Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Revlon Gold Coin Nail Lacquer
Revlon Gold Coin Nail Lacquer

A Metallic Gold for Every Budget

Revlon Gold Coin (925) Nail Lacquer ($4.99 for 0.50 fl. oz.) is a dirty champagne-gold foil with a metallic shimmer-sheen. The most recent iteration of this that I reviewed was Chanel Diwali, which is slightly warmer. Urban Decay Superfreak is lighter. Dior Timeless Gold is very similar. And while I haven’t yet reviewed, I do have Illamasqua Swinger now swatched, and it is rather similar–marginally darker and warmer at best. Timeless Gold has the least amount of visible brush strokes (next to none), while Diwali has the most visible brush strokes.  Gold Coin and Swinger are tied for having just a few noticeable ones under really bright light.

As of this morning, it’s actually buy one, get one 50% off at drugstore.com.  I picked up several Revlon polishes a couple of months ago on a whim, and a reader mentioned Gold Coin being a dupe for Diwali, so when I realized I had it in the to-be-swatched bin, I knew I had to check it out.  It’s opaque in two coats, and the formula was a nice balance of thick and thin.  The polish applied easily, evenly, and fluidly across the nail without pooling along the sides, bubbling, or streaking.  The dry down was a little quicker than the average, and it does dry to a semi-shiny finish–there’s a lot of sheen but it’s not glossy.  I tested the wear of Gold Coin, and it wore for a full seven days without chipping and had minor tip wear.

The Glossover


Gold Coin

If you love the look of champagne-gold with a foil finish but haven't been willing to pay the high price tags of the likes of Chanel and Dior, Revlon makes an excellent version that's just as good.











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Revlon Gold Coin Nail Lacquer
Revlon Gold Coin Nail Lacquer

Revlon Gold Coin Nail Lacquer
Revlon Gold Coin Nail Lacquer

Revlon Gold Coin Nail Lacquer
Revlon Gold Coin Nail Lacquer

Revlon Gold Coin Nail Lacquer
Revlon Gold Coin Nail Lacquer

Revlon Gold Coin Nail Lacquer
Revlon Gold Coin Nail Lacquer

Revlon Gold Coin Nail Lacquer
Revlon Gold Coin Nail Lacquer

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The most recent iteration of this that I reviewed was Chanel Diwali, which is slightly warmer. Urban Decay Superfreak is lighter. Dior Timeless Gold is very similar. And while I haven't yet reviewed, I do have Illamasqua Swinger now swatched, and it is rather similar--marginally darker and warmer at best.

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31 thoughts on “Revlon Gold Coin Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. I generally don’t like the formula of Revlon polishes, but I think when it comes to metallics/shimmers, it’s pretty hard to go wrong. This one is lovely

  2. elewis429

    I use this polish all the time, I really love it!

  3. Seven days without chipping? Impressive! I like the color, but I don’t think I’d wear it myself.

  4. I picked this up a few weeks back but haven’t worn it yet.  Nice to see it got such a good review!

  5. Dominique33

    I have this one and the Silver Revlon too, I purchased it last Christmas. It’s very nice for the Holiday Time ( here in France ) but otherwise I never wear such nail polishes, I much prefer the matte Essie metallics ( I have the 5 of them, I love them ), Revlon formula is very good though ! Many women young or not so young say Revlon is old fashioned it reminds them ( and me ) of Dallas TV show, in a way it’s completely true but I think Revlon is a good brand on the whole, not so cheap here nail polishes are 11 to 12 € !

    • freshpinklips

       @Dominique33 Oooh I also have the Essie Mirror Metallics and I am absolutely in love with them! I wish they were permanent. 

    • Veronica

       @Dominique33 I have the silver version, too, and I thought it wore quite lovely.  If I remember correctly, it wore much longer than I expected, too.  (My job is extremely rough on nails, at that!)
      I’m really surprised to hear so many people consider Revlon an old fashioned brand.  I suppose it had been around forever, but most people I know consider their lipsticks a drugstore HG.

  6. Elle

    Looks a lot like Chanel Delight

  7. irikidzai

    Bought this yesterday and absolutely love it. I was able to make it look pretty passable with one coat.

  8. cydoniac

    i have only one nail polish from Revlon and it is by far the best red nail polish I’ve come across…this one looks lovely…I may pick it up on my next trip to the mall…!

  9. Lauren13

    Good to know!  I haven’t tried Revlon polishes in ages.  I’m in the market for a gold polish, so this looks like a good one to try!

  10. yellowlantern

    Revlon seems to have a penchant for duping Chanel polishes. Didn’t they have a dupe of another coveted Chanel shade? Revlon Perplex for Chanel Paradoxical I think. 

  11. xamyx

    I don’t wear gold very often, so I’ll likely pass on this, but I think it’s the prettiest of all the golds listed in this review. I’m a big fan of Revlon polish as well, so if I were to pick a gold polish, this would be the one.

  12. blueraccoon

    I think I almost like this better than Diwali, and I love that polish. I don’t wear regular polish but now I’m tempted to start again. (Then I remember the dry time. No thank you, I’ll stick to gel polish :P)

  13. I like this more than Diwali — since it seems like it’s more opaque, I think? This would be nice for designs or modified French manicures, but I’d probably only get it for “novelty” uses like that. 

  14. Rachel

    Just curious, how long do polishes have to wear for you to give them 10/10 on longevity?

    • 7-10 days with very little tip wear :)  Basically, a week is great wear, and to get that perfect 10/10, it has to be just be phenomenal, so longer than a week and/or next to no noticeable tip wear. Illamasqua, for example, I can wear as long as 14 days with very minimal tip wear.  After 7 days, there’s barely *any* tip wear.  How Illamasqua looks on my nails after 10-14 days is how most brands look after 5-7.
      Next to nothing *chips* on me, which is why I have to use tip wear as a major benchmark when I test.  The only thing I can remember chipping on me was matte polish with no base/top coat. 
      The worst part about polish is that a lot of wear has to do with chemistry :(  I’m not easy on my nails – I’ll pry cans open, pick at a sticker to rip it off, wash dishes without gloves (though I’m not the dishwasher in the house, so I don’t do extensive washing!), clean the house, etc. I don’t give one minute of regard to “Oh no, this might chip my polish.” (I’d LOVE it if polish chipped to at least a certain extent – I feel like I could review better if it did!)  I do a LOT of typing (obviously, haha), so tip wear is something that I do particularly notice.

      • cariexx

         @Christine (Temptalia) When you test wear, do you use a base coat and top coat, or do you just test with the polish alone?

        •  @cariexx Both, but the wear is exactly the same for me either way.  No base coat, however, does seem to take a toll on my nails, so I might have to stop testing that way.  If I didn’t keep track of which was which, I wouldn’t be able to tell!  I can’t test every single nail polish for wear, since then I could only test 1 polish every 2 weeks, lol, but I try to go through different finishes from brands, lights/darks, and periodically re-try a brand that I haven’t tested in awhile.

  15. This is a really pretty gold! I have good luck with Revlon polishes; I think for the price, it’s hard to do much better! Thanks for the swatches and review, I will have to look into this! 

  16. Good to know Revlon is still as fabulous as I remember it!  This shade is a bit too goldy gold for me and I tend towards silvery golds to reduce the amount of yellow.  Gold nail and toes are so sophisticated and I am really happy to see they are back..not that they ever went out IMO! but I do have to watch the shade doesn’t make me look jaundiced.

  17. Jeania

    I got complimented by a stranger on this color. It’s really beautiful.

  18. nacacijin

    This looks like the perfect champagne-gold! Usually golds are too yellow-based, but this one seems almost subtly silvered. But I’ve been looking for it since February and I can’t find it anywhere!! :( Made trips to Walmart, Target, Rite Aid and CVS…nowhere to be found

    • TerriMcMillanMansfield

       @nacacijin This is weird but….the Bed Bath and Beyond near me has the most amazing selection of nail polishes I think I have ever seen…..it’s really astounding!  Might be worth a try if you can get to one…..

  19. Alicia

    Finally a gold that will look against my cooler complexion! It looks so lovely.Wonderful review as always, Christine. <3 

  20. I love Revlon Nail Enamels. They’re one of my favorite polish formulas, and I think the packaging is so iconic. I’ve owned so many over the years, and I’ve only ever had issues with two (Colada Fizz and Revlon Red). I think Gold Coin might be my next addition. 

  21. Luckily, I picked this up recently! I’m glad to hear it’s similar to Diwali. I just saved a ton of money.

  22. Charlotte LeBlanc Vandervoort

    best gold for nail art…seriously!

  23. Carrie Poll

    I own this and I love it!

  24. MiettaReynolds

    This is one of my newest polishes and quickly became a favourite. I love the fact that metallics dry quicker and gold is such a classic colour to own!

  25. I’ve had this polish for a while and its still one of my favorites.