Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… MINERALIZE EYESHADOWS!

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21 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Mineralize Eyeshadows

  1. Sarah

    LOVE mineralize e/s by MAC. I own about three, of which two are from the Red she Said collection, and I intend to get mroe of the permanent line duos. I love the rich colour payoff and the way they look all ‘baked’ in the pan.
    They kind of excite me for the last two reasons and love the colour ranges offered by MAC.

  2. Susie

    You know.. I really like the red she said collection….I used it this weekend on a job and the blendibility was just easy. Loved that.

  3. Eleanor

    I too, love the mineralized eyeshadows. I have seven of them and I love them all. The colours are true on application and very rich. The only thing problem is that I have so many eyeshadows that I never show the mineralized ones the love they deserve.

  4. I LOVE mineralized eye shadows. I do NOT have any MAC…I support the little girls: Moi Minerals (etsy), Pure Luxe cosmetics and Coastal Scents. As long as you use a base..it can last all day long. Better for your skin and looks great!!

  5. HijabiApprentice

    I love Pure Luxe mineral eyeshadows!!! They are fab dry and amazing foiled!

  6. Anitacska

    I love mineralize everything, lol! Eyeshadows, MSFs, blushes. :) I love the way they look, especially the duos with the marble effect. They were my very first Mac items, I saw the Odd couple (I think that’s what it’s called, the purple duo) at the Mac counter and loved it so much, but they were sold out already. So I ended up ordering all 9 e/s from a seller on Ebay (worked out cheaper as well!). They are all such gorgeous colours. I also bought all 6 from the Red she said collection. Now I’ve managed to collect 8 MSFs and just bought 3 of the Grand Duos blushes, but planning on going back for the other 4. :)

  7. Adore them, espec Illusionary/ Burning Ambition which is my fail safe go to, and also Lovestone which gives the sexiest cranberry/ purple eye :) xox

  8. cloudburst

    I would have to say I like the mineral eyeshadows, but I don’t love them…I find their colour payoff (the MAC ones at least) aren’t generally as good as their non-minerlize cousins, the only other complaint is I find they tend to have more fallout too. I thknk the mineralize blushes are the most successful mineral product from MAC.

  9. jess

    UGH I hate them! The pigmentation isn’t as good, they flake and crumble super easy and have a lot of fall off. The best I’ve tried are MAC–hello danger zone! love that red one! Other then that I’m not impressed. Would not buy again–I like old school eye shadows! Starflash is my fav formula by MAC super creamy and excellent pigmentation!

  10. sam :)

    i think there great except everyone ive ever seen is sort of sparkly/irradesendant
    i have yet to stumble apon a matte color which would defenetly win me over

  11. jess

    I like everything else mineral though–foundation (lancome’s new one is bomb, Laura Mercier rocks my world). I also love MAC MSFs and mineral blushes.

  12. brittany

    i LOVE mineralized eye shadows! dont own any MAC yet due to my lack of money, but i have a gold one from Sephora and it is wonderful! i just need a base that actually works and stays on=[

  13. HoneyBrown1976

    Never used them, so I don’t have any ill feelings.

  14. Hez

    I heart the mineralize eyeshadows. My favorite is Sea and Sky duo from last year. The solid side is such a beautiful, dark, navy blue. This makes for some sexy eyes.

  15. I am alright with Mineralized Shadows. I don’t hate them but I’m not completely in love with them either. Its more of a love/hate relationship. haha. I love them because most of the time they are super pigmented and come in really pretty colors. I dislike them because they are loose shadows and that’s not my favorite form to work with, on top of that I do prefer matte/satin finish shadows more and most Mineralized ones are shimmery/glittery.

  16. Liliana

    I looove the MSF Threesome trio but hate the other two that I own – Mercurial & Quarry

  17. cmferrets

    i love them , i have all of them from red she said, though i wasnt a fan of the glitter line in the middle. but i love the other ones, im still trying to get my hands on all of them from the starflash . i have the green one and silver one. i also really digg the MSF, i think they are MACs greatest invention. i cant wait till the mineralized blush duos come out on thurs !

  18. I’m not a fan of mineralized e/s. I have bought them three times already (twice in 2007 and then again in once in 2008) and returned or gave away each time. They look very pretty in their pots but they’re too glittery on me and don’t last as normal e/s

  19. love them because they are so pigmented and the colours are always so unique. Hate it when they drop all over my face =/

  20. Stephanie

    hate the fallout:(

  21. I kind of love/hate Mineralize eyeshadows. I have Fresh Green Mix and Sea & Sky and they’re just absolutely freaking gorgeous to look at in the pot. They’re beautiful! However, I get so much irritation and fallout with Fresh Green Mix, that I haven’t even bothered trying Sea & Sky yet. Also, FGM is beautiful dry, and beautiful foiled as well, but when it’s foiled, it’s ultra metallic/reflective. I think I’ll only wear them for special nighttime occasions. It’s a little much for anything else.