Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Show Off: Eyeshadow Organization & Storage

After reading your answers to today’s question: how do you organize your eyeshadows? I really think we need to come together and SHOW OFF. (OK, you do it, I’m still in desperate need of a depotting party!) Share your wickedly detailed spreadsheets, photos of your ultra-organized eyeshadows, bask in the awesomeness that is organized beauty!

Share your photos/spreadsheet either by linking to the image/file or you can email me directly at [email protected], and I’ll upload it and include it in the post! :)

My collection/stash can be found under Temptalia’s Collection. It was last updated about June 2009, I believe, so I’m about due for another update, but gotta depot first! :)

See readers’ storage solutions for their eyeshadows!

How cool are Madame B Fatale’s DIY palettes? I love the creativity! You can check out her post on how to make your own while you’re at it!

I love how you can see everything when you want to with Claudia‘s storage system!

Emily’s got TWELVE, count ’em, TWELVE sexy, eyeshadow-filled palettes to drool over. Closed… opened… and then the pinks palette up-close! Check out her palette post for close-ups and breakdowns of what’s in ’em!

Jill keeps her stash organized in palettes and drawer organizers! I see another reader who has handily removed the insert in their MAC palettes for added space!  Check out those eyeshadow labels inside!

Danielle uses Make Up For Ever palettes to store all of her pretties… whew! Drool…

Christina keeps it neat and organized in MAC palettes!

Kelly stores all her pretty eyeshadow pots in drawers! (Psst, you should check out her nail polish stash, too.)

To be updated as photos come in! :)

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63 thoughts on “Show Off: Eyeshadow Organization & Storage

  1. I’m poor but I love my Eyeshadow Organization & Storage!!

  2. Danielle Sharkey

    I just emailed all my pics to you Christine!

  3. Michaela

    Does anybody here know how the insert in the Mac 15 palette can be removed?

    Also…is the bottom magnetic? If I glue magnets to the bottom of my shadows, will they stick?

  4. Cherie

    OMG I’m drooling!!!!

  5. Sunsine

    Very neat ideas! Love the notebook project! I did something similar with an empty art palette for mixing oil paints and used a double-edge sticky tape to attach e/s and blush pans inside. It shuts closed although looks a bit bulky. At least it fits square e/s that no other palette can fit and Givenchy powder refills (refills are so affordable on their own!). Luv the outcome. The larger palette, the more things you can see and use at once. One trick is to leave some space between the pans to prevent color intermix and give room if using large face brushes. Great topic to discuss.

  6. Sunsine

    Oh, forgot to ask. Christine, what is the name of that bright olive green e/s on top picture? It’s right after the words “Show off” and has some pan showing, can’t take my eyes off of it. Love greens.

  7. I keep everything in my Caboodles Case. I love the Loreal Hip Duos and I only have one Mac palette, but I am falling in love with Mac shadows.

  8. Michelle

    I have over 50 MAC eye shadows in the pots. I need to depot them, but I am afraid to. Suggestions??

    • You could try EnkoreMakeup’s (on YouTube) method – no flames :)

    • I personally like the flat-iron method. There are a ton of videos on YouTube showing how to do it, it’s really pretty simple. Beyond that I’d say:

      1) Start with a color you don’t use often or don’t care as much about – That way you get some practice in before moving on to the others – So if you DO mess up you aren’t too upset.

      2) Be careful with Matte colors, they have a tendancy to crumble if the glue is melted enough (melted with either alchohol or heat).

      3) DO IT! I love depotting – I think it’s a ton of fun. I have a friend who’s a bit of a MAC nerd like me and we save them up so that we can do them together in an afternoon :) We’ll swap and trade a few too – That’s way more fun than a board game! :)

      50 Eyeshadows is 8 lipsticks! Have fun! :)

      • Jennifer S.

        Second the Flat Iron method! So easy. Watch the heat setting as the above poster mentioned because some shadows can crumble if it is set to high! I lost my Blanc Type experimenting with the temp.

  9. igswonderworld

    oh damn it!! I’m Chicago now and all my big palettes are back in Istanbul!!!!!! I have 13 Mac 15-palettes and 12 quads & I keep my stuff in a Muji drawer-thingy.. Just wanted to share that since I can’t share pics :(

  10. xoBellaCullenxo

    what a great idea!!!!! :)

  11. Just shot you an e-mail Miss Christine. :)

  12. Diana

    that is just too much eyeshadow lol!!

  13. WOW! All these eyeshadows make my collection look small.

  14. Rosanna

    SO MANY! More than some Youtube makeup gurus even! More eyeshadow than I would know what to do with, that’s for sure.

    Great Collection, ladies!

  15. wow…you have so many eyeshadows :) I wish I could have at least 10% of that. My all makeup fits into a small silver case….on the other hand it’s ok because I can always take with me all my makeup ( I mean when I travel).

  16. ooo! all the pretty colors! lol. if i get the chance i’ll post pictures this weekend!

    it’s exciting to see how everyone stores their goodies 😛 (see… i say that and then all i can think of are drag queens – further proof that i really don’t need to be awake at 3am). goodnite! :)

  17. Lurique

    LOL, my eyeshadow collection is so tiny,I dont even need to organize them:) I see some lovely storage ideas here though Ladies!

  18. Beth Dileonardo

    Wow Nice storage system ladies I need to become more organized, does any body have any suggestions on how to depot the quad from Antiquites collection?

  19. INSANELY jealous of some of those collections! And Just when i’d started feeling like I had too much! (LOL) I also find Depotting to be incredible relaxing, so I’m bummed I’ve removed everythign that CAN be removed! Sigh.

    • I like how all the square pans are huddled together, away from the circular ones!


      • Thanks! I got really brave and depotted all of the Books of Shadows-I’ve ALWAYS hated that crappy drawer packaging. At first, I wanted to do it completely by shadow, but my inner obsessive compulsive gagged at how they no longer fit together nicely. And really, combining the book s of shadow created some lovely lines in itself, so I can live with it!

  20. Li Ming

    Oh dear. This post is sending me into another organizing frenzy. I love organizing but it can be overwhelming. LOVE this post! Thank you!

  21. Wow – I have what I thought was a fairly large and organized collection but these blow me away! I live to organize things – sad I know, but as far as vices go not so bad!I had to stumble this so the whole world can covet these drool worthy set ups!

  22. LiLi

    Oh, oh, please update!!! Visual dessert! Sans calories. :)

  23. Perri

    WOW! This is awesome. I love looking at how everyone organizes their goodies. I have to re-organize my makeup now.

  24. Valerie

    Where can I get those MUFE palettes?

  25. Oh dear, I think you all give me ammunition to anyone saying I have too many eyeshadows! Thank you my sisters! LOL I have one of those carts from Costco where everything’s organized. Don’t have a pic off hand however.