Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

MAC Superglass
MAC Superglass:
Disco Blend, Sugar Overload, Sweet Tart, Tunnel of Love

Sneak Peek: MAC Superglass Collection

Edit: I will have photos and swatches of the missing shades after I have a chance to purchase, swatch, photograph, etc. them tomorrow, when they launch in-stores, so I ask you to give me some time, but they will be up as soon as humanly possible, I swear :)

Ironically, after writing up my Pret-a-Papier review, some PR samples from MAC arrived, and included were four shades of the upcoming Superglass. I figured I’d give you guys a quick & dirty sneak peek of the shades and swatches, but I’ll do lip swatches tomorrow (hopefully!) along with a review (will be testing it tonight and tomorrow!).

Preliminary thoughts: very thick, quite sticky, doesn’t feel gritty, colors are quite sheer, glitter is large and more like flecks than shimmer.  Full review to come… give me time to test ’em out :)

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Superglass
MAC Superglass: Disco Blend, Sugar Overload, Sweet Tart, Tunnel of Love

MAC Superglass
MAC Superglass: Disco Blend, Sugar Overload, Sweet Tart, Tunnel of Love

MAC Superglass
MAC Superglass: Disco Blend, Sugar Overload, Sweet Tart, Tunnel of Love

MAC Superglass
MAC Superglass: Disco Blend, Sugar Overload, Sweet Tart, Tunnel of Love

MAC Superglass
MAC Superglass: Disco Blend, Sugar Overload, Sweet Tart, Tunnel of Love

MAC Superglass
MAC Superglass: Disco Blend, Sugar Overload, Sweet Tart, Tunnel of Love

MAC Superglass
MAC Superglass: Disco Blend, Sugar Overload, Sweet Tart, Tunnel of Love

MAC Superglass
MAC Superglass: Disco Blend, Sugar Overload

MAC Superglass
MAC Superglass: Sweet Tart, Tunnel of Love

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137 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: MAC Superglass Collection – Photos & Swatches

  1. Jezi

    After seeing the glitter particles in the gloss: DO WANT.

  2. Leigh

    Love the glitter! They seem very sheer.

  3. Oh my gosh! Thanks for the photos! You are seriously the best.

    Wow those look seriously glittery. Not sure how I feel because I think Dazzleglasses are certainly enough sparkle for me. I do however love the brush instead of doe foot applicator. Can’t wait to hear what you think of these :)

  4. jae

    EEK! I see big chunks!

  5. starr

    they look gorgeous! i really want fab frenzy now :)

  6. Alyssa

    Looks like confetti! Don’t know if I like it, I’ll have to see them in person… but, Tunnel of Love looks interesting.

  7. daphne

    Hexagonal tube to go with the hexagonal glitter? Iiiinteresting. These do not appeal to me at all (that glitter is way too huge for me; need to draw a line somewhere) but it’s still really cool to see something new.

  8. Amber

    I *need* Sugar Overload!! It’s gorgeous!

  9. At first the glosses looked kind of ugly, especially Tunnel of Love, but now I want them. I want them NOW.
    I don’t think I’ve ever really wanted a MAC item before, so this is a little strange.

  10. Kat Pie

    Glitter + Sticky = I DON’T WANT IT. I hate glittery lip gloss it looks so childish.

  11. RedWeatherTigerD

    Ridiculously pretty! I *love* Sweet Tart. Very curious about taste/smell, though…my Dazzleglass had a wonky smell from Day 1.

    • Hmmm, Dazzleglass should be vanilla-y!

      • Christine, do these smell more like dazzleglass or dazzleglass cremes? I can’t wear the cremes, the smell makes me nauseous.

        I’m so excited for these, I almost can’t type! Not something I’d wear everyday. But just knowing a few are on my vanity for special nights will make me very happy.

  12. omo

    sweet tart is dope…gonna get that

  13. Maddie

    whats the shape of the tube…it looks different…:D

  14. I don’t really like lipglosses with a lot of glitter so I’m passing on these. Thanks for the swatches.

  15. WOW, that is some chunky glitter! I’m not so sure I want that on my lips…

  16. Jasmine

    WHHHYYY! Ugh! MAC has done it again (breaking my bank) I really need to get some more babysitting jobs. I have a feeling I’m going to want more than one of these…

  17. Vicky P

    I can’t wait, oddly I luv sticky glosses!!!!!!

  18. Kathryn

    I will porbably buy one of these just because I love MAC glosses but the huge glitter particles scare me, perhaps they look better on.

  19. Those are insanely huge flecks…yet…I want them more now lol

  20. elena

    Christina, do these lip glosses feel gritty? I hate chunky glitter :)

  21. Helena

    I. Need. This. In. My. Life.

  22. Melly

    I love the color of sweet tart, but I don’t think it would be appropriate to wear… ever.

    • False. When would it not be appropriate to wear? It’s so sheer, you could layer it over a nude-brown lipstick like Hug Me or Velvet Teddy to brighten it up and make it more spring/summer. It would be a valuable addition to anyone’s collection, even if you don’t use it very often, but you want some versatile sparkle in your life.

  23. rowan

    might be a bit stage makeup for some

  24. oh my, all my money is going to be blown on these now…

  25. Wilcoa

    Wow big sparkles! I was really looking forward to these, but with the large sparkles/flecks I’m going to pass. Bad memories of a Dior gloss I bought with sparkles in it, that adhered to my lips even after the gloss was gone. Just some sparkles sitting on the lips, not so pretty. Pass! (Thanks for the preview though, now I can save for some To The Beach :) )

    • cmferret

      yeah i know what u are saying. i luv the lipjellies that came out with the the cream blush collection this pas year but the area surrounding my lips when it wears off has a gross looking glitter leftover . it looks like im frothing at the mouth , and then it gets in my lipcreases on the side.
      im still going to check these out in store though, thanx for the sneak peak christine.

    • elena

      Thats weird because that is exactly why I asked Christine if these were gritty. I bought a Dior lipgloss and it has chunky glitter and when it fades the glitter would be everywhere! I hated it lol.

  26. I was excited…but now not so much. I guess I can keep my money in my pocket and save for another collection. The SUPER big chunks of glitter the gloss turns me off. And I was soooo excited…..*Sad Face*

  27. lameka

    undecided will wait to see swatches tomorrow before i lose my mind…….maybe!

  28. ilona

    yuck… chunks of glitter and sticky? i feel like these will be more of a headache than something enjoyable. at least i can skip them and save my money for to the beach!

  29. Casey

    I’m super excited about this collection! Can’t wait to see the other colors =D

  30. DevilishDoll

    Well I can gladly skip Pret A Papier, but these are a whole other story. I’m totally in love! So far, Sweet Tart is my favorite. I might end up getting all of them besides Tunnel of Love, which sucks cause I really like that name.

  31. Emily

    ew. I don’t mind sticky but the glitter particles are HUGE. I wont’ make my decision until I see your lip swatches.

  32. Julia

    They remind me of Nfu Oh nail polishes with those flakes… don’t really like it in a lip product honestly.

    Also– to me the tubes look like fakes found on Ebay

  33. Tish

    Wow!! Thats way too much sparkle crack for me…..Pass

  34. I got Sugar Overload a few days ago. So pretty over anything! It’s not an everyday lip gloss, but when you need that extra bling, it looks fab :) I didn’t find it too sticky and it didn’t feel gritty.

  35. Tally7

    Hmm, the chunkiness is turning me off. Although, with Tunnel of Love, it is already such a unique color, that the chunky bits look like a fashion/rebelious statement there. So maybe that one.

  36. Ruth

    Oooooh I love the fact that they’re thick & sticky but the glitter look HUGE ! I may have to pass, not sure yet though.

  37. Sylvia

    Ooh I *love* the packaging but I thought the Dazzleglass Cremes had more than enough glitter, so it looks like I am gonna pass on these!

  38. liana

    Sticky Yikes! not for me, and too much glitter.

  39. I’m so over lipgloss with sparkles in it, so this seems like a step in the opposite direction from my tastes. Fortunately, none of the shades are tempting me too much either, so the finish won’t bother me much!

  40. yuck. I’m really not exited about this. It looks like confetti.

  41. These made my lips look SO flaky…and getting this off? Don’t think so! lol

  42. Diana

    Eek! I really don’t like the “chunks” of glitter. They are not subtle at all. I think unless I decide to go into porn or dance on a pole, I’m going to skip these. :-)

  43. soooo pretty!! i am really excited to start using these! thanks for posting so quickly!

  44. Anna

    i wish i would let myself buy one… but i know i would never use it beacuse i hate glitter. :(

  45. FINALLY something from MAC that I want! I want sweet tart!

  46. Corinne

    mehhh…. sticky? no thanks :'(

  47. I am loving Disco Blend and Sugar Overload.

  48. Kathie


  49. Ooooh flaky glitter????? I love it in nail polish, no sure how I feel about it in gloss…

  50. I don’t know about having disco balls on my lips, of which it’ll reflect the sun’s ray oh so blindingly to passer-bys….

  51. Vanessa

    Holy CRAPTASTIC. Those are some HUGE chunks!!

  52. I’m not really feeling the packaging :/

    But I’m soooo looking forward to trying these! :)

  53. Rachel

    I swear it’s like these were made for me! I’ve been dying for them(especially gift wrap!), and they release on my birthday!

  54. No To the Beach sneak peaks?

  55. Kathy

    I’m on the fence about these right now. I think I’ll have to see how they look in person before I decide to buy.

    Once in a while, I LOVE sparkly lip products. This might be a little too much for me, though.

  56. Simone

    They actually look really nice, very glittery and pretty but sticky does bother me a little, but it does make them last.

  57. amy

    I love the name Tunnel of Love.

  58. Sugar Overload looks amazing…but first I want to read your review.

  59. Carrie

    Love the applicator, love the new shape of the tube and I’m intrigued by the glitter. I love Dazzleglasses, so I’m sure I’ll end up getting at least one of these. Sweet Tart looks pretty. Sugar Overload looks too much like Sugarrimmed to me.

  60. Yay!! These look awesome :) thanks for the pics!!

  61. I like them they seem pretty, especially Sweet Tart – yum! :)

  62. shuz4ever

    Hmmm these seem very dorothy-esque slippers in a tube! Will need to swatch them and cross ref u’r lip swatches before i make up my mind. They all do look very pretty in the tube.

  63. Definately liking the look of Sugar Overload and Sweet Tart, I usually skip Mac glosses.

  64. margot

    Sticky ? Ugh ….
    But I do like the look of the pink one .. so I’ll wait to see the lip swatches and then decide from there :)
    You know, you really are my savior Christine ! Where I come from, we have several MAC stores, but now that I am in College (and I live on campus), the closest MAC is two hours away !! So I have to buy everything online, but seeing your swatches and reading your reviews reassure me about not buying stuff I won’t like :)

  65. DEFINITELY trying this out! i have a nailpolish with similar glitter in it and i looove it. not slicking polish on my lips though so these will do niiiiicely

  66. Sun Shine

    Thank you Christine! I wonder if anyone knows whether the large glitter particles will digest/dissolve while lips are licked and some gloss is swallowed, or whether those glitters could get stuck inside before even getting to tummy? Are they made of aluminum foil as usual? Sorry for such an unpleasant question. I’ve read the only company that ever made the safest paper-based glitters was Tony & Tina but they went out of business a long time ago.

  67. Diana B

    The beige one and baby pink one look just like my Dazzleglasses in Baby Sparks and Bare Necesity

  68. t_zwiggy

    Huge chunks of glitter! 😮 Very pretty, but not something I would want on my lips. Might get a couple of them anyway, I mean.. it’s mac l/g after all. I’m sure they’ll look really pretty in my drawer lol.

  69. kristina

    Flaky glitter! Like nail polish.

  70. Kelly

    I think these look fun! A bit too fun for everyday, more like for once in a while going out use. I really don’t like sticky glosses at all. Lipglasses are like glue to me, but these look so different that I just might have to have one to put over lipsticks. Thank you for the sneak peak!

  71. Cara

    All except tunnel of love look nice. I’m not a fan of glitter and sticky lip gloss but I think these would look nice for a night out in the club.

  72. DJ

    I can’t believe how BIG the glitter is! lol

  73. Annamaria

    I hate glitters!!! :-(

  74. i love sticky gloss but i’m not sure i like the chunky glitter. maybe it’ll look different on lips?

  75. Lindsay

    OMG! they are amazing looking!
    When do these come out??
    I dont care about the glitter, with me the more glitter the better

  76. Halo

    Does anyone have a time machine where we can fast forward to july?

  77. Normally I’m not really drawn to glitter/shimmer etc. as much as cream/matte/satin kind of products – but these look pretty awesome! Just not digging the stickyness factor – ugh!

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that the colours will actually come in the hexagon shaped containers – I dig!

  78. The glitter looks very cool!

  79. lauraaaaaaaa

    ew no likey :(

  80. leah

    I can’t wait to see these on lips! I saw the swatches earlier today on specktra and they were AMAZING!

  81. I wouldn’t normally go for colours like it, but I can’t help but be into Tunnel of Love. Maybe blended with another light gloss to tone down the stickiness, and with a lighter lipstick or something. I’m actually liking the sparkle, it would be great for a night out.

  82. I am really excited for these to come out!

    I can’t wait!!!!

  83. Jackie

    wow… these look really intense! I’m not sure that I would wear these everyday but they do look gorgeous :)

  84. Jess0501

    tunnel of love really caught my eye. can’t wait for the lip swatch

  85. WOW—the glitter particle are HUGE!

  86. Katherine

    Way too many huge chunks of glitter. It looks like something a 13 year old would have worn to an N*Sync concert circa 1998.

  87. jaspreet

    i really do want to i am crazy all glitter lipgloss

  88. Tiffany

    definitely getting Disco Blend, Sugar Overload, Sweet Tart so far

  89. Sexy Sadie

    Do not like these.

  90. glitter princess

    i love sticky glosses

  91. allison

    Is Disco Blend anything like Mizz Dynamite? I have that one so I think I can safely pass on this collection.

    Nothing is really catching my attention except for the purple color that is shown on the page that has all of the new ones that are coming out.

    It looks like too much glitter for me…thick and sticky…not an interesting combo for me. Sorry….

  92. Brittany

    Can you feel the chunks of glitter on your lips?
    if so is it bothersome?

    • Hey Brittany,

      I can kind of feel that there’s something on my lips if I really smoosh and press my lips together firmly, but it’s not even really gritty or chunky to me.

  93. Justin

    Love the glitter!

  94. Ingrid

    These look awfulllllllll. Looks unpigmented like dazzleglasses, which I hate. And the glitters look MASSIVEEEEEEEEE. I’m definitely gonna pass. My wallet will be grateful. Gotta save up for the Beach collection!

  95. I am secretly happy that I am not liking anything these days frm MAC…which means Money saved…:)

  96. Sarah

    Holy shit I might buy them ALL :)

  97. Krista.K

    I never thought they could top the dazzleglasses, but they certainly did with teh sugarglasses! Holy moly glitter!

  98. Ria

    can’t wait to receive mine =D i ordered TUNNEL OF LOVE…am probably going to snag the SWEET TART if im satisfied