Monday, May 14th, 2012

Sugarpill Heart Breaker Eyeshadow Palette Launches

On May 18th, Sugarpill will launch the final palette in their Heart series, which features four new matte eyeshadow shades, which include:

  • 2am Matte purple with a slightly pearl sheen
  • Acidberry Perfect vibrant green, matte with a slightly pearl sheen
  • Mochi Matte mint seafoam with a slightly pearl sheen
  • Velocity Vibrant matte royal blue

The palette will retail for $34.00.

See more photos!

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33 thoughts on “Sugarpill Heart Breaker Eyeshadow Palette Launches

  1. Apatheticus

    Hmm. I still like these colors, but they’re a little grungier than the Crayola brights that we have come to expect from Sugarpill! Here’s hoping that royal blue works like a pressed Royal Sugar, though.

    • GloriaKate

       There are looks by Amy using all the colors of the new palette on sugarpill’s facebook! It definitely looks like a pressed matte royal sugar.

  2. Kristabelle

    I’m so excited for this! Sugarpill never disappoints.

  3. Emmie

    Do you have any info as to whether this palette is vegan? Most of their products on my wishlist aren’t so I’m crossing my fingers and toes that this one is!! Thanks in advance, Christine! :)

    • GloriaKate

      All of sugarpill’s current shadows have talc in them and some of them have beeswax, so they’re probably not vegan unfortunately.

    • GloriaKate

      All os sugarpill’s current pressed shadows have talc in them and some of them have beeswax so I doubt these are vegan, unfortunately! But here’s to hoping I guess :)

      •  @GloriaKate ? Sugarpill eyeshadows never contained beeswax (whereas Illamasqua eyeshadows do contain beeswax). The only reason some of their pressed ones aren’t vegan is because of Carmine.

        • GloriaKate

           I’m looking directly at the boxes for the burning heart and the sweet heart palettes. It says there are two eyeshadow formulas (but doesn’t specify which formula is used for each color…) And it lists beeswax AND carmine in the first formula, but neither of those in the second. My bad, I confused talc for something else when it’s really just a mineral.

        • GloriaKate

           But then I just looked it up on… and beeswax isn’t listed there. That’s weird. Also, buttercupcake, tako, midori, bulletproof, and afterparty ARE vegan, my bad. 😛

        •  @GloriaKate That’s why I was so confused about. That’s really weird. None of my eyeshadows list beeswax as one of their ingredient, and I own them since they were officially released. O_o Really really strange. 😀

      • Michelle

         @GloriaKate If I recall correctly, a few of the pressed eyeshadows (Tako, Bulletproof, I think Poison Plum?) were reformulated after being released to be vegan.

    • Lidalgirl

      the purple isn’t, as they told me on twitter.

  4. GloriaKate

    All if the sugarpill pressed shadows have talc in them so I doubt that they’re vegan.

  5. ElenaDAmico

    I really like the look of this palette, the colours are so me, but I’ll have to wait to see some reviews before I decide to get it. I really shouldn’t buy any more make-up unless it is exceptional.

  6. GloriaKate

    I’m excited for this! I’ve been looking for the perfect chartruesy green! I really like Pivot by Illamasqua but it’s definitely out of my price range. I can’t wait to see swatches so I can do comparisons :) I have Inglot’s 59 and I find it to be chalky and uneven and it fades unless I use an NYX JEP in cucumber as a base. But I’ve NEVER been disappointed by anything sugarpill has released, I love them!

  7. I am eyeing that green shade!

  8. Kushiyaki

    I wonder if the colors will be available as singles?

    • GloriaKate

      They are releasing singles one day at a time the week prior to the 18th… so one should be available tomorrow maybe? Since there’s 4? Or today maybe. I don’t know, I’m going to get the palette :)

  9. Ravn94

    Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god

  10. mondeparfait

    I have never waited for a release like this. Maybe Naked 2, but I chickened out and didn’t buy it. But I think this is a definite purchase!

  11. I cannot wait for this!!! I’m so excited! I already ownn all her other pressed shadows and this will make it just perfect!!

  12. Sharlie Janet Gugel

    I love the muted yet intense look of this new palette!!

  13. They just answered me on Facebook:”Hi Annahita! All the colors are vegan except for 2am (the purple), which contains carmine. The colors will be sold individually as well. :-)”(:

  14. Ravn94

    Do you think you’ll be reviewing this?

  15. Totally have to buy this! Arrrgh and I promised myself I’d stop spending, lol.

  16. Betty89

    I was wondering if these shades will also be sold individually, I’m loving Velocity *_* anyone knows? :)

    • Gaiya

      sugarpill has mentioned they will sell the shadows separately as well. Last time I checked single shadows will be released on 18th as well.

  17. Marisa Pioquinto

    Me too! Too bad the colors don’t match my skin tone :(

  18. It’s so bright! I love those colors, especially together.