Monday, September 19th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Should lipstick/lipgloss be moisturizing? Or is that the job for lip balm?

Temptalia's AnswerI don’t expect a lipstick or gloss to be as moisturizing as a lip balm, especially if they wear for hours or come in really pigmented formulas, but it should moisturize somewhat and at the very least, not dry out my lips.

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28 thoughts on “Should lipstick/lipgloss be moisturizing?

  1. I’m with you, I don’t expect it to be moisturizing unless it claims to be…I just don’t want it to be drying.

  2. Agreed. I’ll rather find a good lip balm if I need something moisturising. Lip glosses are mainly for colour;)

  3. Nic

    I don’t need it to be moisturizing. I always put lip balm on before lip color anyway. I just don’t want my lipstick/gloss to be drying.

  4. Mavis

    As long as it doesn’t feel drying/sticky on my lips I’m good!

  5. As long as it’s not drying I don’t care how much it moisturises.

  6. Courtney

    Not unless the claims say it should be so, but even then, I mostly buy for color rather than its other properties. I can stand to reapply often if I love the color. So its moisturizing qualities/longevity etc. are mostly irrelevant.

  7. As long as they’re not drying its fine by me, but I certainly appreciate extra moisture from them. Though I do find moisturizing lipsticks to not last as long

  8. Veronica

    It doesn’t have to necessarily be moisturizing, but if it boasts long wear, then I’d prefer it to have something in the formula to make it bearable. Though, I will say for the higher-end brands, I outright expect some moisturizing quality, however mild. After all, I wouldn’t be dropping the money if I didn’t expect quality, eh?

    (I admit this is a bit of an “issue” for me, since my skin, especially around my mouth, tends to dry out somewhat easily. I’m wearing lipstick to accentuate the beauty of my face, not highlight the signs of overstressed skin! :)

  9. claire

    Well, it shouldn’t be drying! Lol. I think a good everyday lipstick should be a bit moisturizing though.

  10. it should be…otherwise it is known as mac’s ruby woo or whatever that name is.

  11. Mariella

    Yes, I think it should be moisturizing enough that it’s comfortable to wear on its own, without having to apply a balm either before or after applying the lipstick.

  12. I share your opinion. I don’t expect them to moisturise, but I think it makes a lipstick that much more valuable if they do. For example, I love MAC’s Honeylove, but it’s a matte colour and I prefer to wear lipgloss over it to get rid of that dry feeling.

  13. Yazmin

    Im not too worried about moisturised, but it shouldnt dry out my lips.

  14. It’s nice if they are, but it’s not a deal breaker for me (especially on lipsticks) I do avoid especially drying formulas just because I do have dry/cracked lips a lot, but even more moisturizing ones don’t look great over that craziness. That’s my own problem to fix with some better TLC, not the lipstick’s fault!

  15. Rachel

    My lips are dry so I prefer them to be. Otherwise I need to wear a lip gloss over the lipstick and sometimes that changes the finish of the lipstick.

  16. Gina C

    I think it should be, at least on some level. I’m not expecting it to replace my lip balm, but when I hear that a lipstick isn’t moisturizing at all, I’m much less likely to check it out.

  17. Emma RZ

    I often find gloss to be more moisturising than a lip balm – or maybe that’s wishful thinking. I definitely don’t expect lipstick to be more moisturising than balm though.

  18. I only want that lipsticks don’t dry my lips: for moisturizing nothing’s better than a lip balm (and shea butter, most of all).

  19. Chynna

    Agreed! And I’ve found that some lip balms I DO expect to be moisturizing are more drying than others. I have bad luck with balms with SPF in them and always need to use a lip balm without SPF to recover from the SPF.

  20. It isn’t necessary, but it’s a nice touch. I’d rather a lipstick not to dry out my lips.

  21. Becca

    it doesn’t necessarily have to be mpisturizing- it just can’t dry out my lips!

  22. I could care less if they’re moisturizing as long as they’re not drying, as another commenter said… But it’d be nice if lipsticks were moisturizing

  23. Saffy

    If I wanted a lip colour that moisturized like a lip balm, I’d wear a tinted lip balm or a moisturizing lip gloss. I only care that the lip stick feels comfortable on my lips, and is not drying or gritty.

  24. I agree that lipsticks don’t need to be moisturizing unless they claim to be. I find almost all lipsticks and many lipglosses end up drying my lips out. (Even lustre, glaze, and cremesheen finishes from MAC) I only find lip balm moisturizing.

  25. La Sirene Acide

    I am completely with you, I would have said it very wrong, as my I am French, something like this: I do not want a liptick to moisterize my lips since those lipsticks can smudge and usually are not long lasting. But I do not like a lipstick which dehydrate my lips. xxx