Sunday, January 31st, 2010

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Twice a month, we’ll be sending out a beauty-filled newsletter that will feature exclusive content for newsletter subscribers only–including articles, contests, giveaways, and other fun goodies! It’s easy to sign-up — just use the form above: enter your name and email address, then click “sign up!”

If you’re unable to see the form, you may try to sign-up through a self-hosted form here.

Congratulations to Rosie F.!  She won our first newsletter giveaway!

To kick off the launch of this very exciting project, all newsletter subscribers will be entered to win $300 worth of MAC Cosmetics!

You must be subscribed to the newsletter in order to be eligible to win. Contest winner will be announced in the first edition of the newsletter, set to be delivered February 1st, 2010!

  • Assemblage Mineralize Eyeshadow
  • Blacktrack Fluidline
  • Clue Eyeshadow
  • Coffee Kohl
  • Dance All Night Nail Lacquer
  • Fly by Blu Pearlglide Eyeliner
  • For Fun Nail Lacquer
  • Goldstroke Pigment
  • Graphblack Technakohl
  • Indigo Kohl
  • Lemon Chiffon Shadestick
  • Light Over Dark Blush
  • Prussian Pan Shadow
  • Raven Kohl Power
  • Seedy Pearl Pan Shadow
  • Sunny by Nature Mineralize Skinfinish
  • Tone: Grey Eyeshadow Quad
  • Utterly Posh dazzleglass

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113 thoughts on “Sign-up for Temptalia’s Newsletter!

  1. Mallory

    I got a 404 error when I clicked the link to verify. :( Should I try again later?

  2. Makeup_Freak

    Cristine, I subscribed but it gives me an error message when I am trying to confirm.

    • It’s the success message that got the 404 – it’s there, we had to fix the link! Thank you for letting me know!!

      And thank you for subscribing!

  3. Soly

    Where am I supposed to click to subscribe? It wont let me click anywhere :(

  4. Laura

    Hey Christine! What a great idea for your business! I work in Interactive Marketing (email, web, online media, etc) for a living. Newsletters are so important to driving traffic! Great way to make your DB Marketing more effective. Congrats and hope all goes GREAT with your newsletter!

    • Thanks, Laura! :) It’s been one of those “we should do this!” kind of ideas and finally saying, “DO IT ALREADY!” to myself. I used to do all these online magazine deals when I was growing up, so I am looking forward to kind of going back to some of that!

      And of course, if you have any hints or tips… 😉 Haha!

      • Laura

        Ha you are like me, I started coding (HTML) when I was a kid just messing around with it and now I do all this web and email work for a living.I used to do analysis and reporting for the Interactice Dept. at Carnival Cruise Lines too so let me know if I can help you out with anything in that area as well!

  5. Jennifer

    Sweet! I signed up!
    You don’t know how much your make up site has changed my life.
    I feel so much more confident and broke (LOL) , but am acquiring great make up knowledge that I never had before.
    Just wanted to say that.
    Oh, and I finally got Russian Red Lipglass (I had the lipstick), per your holiday red lippie’s collection. It is amazing! A must have that I wouldn’t have thought about, if I hadn’t seen it on your site. I’m pale (NC20) dark brown hair and green eyes, so it is hard to wear red or maybe I wasn’t use to it before. However having the lipglass just tones it down a bit while still having incredible color to bring out my eyes and hair.
    Thanks for all your work!

    • Thanks for signing up, Jennifer! :)

      LOL, poor wallet… but yay for you!! I’m so glad Russian Red Lipglass is workin’ its magic on you — it’s really such a fabulous shade. One of those “gotta check it out!” MAC shades for sure.

      It is a pleasure to be able to share my beauty experiences with you :)

  6. Rebecca

    Where do you subscribe?

  7. Jen

    Adblock WILL block it, so turn if off to subscribe :)

  8. HC

    Yay! I can’t wait. I love your posts and I bet I’ll love your articles. That $300 MAC giveaway is RIDICULOUS!

  9. Teresa

    What a fab addition to your great site! Thank you for doing newsletters. I’m so excited and can’t wait to get them in addition to the daily feed! 😀

  10. CRiSTaL

    Awesome! Looking forward to the newsletter! =)

    Thanks for another great giveaway! =)

  11. Isobel

    omg i would kiss someone if i won this.. my dream com true!

  12. tehreem

    signed up..what a great idea!………
    i have a quick question christine if u wouldnt mind answering? How do u remove ur eye make up? when i have liquid liner on it just goes into myseyes as i remove it..and its hassle taking it out. n how do u remove ur mascara???? plz let me know! thank u!

  13. idakz

    subscribed! yeayy!

  14. karen

    I can’t wait!

  15. Sara

    Subscribed! Who wouldn’t? 😀

  16. Kesha

    Even aside from any prize offered, I’d sign up for a newsletter regardless. Honestly, this site is just so damn informative for pretty much every MAC collection. It used to be Specktra for me, but that site is so temperamental as far as speed of loading pages and overall availability; it’s more of a chore than just simple information. Keep up the great work!

  17. Reza

    Oooh, I hope I win! I’ve never won anything!

  18. Anja

    Worked for me! This is great, Christine.

  19. Subscribed! Can’t wait to receive the first edition! Congrats on all the success of the blog thus far Christine! Wish you much more!

  20. Rosie

    Subscribed! Christine, you are the best! I’m so excited for the newsletter. I’m going to post this on FB and hope my friends check out your blog and subscribe :). Although just a couple are makeup junkies like me.

  21. GT

    Is it opened to Canadians? =)

  22. Molly

    I think that this is a wonderful idea! Thanks!

  23. Roxanne

    I seriously cannot believe how much work you put into Temptalia! I mean, the forums, the eBook, the product gallery, the MAC database, a gazillion posts a day, reviews, information about all kinds of collections, the latest swatches, looks and now… a newsletter? R-e-s-p-e-c-t! (And LOL at “Love & lipgloss”, haha!)

    Thank you! I can’t wait for the first edition.

  24. Angelique

    Signed up because i LOVE your website! And you’re so kind to everybody!!! Thanks!!

  25. BY

    Hey Chrstine,
    Just wondering how this newsletter any different from the daily “news”? Thanks!

    • It’s completely different content – it’s written by me for you… it’s not just a listing of the posts from the day. It has articles, columns, etc. that are exclusive to the newsletter :)

  26. Audrey

    Thanks Christine!

  27. Jimena

    yeey good luck too me because February 1st is my b-day!

  28. Bernice

    Subscribed 😀

  29. Bazoona

    Hi Christine,
    thanks for this fabulous site,,, i check it almost every day :)
    I signed-up for the newsletter ,, but what is required to enter the contest? I’m an international subscriber :)

  30. Heather

    I was wondering if you were going to do something like this or if you already have in the past. Woot! I love newsletters. =)

  31. Victoria

    Just subscribed! I love your website. Ive just recently started getting into MAC and am in LOVE with it.

  32. stef

    Woot! Loving the giveaways here and on Youtube! 😀

  33. Just subscribed to your newsletter. Hope I’ll be the lucky one :)

  34. Danya

    super excited for it!

  35. Alice

    woohoo! I subscribed! it’s about time, since I visit your website about 15 times a day EVERYDAY!

  36. Yay! Subscribed! I am so excited about the newsletter! Thank you Christine and congrats on all the success you have reached on this site!

  37. Melissa

    wow this is awesome!!! thank you!

  38. Pam

    I’m a relatively new reader of Temptalia (six months or so?), but I already absolutely love your reviews and gorgeous eye tutorials. I’m looking forward to the newsletter.

  39. kim

    woo! i subscribed

  40. Sharon

    help! I don’t think the form likes my email address, even though it is the same one I use to get Temptalia updates :/

    This is the error message I get:

    “An Error Occurred

    The email address you submitted was previously blocked by the system from receiving information.

    If you believe this is incorrect, please push the “back” button on your web browser and send the email address you submitted along with block ID #77221 to the website owner.

    Alternately, you may push the “back” button and enter a different email address. “

  41. feda

    i think this is a great idea… that way ill be sure to never miss whats going on and having a monthkly newsletter just reminds me more of why i enjoy coming to this website =]

  42. April

    Thanks so much for doing this! Your site is immensely helpful – I’m really excited!

  43. Aisha

    I just signed up. So excited, I’m on here everyday. Thank you for all your time and effort, Christine! ^^

  44. Ness

    Hi Christine,

    I live in Australia. Can I enter this competition? I would be happy to pay for postage if I won.

  45. Ash

    Hi. Is the MAC makeup of the giveaway previously used/swatched/opened or did you buy it specifically for the giveaway? I would like to know before I enter to win, as I am not interested if its been opened/swatched/used. Thanks

  46. Kaila

    Christine, you definitely have the best makeup site on the web! I hope Temptalia keeps on growing! Thanks for working so hard on it, I really enjoy the site :)

  47. daphne

    Christine, I signed up the moment you put this notice up. Has there been a newsletter yet? I’m worried I’ve missed something! If you haven’t kicked it off yet that’s cool but I want to make sure :)

  48. Lola

    Woot I signed up! Hopefully I’m not too late.

  49. mia

    I just subscribed :)
    im so excited i love this website
    especially the sneak peaks at mac collections
    you’re great for putting the effort to help us makeup lovers
    thank you!!

  50. Connie

    woo! can’t wait to read the newsletter! This would be one I wouldn’t mind getting weekly!

  51. SiaM

    SUPER AWESOME NEWSLETTER I feel informed and updated!!!THANKS FOR ALL YOUR TIME & TIPS. It was very entertaining to read, just like your blogs but with a bit more spice because it comes right to my e-mail =)
    I also really like the fact that the reader can revisit looks and previous tutorials that you have done and of course your new giveaways!!! ♥x♥x♥