Friday, April 4th, 2014

NARS Lipgloss
NARS Lipgloss

NARS Lipgloss ($24.00 for 0.18 fl. oz.) has been reformulated and will have thirty shades when it officially launches on April 15th. I’m working my way through testing them for wear, so you’ll see reviews throughout the next couple of weeks.  You can expect full sets of photos, swatches, etc. along with in-depth reviews and dupes when those get posted. :)

I arranged the shades in this order: Triple X, Striptease, Greek Holiday, Giza, Sweet Dreams, Belize, Stolen Kisses, Risky Business, Supervixen, Istria, Angelika, Priscilla, Easy Lover, Turkish Delight, Tasmania, Super Orgasm, Salamanca, Orgasm, Wonder, Eternal Red, Sweet Revenge, Chihuahua, Ophelia, Dolce Vita, Stella, Scandal, Misbehave, Quito, Rose Gitane, Sixties Fan.

See more photos & swatches!

NARS Lipgloss
NARS Lipgloss

NARS Lipgloss
NARS Lipgloss

NARS Lipgloss
NARS Lipgloss

NARS Lipgloss
NARS Lipgloss

NARS Lipgloss
NARS Lipgloss

NARS Lipgloss
NARS Lipgloss – Triple X, Striptease, Greek Holiday, Giza, Sweet Dreams, Belize

NARS Lipgloss
NARS Lipgloss – Sweet Dreams, Belize, Stolen Kisses, Risky Business, Supervixen, Istria

NARS Lipgloss
NARS Lipgloss – Supervixen, Istria, Angelika, Priscilla, Easy Lover, Turkish Delight

NARS Lipgloss
NARS Lipgloss – Easy Lover, Turkish Delight, Tasmania, Super Orgasm, Salamanca, Orgasm, Wonder

NARS Lipgloss
NARS Lipgloss – Salamanca, Orgasm, Wonder, Eternal Red, Sweet Revenge, Chihuahua, Ophelia

NARS Lipgloss
NARS Lipgloss – Eternal Red, Sweet Revenge, Chihuahua, Ophelia, Dolce Vita, Stella, Scandal

NARS Lipgloss
NARS Lipgloss – Ophelia, Dolce Vita, Stella, Scandal, Misbehave, Quito, Rose Gitane, Sixties Fan

NARS Lipgloss
NARS Lipgloss

NARS Lipgloss

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81 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: NARS Lipglosses Photos & Swatches

  1. grlnxdor

    Where is my beloved Como? I bought it based on your review, Christine!

  2. Hatsssss offffff dear xoxo :)

    I am out of words :)

    wanted wonder lipgloss for such a long time .. will wait for ur review :)

    my shining star

  3. CeliaV

    CANNOT WAIT! So beautiful. Thank you, Christine! I can’t wait to hear how the new formulation stacks up.

  4. Chanel

    I was thinking of getting orgasm today but i don’t know if it would work would my darker skin do u reccomend that or any other color…..please help

  5. Lily

    I am really looking forward to these Nars lip glosses and your review.

  6. Priscilla is the only pigmented color. I like it though.

  7. CatG

    So many look the same. I guess it’s just my preference, but I like my lip glosses to have more pigmentation!

  8. joyce

    Eagerly anticipating your review! I’ve always loved the Wonder color but not the texture, so I hope the relaunch gets a good grade.

  9. joyce

    Eagerly anticipating your review! The Wonder shade is so pretty but I didn’t care for the texture, so I hope the relaunch formula gets a good grade.

  10. I haven’t had a NARS lipgloss in so long since I wasn’t a fan of the smell before. I heard they changed it though? Dolce Vita and Belize are catching my eye…can’t wait for your review!
    Miki Recently Posted: Urban Decay’s Electric Nail Polish Trio Review+Swatches

  11. bina

    Wow, is it me or Dolce Vita looks completely different?

  12. A Name

    I really hope these are good! I need some “grab and go” lipglosses and a lot of these shades look right up my alley.

  13. I know that glosses are suppose to be sheer but dang are there a lot of cousins in this range once you put them on your lips. lol

    I would consider either Quito or Rose Gitane. 😉
    Ani_BEE Recently Posted: Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette: Dupes, Swatches, & Review

  14. Occasionally…only very occasionally…I feel bad for you. 30 glosses! Has Buxom sent you their 100 shades…? That just sounds like a lot of work…. Good luck!

    • Nope, I don’t have any of the new Buxom glosses!

      • Korbin81

        You know, I picked one up the other day and I think they are great! They remind me a little of the Bite lip glosses without having the plastic smell I associate with that brand. Also, it’s in a pretty big tube, so it seems like you get a lot of product. I wouldn’t normally spend more than 10 dollars on lip gloss, but the Buxom lip glosses aren’t a bad buy. Be forewarned that all the colors have some amount of sparkles in them.

  15. So excited! Priscilla, Dolce Vita, and Angelika are on my must have list!
    Phyrra Recently Posted: Literary Lacquers Ultimate Outlaw Collection Review

  16. Carolina

    Please tell if they fixed the scent on those glosses!!

  17. Marie

    Do they smell the same as the old glosses? I love their colors, but the smell is a deal breaker for me.

  18. Angelika, Priscilla and Wonder are the first on my list! I can’t wait for the reviews!!
    fancie Recently Posted: The Body Shop Honey & Oat 3-in-1 Scrub Mask Review

  19. i love how you laid out all of the glosses for the pictures. did you wish there were two more so you could finish the last NARS? i would have taken me hours to do something like that! my OCD would have gotten totally out of control!

    • I was surprised that NARS didn’t add two themselves, only because it seems like something they’d do! I wasn’t too bothered though 😛

  20. Laura

    Belize and Stolen Kisses are so pretty! Turkish Delight makes me wonder why its so popular as it seems to settle into the lines.

  21. I look forward to the in-depth reviews for 19. Wonder, 20. Eternal Red, and 25. Stella. I love how they look on you!

  22. Dolce Vita looks to be the only one I’d be interested in…it sucks there’s no pigmentation to others, they look gorgeous in the bottle.

  23. I don’t wear gloss that often these days, but the NARS glosses are so iconic, I’m very interested in seeing your full reviews! Wow Striptease looks a lot more sheer than the older version, if I remember correctly. NARS does offer such a gorgeous selection of shades
    Catherine Recently Posted: QTICA/ZOYA Callus Action Quick Gel

  24. MACupGrl

    PLEASE tell me they don’t STINK anymore! NARS lipglosses are a BIG TURNOFF for me because of the nasty smell and taste.

  25. I like the look of Eternal Red and Dolce Vita – can’t wait to see the reviews!
    Jade Recently Posted: Wet n’ Wild Mega Last Lip Color in Sugar Plum Fairy Review & Swatches

  26. Genevieve

    Is it just me or do a lot of these look very similar to each other? I’ll probably end up with a couple- Angelika, Turkish Delight, and Dolce Vita look really pretty and different enough from each other that I could rationalize getting yet another lipgloss! I will wait for your review, though, Christine:) Have you reviewed any Bite lip glosses? I just bought the Rose Gold lipgloss set from Sephora and was wondering if you were familiar with that formula. I love everything I’ve tried from them, so I took the plunge- buy, if deny one has son opinion on Bite lipgloss I’d love to hear it!:)

  27. Too bad there aren’t two more glosses in the range…all 30 lined up say “NARS NARS NARS NARS NARS NARS NARS NA” ha ha ha

  28. YYAAAAASSS HONEY thank you in advance!

  29. These all look so SHEER! I’m really surprised. So many look the same too. Disappointing.

  30. Barbie

    a lot of these look the same..

  31. Veronica Lodge

    Great maybe the new formula will smell better after two weeks of usage. My last Nars lip gloss smelt like cheap jordana lipgloss.

  32. Christine, I love your blog! I’m just getting into the world of “big girl” makeup and whenever I see something I like online or in store, I always check your blog first to see if you’ve reviewed it! You’re the best!!

  33. Moni

    Scandal was my first NARS product long time ago….and I really loved it. Mine was much more opague and redder than the one in your picture Christine.

  34. Dolce Vita stood out to me. It looks like one of the more pigmented shades. ^^

  35. Kgll

    Smart marketing, on their part. They always know about that one girl who will feel awful because she can only afford an “N” on the front, so she will buy three to see the full name lined up.

    • Quinctia

      They do look adorable all lined up, but unless you store them like that, it should be good enough that the NARS wraps around the cap, right? 😉

  36. kjh

    Colors were much more pigmented in the older Sweet Dreams + Giza. Never had many; not a big fan. Think they look ever-so-similar, much as the new UDs do.

  37. StrangeOne

    Some of these look like good my lips but better colours like ophelia or stolen kisses.

    I’ve been having such bad luck with finding a natural lip colour. My super pigmented lips turning every pink plummy and my yesterday’s haul included a lip gloss which was a delicate pink at the store and neon pink at home (how!!) This ongoing hunt made me figure out why my mother chose only one colour every time she bought lipstick.

  38. jdm

    Most of these are terribly disappointing. I remember the old lip glosses from NARS and the colors had a lot more depth and opacity to them (the smell never bothered me either!)

    Such a shame, I feel like the quality of a lot of their heritage products is going down the tubes.

  39. Emma M

    I am EAGERLY anticipating your review on Dolce Vita Christine!! Will you be comparing it to the old formula too? I remember you reviewed Dolce Vita as part of the Nars hearts NY pallete.

    Dolce Vita is my ALL TIME FAVORITE lippie. I actually get panic attacks when I can’t figure out where I last put it. No lie. My BF witnessed me throw apart my room looking for it once. No other lip product puts me in a happy mood EVERY time I put it on. Its like a drug to me LOL. I freaked out when I read they were reformulating this so I ordered 5 from Nars online. I hope they send me the old one. Crossing my fingers. I really can’t see how my beloved Dolce Vita can be any better.

  40. Can’t wait for your reviews! Dolce Vita looks gorgeous!
    Lupe Recently Posted: March Favorites 2014

  41. Zainab

    I’ll have to get Tasmania, because a lot of my family is from there. I miss the old frosted tubes though.

  42. I’m looking forward to reviews on Stella and Belize! They look gorgeous! I’ve never had a NARS lipgloss before

  43. Quinctia

    Hmm…personally, at that level of pigmentation, I require serious sparkle/shimmer from a shimmery gloss. So this is probably not a line for me. But I’m not a huge gloss lover, anyway. I do like the looks of Risky Business and Misbehave…and their names! :)

  44. That…is a lot of lipglosses! You’ve got your work cut out for you there, Christine! 😀 I appreciate it a lot though – I see a few things there that catch my eye, so it will be great to hear your reviews as usual!
    Sylirael Recently Posted: Loot Alert! Revlon Lacquer and Matte Balms FINALLY in NZ – Photos and Swatches Inside…

  45. Rachael

    Wow, disappointing. These are all way too sheer for me to get excited about.

  46. Ning

    I’m really hoping that they took away the smell of the lipgloss and changed the applicator… Those 2 factors kept me away from purchasing these even though the consistency was not sticky and the color payoff was good!

  47. Bella

    There are a number of Nars glosses I cannot live without, and now I no longer have to brave the skanky odour. Yay!! I shall be looking out for your reviews, thank you!

  48. woooww.. super awesum dear.. 😀
    The pinks and corals look fab will be tuned in for ur detailed reviews.. <3

  49. Adhishree

    Ooooh how I envy your job! You do it so well though :) I bet it takes FOREVER. Thank you for being so precise :)

  50. I’ve always thought of Dolce Vita by NARS as more of rosy brown but its looks quite pink here. Not that I’m complaining, its a lovely color!
    Ankita Recently Posted: Tokyo Photo Diary (Vol.1) : Hibiya Park

  51. Love these! Priscilla & Wonder are my favorites so far!

  52. Jenny

    I used to have Chihuahua. I don’t have it anymore but the new one looks different. I wanted to repurchase it in the new formula.

  53. kinda disappointed.. they dont show up at all on the lips tho they look so nice in the tubes :s

  54. Celine

    Can’t wait to see the swatches on these, Nars is one of my favorite brands for lip gloss. I’m not normally attracted to browns, but looks like some nice ones are in there. Also, the oranges too.

  55. If this is what the reformulated glosses look, I can’t imagine what the original formula was like… I’d definitely skip these for the Bite Beauty glosses instead!

  56. I like priscilla, but other than that im not digging it
    Elana Recently Posted: Spring Trends- Dewy Glow

  57. Monica!

    I don’t know why, but they don’t seem that glossy to me, perhaps because I prefer a thicker consistency in my glosses, but Dolce vita and Belize look lovely! anyway, have a lovely sunday Christine! 😀