Monday, January 21st, 2013

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic: Limited Edition Packaging

Share: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about limited edition packaging. Do you prefer it? Does it matter?

my answer: I’m sure this sounds weird, but generally… I don’t like it. I like everything to match, so I think that’s a large part of it. The other part is that I think the kind of aesthetic I like best is rarely done. I really don’t like when a brand creates special boxes and ups the price, because for most of us, that’s something we’ll recycle.

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30 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Limited Edition Packaging

  1. cloudburst

    I agree with you Christine…I was just looking what next MAC collection is up and I saw the Archie information and I’m not at all excited. I would rather just have a good solid collection rather than gimmicky packaging.

  2. ms

    don’t care either way but dislike it if it makes the product more expensive, a la MAC.

  3. 18thCenturyFox

    THIS is where MAC slays me and steals my money. I mean I had to have the Disney Villains collection-all the characters. I am still kicking myself for not getting Dr. Facilier’s powder-even though I am a NC15 at my darkest! I have things from the Hello Kitty collection, Barbie, Wonder Woman, Liberty of London etcetera because I love the LE packaging. Other companies LE packaging doesn’t appeal to my inner fangirl so much. I don’t want to purchase any more from MAC as they aren’t cruelty free but I feel myself being pulled into the Archie’s Girl orbit. I have the total Gotta Catch ‘Em All mentality. My morals are usually iron clad, but oh how they quiver at the limited edition Kryptonite.

  4. mirian

    I agree with you. I hate seeing different packaging mixed in with my uniform mac lipsticks. They charge extra too and that just bothers me!

  5. Maureen

    i like it if it looks ENOUGH like the rest of my stuff or if it’s by a brand that doesn’t have one “look.” For example, i like most LE palettes, because palettes are usually decorated anyway. I love my Stila daydreamer palette because it is beautiful, I love my theBalm and the Beautiful palette because none of my theBalm palettes look the same anyway. For other items, I love packaging like the Venomous Villains packaging, but whenever MAC makes something in white it’s basically a dealbreaker.

  6. Courtney K

    Cool packaging is great and might keep me from depotting a product, but it’s not what’s going to sell me on it. If I don’t like the product or color on their own, why would I spend extra money?

  7. I’m not bothered by the way limited edition items are packaged, what bothers me is when an item I would really like to have sells out and I can’t find iut anywhere. I’m still trying to secure a Guerlain Wulong compact to this day. ;;_;;

  8. Deb

    I don’t like overly cutesy (like the Archie or Wonderwoman MAC collections) so I skip those. I really don’t like when a company changes their usual shape, because that messes up the way I store things. I don’t like to pay more for an item because of a different colour plastic. Still, it can make it easy to find a specific item in a makeup drawer, so I guess my answer is ‘it depends’.

  9. jane

    most of the time I think it looks cheap

  10. Danielle

    I hate LE packaging if it looks like it is geared toward a 7 year old (i.e. MAC Surf Baby). However, I did love the striped packaging from the MAC Hey Sailor collection. But that being said, I am obsessed with navy & white stripes.

  11. Anne

    Usually, I don’t really care. I like it when my products match too, and I don’t buy things that are overtly fancy and thereby become hard to use or store. And, of course, it’s plain irritating if it’s just another excuse to amp up the price. I really do appreciate well-done packagings though, and I made one exception to the rule about limited edition packaging: my Guerlain Perles du Dragon. I think it actually looks very elegant and I like looking at it! I still wouldn’t have bought it without the excellent reviews, and I love how it performs- it’s a fantastic buy.

  12. Jackie

    Not a fan… I can appreciate pictures of limited edition packaging, but I buy makeup to *use* it. I’m careful, but it gets dirty. Also, it seems like so many brands use special packaging as a way to give you less product or a lower quality product.

  13. There are some times when I think it’s done well- I really enjoyed some of the Summer collection packaging Mac has done- but if it’s on regular items, I’m not interested in paying more for it. The only example of really special-looking packaging that drew me in was on Guerlain’s Terra Inca powder a couple of years ago. I fell in love with the way it looked and that made me want to try the product- which, in the end, I adored and which I still use all the time.

  14. Cat G

    Sometimes it bothers me when I look in my collection (like my Mac lipsticks for instance) and then the LE ones don’t match at all. I’ll never buy anything just because it has the LE packaging, but at the same time, many of them aesthetically don’t bother me. Sometimes it does look cheaper though.

  15. I don’t mind it if it’s on a LE item that I really want to get my hands on. But I am not one to get something I already have just to have it in the LE packaging. I also agree with what a lot of people have been saying, so many times the LE packaging looks cheap.

    So basically I don’t LOVE it but it’s not a deal breaker either.

  16. Enka

    I prefer a solid collection, instead of cute packaging, without a doubt. If there’s some sort of limited edition packaging I CAN REALLY USE (I’m thinking The Body Shop’s Christmas metal tins, for example), then I could take it into consideration: if i like the product, if the price is not too steep, and if I really need an extra container. That said, I tend to store EVERYTHING into cutesy tin cans, and I can really tell that I’ll be storing my earrings inside my Meteorite’s tin when I’m finished with the powder. :)

  17. Lizzi

    Sometimes I do get dawn to really cute packaging but mostly I like it just for the product. I bought almost all the Venomous Villans pieces because of the packaging. The Alice and Wonderland palette from UD, the 2011 Too Faced hoilday palette and Sephora’s Cinderella palette are some other products that drew me in because of the packaging, but the products turned out great too! But I’m still not going to pay more for a premenant product just for the special packaging. Even when it was still in store, I chose not to spend the $2 extra to get Violetta with Maleficent on it, I just bought the regular plain black.

  18. Robin Manrique

    I really despise UD book of shadows packaging and vinyl packaging (like the smoked palette) It’s bulky and hard to store, and forget about traveling with the BofS. I bought them for the product and on
    sale, but the annoying packaging reduces how much they get used. :(

  19. Jennifer

    It depends on what they are trying to market. If it makes it a better deal cost wise, I will take it in a heartbeat. If you look at the upcoming UD Wizzard of Oz pallets, your getting 6 full size shadows for 50 dollars, vs the 108 dollar they would cost individually. Plus they are what appears to me to be new colors in super cute packaging. If you are taking about limited edition packaging that serves no purpose but to justify a higher price on a otherwise nothing special product (the NARS Andy Warhol campaign comes to mind), then I will pass.

  20. Faith

    I’m not a fan, mostly because I don’t understand the purpose of collecting makeup and not using it! I guess if you were to display it it might make sense, but does anyone do that or does all this fancy stuff sit in their drawers going rancid…

  21. I buy products for the packaging…which is not necessary limited edition. For example, the Guerlain duo blush. Limited Edition packaging is another matter. I only buy limited edition stuff if I think the product is worth the purchase. I detest the size for Book of Shadows…so bulky. I dont like those boxed Limited Edition, but I adore MAC Making Pretty…In some ways it looks cheap and in some ways it is sophisticated for putting those lipstick shades in those rose gold container. So it all depends…

  22. blueraccoon

    I like similar packaging, so LE always stands out to me and drives me a bit batty. On the other hand, sometimes I really go for it – the Too Faced Sweethearts blush I bought in large part because of the packaging *sheepish*

  23. Lark

    I’m a sucker for great special packaging. If I like it. Even when I love it though, I only buy the stuff I’ll use. And if it’s a great collection at MAC- I always get a beauty powder. Even if I already have the rest duped. Especially when Im cash poor.I always use them. The one special packing thing I ever bought just for that was Cruella DeVille Beauty powder, to have the set. It’s my go to now. But I never buy individual ES and never miss them. They annoy me.

    The Archie’s? That’s desperate! Do a Frank Kozik release.

    I love NARs huge compacts, if they’d put good stuff in. Still upset over Andy Warhol. I was stoked for Debbie Harry. The Danmari blush compact is one of the all time bargains in make up, and travel the globe ready.

  24. L

    I do buy products for the packaging. For example, I bought some things from the MACs Marilyn Monroe collection. At the time of the release, I was very into her, and her movies etc. So, I bought it. I tend to buy things that remind me of a moment in my life, or if it reminds me of something else. I’ve read books where, if I think this character is probably wearing something similar to this, clothing wise or beauty, I buy it. A lot of the things I have are memory based first and foremost. I want to get some of MACs Archie’s girls collection for nostalgia I guess. I guess I’m weird :/. I’m a very colourful person too, so none of my things neccesarily match, which is fine by me, if they work then they work. As long I I enjoy each piece anyway.

    • 18thCenturyFox

      Yes- I’m colorful too! I like having all different colored tubes of lipstick- I can’t comprehend the person who had something against the white MAC tube? It makes it so much easier to find! Plus I use them all, and only buy LE colors in LE packaging.

      • L

        I’m the same. I only buy LE colours in LE packaging. I like the white packaging too, I’m very excited for the Archie collection. (=

  25. lily

    I dont care about limited edition packaging but I do care about limited edition products because a lot of times, I’ll find a holy grail product and then not be able to re-buy it when I run out because its discontinued.