Favorite green nail polish? – Essie’s navigate her
    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? – Violetta by MAC
    Favorite bold blush? – The boldest blush I wear is NARS orgasm…

  55. Teiva

    Favorite green nail polish? Revlon Streetwear Toad
    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? Maybelline Colorsensational Fifth Ave. Fuchsia.
    Favorite bold blush? Illamasqua Morale

  56. Favorite green nail polish? Any mint green color, it’s my power color =3
    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? MAC Girl About Town
    Favorite bold blush? Nars Exhibit A

  57. Favorite green nail polish? OPI Jade Is The New Black
    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? Revlon fifth ave fuchsia or MAC Show Orchid
    Favorite bold blush? MAC Dolly Mix or MAC Florida

  58. Katie

    Favorite green nail polish? Essie Mint Candy Apple
    Favorite fuchsia lipstick? Chanel Coco Pink
    Favorite bold blush? MAC Virgin Isle