Monday, November 25th, 2013

Rant & Rave

Share: Tell us what you love and hate about Glitter Top Coats!

my answer: I love that they can add pizzazz to any manicure, but I get really annoyed when you have to fish shapes or bits out of the bottle or if you have to do a lot of maneuvering of the glitters on the nail so there aren’t empty areas.

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23 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Glitter Top Coats (for Nails)

  1. I love the way they look, but getting it all off when you’re tired of it is such a pain! :(

  2. Esmeralda L

    Taking the polish off is the worst.

  3. Kellyn

    I agree with the whole fishing thing, and I’d like to add that glitter is SO ANNOYING to remove!

  4. I hate it when the glitter starts coming off and your nails start to look unkept and messy. And, you have no time to fix them until :next Wednesday and it’s only Monday!

  5. I lov e the glitter look. It’s dressy and casual.

  6. Sue

    I like Cirque’s glitters since they are a bit more densely packed with glitter, so you don’t have to fish around. Jin Soon’s rose gold Gala is also very full coverage. There are also some nice black and white options such as Hard Candy’s Black Tie Optional. But yeah, like the other comments say, removal tends to be difficult, unless you use a special peel off base coat.

  7. My rant is just the difficulty of getting the stuff OFF. I’m not keen on soaking my nails in acetone for an extended period of time. I wish the glitter came off as easily as regular polish does.

  8. BeckBeck

    Love the look… hate the removal.

  9. Ms. Mad

    Great topcoat with sparkles. Look good. What brand and name is it? Thanks

  10. i used to skip wearing glitter polishes because of the removal, but then i found a remover at target called the dip-it, which is similar to other jar removers with the sponges inside, but instead of a sponge, it’s plastic inside and has bristles similar to a mascara wand that help the glitter come off. it works brilliantly! i’ve heard other drugstores have similar versions but i’ve only used the one from target.

    i also used to use elmer’s school glue as a peel-able base coat after seeing comparisons online to pricier peel-off base coats, and that works well, but your manicure won’t last as long.

    • xamyx

      That remover is HG! No “soaking” necessary, and each nail is takes less than 5 seconds, even the stubborn polish that tends to linger in the cuticle area. I love it foe dark polishes, as well, especially if I want to use a paler shade after.

      I need to research more about that Elmer’s glue trick… I switch my polish regularly, so lasting-time isn’t a deal-breaker.

  11. kellly

    I love the sparkly effect but hate hate HATE trying to get them off with remover!!! I tried the “let the cotton sit on the nail for 5 minutes” thing, I’ve tried super-soaking the cotton with remover but it always takes elbow grease and a lot of it, to get those glittery top coats off me!

  12. i used to have a love/hate relationship because of removal but seriously after i bought glitter base from picture polish, it’s usually a breeze or at least easier to remove them.

  13. xamyx

    I love sparkly micro-shimmer, but those big, chunky glitters/flakes just aren’t my thing. I have nothing against them, but they just don’t suit/appeal to me.

  14. The Formula X explosives are really easy to maneuver compared to the others I tried.
    My beef with glitter top coats is that they’re too painful to remove.

  15. I love how they look! So sparkly and so much depth! I don’t like how it feels kind of rough to the touch and I realllllly don’t like how difficult it is to take off. That’s why most of the time I just paint the glitter on one or two nails!
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  16. Karen

    I love that its sparkly and usually lasts longer than just a top coat. Since I wear acrylics taking it off is a huge pain so I usually stick to one accent nail just to avoid removing it.

  17. Rosie

    My recent gel nail manicure is cherry red with a glitter gel topcoat. Stunning looking and I’ve had so many compliments. The manicurist mixed the glitter into a clear gel and there is no budging it. Perfect for Christmas.

  18. They are okay. I’m not really a fan of glitter to begin with, so I normally only wear a glitter topcoat around Christmas. But I hate taking them off!

  19. MizLottie

    Removal is a pain but I love the look.