Monday, January 27th, 2014

Clinique Cheek Pop Blush
Clinique Cheek Pop Blush

With Cheek Pop Blush, Clinique hit a home run. Every single shade has been high quality, richly pigmented, and effortlessly blendable. They’re all fantastic, and I can recommend them each equally–it’s a matter of your preference on color, but you can’t go wrong formula-wise. It’s not often that a brand puts out a new formula that’s as impressive as this offering but to be consistent across the shades? so infrequent.

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Clinique Cheek Pop Blush
Clinique Cheek Pop Blushes

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92 thoughts on “Round-up: Clinique Cheek Pop Blush Reviews

  1. Elle Jaye

    I want them all! But Plum and Peach are on my birthday haul list!

  2. Liz

    Just wondering between these four colors which you think might be best on very pale skin (NW15 I think), blue eyes and auburn hair? I have been trying to find them in store but no luck so far :(

  3. It seems to me, especially after looking at the comparison swatches, that Ginger Pop is a flatter, slightly darker version of Peach Pop, and Berry Pop is a flatter, slightly darker version of Plum Pop.
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    • Yes, the two warm/two cool blushes are more similar to each other – enough differences to own them all, I think – but not so many that you MUST own them all.

  4. I love all of these, but I think I’m going with Peach Pop to start out.

  5. CatG

    I’ve enjoyed these reviews as the product was completely new to me as well and I probably wouldn’t have known about their release without this blog! I think Clinique did a stellar job with these and I like that the colors aren’t too safe too.

  6. Cat

    Wasn’t logged in for my first comment , but wanted to add that Ginger Pop is my favorite color out of the ones reviewed!

  7. I likef all the shades but first ginger pop for me :)
    excellent reviews n so right on time :)
    the best thing is price :)

  8. This is the first time I’ve ever been excited for a Clinique product (It’ve tried their foundations and eyeshadows in the past but was non to impressed.) So thanks for reviewing these!

    Here’s hoping Peach Pop (02) & Berry Pop (03) don’t sell out before the 7th. lol
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  9. Skipping Berry Pop because it’s similar to the redness in my skin and I’m afraid it might end up looking ruddy on me. Getting the other three! I decided to get Ginger Pop anyway even though I have Burberry Blossom. As I have said before, I have trouble tolerating the Burberry scent, so this way I can reach for something similar on days when I feel a migraine might be coming my way.

  10. Peach Pop is definitely my favorite one out of all four, but overall I think they ALL look lovely :-) Clinique really did a great job with these, and I hope these will soon be available here.

  11. Now I have to pick one! They all look so gorgeous, and although I own a pink blushes, neither are quite the same colour as the ones here! If I could I’d get them all, but I’m guessing they’ll be in the region of $50 each here, so I’ll have to narrow it down… 😛

    Berry Pop is tempting as I’m cool toned and super pale, but I’ve been wondering about using the opportunity to branch into a peachy blush…hm…
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  12. amy

    so tempted to buy all of them, but I think I’ll pick two and the Tom Ford cheek brush… probably ginger and berry.

    • Sounds like a nice haul in the works!

      • amy

        it is…i’ve been stalking brush reviews and recommendations since before christmas, and now that my bonus is finally here i’ve narrowed down what i’ll treat myself to before i sock the rest away in savings. i think these will be perfect for lots of fresh spring looks!

  13. I spent the entire weekend lusting after these – good to know that they’re all equally pigmented, great quality/texture! I will have to pick them up asap!
    Stephanie | theFantasia Recently Posted: Review | Givenchy Teint Couture Long-Wearing Compact Foundation.

  14. Abbey W.

    This gives me hope that their newer eyeshadows will be nice, too! These blushes are gorgeous–I love the slight sheen. It’s great that you feel comfortable recommending every color, and I can get two of these for just a bit more than one of the new Hourglass blushes (which didn’t seem quite as nice). Definitely a win!

  15. It’s impressive that these four blushes perform equally well – it´s a rare find! I’m happy that Clinique nailed this formula – I feel their makeup is frequently overlooked. I can´t wait to swatch these and decide which one I’ll get, though most probably it´s between Ginger Pop and Peach Pop :)!

    Shivani Recently Posted: DIY: Glowing Rose Face Mask

  17. I hope they come out with more diverse, but equally good shades soon!

  18. Clinique really seems to be stepping up their game. I’m really loving all these shades. The price is great also. Will definitely pick them up.

  19. Lily

    Peach Pop for me, thanks for the review Christine. Their new eyeshadows are really nice.

  20. I must have the peach one !!!

  21. Christine I want guerlain Wulong ( throwing tantrums )

    pls say it will be nice on me :)

  22. I really like the look of Ginger Pop…! I don’t know how it will wear on me though, but it’s more than interesting enough to check out once it lands on counter here 😀

  23. Abryda

    Looks like Ginger Pop & Plum Pop will be coming home with me. Thx for all your beautiful swatches

  24. PA

    I’m in love with Plum Pop and Berry Pop but I’m going to check the counters first because they look pretty similar. Too bad it would probably launch months from now in my country…

    Thanks for the review, Christine 😀

  25. Sarah

    Hi Christine! Thanks for the great reviews. I wanted to seek your advice… I am NC25 with natural redness in my cheeks that still peaks through foundation + concealer at times. But I really want to try a peach toned blush… would you recommend Ginger Pop or Peach Pop for my complexion? I do have Tipsy from Tarte but for some reason it just looks kinda pink on me.

    Thank you so much!

  26. WOW these look so cute, and the colors are so pretty! I’m really excited to hear that the formula is excellent as well :) Thanks,Christine!

  27. Christy

    It’s incredibly refreshing to see a brand deliver a new product/formula that is so lovely and NOT part of the “limited edition” craze that seems to have taken over makeup counters. I love a good LE product as much as the next beauty fanatic but it seems a lot of brands are spending so much effort on these LE launches that their permanent collections are suffering. Now to collect them all, lol!

  28. monisha

    Hi can u tell me which brand do u think does the best blushes…chanel or guerlain or something else?

  29. These are gorgeous! Also loving the price :)

  30. What have you got on your waterline? it’s a lovely green!

  31. Nerissa

    I have a gift certificate for Macy’s that I got from my aunt on my birthday last January and I’ve been saving it for something. And I didn’t know what to use it on. I think I’ll be definitely be buying one or two of the Clinique blushes. They all look so pretty, the difficult part is thinking which one to get.

  32. Well… I want them all. If I had to choose… maybe Berry Pop and Peach Pop. I just hope Peach shows on my skin :(
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  33. Kali

    Peach Pop down… three to go. They WILL be mine.

  34. Hey Christine! Did you find that these blushes had an over-spray or coat that sealed them on the top? I bought 2 about a week ago and I’m not super impressed with the pigmentation yet, but I’m thinking that it’s still a little layer of over-spray… did you experience that? Thanks for the great reviews! I’ve been so excited to try these and I’m pleased to hear that you liked all of them!

    • I didn’t notice anything! I just swatched and had immediate excellent color payoff.

    • Jordyn

      I have the same issue… Where did you buy yours from? Mines from Sephora.. Maybe they got a bad shipment?

      • Yeah, I don’t know what the deal is! I ended up trying 3 of these, but they all went back to Sephora. I tried and tried, but these just didn’t work for me, unfortunately! It was a bummer because I was very excited about them. I loved the formula, but the pigmentation was lacking for me. I couldn’t get them to show up on me unless I really, really built them up… and I’m fair-skinned. I tried different brushes too, but couldn’t make these work. Oh well!

  35. Rachel

    These look fabulous!!! Which would look best on light-medium olive skin- the berry or the peach? Or another? Thanks!!

  36. Rachel

    Side note-your earrings are sooooooo cute. Where did you get them???

  37. Jordyn

    After reading all the rave reviews I ran out and bought peach pop. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get much product on my brush no matter how hard I swirl, but the product swatches fine on my fingers. What type of blush brush do you use to apply? I’m not even sure why that would make a difference… Tempted to return but I really want to make it work! So far the ambient lighting blushes go on better for me… But all these reviews about cheek pops being so pigmented… I must be crazy.

    • Hi Jordyn!

      I use my Tom Ford Cheek Brush as well as MAC’s 131! I have heard from some readers that they had better luck with fingertips and others who said they felt like there was something on the top layer but once it was used a bit, it was fine.

  38. Kate

    I recently bought the Berry Pop based on your review and I am in love. I have large pores and my skin tone has the tendency to look dull. This blush combined with the hourglass ambient powder in diffused light (also bought because of your review) makes my skin look luminous and glowy. The only problem I have is I now want this in every shade!

  39. I’m an NW15 I think (skin’s changing with the seasons again), and I think I’ll be going with the Ginger Pop. It’s a more unusual (and less dupeable) shade than Peach Pop I think. Thank you for these reviews!

  40. j,kim

    i have uneven skin on my cheeks. do you think it will work? i think cream type is better than powder type for uneven skin as a blush. but it looks like really creamy on your skin!

  41. justttt placed my order for Ginger pop and Berry Pop from nordies … hope i made the right choice :)
    your reviews are alwayssss helpful for someone who buys online blindly like me :)
    thank you so much dear for all the efforts and time 😀