Monday, March 21st, 2011

Revlon Carnation (025) ColorBurst Lipstick

Revlon Carnation ColorBurst Lipstick

Revlon Carnation (025) ColorBurst Lipstick ($8.99 for 0.13 oz.) is a medium-dark, blue-based pink with a soft, frosted finish and subtle fuchsia-magenta shimmer. It’s nearly opaque in color, and it doesn’t feel heavy to wear, despite the creaminess and pigmented formula.

my thoughts on the formula: Revlon’s ColorBurst lipsticks glide on easily, have decent color pay off (inevitably, pigmentation does vary from shade to shade–some are semi-sheer, others more opaque), and are scent-free. They are comfortable to wear without clinging to lips, though I don’t find them moisturizing. The biggest downside is they only last two to three hours (lipsticks wear an average of four hours on me), so the wear time could be improved.

The lipstick is packaged in a matte black case with a quilted pattern on the front and the Revlon logo/print embellished on the lipstick itself.  I like the matte finish, because it doesn’t hold fingerprints, and because it’s not rubberized (like NARS), it doesn’t hold onto dust and powder remnants either.

The Glossover



I wish these wore a little longer!  The length of wear is the most glaring downside to the product, and it's a shame, because I love how these are unscented (no cloying, synthetically sweet scent that so often plagues more affordable lipstick brands).  I will admit that I personally had trouble shelling out $8.99 for one, though.











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Revlon Carnation (025) ColorBurst Lipstick

Revlon Carnation (025) ColorBurst Lipstick

Revlon Carnation (025) ColorBurst Lipstick

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56 thoughts on “Revlon Carnation ColorBurst Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Jen

    Hey Christine
    sorry this is so randomly placed but i was just looking for your make up collection video on youtube
    and was unable to find it on your channel where I had viewed it before. Did you delete all of your collection videos? just wondering. thanks for your time!

  2. I’ve had good luck with this line! I do agree that the wear time could be improved, but I usually end up checking my lipstick every few hours anyway because I’m paranoid, so I guess it’s not a huge deal to me… Certainly beats spending $20 a pop on a lipstick, especially if it’s a trendy color you’re not going to wear all the time! This is my go-to drugstore lipstick formula.

  3. Wendy

    likes nice. i like Revlon ColorBurst Lipsticks.

  4. these are some of my favorite lipsticks ever. you can usually get very good deals on them at cvs or walgreens so luckily i’ve never bought any of them full priced!

  5. daphne

    Yay! I’m happy to see this review! I will say that $8.99 is definitely beyond my comfort level for a drugstore lipstick, but I have about half this line, because I buy them with CVS extrabucks, Revlon coupons, and BOGOs…don’t think I’ve paid over $6 or $7 for one., which is okay by me. They do last a little longer on me, but even so, I’m a chronic re-applier and rarely wear lipstick w/o gloss, so I’m okay with the wear. The formula is definitely *really* nice for a d/s lippie.

  6. The carnation lipstick looks lovely.
    I like the color, sexy without being over the top.

  7. vikaki

    you are sooooooooooooooo lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!not even 9 dollars???
    pff…here in greece they cost 13,50 euros!!:( they are sooo expensive!!with 18 i get mac!!:D:D

    • baby in a corner

      agreed – they are 10.99 euros in Ireland! the french high end cosmetic brands give a better exchange rate – Rouge Gs are 46 dollars but 38 euros!

      • Rachael

        In Canada these are $10.99 plus tax (15% in Ontario). Not exactly cheap. But they do go one sale pretty often. Right now you can get $3 off with a coupon at Rexall. I picked up Rosy Nude, which I’m not crazy about, but it’s an OK shade for work. I like Blush better, and I’m thinking of getting Icy Nude, which is one of the new shades. Also Fuchsia looks interesting, and it apparently supposed to be close to Girl About Town.

    • KT

      Try about $20AUD x_x

      • Jackie

        I never buy makeup here in Australia. The prices are ridiculous. Ebay is half the price even with shipping added.

  8. Kristen

    Revlon is the only DS brand of lippies I will buy. Rimmel’s are dry, Maybelline’s all seem to have glitter chunks, and the CG ones I see have usually been opened and used (yuck).

    I love the SuperLustrous Creme lipsticks and ColorBurst – I really hate lipsticks with lots of shimmer and Revlon is one of the few DS brands that make glitter-free lip colours.

    Christine, you should try Revlon SuperLustrous Creme Lipstick in Raspberry Bite. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Heidi S.

    Very pretty! I’m in need of a new pink color, so I might have to try this one out. I’m enjoying your drugstore reviews, too!

  10. TJ

    This is such a beautiful pink! It’s really too bad the color does not last.

  11. baby in a corner

    I wonder why you find it hard to spend 8.99 dollars on this? I mean its a decent lipstick. I like the colourburst lipsticks i have. They are as comfortable as say MAC although there is not the same colour range.

    • They last 25-50% less than the average lipstick – so for the cost of a MAC lipstick at $14.50, which lasts 4 hours on average, it actually works out to be the same value (since I have to apply the Revlon shade 2x more).

      At the end of the day, Revlon is supposed to be an affordable brand, but $9 for a lipstick teeters on the upper limit, IMO – especially when I can’t test it in-store! I always look at price based on where the brand is positioned, and Revlon is mass, so I would expect to pay less than mid- or high-end brands. I also look at the price of competing brands in the same market (e.g. Maybelline, CoverGirl, etc.) for guidance.

      • Shannon

        Like Baby in a corner, I too wondered why it was you found it difficult to spend $8.99 for this lippy. Your explanation makes sense to me now. Thank you.

      • baby in a corner

        OK fair enough thanks!! Here there are testers instore which you can test on the back of your hand – i didn’t know there wasn’t testers in the States!

        • Nope, no testers! All you get here (or at least, the stores I’ve been to) is a printed color swatch and the color of the top of the tube… which are better than nothing but not much at all!

  12. Alyssa

    Revlon… best drugstore lipsticks around. All the rest are really quite gross to use, from the texture to the smell. The ColorBurst line is amazing.

  13. Mayra

    I LOVE Revlon lipsticks, all of them!

  14. Saffy

    I own a bunch of the ColorBursts. I also wish they wore longer, they wear two hours on me at most. But the colours are pretty and I was able to get most of mine for about $5 on sale. I’d never pay full price for these, I’d rather save and buy a higher-end brand with longer wear. But at $5 I can’t complain.

    • Yeah, like most drugstore brands, there’s little reason to pay full price if you can wait or regularly shop at drugstores! :) Since I only bought these to review, then I pretty much just pay whatever price it is when I go, because I don’t want to run around – I loathe doing errands!

  15. Jennifer

    Looks beautiful on you Christine :) so funny though: I bought this lipstick weeks ago to give away on my YouTube channel and was JUST THINKING of looking it up on your website to see if you liked it!!! HA!

  16. vanessa

    so pretty! cant wait to see the peach color swatched:)

  17. Liz Mc

    That is a REALLY gorgeous color on you! Even if you have to apply every 15 minutes do it, it looks great! LOL

  18. Elizabeth

    I just bought four of these lipsticks at Walgreens yesterday for less than $4 each. Now I have about ten of them. I love them and I tend to dislike drugstore lipsticks. Best drugstore lipstick by far.

  19. marcy

    i normally don’t like bubblegum pink lipstick but… this is BEAUTIFUL! too bad i have an aversion to drugstore brands (i’ve only had crappy experiences with them) and i find $9 for a drugstore lipstick to be way too expensive and i’d rather go the whole $14.50 for a MAC dupe.

  20. Emily

    This is the only Revlon product that you’ve reviewed! I’m so glad that you did, I love the ColorBurst line. Revlon offers a lot of top quality products!

  21. I like the Colorburst line- the colors are gorgeous, and they feel nice and light on my lips.
    I know you’re not happy with the wear time, but for under ten dollars and considering how gorgeous the color looks on you, I think the trouble of reapplying is worth it. 😀

  22. Quinctia

    Ah, this is the kind of color I love, should work with my complexion in theory, but absolutely can’t wear. (My lips are too reddish pigmented on their own.)

    I actually agree with you on the price tag, especially when Maybelline’s Color Sensational line tends to run a lot cheaper regular price than these. And Nyx’s stuff is all cheaper, too. I think that’s why I never looked too much at these.

  23. Steph

    Pretty! Unfortunately Revlon lipsticks that I want never seem to go on sale in my area. I have one from this line in the nude colour, and I really like it. The packaging is nice, and it is cheaper than MAC. MAC lipsticks don’t last on me very long anyways for some reason. :(

  24. Sharon M

    I actually have Carnation, and like it a lot. It’s hard for me to justify spending high prices on department store/high-end lippies right now, especially since no lipstick really lasts on me.

  25. Michelle

    I’ve been hoping you would review these! I’ve wanted to try them. It’s too bad they don’t last very long, but I’ll still try one anyways. Now just to decide on a color..

  26. ellie

    I love that this lipstick is not drying at all but i just don’t like the color that much.

  27. Joyce

    you should try the other shades Christine! raspberry, mauve, ruby & coral last long on me. carnation & peach do get wiped off easily :)

  28. mary

    can you talk about the revlon lipstick 075 in peach colour?

  29. Hey Christine,I love this shade, it just gives such a nice glow to your face! I have 3 colorburst lippies- Mahogany,chocolate & rosy nude. I love these beauties

  30. Gavi

    Make sure to keep in mind, though, that the Revlon has 0.03 more ounces of product. So it works out to $70/oz, while MAC is $140/oz. So actually, it’s not too bad of a deal, if you find a color you can’t dupe.

    • You have to apply it twice as much – which is why I said it works out to be similar in actual value. But more importantly, I look at value based on similar brands, not all brands, and at $9, Revlon is reaching the upper limit on mass pricing, IMO. I’m not saying it might not be worth it, and of course, brands like Revlon do go on sale.

  31. //julie

    waaay too granny

  32. Maisie

    Ooooh so happy to see you have Peach! That’s my favorite summer lipstick ever!

  33. Lindsay

    This is so pretty. I think I’ve bought more lipstick and glosses based on your reviews in the last few weeks than I bought all of last year. I love it!

  34. If they are less drying than MAC lipsticks, the are worth the price tag! MAC lippies don’t wear well since I have to use balm underneath or gloss on top. The lustre formula is the worst culprit in that respect. Sucks all the moisture out of your lips! The mattes are okay with some balm or lipgloss.

    Glad you reviewed this line, Christine. There are raves on MUA for these. The pink looks pretty and cheery on you!

  35. Krystal

    I have tried several colors and all of them are so harsh on my lips. I love the range of colors and how it feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all, but the day after I wear these my lips hurt! I have never had a reaction like this to any of Revlon’s lipsticks before. Just wondering if anyone else had experienced this.

    • Elaine

      I’ve been searching the web to find if anyone else had this problem. I bought Mauve 005 and my lips swelled up as though I had a bad botox job and the edges of my lips were dry and scaly. This lasted for several days. I couldn’t believe a lipstick had done this, so I tried using it again and had the same reaction.

  36. That’s a really nice colour, too bad about the wear-time!! Still for a drugstore lipstick, not too bad, couldn’t hurt to have if you love the colour!

  37. I bought this color/brand because it looks so pretty on you. I agree about wear time, but I usually eat my lipstick off in under two hours so I’m reapplying anyhow. Love the color! Thanks for the review!

  38. makeupfan

    I <3 this lip gloss! I bought "Strawberry Fusion" and it is now my fave of all my Revlon glosses! It is so gr8!!!