Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Many votes were casts, many products nominated, and even more suggested during the voting process, but only few could be winners! Check out the winners for the first six categories of the ballot:

Best Brand of 2008
Best New Beauty Product of 2008
Best MAC Collection of 2008
Worst MAC Collection of 2008
Most Surprisingly Amazing Product of 2008
Most Disappointing Product of 2008

Is it really shocking that MAC won by a total and utter landslide? NARS and Urban Decay were second and third respectively, but they were just nowhere near the level of popularity as MAC for 2008!

See the rest of the winners!  Don’t forget… DISCUSS, DISCUSS, DISCUSS!! the results.  Surprised?  Disgusted?  Joyous?

MAC Dazzleglasses really won over your hearts this year with its glittery, glossy formula! Rumors of future permanence since their original release have abounded, but hopefully this spring we’ll see some confirmation. MAC’s Hello Kitty launch in February will see an additional two dazzleglasses launched for the Kitty Kouture Collection–you just might want to snag one to see what the hype is about! In second place, MAC’s new mineralize blushes, while Make Up For Ever’s HD Foundation/Powder was shortly behind in third place.

Cult of Cherry truly stood out as a collection that offered something for a lot of you, as it was a clear frontrunner in the awards! With nearly 10% less votes, Fafi for MAC came in second, while Heatherette trailed swiftly after in third place.

Suite Array won fair and square–completely ahead by the votes as MAC’s worst release of 2008. Dame Edna was significantly behind, but it fell in second place; with Emanuel Ungaro in third place.

Urban Decay takes the prize with their Potion! They were ahead by a mere 2%, with Urban Decay 24/7 Pencils coming in second (go UD!)–which barely beat out CoverGirl’s Lash Blast Mascara that came in third. I’m pretty surprised at the way the votes went here. I definitely see it coming!

With Suite Array voted the worst MAC Collection, it’s not surprisingly that Suite Array eyeshadows were voted the most disappointing. Nearly 40% of total votes went towards Suite Aray! MAC’s Metal-x eyeshadows came in second with 17% of votes. CoverGirl’s Last Blast Mascara and MAC Mineralized eyeshadows tied for third with 10% of total votes.

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33 thoughts on “Second Annual Temptalia Beauty Awards 2008 – Winners, Part 1

  1. Andrea

    for me Cult of Cherry was def. not the best collection. I voted for Heatherette!

  2. Dazzleglass needs to be permanent NOW!

  3. I actually agree with most of those!

    Dazzleglass has captured my heart, I love Sugarrimmed and Miss Dynamite. Cult of Cherry was my favorite release of the year with the Cult of Cherry Lipglass being my absolute favorite perfect red. It looks great with Cherry lipliner, or with So Scarlet lipstick, or just about anything else. I did like my Heatherette Trio one and Pink Pearl Pigment which definitely is nice, but nothing can really top the Cult of Cherry lipglass or Sugarrimmed for me.

    I was excited for the Suite array but with all the eye shadows being chalky, I didn’t buy a single one.

    I picked up the UD 24/7 VIP set and fell in love with them, and found my holy grail concealer in UD’s 24/7 concealer pencil in CIA. As far as the 24/7 eyeliner pencils go, I love Zero, Lust and surprisingly, Lucky.

  4. Danielle Sharkey

    Being a huge fan of Urban Decay, I am sO happy that everyone likes their products! I think they are probably one of the most creative brands out there right next to MAC.

  5. DevilishDoll

    I’m surprised Cult of Cherry won, I thought the eyeshadows were ugly and so were most of the lipsticks/lipglasses. And I actually liked Suite Array, I only got one of the eyeshadows, Blue Zone, but I thought it was really pretty and had no problems with it. I also loved the eyeliners. Liked Dame Edna too, only thing I didn’t like was the lipsticks. I ordered Wisteria Trio and Splendid lipglass.

    • Chica

      Really? I use the Tempting quad at least once a week I’m so in love with it :o) I’m suprised Dame Edna came 2nd worst though, I thought it was a really fun collection!

  6. maya

    Yei….so glad Dazzleglass won!!!!

  7. maya

    I agree SUite Array was the worst MAC collection ever!!!!!

  8. megan

    I’m so glad people love UD 24/7 liners. I recently discovered them this year, thanks to temptalia, and i’m in love. I still enjoy MAC’s liners but as of right now UD is my holy grail!

  9. DaniMae

    I’m surprised about UD Pencil Liners beating out the Primer Potion. With all of the raving on all of the MU sites, I thought UDPP would win for sure.

  10. chuarmk

    Dame Edna is one of the collections which I like alot.

  11. kat

    Thats so funny that MAC mineralize blush made third for both best and worst of the year hahahaha!! Most of my choices made it at least in the top 3 so I guess I was pretty standard. I’m shocked that dame edna and emmanual made it for 2nd and 3rd worst collections though! I thought they were small but at least had a nice range of products. Even if it wasn’t your thing, it wasn’t as terrible as suite array haha!!!

  12. dawn

    I can’t wait for more Dazzleglass. Yay!

    • dawn

      i really loved cult of cherry lipsticks and glosses(even though I couldn’t get the cult of cherry gloss-*tear*) but I didnt care for the eyeshadows much. I voted for Starflash for best collection. LOVE the shadows and the liners!

  13. I DEFINITELY agree that Cult of Cherry was the best collection for 2008. Loved everything.

    And I SOOOO agree with the Suite Array being the worst. Chalky things they are…..

    Dazzleglasses are so nice, but I never seem to incorporate them into my looks as often as I should.

    And I am surprised that Emanuel Ungaro came in third for the worst, I really liked that collection. So soft and pretty.

  14. Jessica

    All of these were the ones i voted for! awesome!

  15. Shanel

    I agree, MAC is theee’ best (:
    Have’nt found another that did me right like MAC did!

  16. Tricia

    I am shocked and disappointed that MAC Pearlglide e/l’s weren’t on the list of best new product.

  17. Tekoa

    Emanuel Ungaro is a collection I liked. Mineral is a regular in my eyeshadow choices. The stuff from Dame Edna was pretty, but the packaging made me yelp and jump back from the counter in fear. (seriously). Dame Edna haunts my nightmares.

  18. Jennifer

    I guess I’m one of the few who liked the Suite Array collection. Definitely not my favorite but I liked it enough to get 4 of them! Loved the Pearlglides too! Other than that I agree with most of the other choices. Yay MAC!

  19. Lauren

    I think you placed the wrong graphic under “Most Suprisingly Amazing” FYI. You said it was the 24/7 liners but the graphic says UDPP.

  20. cloudburst

    I definitely agree COC was the best MAC collection in 2008! I’m more fond of MAC Mineralize Blush or Pearlglide liners than I am of Dazzleglass simply because I’m not into really glittery lip products. However, I can see why they were picked as they were so popular – I picked some up myself!

    Suite Array really was a gigantic let down.

  21. Lydia

    MAC should be ashamed of Suite Array. They should have been an example of the amazing MAC shadows, not some cheap money-making ploy.

  22. cmferrets

    i liked emmanual ungaro collection , but did not like suite array- the first swipe of them i thought was chalky and got hadly any product from it . i didnt try metal x but heard that they dry out over time and are hard to work with . im gladd UD got best for eye liners – they are so soft and pigmented on , i dont like Macs regular liners i feel like they tug on me , havent tried their gel ones thoug .